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Clark meets his future self in the year 2017.
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This article describes various allusions to the Superman Universe in the Smallville series. Most items relate to the various Superman-related comic books, films and other media, but are not limited to such. The list is only a small sampling of allusions, generated by viewers and comics fans, but not necessarily verified by the show's producers or writers.

Superman appeared in the Season Nine finale Salvation in Clark's dream sequence, in person (from a distance) in Homecoming and finally in Finale, Part 2.

References to Superman from other mediaEdit

  • Clark is almost always seen wearing a combination of red, yellow, as well as blue: this is an allusion of his costume to come. He is sometimes seen wearing a combination of red, white and blue: which is an allusion to his patriotism and the 1970s version of his future superhero slogan, "Truth, Justice and the American Way".
  • The Kent's postbox has a combination of red and blue.
  • Lex is often seen wearing purple and black, the colors associated with his character from the various comic and TV sources. In tribute, Tess Mercer also wears these colors: so does Clark Luthor.
  • Lois is often seen wearing red, yellow, as well as blue, the colors associated with her character from the various comic and TV sources.
  • In the Season 8 episode "Toxic", Lois refers to Oliver Queen (The Green Arrow) as "practically the Man of Tomorrow". Superman is often known as "The Man of Tomorrow".
  • The many colors of kryptonite that appear in Smallville are very much like the varieties of the xenomineral that existed before the 1986 retcon "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and after the 2006 retcon in "Infinite Crisis". Like the comic, each color of kryptonite has its own unique effects. Green kryptonite remains unchanged.
  • The Smallville High School football jockeys oftentimes wear red-&-yellow letterman's Crows jackets with a big red "S"s embedded on them.
  • Clark's high school football jersey had the number 8. A pentagonal symbol with the number 8 on the inside is the equivalent to the letter S in the Kryptonian alphabet.
  • In Seasons 1-4 Smallville High School's mascot, the crow, wears a red cape, with a crest on its chest that has the letter S. Two of Superman's colors - red and yellow - are abundant throughout the school.
  • In high school, Clark worked on the school newspaper as a "reporter", a reference to his future job at the Daily Planet.
  • Annette O'Toole, who plays Clark's mother, played the role of Lana Lang in the movie Superman III in 1983.
  • Terence Stamp, who voices Clark's father, Jor-El, played General Zod in both Superman and Superman II.
  • Helen Slater, who played Lara-El, played the role of Supergirl/Kara Zor-El in the 1984 movie.
  • Christopher Reeve, who played Dr.Virgil Swann, played the role of Superman/Clark Kent in the movies Superman I - IV.
  • Margot Kidder, who played Bridgette Crosby, played the role of Lois Lane in the Superman films I - IV.
  • Marc McClure, who played Dax-Ur, played the role of Jimmy Olsen in the Superman films 1 to 4 as well as the Supergirl film.
  • Dean Cain, who played Curtis Knox, played the role of Superman/Clark Kent in the 90's TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
  • Teri Hatcher who played Ella Lane, played the role of Lois Lane in in the 90's TV series: Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
  • Lois Lane's nickname for Clark Kent, "Smallville", originated in Superman: The Animated Series has become the official pet nickname associated with the character in comics.
  • The Kryptonian pentagon, which will eventually become Superman's emblem, is a recurring symbol throughout the show, as is a large letter S displayed on the chest of Clark and other individuals.
  • Several times through every season, Clark crosses his arms, which is his trademark pose as Superman in the comics.[picture needed] [citation needed]
    Chloe-sullivan--clark-kent-chlark-530556 1024 683 (1)
    Clark crossing his arms
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  • Clark has been seen many times sporting the famous Superman S-curl. [picture needed]
  • Clark, when suggesting to Lois to take the elevator, he suggests that it is statistically the safest way to travel. This is a reference to Superman saying to Lois Lane, after saving her from a helicopter crash, that it is statistically the safest way to travel, in Superman I.

Musical AllusionsEdit

The original John Williams score to the 1978 film Superman: The Movie is used as one of the series' strongest allusions to the Superman universe.

Theme AEdit

Superman Theme A1

Above is the original opening theme from the 1978 score. The movie's first act is a series of scenes showing the planet Krypton shortly before it is destroyed, providing a background story for the rest of the film. The music is used throughout the film as a musical allusion to Clark Kent's Kryptonian history

The theme is in a major key and makes use of large intervals. These traits make it especially effective for use as a heroic theme.

Smallville Theme A1

Shown here is the theme as played on the Smallville series. There is one change to the original: it is in a minor key. Minor keys are used in incidental music intended to convey tension, mystery, foreboding moods, etc. This theme is often played when Clark is faced either with an imminent disaster that he resolves, or when he interacts with Jor-El and is told about his militaristic destiny. The use of a minor key helps to portray the dark mood usually associated with Clark's Kryptonian destiny and mysterious background on Smallville. But, because of its blatant similarity to the original Williams score, it also serves as a good allusion to Clark's forthcoming acceptance of his identity as a hero.

Theme BEdit

Superman Theme B

This is the theme from the opening credits of Superman: The Movie. This theme is probably the most well-known and easily identifiable of the entire score. It was used in all of the great action shots to accentuate Superman's heroic actions.

Smallville Theme B

Here is the theme commonly used to allude to the opening credits. Again, it is very similar to the original. However, when this theme is alluded to, it is never completed. It ends on a dominant chord. In music, there are antecedent and consequent phrases. Simply hearing the antecedent part of a phrase leaves one waiting for the consequent. Another way of explaining it is that the relationship of antecedent/consequent is the same as an if/then statement in normal conversation. On the series, the theme used only quotes the antecedent part of the original. That is, it stops at a "halfway" point. A likely reason for this is that Clark is not yet Superman, but because the show's viewers know he will be, they will recognize the classic theme music written some twenty years ago.

However, in the final scene of Finale, Part 2, the theme is heard at its fullest after Clark embraces his identity as Superman.

DC Comics characters appearance in SmallvilleEdit

This is a list of characters appearing or alluded to by reference or voice-over on Smallville from the Superman comics/DC Universe. Each entry includes the episode of first appearance only

It should also be noted that while Morgan Edge, Livewire, Neutron, Dr. Fate, Sylvester Pemberton, as well as Claire Foster have had roles in the adult Superman's life, they have been allegedly killed off on Smallville. Some characters are also portrayed as about the same age as Clark when in the comics they are much younger, like Bart Allen (who could be Barry Allen due to his age), Cyborg (who has actually been older than his Teen Titans teammates in the comics), Stargirl, as well as the Wonder Twins. It is also interesting to note that many characters start in completely different places than ends up in the place which aligns mythos such as Clark Kent being a reluctant hero who wants to live a normal life with Lana, into a proactive hero who is slowly becoming interested in Lois and Bart Allen changing from an impulsive thieving teen to a member of the "Proto-League". Also some characters are thought to be seen at first, but later turn out to not be that character from the comics. Examples include Steven Hamilton (who was thought to be Emil Hamilton), Henry James Olsen (who was thought to be James Bartholomew Olsen), or Catherine Grant (who was thought to be Cat Grant).

