This article is about the magical Warrior Angel from the Season 9 episode Warrior. For the fictional Warrior Angel comic book, see Warrior Angel.

Alec Abrams
Family Unnamed aunt,
unnamed parents (deceased)
Powers and
Temporary magic
(Super strength, Super speed, Flight, Invulnerability, Super hearing)
Played By Alec: Owen Best
Stephen: Carlo Marks
Status Alive
"And I didn't really know what you looked like then so uh... I like the ‘S’ better." - Alec Abrams, Warrior

Alec Abrams is a young boy who was cursed by a magical comic book and as a result, became the superhero Warrior Angel and later became the villain Devilicus.

Physical Appearance

Alec Abrams

As a boy, he has long brown hair and brown eyes and a round face. He has only been seen wearing a pair of blue jeans, a black T-shirt and a dark jacket.

Stephen Swift


Stephen Swift

Warrior angel

Stephen Swift in the Warrior Angel suit

As Stephen, his hair grows slightly darker and his eyes are turned green. His body is also turned muscular. While under the magic of the cursed comic, he only wears a pair of blue jeans, a blueish-white T-shirt and a black jacket that are magically enchanted to fit his size. His shoes are seemingly white.

His Warrior Angel costume is a grayish-silver outfit with dark gray lines and a long, bright red cape attached to its shoulders, a silver mask, boots and elbow-length gloves with matching colors. It also carries Warrior Angel's logo with consists of a silver 'W' with "angel" wings coming out from each side. The same logo also appears on his waist.



As Devilicus, his appearance becomes devilish. Black blood vessels fill his face, which turns a pale white color, while his eyes are turned red, and his superhero costume becomes pitch black with red cuts all over. His hair becomes darker and is gelled up.

Powers and Abilities

Magic: Alec got his powers after reading from the first ever Warrior Angel comic book and became the character Stephen Swift under the comic's curse. Utilizing the effects of the cursed-comic book, Stephen was granted:


Super Strength.

  • Super Strength - Stephen could preform feats of superhuman strength. He caught a large planet display from falling on Chloe: he lifted a bully with one hand (while giving him a wedgie) and made him apologize to the young boy he was picking on.
  • Super Speed - Stephen could run at superhuman speeds. He super-sped to save a boy from bullies: he also super-sped to save Chloe from being crushed by a planet display.
  • Invulnerability - Stephen could withstand the impact of a falling massive metal ball and superman's blows as well.

Super hearing.

  • Super Hearing - Stephen could hear sounds from a distance. Stephen heard bullies picking on a boy far away.
  • Flight - Stephen could fly. He flew with Chloe from the Talon to Metropolis. While in flight, he emitted a yellow aura.

Early life

Not much is known about Alec other than his loss of both parents. His aunt then became his legal guardian. He was often bullied by kids at school and never believed the existence of real heroes until the Red Blue Blur appeared in Metropolis. He grew great admiration to the hero and often dreamt of meeting him in person, going as far as to sending letters and mails to the Daily Planet in hopes of one day getting his attention.

Season Nine


Alec reads the cursed comic.

Alec Abrams stole a rare Warrior Angel comic book that no one in the world had ever read. He went backstage to read the book, but after reading the first page, magical sparks flew out. In the convention, the lights go out and a giant globe fell: it would have crushed Chloe Sullivan in the process if Alec, who now is a grown man dressed as a superhero, hadn't saved her. When Chloe properly meets him, he introduces himself as Stephen Swift. She tells him that she is in the business of helping heroes and offers to talk some more over coffee. When Chloe questions how he got his powers, he told her he got them from a chemical fire. All of a sudden, he hears a couple of bullies harassing a young boy in an alley way. He saves the boy while Chloe looks on in amazement.

Warrior 0786

Stephen takes Chloe for a flight.

Chloe took Stephen to the Talon, where Stephen was playing happily on Lois' Xbox, while Chloe attempted to interview him. Stephen told Chloe that she never let herself have fun and that if she joined him, he would answer her questions. When she agreed, moments later they both find Stephen flying in mid-air. Excited, Stephen took Chloe on a moonlit flight across Metropolis.


Devilicus is defeated.

When Chloe discovered Stephen was actually Alec from Clark and Zatanna, she tried to fix the problem on her own but made matters worse as Alec/Stephen felt betrayed and became the villain Devilicus. He took Chloe to the top of a skyscraper and demands to know where Zatanna is so he could stop her from reversing the curse or he would kill her. When Zatanna performed the counter-curse, Devilicus was transformed back into Alec.


A drawing for Clark.

Alec was taken to the Kent Farm and Clark explained to him that being a hero is about doing what's right. Alec gave Clark a picture he drew when he was still the Red-Blue Blur. They both agree the "S" shield is better than the one on the drawing. Clark later took Alec to the Planet where he was reunited with his aunt.

Similarities between Billy Batson/Captain Marvel

While Alec Abrams is not a DC Comics character, there are similarities between Alec and the DC super-hero Captain Marvel.

  • Both Billy Batson and Alec Abrams are 12 years old, when gaining their powers.
  • Their powers come from one who possesses magic. Zatanna's father (John Zatara) and the wizard SHAZAM!.
  • Like Billy Batson, Alec Abrams is an orphan.
  • Both Billy Batson and Alec Abrams have matching initials (B.B. and
    282px-Captain Marvel and Billy Batson

    Captain Marvel and Billy Batson as they are in the comics

  • As Warrior Angel, Alec's name is Stephen Swift: another name with matching initials.
  • In the comics, when someone buys Captain Marvel a drink, he orders milk or a milkshake. When Warrior Angel takes Chloe's offer for a cappuccino, he orders a glass of milk.
  • Clark says Alec's letters to the Blur show that he's asking for guidance. This is similar to SHAZAM! telling Superman that Billy is a boy who could use guidance. (Superman/SHAZAM!:First Thunder comic series)
  • When Alec is transformed to Devilicus it's very similar to an issue in the comics when Billy is transformed into his own nemesis Black Adam during a freak lighting storm that switches Theo Adam into Captain Marvel and Billy into Black Adam.


  • Owen Best previously appeared as a young Jason Teague in Season Seven's Veritas and Carlo Marks as Chloe's Fiancé in the alternate-reality episode Apocalypse back in Season Seven.
  • Alec is the only non DC Comics superhero to appear, although Andrea Rojas is only very loosely based on comic characters, maybe even less connected to comic book characters than Alec has with Captain Marvel.
  • In the comics Warrior Angel and Devilicus were two separate people. But with John Zatara's friends version they were the same person.