There are 28 galaxies that are known to be inhabited in the Smallville universe.


Clark: Who are you?
Raya: Raya. Not that names matter here.
Clark: Where is 'here,' exactly?
Raya: Jor-El created this place to hold criminals from the 28 known inhabited galaxies.
Clark: So, it's a prison? That makes you... an inmate.
Raya: I may be trapped here, but I'm not one of the prisoners.
Season Six, Zod

Jor-El: (to Zod) The Orb is ready. And so are these... the Stones of Knowledge. The teachings of the 28 galaxies will be available to our people, if ever they are resurrected.
Season Nine, Kandor


  • In Superman: The Movie, Jor-El tells Clark that "The total accumulation of all knowledge spanning the 28 known galaxies is embedded in the crystal which I have sent along with you."