Season 1Edit

  • There have been six DC Comics Characters introduced in Season 1 (all of them in Pilot). These characters are Superman (as Clark Kent), Jonathan Kent, Martha Kent, Lex Luthor, Pete Ross and Lana Lang.
  • Pilot
    • We see the arrival of young Kal-El from Krypton to Earth (Smallville, Kansas) to be found and raised by Johnathan and Martha Kent.
    • Clark Kent tries to join for the football team, just like Jonathan had in High School. In 1986, when John Byrne's revamp the origins of Superman in the comic continuity in high school Clark Kent was the star football player.
    • The physical appearance of Lionel Luthor in this series has a remarkable resemblance to that of the comic story arc in which Lex Luthor in a cloned body is masquerading as "Lex Luthor II" the illegitimate 21-year-old Australian son who has a beard and full head of red hair.
    • In the Homecoming hazing ritual perpetuated by the football team, a victim is chosen and is tied up in a cornfield like a scarecrow with a large red "S" painted on his chest. Clark is chosen as the victim, which changes the painting into an allusion to the symbol on Superman's costume.
    • When Clark falls and speaks to Lana for the first time on the show, she asks him if he is a man or a Superman. She is making a reference to his copy of "The Portable Nietzsche" which contains the text of "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" in which Friedrich Nietzsche foretells the coming of a new being called the Superman.
    • As Clark is walking away from Lex's car crash from the bridge with his father, there's a red blanket draped on him like a cape.
    • John Glover plays Lionel Luthor: he has also played two other DC or DC related characters, the Riddler and Dr. Jason Woodrue.
    • The headline of the newspaper Lionel is reading in the flashback claims "Queen Industries CEO, presumed dead", a reference to the parents of the future Green Arrow and JLA teammate, Oliver Queen.
    • Clark misses his bus to school and Pete remarks, "If Clark ran any slower, he'd be extinct." Clark is the last son of Krypton. If he hadn't flown away any sooner, he would have died when the planet exploded.
    • Lex asks Clark that if he "believes a man can fly," which alludes to the tag-line of the 1978 Superman movie.
    • When Whitney uses Lana's kryptonte necklace to weaken Clark, it is similar to how Lex Luthor weakened Superman in Superman.
  • Metamorphosis
    • Clark dreamed of flying into Lana's bedroom - while he even wakes up to find himself floating. This foreshadows in the near future that he'll be using this power as Superman.
    • A red banner is draped over the entrance door to Smallville High, with the words, "FLY TO VICTORY!" This foreshadows Clark's future destiny.
    • Lex gives Clark a lead box while remarking that it was made from the armor of St. George, the patron saint of Boy Scouts. Superman is commonly referred to, often derogatorily, as a Boy Scout.
    • Jonathan nicknames Clark's barn loft hide-away his "Fortress of Solitude".
    • Lex metaphorically tells Clark that he should use Lana's necklace as a weapon. In the comics, Lex Luthor often uses kryptonite (namely a ring made out of it) as a weapon against Superman.
    • In one scene, Lana apologizes for not recognising Greg without his glasses. In most Superman comics, part of Superman's disguise is that Clark Kent wears glasses, but Superman does not.
  • Hothead
    • Jonathan tells Clark, "You were meant for much more important things than winning football games". The Jonathan Kent in the Superman movie says familiarly that whatever Clark's purpose is, "it's not to score touchdowns."
  • Cool
    • During the party at the beginning, Chloe comments on how cold it is. Clark remarks that the cold temperature had no affect on him. Chloe responds, "What are you from an ice planet? It's freezing." This alludes to the movie version of Clark's home planet, Krypton, which is indeed an ice planet, although it is sometimes described as made of crystals instead.
  • Hourglass
    • Both Clark and Lex have their futures told in this episode. Clark sees himself alive, but everyone he loves has passed on (also very similar to the post-bomb shot from "Kingdom Come"). This alludes to the fact that Superman is virtually immortal on Earth. Lex's future is in the White House, where he wears a glove on his right hand. This is because in the comics, he wears a kryptonite ring on his right hand and has to get it amputated because of kryptonite poisoning. He's also seen as the cause of death for millions of people as the sky turns red and rains blood on him as he smiles. Lex is portrayed as the President of the United States which he has achieved in the comics.
    • Lana's assigned senior citizen tells her that the Lang family first came to Smallville in 1938, the same year "Superman" was first published.
  • Rogue
    • The "S" on Alexander the Great's chest plate is similar to the Superman crest. Clark ironically mentions he "can't picture myself going into battle with that on my chest."
  • Shimmer
    • Lex buys defunct Cadmus Labs and uses it for nefarious purposes throughout the series. In the comics, it was Cadmus Labs that made Superboy after Doomsday killed Superman. In the animated series Justice League Unlimited, Cadmus Labs is a black-ops government group used to stop the Justice League should they ever decide to conquer the planet.
    • As Clark and Pete are walking downstairs in Smallville High, they pass the school mascot, the crow, wearing a red cape, with a crest on its chest that has the letter "S".
  • Hug
    • The episode ends with Clark remarking to Lex how two great friends became bitter enemies. He then asks him, "Do you think we'll turn out like that?" with Lex replying, "Our friendship will be the stuff of legends." The bitter irony is that it's not their friendship but their hatred of one another, which becomes legend.
    • When asked what he would like to do when older, Clark replies "anything that doesn't involve wearing a suit and doing a lot of flying," referencing Superman's costume and flight.
  • Leech
    • Chloe refers to the boy that received Clark's power as "Superboy," and he wears a haircut and a long leather trench-coat similar to the Superboy character from the comics.
  • Kinetic
    • Whitney makes a remark to Clark as a "personal Boy Scout," another reference to Superman's Boy Scout nickname. Also the moniker "Clark Kent, Investigative Reporter" is referring to Clark Kent's future job.
  • Zero
    • This episode mentions Central City and Blüdhaven, the homes of the Flash and Nightwing/Dick Grayson.
  • Stray
    • In the final scene (at the Kent farm), the song playing in the soundtrack is "Superman (It's Not Easy)" by Five For Fighting.
    • The climax scene was shot on location at an authentic bowling alley named "Lois Lanes Bowling and Billiards" in Richmond, British Columbia.
    • The comic book that both Ryan and Lex enjoy, "Warrior Angel," is a direct parallel to the futures of both Superman and Lex Luthor (represented by Warrior Angel and Devilicus, respectively). Warrior Angel is a parallel to Superman as shown when Ryan reads, "You're safe now," only to have Clark later tell him the exact same words in the same context.
  • Drone
    • Candidate Paul Chan's promotional poster depicts him wearing a costume similar to Superman's costume: a shield (complete with a yellow "S" on a red pentagon) on his chest and a red cape.
    • Clark runs for class president, using the slogan: "Clark Kent: The Man Of Tomorrow," which is a reference to a common nickname for Superman, going back to his earliest Golden Age appearances and which inspired the title of the Superman comic book series: "Superman: The Man of Tomorrow" and "Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?"
    • Clark, when asked by Chloe what he stand for, says "Truth, Justice, and other stuff," a reference to Superman's slogan: "Truth, Justice, and the American way." The "other stuff" part of this line is plausibly a reference to the dissonance created when the original Superman movie added the line, "the American way" to his slogan, as heroes like Superman are often used to reaffirm patriotism in one's country. Ever since, there has been a reluctance in canonical storylines to make that reference again (as seen in the movie "Superman Returns", when Perry White also trails off before adding the third portion of the slogan) and is sometimes replaced with other words like "liberty" or "the future". This omission (and the conspicuous trailing off during each omission) could be out of the spirit of purism, or a conscious deconstruction of the appropriation of Superman for American patriotism.
    • When Clark asks Pete, who becomes Clark's campaign manager, why he didn't run, Pete replies: "I know my strengths. I'm more the power behind the throne, the guy behind the guy, the one who makes it all happen." This is an allusion to Pete as the Vice-President behind Lex Luthor, as well as Pete's Silver Age role in covering for Clark whenever he needed to run off suddenly to become Superboy.
    • When Clark asks Lex, "Have you ever thought about going into politics?" Lex muses, "I'd like to be President." In the comics, Lex eventually becomes President.
    • Chloe says that bees in Shuster's Gorge stung Sasha. Joe Shuster is one of the creators of the original "Superman" comic.
  • Crush
    • An Air Force recruiter tells Clark, "I see you in a uniform, flying," in reference to Clark's future flight power and costume.
    • Chloe gets mad at Clark for forgetting to sign up for the Student Journalism Conference in Metropolis. She remarks angrily, "You know, most men are from Mars, Clark, but you are from some distant galaxy that I never even heard of."
    • Pete applies to intern at Mayor Siegel's office. One of the creators of Superman is Jerry Siegel.
  • Obscura
    • Chloe says, "Clark Kent leaps tall theories in a single bound," which is a reference to the classic opening line for the Superman cartoons, radio and TV shows.
  • Tempest
    • Lana commented to Clark, "I don't know Clark, red always looks good on you," in reference to his future costume.
    • Lana, when talking about Whitney leaving, says "one day, he's worried about his English paper, and the next, he's putting on a uniform and saving the world", which reflects Clark's life rather accurately.

Season 2Edit

  • There have been two DC Comics Characters introduced in Season 2. These characters are Jor-El (in Voice only) and Maggie Sawyer.
  • Vortex
    • Clark unknowingly uses his ability to fly into the heart of the tornado to save Lana. Geoff John recreates this scene in the first issue of Superman: Secret Origins marking it as the first time young Clark Kent flies in the re-telling of Superman origins in the comic continuity.
    • Roger Nixon and Jonathan Kent have an argument about Clark's standing in the world, with the former scoffing "You have the most extraordinary being in the world doing chores on your farm." This is similar to a quote by Batman concerning Superman's standing, "The most powerful being on the planet and they kept him hidden on a small Kansas farm."
  • Heat
    • This episode may have inspired a piece in Geoff Johns' new Superman back-story Superman: Secret Origin that says Clark's heat vision began in his teens when he would become sexually aroused.
  • Duplicity
    • Clark reveals his Kryptonian origins to his best friend Pete Ross. In the pre-crisis continuity, Pete discovered that Clark Kent was Superboy however he'd never tell him. Instead Pete would creating distractions to allow Clark to slip away without raising suspicion. In the modern comic book continuity, Pete was not initially aware of Clark's secret. However, the secret was known by the villainous Manchester Black, who informed then-President Luthor of the secret, only later to wipe his memory of it. Prior to losing the knowledge of Clark's secret, Lex informed Pete that his close friend Clark Kent is in fact Superman. While Pete initially refrained from telling Clark about his knowledge he did eventually tell him in Adventures of Superman #641.
  • Red
    • Lionel Luthor says to Lex, "So the son becomes the father." This is a direct quote of a Marlon Brando line in the original Superman movie.
    • When red-k Clark (or Kal) shows up at Smallville High, Chloe tells Lana and Pete, "Okay, what planet is that guy from, and what did he do with Clark?"
    • Martha says "If the green meteor rocks affect Clark physically, maybe the red affects him emotionally". A very similar statement is present in Lois and Clark in the episode where red kryptonite first appears: If green Kryptonite affects you physically, it's possible red Kryptonite could be affecting you mentally.
  • Nocturne
    • Lana refers to Clark as "The Man of Steel", which is one of Superman's monikers.
    • Lex says to Clark, "I hope your mother likes helicopters." Clark replies, "My family doesn't fly much," to which Lex responds, "That's all about to change."
  • Redux
    • This episode mentions Coast City, the home of Green Lantern Hal Jordan.
    • The visual of Chrissy staring in the mirror cube bears a striking resemblance to the Phantom Zone in Superman: The Movie and Superman II.
    • When asked where he will be in five years, he says in college studying journalism, telling Lana "I like to find the truth behind things."
  • Lineage
    • This episode shows us LexCorp, the logo of the company look identical to its comic book counterpart.
  • Ryan
    • Lex, when speaking to Ryan about Warrior Angel, explains that Devilicus started as an ally, but turned against Warrior Angel. Devilicus is representative of Lex's turn to evil. Devilicus also tried to convince the Warrior Angel to rule the Guardian Realm with him: this is mirrored by the comic book Lex, who tried to employ Superman. Lex makes a similar offer in the Season Four episode Onyx (see below).
    • The cover of "Warrior Angel" #1 is a striking resemblance of "Action Comics" #1, the first appearance of Superman, with him lifting up a 30's-style car with super-strength.
    • Clark says he has a fear of flying.
  • Dichotic
    • In the school metal shop, Clark makes an "S" similar to the Superman symbol. The boss holds the "S" up in front of his chest, a reference to the placement of the symbol on his future super suit.
    • At the Talon, Ian and Chloe are talking about Ian's immense workload. Chloe is so awestruck she says, "Forget the interview, and let's just call Ripley's." Ironically, the current host of Ripley's Believe It or Not is Dean Cain. Cain played Clark Kent/Superman in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.
  • Skinwalker
    • The Kawatche paintings on the cave wall give a very detailed summary of Superman's story. His arrival from Krypton to Earth in a Meteor shower, to his powers, to revealing his Arch-Nemesis and finally his Soul Mate. Kyla also tells Clark about how the man came from a star that used to be in the sky, but no longer was there" referring to Krypton, which would no longer be visible since it was destroyed.
    • Both Lana and Chloe mention how Clark usually has an impregnable armor around himself to guard his secrets not allowing anyone to truly get to know him except for Kyla Willowbrook. This is actually a very true characteristic of Clark Kent in the Superman mythology, before he became Superman and finally opened his heart completely with Lois Lane. Clark tends to keep himself armored up emotionally.
    • The scene in which Clark and Kyla go stargazing in his loft, is very reminiscent to many superman comic book panels featuring Lois and Clark.
  • Visage
    • The fight between Clark and Tina (who has shape-shifted to look like Clark) partially resembles the fight between The Good Clark Kent and the Evil Superman in Superman III, specifically when Tina holds the Pole (just like the Evil Superman in the movie) and wacks Clark. Clark fights his evil duplicate many times in various comic titles.
  • Insurgence
    • Clark makes his first super leap paying homage to both the classic tagline affiliated with Superman "Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound" as well as how originally Superman flew in the comics.
  • Suspect
  1. ​Clark says that that kind of darkness doesn't just come out of nowhere, Lex says pepole arent born with it, they find a way to bring it out.
  • Rush
    • After revealing his powers under red kryptonite to Chloe, she asks him if he can fly. He laughs and ironically says "I might be an alien, but I'm not a cartoon character." Superman first gained the ability to fly in the Fleischer cartoon shorts.
    • Behind Pete, there is a cave painting of Naman flying with an S on his chest.
    • Pete calls Clark a "boy scout", a reference to Superman's nickname.
  • Rosetta
    • When the key is placed in the cave, the symbols on it glow red, yellow and blue - the colors that comprise Superman's costume. Also, as the key opens up to release an energy beam, it opens in the pentagonal shape of Superman's shield.
    • When Clarks ears started to hurt from a sound only he and dogs could hear, he reacted the same way Christopher Reeve reacted during a similar scene in "Superman The Movie".
    • Surprising enough, Chloe herself said that he was acting like he could hear something only dogs could hear, another reference to the 1978 Superman film, as Lex Luthor himself in the film stated the same line.
    • Dr. Swann is played by Christopher Reeve, who played Superman in the 1978 film by Richard Donner, as well as its sequels. Reeve is considered by many to be the ultimate Superman and his part in revealing to Clark who he really is, on the show, was a "passing of the torch".
    • When Dr. Swann sends Clark an IM, composed of Kryptonian symbols: it read, "I AM A FRIEND", the same way Superman introduced himself in the 1978 film.
    • When Chloe is telling Clark who Dr. Virgil Swann is, she says that America had dubbed him the 'Man of Tomorrow', one of Superman's common nicknames.
    • When Dr. Swann shows Clark the second screen, Clark translates it as "we will be with you, Kal-El, for all the days of your life." In the 1978 Superman film, Jor-El similarly says "you will carry me inside you, all the days of your life."
    • This is the first episode in which tidbits of music from the first two Superman movies can be heard in the background.
  • Visitor
    • In the Talon, Clark is reading a book entitled Identity Crises & Mental Illness. "Identity Crisis" is a seven-issue comic book limited series published by DC Comics in 2004 in which Superman is a character. Numerous comic storylines over the decades have also dealt with the various identity crises of Clark/Superman/Kal-El.
  • Calling
    • When Lex and Helen are going over the seating chart, the colors she assigns to her family are blue, red, as well as yellow, which, of course, are the customary colors associated with Superman.
  • Exodus
    • This episode introduces Terence Stamp as the voice of Jor-El who also portrayed General Zod in the Superman movies.
    • Part of the dialogue between Jor-El and Clark resembles dialogue from when Clark was in the Fortress talking to his father in the 1978 film.

