Occupation Former student (Excelsior Academy)
Played By Sebastian Gacki
Devin Drewitz (young)
Status Deceased

While attending the Excelsior Academy in 1996, Alden was friends with future billionaire Oliver Queen and Geoffrey.

Early life

During the Academy years, the trio often tormented fellow students Duncan Allenmeyer and Lex Luthor. During an argument with Lex on October 26, 1996, Duncan was hit by a car and left in a vegetative state. It was believed that he died two days later.

Season Six

At a reunion 10 years later, Alden was impaled by the sword of the Excelsior Academy statue and killed instantly, in what was presumed to be a freak accident. As it turns out, Duncan had been kept alive all the time and was treated with medicine infused with green kryptonite. This allowed Duncan to astral-project himself and affect people and objects around him.


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