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Allison Mack (born July 29, 1982) starred as Chloe Sullivan on the CW series Smallville. She has also directed several episodes in Season Eight and Season Nine. She and co-star Kristin Kreuk are close friends.[1] Allison is a German-American film and television actress. Allison was born in Preetz, Germany to Mindy and Jonathan Mack (Jonathan is an opera singer who was performing there at the time). When Mack was two years old, they moved back to the United States. She then began studying at "The Young Actors Space" located in Los Angeles when she was seven.



Mack began acting at the age of four in commercials for German Chocolate. She then went into modeling for a short period because her mother thought she "looked cute in clothes." Her first major TV role came in an episode of the WB series 7th Heaven, where she gained a lot of attention playing a teenager who cut herself.

In 2000, she starred in two short-lived series: Hiller and Diller and Opposite Sex. She also starred alongside Sam Jones III in an R. L. Stine miniseries The Nightmare Room. Her filmography includes Eric Stoltz's directorial debut My Horrible Year!, where she plays a girl having great difficulties in her life as she turns sixteen, and Camp Nowhere.

In 2006 Mack provided the voice of the sister of the main character in the Warner Bros. CGI movie, The Ant Bully. Also in 2006, Allison provided the voice of a museum curator named Clea in an episode of The Batman (who bore a deliberate resemblance to Mack).

Not only is Allison an accomplished actress, she is also a good singer and dancer. In her free time, Allison likes to go to the movies and theater, read, listen to music, and hang out with friends and family. Allison's family, her Dad (Jonathan Mack), Mom (Mindy), older brother Shannon, and little sister, Robyn, live in Southern California. Allison lives in Vancouver, B.C. where, Smallville is filmed.

Allison was set to direct an episode of Season Seven in March or April, 2008. Unfortunately, her directorial debut was canceled due to the writer's strike. She got a second chance at directing in Season Eight, when she directed episode 13 Power. And the next year directed again - this time the Season Nine episode Warrior. Also, she provided voice over for Power Girl in the animated movie adaption of the comic book Superman/Batman: Public enemies.

Quick Facts

  • Allison has green eyes.
  • Her astrological sign is Leo.
  • Her height is 5'4" (163 cm).
  • Allison was listed #22 among the 50 Sexiest Women in the Femme Fatales magazine in its January–February 2005 edition.
  • Allison has a German Shepherd/Malamute puppy named Phantom and a cat named Bosley.
  • Allison Mack represented Smallville and The CW on the cover of TV Guide's 'Returning shows" post-strike special issue.
  • Along with Tom Welling, Allison Mack has appeared in every season of Smallville.
  • Allison was credited in the main cast credits in every episode that she appeared in.


  • An interview with Allison can be found in Issue 2 of Smallville.
  • Allison has two tattoos— the Dawn Faery from Brian Froud's Good Faeries, Bad Faeries on her right ankle, and a "P" near her heart. [citation needed]
  • She once did a toothpaste commercial with Draft Beer Man. The commercial only ran for two months in the Minneapolis area before being pulled. [citation needed]
  • She had a crush on Tom Welling during the shooting of the first three episodes. [citation needed]
  • Her boyfriend name`s Silvio Spacinschi. [citation needed]
  • Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk mostly go shopping for clothes in a store called "Atomic Model." [citation needed]
  • She prefers red wine over soda, loves to go dancing, with her dog. [citation needed]
  • One of her favorite songs to sing is 'Any Man Of Mine' by Shania Twain. [citation needed]
  • Allison wanted to be a marine biologist and a dolphin trainer when she was growing up. [citation needed]
  • Allison won the Teen Choice Award for Best Sidekick in a TV Series (Smallville) for two years straight, 2006 and 2007, making her the only cast member besides the star of the show, Tom Welling, to win a TCA. [citation needed]
  • Allison played two different characters during the forth season of Smallville; Chloe Sullivan, and Dawn Stiles  possessing Chloe's body (Spirit).
  • Allison played two different characters during the fifth season of Smallville; Chloe Sullivan, and Gretchen Winters possessing Chloe's body (Tomb).
  • Allison played three different characters during the eighth season of Smallville; Chloe Sullivan, Brainiac possessing Chloe's body (Legion), and Eva Greer disguised as Chloe (Injustice)
  • Allison played two different characters during the ninth season of Smallville; Chloe Sullivan, and Silver Banshee possessing Chloe's body (Escape).
  • Allison's got Superman connections outside of Smallville. In 2009, she voiced DC superheroine Power Girl (cousin of the Earth-Two Superman), making Allison the first and to date the only actress to ever portray Power Girl in an authoritized adaptation.


  • Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (2009)
  • The Batman (2006)
  • The Ant Bully (2006)
  • Smallville (2001-2011)
  • My Horrible Year! (2001)
  • Opposite Sex TV series (2000)
  • Hiller and Diller' TV series (1997)
  • Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves (1997)
  • Unlikely Angel (1996)
  • The Care and Handling of Roses (1996)
  • Stolen Memories: Secrets from the Rose Garden (1996)
  • Dad, the Angel & Me
  • No Dessert, Dad, Til You Mow the Lawn (1994)
  • Camp Nowhere (1994)
  • A Mother's Revenge (1993)
  • Night Eyes Three (1993)
  • A Message from Holly (1992)
  • A Private Matter (1992)
  • Living a Lie (1991)
  • The Perfect Bride (1991)
  • Switched at Birth (1991)
  • I Know My First Name is Steven (1989)
  • Police Academy 6: City Under Siege (1989)

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