Season 3Edit

  • Exile
    • The symbol burned into Clark's chest is the Kryptonian symbol for air: it is also the symbol most closely associated with Clark's real father Jor-El. The figure-eight shape is similar to an "S", which in turn looks very similar to Superman's chest shield. At the beginning of this episode, the symbol begins to react and Clark must stagger into a phone booth outside the club so no one can see what's happening. Clark collapses inside and rips his shirt open, revealing the symbol. This is a reference to Superman changing clothes in a phone booth.
    • The Metropolis police logo is similar to the shape of the Superman pentagon crest.
    • Morgan Edge is introduced as a crime lord. In the comics, he's the head of Intergang, owner of WGBS, as well as a servant of Superman villain Darkseid.
  • Phoenix Edge says to Clark with guns drawn on his parents I know your fast but you can't save both of them This is a reference to Superman the Movie when Lex says to Superman short of double jeapory that you can't get to both of them.
  • Slumber
    • In Clark's dream, "the Traveler" wears a red cloak, which includes a cape. When Pete doesn't see "the Traveler", Clark exclaims, "How could you miss him? He had a big red cape on!" Red is the color of Superman's cape.
    • Still within the dream, Lex Luthor declares, "I'm going to dedicate myself to ensuring the whole world knows who Clark Kent really is." This alludes to the future relationship between Lex and Clark where Lex is intent on keeping his promise.
  • Perry
    • Sheriff Adams becomes incensed when Perry repeatedly calls her Chief, saying, "And don't call me 'chief'!" Perry White often repeats this line in the comics and movies (usually addressed to Jimmy Olsen).
    • The sun affects Clark's powers and it is later revealed in Superman the Movie that the sun is the source of Superman's powers.
    • At the end, Perry tells Clark "If you ever make it to Metropolis, look me up. I owe you one." Perry will later become Clark's boss once he comes to work at the Daily Planet.
  • Relic
    • Lana says "It's not like you just fell out of the sky Clark." So obvious...
    • The music played when Louise and Jor-El kiss before Jor-El announces that he has to leave is "Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)" by The Penguins. This tune is played in Superman III, in which Clark returns to Smallville for a high school reunion and dances with Lana Lang (incidentally played by Annette O'Toole.)
    • The scene where Joe and Louise are out in the field resembles a future scene of Lois and Clark. Where Clark tells Lois he has to return to somewhere where she can't go, as well as then he carries her upwards in the light of the moon.
    • Lionel Luthor orchestrates his parents murder, in order to collect insurance money to start his company, is similar to a plot in the 1986 Man of Steel reboot of the Superman continuity, where it was revealed that Lex Luthor had killed his father and Mother to collect insurance money to start up LexCorp.
  • Magnetic
    • Referring to magnetic influence over Lana, Clark says that "Men aren't made from steel" which could be a reference to Superman's alias - the Man of Steel.
  • Shattered
    • When telling Clark of Lex's past history with mental illness, she replies "he was acting Bizarro". This is a reference to the Superman future villain Bizarro, an imperfect clone of the hero.
  • Asylum
    • A newspaper headline says, "Themyscirian Queen ... Pope." This is a reference to Queen Hippolyta, the mother of Wonder Woman, a future teammate of Superman in the Justice League.
  • Whisper
    • After partially recovering from blindness, Clark obtains glasses in order to see while he is regaining vision. This is a reference to the comics and movies in which Clark Kent wears glasses as part of his alter ego.
  • Delete
    • When Chloe asks her friend to publish an article she made about Dr. Garner, she gives him the name of her cousin who "has no interest in journalism". The name she gave is Lois Lane who ironically works as a journalist in Superman comic books.
    • Molly Griggs is named after Lex Luthor's abusive foster mother in the current comics continuity. Her screen name, Brainwave, is also the name of a long-standing comics foe of the Justice Society who has psychic powers including mind control.
  • Hereafter
    • When Jordan bumps into Clark, we see a quick image of the classic Superman 'S' symbol on a red cape, while the camera flies through space.
    • At the end, Clark finds Jonathan in the barn, down with a heart attack. This refers to Superman: The Movie as Jonathan Kent dies from a heart attack.
  • Resurrection
    • While referring to Jonathan's heart attack, Clark says "I thought my father was a Man of Steel". In the comics, Superman is usually referred as the Man of Steel.
    • Metron (as in Metron Pharmaceuticals) is the name of one of the New Gods from the DC Universe.
  • Truth
    • As Clark and Chloe walk into the Torch where Pete is, Clark stands infront of the school mascot, the crow, wearing a red cape, with a crest on its chest that has the letter "S".
  • Talisman
    • Jonathan rips open Clark's button shirt to reveal a blue undershirt, just as the future Clark rips his reporter garb off to reveal his blue super suit.
    • When Jonathan heals Clark, his mother wraps a red blanket around him, possibly alluding to the cape of Superman's uniform.
    • Jeremiah wears glasses in his "mild-mannered" identity until he gets superpowers - alluded to the future fact what Clark Kent will be doing on a regular basis between his secret identity & job as Superman..
    • Toward the end, Jonathan tells Clark that if he wants, he can be the world's greatest hero, "or its most mild-mannered citizen". Clark Kent is referred to as "mild-mannered Clark Kent" and Superman is referred to as the world's first and world's greatest hero multiple times in other media.
  • Covenant
    • At the end when Clark is floating away naked, he is in a five-sided shield, curled in the S-shaped design, alluding his future destiny as Superman.
    • The human girl who Jor-El gives powers and uses to lure Clark to him is called "Kara", a reference to Kal-El's cousin, Kara Zor-El, who comes to Earth and becomes known as Supergirl. It may also be a reference to Power Girl.
    • On a similar note, when Lana asks who Kara is, Clark says she's his cousin.

