Many actors appear in different episodes in the same role as recurring characters. Some actors, however, portray different characters in different episodes.

Portrayed characters

In most of the cases, the portrayed characters are minor characters not related to each other and the episodes in which they appear are in different seasons so that the similarity is not obvious to the viewer.

On the other hand, a similarity may be intended, for example when Tom Welling portrays Clark's father Jor-El in his youth or when Kristin Kreuk portrays Lana's ancestor Margaret Isobel Thoreaux or her great-aunt Louise McCallum. Further examples are Connor Stanhope and Lucas Gabreel, who both portray a youth version of Lex Luthor as well as of Conner Kent who was a clone of Lex, or Aaron Ashmore who portrayed Jimmy Olsen as well as his younger brother James Bartholomew Olsen.


Among the actors portraying different characters are (in the order of their first appearance):

Actor Image Actor Character Episode(s) Character Image
SM02-TW-0005 Tom Welling Clark Kent Season One to
Season Ten
Jor-El 3x06 Relic Jor-El on Earth in his youth
S6-kk-8 Kristin Kreuk Lana Lang Season One to
Season Eight
Smallville pilotlana
Louise McCallum 3x06 Relic S3DVDcap
Margaret Isobel Thoreaux 4x08 Spell Spellws 018
David Paetkau Trevor Chapell 1x03 Hothead Aaaa
Dan Turpin 8x12 Bulletproof DanTurpin2
Michael Eklund Will 1x08 Jitters
Richtor Maddox 6x17 Combat Combat0446
Jesse Hutch-IMDb-03 Jesse Hutch Troy Turner 1x10 Shimmer
2x06 Redux
Billy Durden 4x18 Spirit Spiritws 095
Bill Mondy James Beels 1x15 Nicodemus Nico1
Edward Groll Season Six and
Season Eight
Byron Mann Kern 2x12 Insurgence Insurgence 174
Commander Cheng 4x15 Sacred
Michael Adamthwaite Andy Connors 2x19 Precipice Precipice 011
Rick 9x06 Crossfire 906Smallville0250
David Lewis Dr. Marcus 2x22 Calling Dr.Marcus
Macy 8x05 Committed 805Smallville1028
Ron Selmour Connelly 3x09 Asylum
4x11 Unsafe
Marcos 8x03 Toxic 803Smallville1257
Brandon Jay McLaren Delivery Man 3x22 Covenant
Yance 6x06 Fallout Fallout Yance
Ryan Kenneth King Ryan King Dillon Grady 4x19 Blank Cap001
young thug 8x06 Prey Prey-Bully-02
Adrian Holmes Griff 5x09 Lexmas Normal 5x09 1089
Basqat Season Nine BasqatSalvationCap
49217 Aaron Ashmore Jimmy Olsen Season Six to
Season Eight
James Bartholomew Olsen 10x22 Finale, Part 2 JimmyFinale
Normal lucas Lucas Grabeel Lex Luthor as a teenager 6x05 Reunion Sv605hr 0037
Conner Kent as a teenager 10x13 Beacon
10x06 Scion
Juan Riedinger Lowell Wilson 6x18 Progeny Progeny0300
A.J. 8x19 Stiletto AJ
Connor Stanhope Connor Stanhope Lex Luthor as a child Season Seven and
Season Eight
Fracture Alexander
Conner Kent as a child (named Alexander Luthor) 10x06 Harvest 1006Smallville0510
Carlo Marks Carlo Marks Chloe's Fiancé 7x18 Apocalypse Image264
Stephen Swift 9x12 Warrior StephenSwift
Tedwhittall Ted Whittall Carter Bowfry 8x13 Power Carter Bowfry
Rick Flag Season Ten RFsve12
Cobie Smulders Eve Andrews 4x09 Bound Boundws 042
Shannon Bell 4x09 Bound 409Smallville0738


  • Aaron Ashmore's twin brother Shawn Ashmore had portrayed Eric Summers in season 1 and 3 before Aaron first appeared on screen in season 6. The similarity between the two characters, however, was never mentioned or explained.
  • Some episodes show an alternative reality or universe where even main cast members portray an alternative character. These characters, however, are not in fact different characters, but rather the same character under different circumstances (such as Clark Luthor in some Season Ten episodes)
  • In Season Six's episode "Noir", Jimmy has a dream or vision of himself as a star reporter in 1940. In this dream or vision, also the 1940s versions of Clark, Lana, Lex, Lionel, and Lois appear, all portrayed by the same actors as in the main timeline.
  • Clones of other characters may also be portrayed by the same actor as the original character.
  • If a character somehow takes possession of another character, for example as a Kryptonian vessel, the actor portraying the possessed character also portrays the character who has taken over possession. Michael Rosenbaum, for example, who generally portray Lex also portrays Zod in the episodes "Vessel" and "Zod" while Zod has taken possession of Lex.
  • A similar case are shapeshifters who can assume the shape of another character. Eric Johnson, for example, who generally portrays Whitney Fordman, also portrays Tina Greer while she has assumed Whitney's shape in "Visage".

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