Alistair Kreig
Occupation Physician
Played By Mackenzie Gray
Status Alive

Dr. Alistair Kreig was the lead scientist of SynTechnics, a company owned by LuthorCorp that manufactures prosthetic limbs.

Season Five

Dr. Kreig was fired from MIT and Stanford for conducting ethically-challenging research and frequently clashing with supervisors, a characteristic that probably encouraged Lex Luthor to employ Kreig. Kreig's project ostensibly rescued near-dead automobile accident victims, but used them as test subjects by attempting to outfit them with bionic parts and experimenting on the results.

The first successful test subject, Victor Stone, was held captive, and experiments were conducted to test his new body parts. When Victor escaped with the help of Dr. Hong, Kreig and Lex lured him to his girlfriend Katherine Goodwin's house and threatened her life to make him return to the facility and comply with their experiments. Kreig and Lex planned to strip Victor of all human emotions, essentially turning him into a robot, but Victor escaped a second time with the help of Clark Kent before Kreig could carry out his plans.


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