Season 4Edit

Superman Secret Origins 3 2
Superman and Lois Lane
Kal-ELAdded by Kal-EL
    • Lois Lane, future wife of Superman/Clark Kent is introduced to the series.
    • When Lois crashes her car into a cornfield, there is a flash of lightning. After a lightning bolt deposits Clark back to Smallville, there is a surge of electricity around Clark and it makes the shape of an "S".
    • Lois grabs a red blanket for naked Clark. This is a like reference to the future red cape of Superman.
    • When Lois comes to see Clark, she and Martha talk a bit about her and Chloe falling for farm boys. Lois says "Give me a nerd with glasses any day of the week." Martha responds, "Clark has many sides." This alludes to Lois and Clark/Superman's future romance once they move to Metropolis.
    • The crystals, which are a subplot throughout the whole season, make the shape of Superman's "S" emblem when put together.
    • Margot Kidder makes a cameo as Bridgette Crosby, Dr. Swann's assistant. She tells Martha that she "understands how it feels to love someone who has greater calling." Martha inquires, "you and Dr. Swann?" to which Bridget responds, "in another life." This is like a funny reference to Kidder and Reeve playing Lois and Superman in the 1978 movie and its sequels.
    • As Clark/Kal-El is flying upward out of the Earth's atmosphere and back in, music similar to the Superman theme can be heard.
    • As Clark/Kal-El is flying toward Lex's plane, the co-pilot turns to the pilot, after watching his approach on radar, asks: "What is it? A bird? A plane?" This is a paraphrase of a catchphrase associated with Superman from the 1940s' radio drama and Fleisher cartoon shorts, later used in the 1950s' The Adventures of Superman's beginning dialogue.
    • Several times in the episode, Lois mentions a smoking problem, which alludes to the smoking problem of the movie version of Lois.
    • During the final scene in the caves with Martha Kent, Clark fights his Kryptonian alter ego, Kal-El and emerges the victor. A similar event occurred in Superman III and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, where Clark fought his evil duplicate and has also happened in various Superman comic titles.
  • Gone
    • This episode start the pattern of Lois referring to Clark by the nickname of "SMALLVILLE", The nickname originated in Superman: The Animated Series by voice actress Dana Delany who voiced the character of Lois Lane in the series. In a recent interview Dana explained that originally "the nickname was meant to be Lois's clever way of insulting Clark due to the fact that she sees him as an inexperienced farmboy who had no business in the big city as a reporter and would be better off returning to his home town. However the writers change it to be a playful nickname to mask Lois's hidden feelings she had been developing for Clark. She'd refer to him as "Kent" when she was serious and "Smallville" as playful banter which worked out so well that it was incorporated into the comics as the official pet name".
    • Clark wonders if the legend on the cave walls about him destined to have an enemy doesn't refer to Lionel Luthor, but to Lex. In the comics and films Lex Luthor is Clark's biggest nemesis.
    • In the scene at the caves, Lana mentions that she thinks Clark and Lois are a couple, to which an indignant Clark says in disbelief, "She's bossy. She's stuck up, she's rude. I can't stand her!" Lana replies, "The best ones always start that way." Clark's line is ironic as in the comics, he and Lois have long been a couple and are currently married.
    • In this episode, Michael Ironside plays Lois' father Sam Lane. In Superman: The Animated Series and the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series, Michael Ironside was the voice of Superman's enemy Darkseid.
  • Facade
    • Lois tells Chloe that the last thing she wants to be is a reporter, which is ironic as Lois Lane - in all incarnations - is an investigative reporter working for the Daily Planet.
    • Chloe mentions Lois misspelling the word serotonin in her article, making reference to the fact that Lois Lane in the films has always been a poor speller.
  • Devoted
    • After Clark throws a touchdown pass to win the big game, Chloe says, "Wow, I guess now you're gonna be some kind of 'superhero' around here". Then, when Clark announces that he will be returning to The Torch, she says, "Wow, superhero AND journalist. What are the odds?", alluding to Clark's future.
    • Clark starts wearing his red-&-yellow Smallville High Crows letterman's jacket, with a big "S" etched onto the front. His friends keep mentioning that it's "not his colors", though ironically, Superman does wear a combination of red, yellow & blue.
  • Run
    • Bart points out to his bosses that if he's gotta be somewhere, "I'll be there in like a flash."
    • Bart (the current Flash) leaves saying he wants to "go out and look for more people like us; start a club or a league or something," alluding to the Justice League of America.
    • Bart always wears red wherever he goes. The main color of the Flash's costume in the comics (Flash has a nickname "Scarlet Speedster"), as well as one of Superman's colors.
STAS flash
Superman vs. The Flash
Kal-ELAdded by Kal-EL
    • Bart Allen refers to himself as the fastest man alive which is nickname of the Flash in the comics.
    • When chasing after Bart through Metropolis, they both leave behind blue and red streaks. This happened in an episode of Superman: The Animated Series, "Speed Demons", when the two heroes raced for charity. Also, when they get to the water, Flash runs over it. In the animated series however, both of them run over it but in some comics, Clark could swim at superspeed. Also, Superman could run over water in All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder.
    • In the comics Bart actually raced against a member of Superman's family Superboy/Conner Kent
    • When Clark comes back to the farm after racing with Bart, his dad is setting the dinner table with a red tablecloth - exactly the color of Superman's future cape.
    • At the beginning of the episode, Clark goes through a set of fake IDs that Bart has - all having names of Flash alter egos (Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West).
    • One of the crooks in Metropolis that captures Bart points a gun at him and says, "Let's see if you're faster than a speeding bullet." Superman is described in various media incarnations as being "faster than a speeding bullet."
    • When Chloe asks Clark where Bart is from, Bart pipes in that he is, "From the future" - which the comics version of him is. He was raised there in a consequence-free VR simulation, which explains his lack of understanding of such concepts as restraint and self-control.
    • Bart's hairstyle is exactly like that of John Wesley Shipp who portrayed Bart's grandfather, Barry Allen, on the TV series The Flash.
    • Bart's backpack and belt buckle both have a thunderbolt design.
  • Transference
    • In this episode, Clark discovers that Lionel is dying from liver cancer. In the comics, his son Lex discovered that his Kryptonite Ring had given him a type of cancer over the years.
    • In the beginning of the story, Lionel is attempting to switch minds with Lex and pose as his son. In the comics, when Lex learnt he had cancer, he had a clone of himself made and placed his mind in it, so he could pass off as his own son.
  • Jinx
    • A foreign exchange student - Mikail Mxyzptlk - who uses his power to manipulate high school football betting, is based on the character Mr. Mxyzptlk that has magical powers in the comic book.
    • The key to defeating Mxyzptlk in the comics, as well as on Super Friends, was to make him say his name backwards, Kltpzyxm. This is referred to during the episode when Chloe looks up his name on a search engine and it doesn't find a match, but suggests that she try spelling it backwards.
    • Mikail uses mind control to make Clark trip during the football game. In the comics, Superman is vulnerable to Mxyzptlk's powers.
    • Clark mentions locusts "eating large crops in a single bound".
  • Spell
    • In this episode, it is shown that Clark is vulnerable to magic. The comic version of Clark is also vulnerable to magic.
  • Bound
    • Towards the end of the episode, Lex comes to the barn to make amends to Clark. Clark tells him "I felt like we were enemies." This foreshadows their relationship later.
  • Scare
    • Once again (first time being in Hourglass), Lex is portrayed as the president of the United States which he has achieved in the comics.
  • Unsafe
    • When Chloe talks to Lana about having sex, she reveals that she lost her virginity to an intern named Jimmy who was "cute, in a bow tie sort of way." This is a broad reference to Jimmy Olsen, who works as a photographer at the Daily Planet. Olsen has worn a bow tie in numerous occasions in comics and the movies.
  • Pariah
    • The character Tim Westcott may have been inspired by the character Pariah from "Crisis on Infinite Earths," since he can "teleport" to where "evil" is occurring. Also he pointed out that the meteor shower brought a "wave of evil", referencing "Crisis" where the creation of the Multiverse brought a wave of evil throughout the cosmos.
    • Another nod to the Crisis is when Clark cries over Alicia' death like he did to Kara in the storyline.
    • Clark catches Alicia's car in mid-air in a pose reminiscent of Superman's debut on the cover of Action Comics #1.
  • Recruit
    • When Clark says he's giving up football, Chloe tells him that she has a feeling he's destined to "do a lot more in this world than just score touchdowns." In Superman: The Movie Jonathan Kent tells Clark that he doesn't know why Clark is on Earth, but "it's not to score touchdowns."
  • Krypto
    • Clark briefly names the super dog (which is actually a LuthorCorp experiment) he befriends "Krypto," before settling on the name "Shelby". Krypto is the name of Superboy/Superman's Kryptonian dog in the comics and Shelby is Clark's earth dog.
    • A Goo Goo Dolls cover of the Supertramp song, "Give A Little Bit," is played at the end of the episode. The original song can be heard in Lois' car as she's driving through the desert in Superman: The Movie.
    • The veterinarian who checks Shelby near the end of episode is named Dr. Klein. He shares his name with a scientist from S.T.A.R. Labs in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.
    • After Lois gives Shelby a bath, Clark hands her a red towel, which she drapes over Shelby like a cape.
    • Shelby is the name of one of Clark's two dogs, which he had while growing up on the Kent Farm in the comics. One was a golden retriever, however, the other, a border collie, was the one named Shelby.
  • Sacred
    • Isobel wraps the Crystal of Air in a red handkerchief. (Who knows how many times this kind of allusion has been repeated over and over in the series.)
  • Lucy
    • In the comics, Lois does indeed have a younger sister named Lucy.
  • Onyx
    • Lex's personality gets split in two: one being good and the other evil. The evil Lex exhibits many of the characteristics of his comic book counterpart and serves as a foretelling of Lex's journey to darkness.
    • Lex's dark side employs the famous green kryptonite ring for the first time.
    • Lex's dark side when he says to Jonathan "you were right about me all along, Mr. Kent. I am the villain of the story." him is making reference to his future role in Superman's life and his future role in the next seasons of the series.
    • The "evil" Lex tries to coerce Clark into joining him, believing that together, they would be unstoppable. When Clark refuses, Lex promises to make him suffer. In multiple media (including comics and the cartoon), Lex has first tried to exploit Superman's powers, then when he cannot control him, vows to kill him.
    • The way that Lex is split into good and evil sides by altered Kryptonite, as well as that the good Lex tries to destroy the evil one by strangling him is reminiscint of Superman III.
  • Ageless
    • When Clark superspeeds away from the Torch, Chloe says "Go get him, Speedy". Speedy is the name of the sidekick of Green Arrow, Roy Harper.
  • Commencement
    • When Clark wakes up from his vision dream, he is covered in a red blanket, much like a cape.
    • After the Kents are awakened by Clark's nightmare, Lois comes downstairs and in an attempt to make Clark feel better, recounts one of her own recent nightmares about "a guy wearing a red cape." Sarcastic to Lois, but humorous to the viewer, Clark's response is "That sounds horrible" - referring to his own nightmares of a red-cape wearer way back in Slumber.
    • Lois and Clark have a discussion about what she is going to do with her life and she dismisses the idea of being a reporter, because of her bad spelling, a characteristic of the movie and television version of Lois.
    • Lois goes on to say that even if she did become a reporter, she'd probably end up "sitting across from the most bumbling reporter on the masthead", a reference to Clark Kent's comics and film disguise as a clumsy nerd.
  • Comic #11: Nature
    • Clark is given a blue shirt with a trianglar design on the chest.

