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Abigail Ross
Family Bill Ross (Ex-husband), Pete Ross (Son), Mike Ross (son), Sam Ross (son), Mark Ross (son), Kathy Ross (daughter)
Occupation Court Judge, Lowell County
Played By Felecia M. Bell
(credited as Felecia Bell-Schafer)
Status Alive

Abigail Ross is the mother of Pete Ross and a former judge in Smallville.

Season Three

She presided over the trial of Masterson, a jewel thief who injured Clark Kent. She was threatened with death of her son, Pete, if she did not grant the motion to dismiss all charges. Clark was able to save Pete before this could happen.

After divorcing her husband, Bill Ross, she and Pete left Smallville for Wichita.


  • Pete's mother appeared in the 2013 film Man of Steel, renamed as Helen Ross. She was portrayed by Heidi Kettenring.

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