Power Girl in the comics.

This article describes various allusions in the American television series Smallville to DC Comics character Power Girl, also known as Kara Zor-L and Karen Starr.

Although Power Girl didn't make an appearance on the series, there have been several references to the character and her universe. The notes on this page are generated by viewers and comics fans, but not necessarily verified by the show's producers or writers.

Season Two

  • Visage
    • Chloe refers to Tina Greer as "The Mighty-Morphing Power Girl".
  • Exodus
    • Clark's ship is showed to possess an A.I. mind, ability to morph and attacks Clark, forcing him to destroy it. Similar to Power Girl's symbioship in the comics.

Season Three

  • Extinction
    • Chloe is shown to have created a database, over known and suspected meteor freaks, using a software program called Starr-Ware Database system 5.0, a reference to Karen Starr's company, Starrware.
  • Delete
    • Molly Griggs screen name, Brainwave, is also the name of a long-standing comics foe of the Justice Society who has psychic powers including mind control. Brainwave was the main villain in both Power Girl's original appearance in All-Star Comics #58 and her first solo adventure in Showcase Presents #97-99.
  • Covenant
    • The human girl who Jor-El gives powers and uses to lure Clark to him is called "Kara", who's dressed in white and is passed off to Lana as Clark's cousin. At the time this episode aired, Power Girl's origin was that she was an genetically engineering person, who's powers caused her to be mistaken for Kryptonian and suspected to be related to Kal-El. Both speculations were later disproven by Batman. Ironically, Lindsey/"Kara" was played by actress Adrianne Palicki, who'd later go on to play Wonder Woman, in the unaired David E. Kelley pilot, where Diana's the CEO of Themyscira Industries (similar to Karen Starr being the CEO of Starrware Industires).

Season Four

  • Crusade
    • Lois Lane, future wife of Superman is introduced. In the comics, Lois has had several superhero identities. In Superman #125, Lois dreamed about gaining Kryptonian powers, after a blood transfusion from Superman and assumed the guise of Power Girl.

Season Five

  • Aqua
    • Introduces Aquaman, King of Atlantis. Following Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC Comics adopted a policy that Superman was to be the only surviving Kryptonian. Writer Paul Kupperberg created a new Power Girl origin, in 1987, that established that she was a genetically engineered person, from ancient Atlantis. This origin was canon until Infinite Crisis, restored her as an Earth-Two Kryptonian.
  • Fade
    • During their investigation, Chloe uses her Wall of Weird database, which is identified as using Starr-Ware Database system 5.0 software.

Season Seven

  • Bizarro
    • This episode introduces Power Girl's AU counterpart Supergirl, though likely unintentional when Kara first appears, she's dressed in white (the main color of Power Girl's costume). Kara also wears white in Fracture, Hero and Traveler, while suffering from amnesia.
  • Kara
    • Kara's ship is based on Power Girl's symbioship.
    • Like her modern-day comic book counterpart, this version of Supergirl borrows the concepts of having been in suspended animation and educated en-route by the ship's computors.

Season Nine

Season Ten

  • Supergirl
    • When trying to come up with a better name for Kara, Lois suggests "Power Girl".
    • Kara is seen disguising herself with a wig and glasses. Prior to the Post-Flashpoint reboot, Power Girl wore a red wig and glasses to disguise herself as "Karen Starr". She also briefly wore glasses in the late 80's.
  • Luthor
    • Introduces an alternate reality, that Lois names "Earth-Two". In the comics, this is the name of Power Girl's native reality.
  • Icarus
    • The Daily Star is mentioned and showed. In Power Girl's native dimension, her cousin Kal-L worked at the Daily Star.
  • Dominion
    • While battling Clark, Oliver wears a shoulder armor similar to Power Girl.
  • Prophecy
    • Lois Lane briefly gains Kryptonian powers, like she did in Superman #125 (among other times).
    • Lois wears a red puncho, similar to Power Girl's red cape.