Season 5Edit

  • There have been seven DC Comics characters introduced in Season 5. These characters are Acrata, Aethyr, Aquaman, Brainiac, Cyborg, Nam-Ek, as well as General Zod.
  • Arrival
    • This episode contains several allusions to the first two Superman movies made by Richard Donner:
      • The Fortress of Solitude's formation and Jor-El's attempts at educating Clark are done very similarly in Superman: The Movie.
      • The crystal that made the Fortress is the same shape as the Superman "S" emblem.
      • The arrival of seemingly evil Kryptonians on Earth, the method of Phantom Zone imprisonment used on them, as well as Clark's powers being drained by Jor-El's spirit in the Fortress of Solitude are all reminiscent of events from Superman II.
      • Earth insignia and uniforms fascinate the Kryptonians in both.
      • On Smallville, Clark discovers their rampage on Earth via a newscast when he's been out of touch. This is similar to events in Superman II.
    • The two unnamed Kryptonians are referred to in the script as Nam-Ek and Aethyr. In the comics, these are the names of two Phantom Zone prisoners from the Silver Age Superman era. Nam-Ek is the name of a scientist who killed a sacred beast with a horn reputed to have healing powers. He then grafted the horn onto himself to gain immortality. Unfortunately, this had the side effect of transforming him into a half-man/half-beast. Aethyr is the name of a powerful entity connected with the Phantom Zone. And in The Last Days of Krypton, Nam-Ek is a mute bodyguard/loyal follower of Zod and Aethyr is his wife. They are seen again in the Season Six premiere Zod where their names are finally mentioned.
    • Chloe: "I know you're faster than a speeding bullet, Clark - mind taking me along for the ride?" Superman in the comics and movies is described as stronger than a locomotive and faster than a speeding bullet.
    • At least five brief snippets of footage from Superman: The Movie are used during the Jor-El-projected "training sequence." Glimpses can be seen of:
      • an overhead shot of the Kryptonian city
      • the red sun flaring
      • Kryptonians highlighted in red fleeing the destruction
      • the ship lifting off from Krypton
      • the Kryptonians falling into the planet's core
  • Mortal
    • Lee: "Just trying to amp up what me and the Wonder Twins could do." Referencing the Super Friends TV series and Zan and Jayna—the "Wonder Twins".
    • Sheriff Adams asks Clark if he'd consider a job in law enforcement... which is a big part of his job as Superman.
  • Hidden
    • When Lionel is possessed by Jor-El and speaking to Clark, the manner in which he grips the lapels of his coat while talking is spot on with the way Marlon Brando did it in Superman: The Movie while addressing members of the Kryptonian council.
    • Clark must stop a nuclear missile and to do so, he tears out the explosive component and throws it into outer space, just as in Superman: The Movie and Superman IV.
    • In this episode, Clark is killed and resurrected by Jor-El. In the comics, Superman was killed battling the unstoppable monster Doomsday and brought back to life by a Kryptonian force called the Eradicator.
  • Aqua
    • A.C. dresses in orange and green - the colors of Aquaman's costume in the comics. Lois makes comments about his choice of color combinations. A.C. mentions that he is a student at the University of Miami, which would explain the color combination in this version (UM's colors are green, orange and white).
    • Prof. Milton Fine in the comics becomes one of Superman's enemies, Brainiac.
    • A.C.: "Come on, Superboy..." During his teenage days in the comics during the Silver Age, Clark performed super heroics in Smallville under the name Superboy.
    • A.C. calls Clark "Boy Scout," a reference to a common nickname for Superman.
    • As the episode ends, Arthur (future Aquaman) suggests to Clark that they start a junior lifeguard association. In a play on words, Clark responds, "I'm not ready for the JLA." This also refers to the fact that in Post-Crisis continuity, Superman declined his first invitation to join the Justice League of America.
    • Clark: "Lois, I promise, someday... you'll meet someone even more special." This alludes to the comics, in which Lois and Clark are married.
  • Thirst
    • Pauline Kahn: The character's last name and general position/authority alludes to Jeanette Kahn, CEO and President at DC Comics.
    • Clark: "I hate costumes." An ironic statement as in the future his own 'costume' becomes a symbolic representation of the difference between Clark Kent and Superman.
    • Chloe: ".... up, up, and away." This phrase was used in every episode of the 1950s syndicated series The Adventures of Superman.
    • Chloe: "It's the Daily Planet, the paper of record for kings, presidents, and prime ministers... not to mention future superheroes." In almost all versions of Superman, the Daily Planet is where Clark Kent is employed.
    • During the costume party, Clark dressed as Zorro. Chloe says, "Isn't the cape a bit much?" Clark responds, "I kind of like it. But the mask is uncomfortable." This is a reference to Superman's costume having a cape, but no mask.
  • Exposed
    • When Maggie Sawyer flashes her Metropolis police badge to the Kents, it's shaped the same as the five-sided Superman chest emblem.
    • The name on Lois' fake ID is Margot Neil. This is an allusion to two of the actress that played Lois Lane in the past, Margot Kidder and Noel Neill.
    • Lois' stripper outfit is an allusion to Superman's costume - the red & blue colors, the red stiletto boots & red underwear.
    • Clark saving Lois, who is trapped in a falling helicopter, is an allusion to Superman: The Movie. It gets caught on the hook both times as well.
  • Splinter
    • During the drive home in which Clark gets hit by the black truck, he is listening to "Superman" by Stereophonics, which has several references to Lois Lane as well as, of course, Superman.
  • Solitude
    • As General Zod is seen coming through the porthole created in the Fortress of Solitude, the image of his person trapped in a rotating glass prison is very similar to the image in Superman: The Movie and Superman II.
    • Small tidbits of the major musical theme for the original Superman movies play.
    • This episode marks the start of Lois' journey into journalism.
    • After betraying Clark, Fine admits that he himself is not Kryptonian, but he was made by them: "I was created by Kryptonians, but I'm a whole lot smarter". In the animated series, Brainiac was the central intelligence on Krypton and allowed the planet to be destroyed while he made plans to save himself.
  • Lexmas
    • During his dream sequence, Lex's son is named Alexander. In the limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths, the good Luthor of Earth-Three has a son named Alexander Luthor. He appears again as a major villain in Infinite Crisis.
    • In Lex's dream, Clark is a reporter, like the secret alias of Superman.
    • Chloe remarks that Clark "run[s] faster than a speeding bullet..."
    • Alexander Luthor asks "Uncle Clark" to "make him fly."
  • Fanatic
    • Lex's aide's name is Samantha Drake, a possible reference to Tim Drake, the third Robin and partner to future Superman ally, Batman.
  • Lockdown
    • When Clark finds the GPS transmitter in Lana's car, she remarks that he should consider joining the police force... a possible reference to the future Superman constantly aiding the police in stopping and capturing criminals.
    • When Martha is talking with Clark about the secrets with Lana she says "Maybe she is not the one you're meant to be with," and he says, "Mom, I can't imagine loving anyone else." In that moment, Lois is arriving with her car. This foreshadows the future of Lois and Clark.
  • Reckoning
    • Small tidbits of the major musical theme for the original Superman movies play.
    • When Clark proposes to Lana in the Fortress of Solitude, he forges a diamond from coal with his bare hand, as Superman did for Lana, in Superman III to replace her original ring that was stolen.
    • Lois tells Lana that she "would be lucky to end up with someone as honorable as Clark some day." This alludes to both Lois and Clark's future romance and marriage.
    • When Chloe and Clark are discussing how he came back through time, she sarcastically asks him if he reversed the spin of the Earth's axis, which he did in the 1978 Superman movie.
    • Jonathan Kent has a heart attack, as in the 1978 Superman movie. Furthermore, the heart attack occurred in the same part of the driveway as in the movie and Martha's cry "Jonathan!" was very similar to the same cry in the movie. In both films, Jonathan is wearing a white shirt with black pants.
    • When Clark and Lana confront Clark's parents about the engagement, Jonathan says "Lana, we can't imagine Clark spending the rest of his life with anyone but you." Immediately after he says this, Lois appears to make an announcement.
    • Martha tells Clark that Jonathan saw him as a man he (Jonathan) could look up to, as well as something told her he wouldn't be the only one. This alludes to when Superman flies above Metropolis, people looking up to him.
  • Vengeance
    • Andrea tells Clark that her mother worked with an organization called Acrata, which fought organized crime. In the comics, Andrea Rojas is in fact a superhero known as Acrata, with the powers of teleportation and is a skilled martial artist.
    • Andrea (The Angel of Vengeance) wears glasses in her everyday life, but removes them for her crime-fighting role, just like Clark Kent does when he changes into Superman in all appearances.
    • Andrea changes out of her costume in a phone booth like Superman does in some incarnations. She explains, "The janitor was in the bathroom."
    • Chloe asks Clark, "Do you think you could ever do what she did? Play the mild-mannered reporter by day and a crime-fighter by night?" to which Clark replies that he'd like to help people, but without hiding his face because that's who he really is. This becomes a motivation for him to not wear a mask when he fulfills his destiny.
    • There are several allusions to both Superman and Batman and why they refuse to commit murder, even in the extreme cases. The Angel of Vengeance can even be viewed as an analogue of Huntress, who is more brutal towards criminals than anyone in Batman's team.
    • At the end, when Martha is watching the videotape of Jonathan and Clark, Jonathan holds Clark's hand up and proudly proclaims "This guy is the Man of Steel", which of course is one of Superman's monikers.
    • There are several Batman allusions scattered throughout the episode, including:
      • When we are introduced to Andrea in Suicide Slum and several times thereafter, the music cue references either Danny Elfman's music cues for original Batman movie, or the subsequent "borrowing" of those cues for the various Batman animated series.
      • Andrea describes herself as being "blind as a bat" without her contacts.
      • Andrea was inspired to fight crime because of the death of her mother at the hands of a mugger.
      • Batman is driven in part by vengeance, which often puts him in conflict with Superman in the post-Crisis universe.
      • Andrea's last name is Rojas, a possible reference to Chief Rojas of The Batman cartoon.
      • When Andrea realizes that Clark is like her, she says she could use a sidekick to which Clark responds he's not a sidekick. In the comics, unlike some current heroes such as Nightwing and Red Arrow, he was never a sidekick.

    • The character of Victor Stone is Cyborg, a member of the Teen Titans.
    • Victor's bionic enhancements are both endo- and exoskeletal, but his outward appearance in Smallville is normal. However, Clark's X-ray view of his metal skull plate is similar to what Cyborg's head looks like in the comics.
  • Hypnotic
    • Clark bends an aluminum bat into the shape of an "S". Although Clark says it's for "Simone", it could be interpreted as an allusion to the "S" in Superman, being also held all the way up to his chest.
    • In the same scene, Simone calls Clark 'Lightning Lad', a reference to the Legion hero Garth Ranzz
    • In this episode, it shows that Brainiac survived by making many copies of himself, something he did constantly in the Superman and Justice League animated series.
  • Void
    • When Lex's mother Lillian is warning Lex about his evil future, Lex is seen wearing a black glove. In the comics, Lex wears a black glove after his right hand is amputated due to the fact that the long-term radiation exposure from the kryptonite ring he wears gives him cancer.
  • Fragile
  • Mercy
    • Mercy is also the name of one of Lex's aides.
    • Part of Martha Kent's speech refers to "truth, justice, and the American way", to which Clark adds, "sounds like words to live by".
    • Lionel, who knows Clark's secret, calls him a "strange visitor from another world." The same words were used to introduce Superman in the 1940s Fleisher cartoons and 1950s television series.
  • Fade
    • Lois asks Martha "Why can't I just meet a decent guy from a decent family who happens not to be a psychopath?". Martha responds, "I used to attract the dark mysterious type, too, until I met Jonathan." Lois also mentions, "What worries me is that when my Jonathan finally does come around, I'll be looking the other way...". This is all ironic, because in the comics, Lois ends up with a Kent, Clark Kent.
    • When Graham first meets Lois, he asks if she's Clark's girlfriend, to which Lois replies, "Not in this lifetime". In the comics, she is married to Clark and there was a Silver Age comic called Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane.
  • Oracle
    • Clark's birthday cake is red, yellow, as well as blue, along with the party decorations. The sign reading "Happy Birthday, Clark" is also red lettering with a yellow outline on a blue background, similar to Superman's costume emblem "S" with all the three colors.
    • Lois gives Clark a diary as a present which has his initials printed on, C.K. These two letters are frequently used by Jimmy Olsen in Lois & Clark, the New Adventures of Superman and Smallville.
  • Vessel
    • Jor-El describes the vessel as the "brain interactive construct - an advanced technology that will stop at nothing until its master, Zod, has been released." The words "Brain InterActive Construct" can be construed as a hint to Fine's true identity as Brainiac.
    • In a deleted scene, Lois is trying to buy plane tickets online and says "there's something wrong with this little Brainiac", a reference to Milton Fine and the virus he has begun to spread.
    • Clark answers a phone in a phone booth.
    • The spinning-pane-of-glass graphics used to represent the Phantom Zone are similar to those used in the movies.
    • Jor-El reveals that he imprisoned Zod in the Phantom Zone. In Superman: The Movie, after Zod's trial is over and before Jor-El leaves Zod and his cohorts to their fate, Zod claims that as his is the final vote in the council (which must be unanimous), Zod will hold him personally responsible (and by proxy, his heirs). Also in this episode, Zod (in Lex's body) claims that he is back for revenge against Jor-El's heir, Kal-El/Clark.
    • The first few second of the "Superman" theme song is played when Clark is shown trapped in the Phantom Zone when the phantom zone spins away in space.
    • The planet Earth's electricity and power going out is similar to that of a scene in Superman III and again in Superman Returns.

