Family Alia (genetic template, deceased)
Occupation Soldier
Powers and
All Kryptonian abilities under a red sun and displayed under a yellow sun
Played By Monique Ganderton
Status Deceased (Savior, Persuasion)

Alia was a cloned Kandorian soldier who served under Major Zod on Earth after being created by the Orb.

Powers and Abilities

Like Zod, Alia is skilled with swords. The future Alia attacked Clark Kent with a cutlass and, in an alternate future, killed Chloe Sullivan with one. (Savior, Pandora)

Like the rest of the Kandorian army, the present Alia had no powers under a yellow sun due to the Orb being irradiated with blue kryptonite by Jor-El. Under the yellow sun in Savior (and a short time in Pandora), the future Alia displayed the following powers:

  • Super speed: Super-speed with Clark when he dragged her away from the fight club. Also presumably used super speed to escape from the monorail crash without detection.
  • Heat vision: Set fire to a missing poster of Lois, and later ignited her eyes with the intention of burning Lois and Oliver Queen.
  • Super strength: Burst through the wall at the fight club.
  • Invulnerability: When Clark threw Alia through the barn wall with great force, she was unhurt.

Under the red sun in the alternate future shown in Pandora, Alia displayed the following powers:

Alia using heat vision

Alia using her heat vision.

Early life

Alia was created when the original Alia agreed to donate a sample of her blood for an experiment as a way for the Ruling Council to preserve the Kryptonian race should Rao's prophecy ever come true. After donating her blood, Alia died during the explosion of Kandor along with many other of her fellow soldiers.

Season Nine


Alia with Basqat and Faora.

Alia was one of the many de-powered cloned Kryptonian soldiers created from the Orb in the Luthor Mansion, saluting to serve under Zod, who had also been resurrected as a clone by the Orb.

Sometime later, Clark and Chloe saw Alia on a video at the Ace of Clubs, and Clark asked Jor-El about her origins. Jor-El explained that Alia was a Kandorian and told Clark that maybe she didn't come alone.

Smallville 9x14 persuasion 262

Alia's body.

Alia was with Basqat and Faora when Zod ordered them to capture Jor-El; they took Jor-El from Tess Mercer's cellar, where he was being held. About a year later, Alia confessed to dealing a fatal wound to Jor-El before releasing him, and offered a gun to Zod so that justice could be done; Zod then killed Alia. Later, at her funeral, Zod put her body on a pyre and branded a Kryptonian symbol on her forehead before lighting the pyre on fire.

Alternate Future


Alia kills Chloe.

In the alternate future where the Kandorians had turned Earth's yellow sun red, gained their powers and seized control, Alia dealt with a human thief by branding his back with the Mark of Zod. Seeing Lois, Alia saw she was hungry and asked what she had to trade when Clark stepped in and gave Alia his father's watch. Later, Alia found Chloe running towards Lois after she had initiated a virus to take down the solar tower, and impaled Chloe with her saber, killing her. Alia followed Lois back through time by grabbing onto her when she put on the Legion ring.

Smallville.s09e01.hdtv.xvid-xii -0603

Alia appears from the future.

Alia followed Lois to the present, where she attacked Lois, seemingly with no powers. Later, she displayed her heat vision, super strength, and super speed as she followed Lois to Oliver Queen, in order to lure Clark to her.

Smallville.s09e01.hdtv.xvid-xii -4182

Alia dies.

Once Clark brought Alia to the Kent Farm, she told him that he would betray them (the Kandorians) and bring about the end of 'their' world (the alternate future Alia traveled back to). They battled, with Alia using blue kryptonite to render the two of them powerless, but Clark won the fight as Alia was impaled on her own sword. Before dying, Alia looked up to Clark and said that she was sorry.



  • Despite having all of her powers removed by blue kryptonite by Jor-El so that she only possessed them while under a red sun, Alia displayed her powers while under the yellow sun when she attacked Clark. This is never explained and is in fact emphasized when, in Pandora, she has her powers under the red sun, and while Zod begins to lose his powers when the sun turns yellow again after the solar tower is destroyed, Alia retains her super speed and, when going into the past, has all of her abilities under the yellow sun. This can only be reasonably justified, if she would have nullified the power surpressing effects of blue kryptonite via infusion of a droplet of Clark's blood, immediately after the red sun turned yellow again.     
  • Alia's clone has died twice. The future one died during a battle against Clark and the clone in the present timeline was killed by Zod for murdering Jor-El.
  • Monique Ganderton (the actress who portrayed Alia) was a stunt double for Cassidy Freeman (Tess Mercer) during episodes of Season Eight.[1]