Wonder Woman in the DC Rebirth.

This article describes various allusions in the American television series Smallville to DC Comics character Wonder Woman, also known as Princess Diana. Although Wonder Woman never made an appearance on the series, there have been several references to the character and her universe. The notes on this page are generated by viewers and comics fans, but not necessarily verified by the show's producers or writers.

Wonder Woman is the superhero name given to Diana of Themyscira, an Amazonian Princess from Paradise Island. In the future, she becomes one of the world's greatest heroes as well as (along with Superman and Batman) one of the founding members of the Justice League of America.

Due to Hollywood producer Joel Silver's efforts to create a Wonder Woman feature film, the character cannot appear in any episodes of the series unless negotiations are made with Silver and the Warner Bros. film division. During his time as Season Eight's Executive Producer, Darren Swimmer said that the producers would love to have a storyline with a Justice Leaguer Wonder Woman involved.[1]

However, it's apparent that Diana/Wonder Woman is a part of the Smallville universe as Chloe Sullivan mentions meeting "a wonderous woman who will throw you (Clark) for a loop" while meeting heroes around the world.

Smallville writer Bryan Miller who is writing the comic book continuation of the series Smallville Season 11, confirmed that Wonder Woman will make an appearance in the series, in the story arc called Olympus .


Season Three

Daily Planet newspaper Smallville 3x09 Asylum Themyscira

Hippolyta headlines the Daily Planet

  • In Asylum, a newspaper headline reads THEMISCYRAN QUEEN ADDRE*** ***TICAN, which refers to Wonder Woman's mother, Queen Hippolyta, as well as the home of the Amazons, Themyscira.

Season Seven

  • In Wrath, Lois is in the hospital after Lana throws her through a glass door, she tells Clark that his girlfriend has issues and an Amazonian left hook.
    • Which is ironic because in season 8 Lana Lang would permanently gain the Pre-Crisis powers of Wonder Woman, Super speed, Super Strength and Invulnerability.

Lois Lane dressed as an Amazon princess.

A sketch of Warrior Angel from Smallville Magazine

Warrior Angel.

Season Nine

  • In Warrior, Lois goes to a comic book convention and wears a costume highly similar to Wonder Woman's. She also clarifies that the outfit is supposed to represent an Amazon princess.

Season Ten

  • In Supergirl, Kara uses her bracelet to deflect Darkseid's approachment and protect Clark, much like Wonder Woman had used her bracelets to deflect Darkseid's Omega beams against Superman.
  • In Icarus, Hawkman uses his arm gauntlet as a shield to deflect Slade's gun bullets very similar to how Wonder Woman usually does with her magic bracelets when guns are being fired at her.
  • In Fortune, Chloe mentions how she encountered other heroes while she was away and she mentioned how she encountered "a wondrous woman who's gonna throw you for a loop".

Season Eleven



Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman.

  • The Wonder Woman double-W logo is used during filming of the Warrior Angel movie (it is seen on the loud speaker and the hat of the production assistant) on the Kent Farm in the Season Seven episode Action.
  • Actress Adrianne Palicki who previously played Lindsey Harrison in Season Three's Covenant was cast as Wonder Woman in David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman pilot for NBC. Unfortunately, following less than positive opinions from test viewings, NBC opted not to pick up the show for the 2011 Fall season.[2]
  • Erica Durance played Annie Bilson In the NBC's TV-series Harry's Law episode Gorilla my Dreams. She wore the Adrianne Palicki's Wonder Woman costume in that episode instead of the one she wore in the Season Nine episode Warrior.



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