Season 6Edit

  • There have been four DC Comics Characters introduced in Season 6. These characters are Bizarro, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and Jimmy Olsen.
  • Zod
    • Raya mentions that Phantom Zone contains criminals from the "28 known galaxies", also mentioned in the 1978 film and Superman Returns.
    • The Phantom Zone is depicted as a desolate wasteland as it is in the movie Supergirl.
    • General Zod states to Lana, "Zod doesn't take orders, he gives them." Ursa pointed this out in Superman II.
    • The House of El symbol is identical to Superman's new chest emblem from Superman Returns.
    • Believing himself victorious, General Zod orders Clark to "Kneel before Zod." He frequently says this in Superman II.
    • The way Clark kneels before Zod, grabs his hand, as well as looks to the ground are exactly the same as Superman does in Superman II.
    • As before, Zod extending his hand to his 'defeated' enemy leads to his undoing. (In Superman II, Superman crushes his hand and in this scene, Clark hides a device in his hand, which binds Zod).
    • When Zod's "spirit" is torn out of Lex's body, he is modeled after actor Terence Stamp (as he appeared as Zod in Superman II).
    • Jimmy Olsen calls Clark "C.K." In Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Jimmy almost always referred to Clark by this nickname.
    • Like in nearly every other Superman media, Jimmy Olsen tries to impress Clark by calling himself James instead of Jimmy.
  • Sneeze
    • When Chloe asks Clark to come to the lake with her, she gives him a red kite, which he briefly holds in front of his chest, in the pentagonal shape of the Superman emblem.
    • When Chloe reads Lois' article, she remarks about several spelling errors. Lois' terrible spelling was a running gag in the Superman films.
    • Lois states that she has decided to pursue a career in journalism, which is what she does as an adult in all other media portrayals.
    • When Lionel confronts Oliver Queen, Lionel remarks that he has made quite a name for himself in Star City. Star City is Green Arrow's hometown in the comics.
  • When Chloe ask Lois to help them celebrate Clark's return to good health by going down to the lake Lois asks if she had "looked up in the sky", as there where clouds in the sky and she doesn't like swimming in the rain.
  • Wither
    • Martha Kent asks Clark if he would like to go to Lex's costume ball. He responds by saying, "Costumes really aren't my thing." Stating the fact that Clark dislikes costumes, though he is destined to wear one in the future.
    • Oliver Queen's costume at Lex's party is almost identical to the Golden Age Green Arrow costume, though he is supposed to represent Robin Hood.
A Legendary Friendship is forged.
Kal-ELAdded by Kal-EL
    • Chloe refers to Clark as the "Man of Steel".
    • When Oliver questions Clark's mission to stop the Green Arrow because of differing philosophies in what is right and wrong, it is similar to Superman's first encounter with Batman within the comics. In Man of Steel #3, Superman attempts to apprehend Batman because he doesn't agree with the way Batman handles crime outside the law. Though later they settle their differences, much in the same vein as Oliver and Clark at the end of this episode.
    • After the confrontation between Oliver and Clark, a small sample from the song "The Planet Krypton", from the Superman films, can be heard in the soundtrack.
    • Green Arrow makes use of different "trick arrows" (most notably the gas releasing arrow), very similar to his comic book counterpart.
    • Lois calls Oliver/Green Arrow a "bleeding heart liberal". He is well known as a liberal in the DC Universe.
    • Lex calls the object Zod left behind from his attack the black box: in Superman II he uses a "black box" to find the Fortress of Solitude.
    • Just before the title sequence, when Lois is looking at Green Arrow's ring, a couple of notes from Danny Elfman's Batman score can be heard. In Green Arrow's history, he has been known to "copy" Batman's M.O. (like a general theme in style of vigilantism i.e. gadgets, vehicles, sidekicks, etc.) and both men are normal people seeking justice.
  • Reunion
    • Oliver tells Clark that he considered making a "boxing glove arrow". In the comics and television show, a "boxing glove arrow" is one of his many trick arrows: in Justice League Unlimited, it is in fact the first one demonstrated.
    • Before being killed, one of Oliver's friends tells him that he should be getting back to Gotham. Gotham City is the home of the crime-fighting vigilante, Batman.
  • Fallout
    • The city shot of the area where Lana meets Dr. Groll is that of Gotham City from Batman Begins.
    • Baern calls Clark the "Last Son of Krypton", this is one of Superman's many monikers.
    • When talking about the black box, Raya calls the Brain InterActive Construct "Brainiac".
  • Rage
    • Oliver Queen becomes addicted to a syringe-injected super drug. In the comic, Green Arrow's sidekick Speedy became a heroin addict under his watch.
  • Static
    • Jimmy says that Clark likes to "fly solo". In the comics when not with the Justice League, Clark as Superman is usually shown literally flying solo.
    • Adlar performs a move called 'the Backbreaker' on a dock worker. This is more commonly associated with Batman villain Bane
    • When chasing after Aldar's killer, Clark steps on an Oreo. Oreos are J'onn J'onzz's (Martian Manhunter) favorite type of food.
  • Hydro
    • When Linda is talking to Chloe Sullivan, she describes her new office as having a view clear to Gotham. Gotham City is the home of Bruce Wayne (Batman).
    • On a similar note, one of the scenes shows a shot of Gotham City from Batman Begins.
    • The name of Tori Spelling's character is Linda Lake. Linda Lake is another of several names within Smallville with the initials "L.L."
  • Justice
    • Lex shows Lionel a photo of a person moving at superspeed and says: "Whoever is trying to find Level 33.1 can move faster than a speeding bullet." This is a reference to Clark although the person in question is actually Bart Allen. Also, when Lionel sees the photo, he thinks the person is Clark.
    • When eating food at the Kents' house, Bart is shown to eat a lot of food, claiming he burns a "lot of calories". Flash does this in the comics and TV shows.
    • Chloe tells Lois she thinks green is Oliver's color.
    • Bart's codename is Impulse, a reference to his former alias in the comics before he became the Flash. Also, Victor Stone chooses the name Cyborg, Arthur Curry chooses the name Aquaman, their superhero names in the future.
    • Clark's codename is Boy Scout, which is a reference to Superman's semi-derogatory nickname.
    • Bart says he's been thinking of the name their team should have, to which Oliver says "Justice" should be one of the words in it.
    • When talking to Chloe in Queen Tower, Oliver says, "Green Arrow to Watchtower." The Watchtower is an orbital space station that the Justice League operates from.
    • Chloe's role as a computer-using coordinator for the team resembles the comic book character Oracle.
    • When Clark and the League are walking away from the exploding facility, it is reminiscent of the opening of the Justice League animated TV show.
    • Oliver complains about Clark not being a team player to the Justice League. Clark has the same conversation in the comics with Bruce Wayne/Batman.
    • Chloe says that Artemis Global Consortium is part of JL International. JL International was one of the incarnations of the Justice League.
  • Labyrinth
    • In Clark's dream world, John Jones tells Clark that he's from Mars. John Jones is the alien superhero, Martian Manhunter.
    • When trying to take down John Jones, a security guard holds up a lighter and John backs away in fear. This is an allusion to Martian Manhunter's vulnerability to fire.
    • In a Deleted Scene, John Jone reveals his name to Clark as well as the fact that he is the last survivor of Mars.
  • Crimson
    • Chloe: (to Clark) You never know when the next love of your life is right around the corner. [As she says this, Lois enters - from just around the corner]. This foreshadows Lois and Clark's future relationship.
    • Clark and Lois go up to the Daily Planet rooftop, one of her and Superman's continuing meeting spots in the comics.
    • Lois makes the remark about Clark "able to leap tall buildings in a single bound." This is one of Superman's many catch phrases.
    • Several times in this episode, characters find the idea of Clark and Lois funny, yet in other media the two are known famously for their romantic relationship.
    • Chloe gives Jimmy a bow tie as a Valentine's Day present: she says it suits him.
    • Star says she has a sixth sense about people, as well as that she feels Clark and Lois' destinies are entwined.
    • Lois tells Clark that Lana is his past and she is his future. This is true in the comics.
    • Chloe first named the Martian Manhunter.
  • Trespass
  • Combat
    • Richtor Maddox suggests and calls Clark "The Man of Steel".
    • Lois' disguise is similar to Cathy Lee Crosby's Wonder Woman costume.
    • Titan's green clothing and protruding spikes bears (very slight) resemblance to Doomsday, the monster that kills Superman.
  • Nemesis
    • The name Reeves Dam is a reference to two former Superman actors, Christopher Reeve and George Reeves, stars of the first four Superman movies and Adventures of Superman television show, respectively.
  • Noir
    • The 1940s Clark Kent leads a double life as a reporter by day and a crime-fighter by night, alluding to Clark Kent as Superman. Clark also wears a glasses as a reporter and works at the Daily Planet.
    • In Jimmy's dream we see the classic Lex Luthor's infatuation with Lois Lane for the first time in this series. In the comics and TV series Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of Superman, Lex Luthor was madly in Love with Lois Lane .
  • Prototype
    • The name of the farmer Clark mentions is Ben Hubbard. He is the man who took over the Kent farm and cared for Martha in Superman: The Movie and Superman Returns.
    • Lois mentions how Lex is going to pay when she exposes him. In the comics Lois got her job at the daily planet when she went undercover in LexCorp and found some incriminating evidence on Lex's dirty secret.
  • Phantom
    • The Martian Manhunter wears a blue coat. His current costume in the comics is blue.
    • The final phantom is Bizarro. Bizarro is Superman's evil imperfect clone from the comics. In the last few seconds of this episode, he appears in his gray skinned form from the comics. In the comics, one version Bizarro was a laboratory-created evil Superman clone where another was an alternate reality Superman from a Bizarro World.
    • While green kryptonite is poisonous to Clark Kent, it strengthens Bizarro. In Silver Age comics, the villain Ultraman, another reversed counterpart of Superman, is energized by Kryptonite. Bizarro is also described as the creation of an experiment on Krypton, a background shared by Doomsday, another bone-skinned comics enemy of Superman.
    • Bizarro tells Clark that he is him, only a little more bizarre, which is a reference to his name Bizarro.

