Abigail Fine
Family Elise Fine (Mother)
Occupation Student (Smallville High School)
Powers and
Causes hallucinations with a kiss
Played By Brianna Brown
Status Alive

Abigail Fine was a classmate of Clark Kent, whom he has known since at least grade school. As a freshman student at Smallville High School in 2001, Abby was given the nickname "Scabby Abby" because of a severe case of acne. Abby was the school mascot as a freshman and even though Clark stood up for her, she was mercilessly teased by the popular kids for her appearance.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hallucination Inducement via Kiss:Abigail could induce a hallucination - that the relevant person's face was melting - by kissing them.

Season Four


Abigail Fine in her freshman year of high school.

Three years later, Abby allowed her mother Elise to test an experimental treatment on her which drastically changed her appearance. In addition to clearing up her acne, she dyed her hair and got breast implants. Clark told her she looked great, but she later told him that she changed her appearance because she was tired of watching life from the sidelines.

Abigail Fine 2

The new and improved Abigail.

After her makeover, Abby was approached by one of the football players, Brett Anderson. Even though he used to tease her, she enjoyed the attention and fooled around with him in the locker room showers. However, Abby soon learned that a devastating side-effect of her treatments was a lethal kiss that caused people to hallucinate that their faces were melting. After inadvertently sending Brett to the hospital, she pleaded with her mother to fix it, but Dr. Fine instead manipulated Abby into helping get rid of evidence and witnesses, forcing Abby to deliver a deadly kiss to Lana Lang as well. Dr. Fine was stopped and Lana and Brett recovered. Chloe comments that Abby would be back the next week so it can be presumed she returned to her normal life.


Abby and her mother share the same last name as Brainiac's human alias Milton Fine.

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