Season 7Edit

  • There have been three DC Comics characters introduced in Season 7. These characters are Black Canary, Supergirl and Zor-El. In addition, Lara-El is seen for the first time in person and Curtis Knox may be the DC Comics character Vandal Savage.
  • Bizarro
    • Season 7 introduced Smallville's version of Bizarro. Just as in the comics, Bizarro wears a different set of clothing than Clark Kent. He wears a dark navy blue jacket and a maroon shirt as an opposite to Clark's bright red jacket and blue shirt. In addition, his voice is deeper.
    • Just like in the comics, Bizarro has some different powers than Clark Kent. His heat vision looks more like orange lightning than heat vision, suggesting it is hot enough to turn the air it passes through into ionized plasma. Bizarro gets weak in yellow sunlight while Clark gets stronger. But gets stronger with kryptonite while Clark gets weaker.
    • The scene were Lex is underwater and sees Kara for the first time resembles a scene in Supergirl: the Movie. In both versions, she lands on Earth in the water and flies out of the water into the air. This may also reference the "earth-born angel" phase of the post-Crisis Supergirl.
    • Chloe refers to Clark's copy as "Bizarro" for the first time.
    • Kara takes off and flies toward the camera similar to the way Christopher Reeve flew toward the camera at the end of the four Superman films.
    • A similar music to "Superman theme song" is played when Clark is fighting against Bizarro.
    • Bizarro: (to Lois about her) "Man, how can a guy [Clark] miss what's been right in front of him all this time?" Alluding to both Clark and Lois' future reference of ending up together.
  • Kara
    • This episode has a second mention of Ben Hubbard, the first was in Prototype.
    • Chloe mentions that she should have known that Kara Kent is Clark's cousin by the primary colors. Almost every version of Supergirl's costume is a feminine version of Superman's blue, yellow and red costume.
    • Chloe names Kara "Supergirl".
    • In this episode, Lois gets a job at the Daily Planet, like her iconic comics character.
  • Cure
    • Dr. Curtis Knox is played by Dean Cain, who played Superman in the television show Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.
    • Curtis Knox's initials are "C.K.", which are the same as Clark Kent's. As a reference to this, his character's initials, C.K., are sewn into his handkerchief. On both shows, Jimmy often calls Clark "C.K.". Clark tells him "we're more alike than you think", referencing their mutual immortality, but fans can humorously see this as both actors playing Clark Kent/Superman.
    • Dr. Knox might be Smallville's version of Vandal Savage. Both are immortals who have been around for centuries. Both harvest metahuman organs for life extension and claim to have been Jack the Ripper. Also, when Lex shows Clark the photos of Knox on his phone, one of the pictures shows Knox next to Adolf Hitler. In the comics, Vandal Savage was an ally of Hitler.
    • Kara calls John Jones "this Martian Manhunter".
  • Action
    • Clark gets his final red cape from Rachel Davenport, the actress that he saves.
    • Clark asks Lex about a quote from a "Warrior Angel" bulletin board: "Our hero lives in solitude", a possible reference to Clark and the Fortress of Solitude.
    • The comic that belongs to Ben Meyers resembles the cover of Action Comics #1, the 1938 serial that introduced Superman to the world.
    • Rachel says that she signed on to the Warrior Angel movie for "publicity and a paycheck." It is well known that Gene Hackman and Marlon Brando signed onto Superman: The Movie to play Lex Luthor and Jor-El, respectively, for the same reason.
    • Ben tried to kill Rachel a number of times in the episode. This is similar to the storyline of the Superman: the Animated Series episode "Target", in which Luminous attempted to kill Lois Lane.
    • The false name on Lois' LuthorCorp name-tag, Sadie Blodgett, is a false name used by Lois Lane in the comics series Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane. [1]
    • Meyers' motivations are the same as those of a Flash villain called Zoom, who believes causing personal tragedy can motivate heroes to be better.
    • Lex's comment to Clark that "in the comic book world, when you're destined to save mankind, you're destined to be alone" is remarkable similar to incidences from Hourglass. Clark saw Cassandra's vision of him being alone, having outlived his friends and family.
    • Devilicus and Warrior Angel are obviously designed to mirror Lex and Clark.
    • Wonder Woman's logo can be seen on different items used on the set of Warrior Angel, like the loud speaker and the hat of the production assistant. It must be used as Warrior Angel's logo.
  • Lara
    • In the lab, when testing Kara Kent's crystal, Agent Carter is told that it contains "seven percent unknown material." This is an allusion to Superman III, in which Gus Gorman analyzes a kryptonite sample in order to determine how to synthesize it. The computer shows that there is 0.57 percent "unknown material." The scene in the movie is very similar to the one shown in the episode.
    • Helen Slater's appearance as Lara-El is an allusion to the film Supergirl, which she starred in.
    • At the start of the episode, Kara mentioned that it takes 3 years to travel from Krypton to Earth, which is reference to what Lex Luthor said in Superman: The Movie, that Krypton exploded in 1948 and Kal-El landed three years later.
  • Blue
    • Clark's description of his mother "calling out" to him is similar to the his being drawn to a crystal hidden in his barn in Superman: The Movie.
    • Grant Gabriel alludes to Lois Lane's poor spelling. In the Superman films, Lois Lane's spelling was notoriously bad, often being corrected by Jimmy Olsen.
    • In the comics, blue kryptonite strengthens Clark's powers (and weakens Bizarro's), while Gold Kryptonite takes away Clark's powers (in the Silver Age permanently, but in the current comics for 15 seconds only), but in Smallville, it takes away Clark's power and supercharges Bizarro, destroying him.
  • Gemini
    • In comic continuity and the TV series Lois and Clark, Lex Luthor brought The Daily Planet as a means to control the media .
    • Lois Lane's line that her future boyfriend and her will not work together is a reference to the fact that she and Clark will wind up together as well as, ironically, will work together at the Daily Planet.
  • Persona
    • Brainiac asks Bizarro about Clark by saying, "Where is the boy scout?" Later, Bizarro tells Brainiac that "the boy scout's back".
  • Siren
    • Dinah Lance is Smallville's version of comics character Black Canary. She wears Black Canary's trademark fishnet tights. On Smallville, the Black Canary has blonde hair, but wears a dark wig as Dinah, which is the opposite of the comic version. In the comics, Black Canary and Green Arrow recently got married after a long courtship.
    • Oliver jokes that Lois will able to accept his secret identity when the "earth cracks open and time spins backwards," a reference to the climactic earthquake scene in Superman: The Movie
  • Fracture
    • Amnesiac Kara goes by the name "Linda," which might be a nod to "Linda Lee Danvers," one of Supergirl's personae.
  • Hero
    • Pete's powers are very similar to DC Comics superhero called Plastic Man and Ralph Dibny (Elongated Man).
    • Kara's bracelet has the sign of the House of El (the Superman insignia) engraved on it.
    • The logo of the Stride gum is really close to resembling the Superman 'S' logo.
  • Veritas
    • Lionel refers to Lois and Jimmy as the "Dynamic Duo", a nickname for Batman and Robin. On the show Batman the Animated Series, John Glover voiced the Riddler. He also had a brief cameo in Batman and Robin (1997)
    • In the flashback, Lex can be seen playing with a Warrior Angel action figure, which is a recurring figure designed to mirror the Superman persona in the comics.
  • Descent
    • In this episode Lex Luthor kills his father. In John byrne re-telling of Superman's origins in the comics. Lex Luthor kills his parents so he can collect the insurance money to start his company LexCorp.
  • Sleeper
    • Lex sees a passport left by his father. On the bottom, it says, "Travel Far Son - Dad". This a direct quote from Marlon Brando in Superman: The Movie: Jor-El says to his son, "You will travel far, my little Kal-El, but we will never leave you, even in the face of our deaths."
    • The idea of Brainiac wanting to kill Clark before he becomes Superman alludes the plot in the Superman: The Animated Series episode "New Kids in Town".
Prey clark
Clark undercover as a "mild-mannered reporter".
MarikologyAdded by Marikology
  • Apocalypse
    • The footage of the destruction of Krypton was from Superman: The Movie
    • The first time Jimmy Olsen is seen in the alternate reality shows his view-finder searching the office of the Daily Planet. This is a reference to Superman: The Movie, in which Jimmy's viewfinder was used to scope out the office on Clark's first day in Metropolis.
    • Jimmy's outfit strongly resembles the Jimmy Olsen from Superman Returns.
    • In this episode, Lois mentions that she was won a Pulitzer Prize. In Superman Returns, she did win for the article "Why the World Doesn't Need Superman."
    • This is the first time that Lois Lane called Lex Luthor by his last name. In the comics, Lex was called by his last name, "Luthor". Lex is portrayed as the President of the United States, which he has achieved in the comics.
  • Arctic
    • Lex referred to Clark as a "mild manner farmer who is secretly a strange visitor from another planet."
    • In a deleted scene, Lex visits the Fortress of Solitude to learn about Clark. In Superman II Lex visits the Fortress of Solitude to learn about Superman.

Season 8Edit

  • Odyssey
    • Arthur Curry refers to Clark as "Boy Scout" - a common nickname for Superman
    • Oliver Queen's alias Roy Connor is a name made from the first name of two of his sidekicks: the original Speedy (Roy Harper Jr.) and the second Green Arrow (Connor Hawke). Roy Harper is Green Arrow's adopted son and Connor Hawke is his biological son.
      197373-42424-speedy thumb-1-
      Roy Harper
      TG90Added by TG90
    • Tess says that Lex "stands for truth and justice." This is ironic because Superman is usually described as standing for "truth and justice" (or, the modified 1970s version, "truth, justice and the American way").
    • Martian Manhunter flies Clark into the heart of the sun to restore his natural Kryptonian abilities. In the comics at the conclusion of The Final Night Clark temporarily lost his powers but thanks to the New Gods and Mr. Miracle who transported Superman (Via Boom Tube) into the heart of the sun his powers were restored .
    • Martian Manhunter threw Clark's red jacket and he put is over his blue t-shirt, which resembles Clark putting a red cape over his skin-tight blue and red costume. Music kin to that from the original Superman theme can be heard as he puts on the red jacket.
    • Tess Mercer's name is inspired by Miss Teschmacher and Mercy Graves, both loyal assistants of Lex from the movies and Superman, The Animated Series, but the character is an original creation of the producers.
    • In the nighttime meeting of part of the Justice League, Oliver Queen says, "'We'? Gotta be careful, Clark. Pretty soon you'll be sporting a homemade costume and leading a double-identity just like the rest of us." Dinah Lance adds, "You might want to try something a little more form fitting." Both Ollie's and Dinah's comments reference Clark's future double-life and skin-tight blue and red costume and cape.
    • After Ollie and Dinah's comments about Clark's future costume, music akin to that from the original Superman theme can be heard.
    • At the end of the episode, we see that Clark will be starting a job at the Daily Planet, as well as that he'll be sitting near Lois Lane, as he gets closer to becoming Superman.
  • Plastique
    • Clark changes his clothes inside a phone booth. In the comics and movies, Clark would do the same thing.
    • In the comics, Plastique first appeared in 1982, while attempting to blow up the Herald-Express, a New York newspaper. She becomes a member of the Justice League offshoot team "Extreme Justice" before reverting to her life of crime some years later.
    • In the beginning of the episode, when Clark goes to Daily Planet, Lois reacts on how Clark is dressed and tells him to change. This might be a reference to "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman", when Clark for the first time works at the Daily Planet. Also, later it explodes and Clark saves a lot of people from a bus full of smoke, this might also be a reference to the same episode in Lois and Clark. In Lois and Clark, Clark saves a man from a smoking sewer entrance (thus getting the clothes dirty and Lois reacts on that).
  • Toxic
    • Tess' license plate reads NO MERCY.
    • Lois wears clothes similar to what she wore in the recent Geoff John Superman Brainiac arc.
    • Oliver refers to Tess as "Mercy" in the episode Toxic is his delirium. This is a note to Mercy Graves, the villain who Tess is based on.
      Mercy Graves
      TG90Added by TG90
    • Lois refers to Oliver as "an icon: the man of tomorrow," and herself as "Lois Lane, the girl who writes about him," a reference to her role in the comics and films as Superman's primary love interest/reporter.
  • Instinct
    • In the comics, Maxima first appeared in Action Comics #645. Created by Roger Stern and George Pérez, Maxima is a princess of the royal family of Almerac. She came to Earth to look for a suitable mate and fixated initially on Superman. She battled Doomsday during his first rampage and later died stopping Brainiac from destroying the universe. A somewhat different interpretation of the character appeared in Superman: The Animated Series in the episode "Warrior Queen," where she was voiced by Sharon Lawrence. She is typically represented as having psionic abilities which she can use to enhance her strength and resistance to levels rivaling Superman.
    • Clark questions who is his soulmate is, little does he realize yet that his soulmate is in fact Lois Lane.
    • At one point, Maxima says, "I've found The Last Son Of Krypton". This is another of Superman's nicknames.
  • Committed
    • Lois refers to Clark as a mild-mannered copyboy. In the comics, Clark Kent is described as a mild-mannered reporter.
    • Lois is seen wearing Clark's football jersey from high school which has the number 8 on it . This is a nice nod to all the other incarnation of Lois Lane being wrapped in Superman's cape .
    • Lois & Clark pretend to be a Newlyweds couple to catch a criminal. In the future they'll actually be a super married couple.
    • Near the end of the episode, Clark claims that the elevator is "statistically the safer way to travel". In both the comics and films, Superman claims that flying is "statistically the safer way to travel".
  • Prey
    • The character Randy and his ability to transform into a shadow bears a resemblance to the DC villain Shadow Thief, who can transform into an intangible shadow but physically attack others at will.
    • Martian Manhunter took the identity of Police Detective John Jones which is an identity he took in some forms of the comic as well as some TV shows.
    • John Jones refer to Oliver Queen's team of pro-active heroes as Clark's "super friends" which is a reference to the famous 1973 to 1986 American animated television series about a team of superheroes, was based on the Justice League of America and associated comic book characters published by DC Comics including Superman.
  • Identity
    • The existence of the Red Blue Blur is revealed when he caught in the act of saves Lois Lane's life as a blur in Jimmy's photo, much like in the mythology, Superman's public debut always consisted of him saving Lois's life from some kind of danger.
    • Lois says to Clark when he asks her why she didn't tell him about her story Lois answer is "If I told you my secret it would put you in harms way". Which is why Clark did not reveal his secret until he asked her to marry him.
    • Clark is rarely seen wearing anything but red or blue. This episode establishes that Clark's outfits are not just a nod to Superman's colors: they are the reason that any future outfit for the Good Samaritan will likely involve red and blue.
    • Lois mentions that she went to see a fortune teller who told her she was destined to fall for a guy who "flies a lot and likes to wear tights." This is most likely an allusion to Clark Kent's future identity of Superman.
    • Ron Troupe and Emil Hamilton are mentioned in a newspaper article. They are both important parts of the Superman mythos.
    • When Oliver goes to rescue Jimmy from a thug his Good Samaritan disguise resembles Batman's and Clark's future uniform as Superman. While in the costume he had a blue leather hoodie, a pair of blue jeans, a red cape and a yellow belt with an oval on it. Red, blue and yellow are Superman's colors. Also, the yellow belt and red cape are probably the ones Clark will eventually wear. Someone in the crowd also says "look, up in the sky!"
    • Lois calls Clark Kent/The Good Samaritan/ Red-Blue Blur "The Red Blue Superdude" which is a reference to the future name she gave him "Superman".
    • At the end of the episode Lois makes it clear to Clark that she determined to get the Exclusive Interview with Metropolis Superhero and that Clark will help her. This is a great nod to Lois Lane because she will get the exclusive interview with Superman.
  • Bloodline
    • Kara leaves Smallville because of rumors that the Kryptonian city of Kandor still exists. In the comics, Kandor was shrunk and kept in a bottle by Brainiac.
    • Kara leaves wearing the House of El symbol which looks similar to the Superman Returns "S". This is seen as a reference to Supergirl's future costume.
    • Faora (full name Faora Hu-Ul) was introduced in Action Comics #471. She was a beautiful Kryptonian woman whose unexplained hatred for men led her to torture and kill 23 men at a secret concentration camp in her home. For this, she was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone to complete a sentence of 300 Kryptonian years, the second longest term after Jax-Ur. In the comics, General Zod married his companion Ursa and they had a child who was adopted by Superman and Lois Lane, who named their son Chris Kent. However, Ursa (who was created for the Richard Donner films) was based on Faora.
  • Legion
    • Brainiac's new objective of infinite knowledge is similar to his main objective in Superman: The Animated Series and also the Justice League animated series and the Brainiac arc written by Geoff Johns. Additionally, there is a similar episode in the animated series, where three Legionaires come from the future to help a young Clark defeat Brainiac.
    • Garth asks Clark earlier, "Hey Kal, wears your cape?"
    • Garth says to Clark, "No glasses, no tights, no flights? He is nothing like the Man of Steel I've read about." This is a reference to the show's rule of not having Clark fly or wear his trademark blue tights and the fact that Clark has yet to wear glasses on a regular basis. He also comes close to calling Clark "Superman" before he is cut off.
    • The Legion has heard of all of Clark's friends, except for Chloe. This is possibly a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that Chloe is an original character created for the show and is not seen in any other Superman media.
    • Cosmic Boy mentions reprogramming the destroyed Brainiac into "something useful" and Saturn Girl hopes that Brainiac 5 will be "a little more friendly". This references the character Brainiac 5, a descendant of Brainiac from The Legion of Superheroes.
    • The three-sphere symbol appearing on the computer monitors when Brainiac is attempting to steal the Earth's combined knowledge represents Brainiac in a number of media, where he appears with the same symbol on his forehead. This is the first time the symbol has appeared on Smallville.
    • The Persuader begin part of a human supremacist movement references Justice League of Earth led by Earth-Man, in the recent Geoff Johns Superman and the Legion of Superheroes storyline who has twisted the legacy of Superman to promote their xenophobic agenda.
    • The Clark's first baseball comment (his dad spent the day looking the ball) from Geoff Johns Superman storyline Brainiac.
    • "You're acting like a sub," references the Legion of Substitute Heroes.
    • Lightning Lad makes a comment about how the baseball is for his sister. Ayla Ranzz is his twin sister, also known as Lightning Lass, Light Lass, as well as Spark.
  • Bulletproof
    • The Prometheus Suit Mark One appears to be based on Lex Luthor's green battle suit from the comics.
    • Dan Turpin, first appears in the episode. He is nicknamed is Terrible, just like in the comics.
    • The scene were Clark stops the mugger from shooting Turpin in the back by catching the bullet, resembles a scene from Superman: The Movie where Clark saves Lois from a mugger in an alleyway.
  • Requiem
    • Oliver is seen holding a kryptonite ring. In the comics, Lex have a kryptonite ring and as a result, he loses his hand due to kryptonite poisoning. Also Batman has kryptonite to take down Superman in case he's turns evil.
    • Winslow Schott is Smallville's version of comics villain "The Toyman."
    • This is the first appearance of the inside of LuthorCorp in Season 8, where Lex and Lionel are both seen in photographs.
    • Clark is the only one who called Winslow Schott, "Toyman".
    • Ray Galletti was first credited in the part of Steve Lombard, a character from the comics who is a Daily Planet reporter but his role was cut out and he played a LuthorCorp board member instead.
    • In the episode, Schott is referred to as "Toyboy," a pseudonym used for comic's translation of the Toyman from Superman: The Animated Series. Clark refers to Schott as "Toyman" but the rest of time he is referred to as the "Toymaker".
    • When Clark and Lana go to Winslow's apartment on his wall is a poster of the Toyman and how he originally looked in the comics.
  • Infamous
    • Lois doing Clark's interview about his origins and heritage is a direct reference to the interview from Superman: The Movie.
    • Clark has a curl in his hair while revealing his secret to Lois in the paper room. This foreshadows his future identity as Superman.
    • Lois is promoted after the story she wrote on Clark's alien heritage and his time as the Red-Blue Blur. This is a foreshadowing of her future when she'll be World famous after she gets her exclusive interview with Superman.
    • Lois & Clark's relationship continues to grow deeper into the legendary relationship of the Superman mythology.
    • Clark going back in time because he made a bad decision is similar to what Superman does in Superman: The Movie.
  • Turbulence
    • Clark changes from his Daily Planet business suit to his Red-Blue Blur suit in a phone booth. This is a reference to the many times Superman does this in the comics and movies.
    • When demonstrating his ability to change clothes in super-speed, Clark has his blue T-shirt underneath his business clothes, referencing Clark wearing his blue Superman suit underneath his business clothes in the comics.
  • Hex
    • While Clark is under Zatanna's spell Clark acts like his future counterpart, "The Mild Mannered Reporter" persona.
    • This features Smallville's version of the DC Comics character Zatanna. She is heard using her signature backwards-talking to cast her spells, most notably when she says, "close the door" as "rood eht esolc".
    • At one point in the episode Clark's hair shows a curl just like the iconic Superman look he will use in the future.
    • At the beginning Clark and Bart Allen are mentioned being in Keystone City, which is usually the Flash's home town in the comics.
    • Clark makes a comment that foreshadows his future life as both a reporter @ the Planet and a superhero to the world ."Lois, I don't make the news. I just report it."
    • When trying to stop Zatanna from resurrecting her father, Clark leaps a tall building in a single bound.
  • Eternal
    • Tess says "It's like keeping bats around to wipe out the parasites that prey on the city." is a homage to Bruce Wayne's alter-ego Batman. After the death of his beloved parents Bruce made a solemn vow that he would devote himself and the rest of his life to combating crime of all kinds in Gotham City. He does this as The Dark Knight known as Batman .
    • Davis' immortality as Doomsday is true to the comics as Doomsday in the comics could regenerate every time he is killed and adapts so that he could not be killed the same way. The only way Doomsday could die is to completely obliterate every part of him.
  • Stiletto
    • To get an exclusive interview with The Red-Blue Blur for the Daily Planet Lois decides to create a superhero identity for herself as Stiletto. This is a very common attribute to the character of Lois Lane. In the Superman mythology Lois would go to any length to land the story of the century with Superman.
    • Lois' Stiletto costume is a mixture of Catwoman & The Huntress (both are Batman characters).
    • The character mob boss Bruno Mannheim is introduced. In the comics he's the leader of The Metropolis criminal organization known as Intergang.
    • Lois: "I was going to sew an S on to the chest. Does that sound tacky?" This a reference to Superman having an "S" emblem on his chest of his costume & Cape.
    • The Red-Blue Blur calls Lois "Ms. Lane", refers to what Superman calls her most of the time before the marriage in the comics.
    • Lois phone interview with The Red-Blue Blur foreshadows her Exclusive interview with Superman.
    • Lois as Stiletto tells Clark "I gotta get back to my cave," a possible nod to Batman's secret Bat Cave hideout.
    • Lois jumping through a glass roof is similar to Batman's signature way of entering a hideout.
    • Chloe makes a reference to Batman's Bat-Signal "I seriously doubt we're going to be able to call her out by putting a spiked heel over a kleig light."
    • Clark as the Red-Blue Blur suggests for Lois to give him a new name. This is a reference to Superman: the Movie, where after Lois's first meeting with Superman, Lois called him Superman.
    • When Bruno and Ricky are looking at the files of the Justice League members, Bart Allen is referred to as Flash instead of Impulse.
    • The new Intergang spent much of their time tracking down Jimmy Olsen whom Moxie believed knew Superman's secret identity. There is some similarity when Bruno and his thug was beating up Jimmy and hunting down Chloe to find Stiletto's secret identity.
    • Lois asks, "Can you read my mind?" This is a reference to the Superman: The Movie song "Can You Read My Mind" (and also to the famous "flying scene" in the same movie).
    • The Red-Blue Blur says that maybe Lois can come up with a better name for him. In the Superman mythology it is Lois who names Superman.
  • Beast
    • When Clark is seen in Chloe's nightmare he has the Superman symbol painted on his chest in blood, similar to the "S" on his chest in Pilot.
    • Clark tries to stop doomsday without killing him and send him to the Phantom Zone. This is similar to the Justice League Unlimited episode "The Doomsday Sanction", Superman and the Justice League send the nearly unstoppable Doomsday into the Phantom Zone after his capture. This usage of the Phantom Zone, effectively sentencing Doomsday to life imprisonment without trial, presented massive arguments about the Justice League's right to make such judgments. Batman was especially troubled by this move.
    • Oliver said that Davis got himself out of the grave that Oliver made which is a reference to his comic book counterpart and Superman: Doomsday animated movie, who escaped from a buried Calatonian vessel before he battled and killed Superman.
  • Injustice
    • This is the first appearance of Livewire, Neutron, as well as Parasite, which are all based on the comics. This is also the first appearance of the Injustice League/Injustice Gang of the comics.
    • Emil leaves a powerless Clark a Lamborghini to get to Smallville with. This could be a possible nod to the car Bruce Wayne drives in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.
    • Oliver had a kryptonite ring in Smallville and used it against Rudy Jones/Parasite who gained Clark's powers. This is similar to Batman in the comics holding kryptonite as a last resort in case Superman goes rogue.
  • Doomsday
    • Doomsday and Davis Bloome being separated by black kryptonite aligns with the comic version of Doomsday in which he has no Earthly camouflage and is simply a mindless monster.
    • Doomsday being trapped a mile deep underground is a reference to his comic book counterpart, who escaped from a buried Calatonian vessel before he battled and killed Superman.
    • In Superman: Doomsday, the character's animated counterpart was buried in his ship underground before LexCorp found it and he escaped before battling Superman.
    • He isn't given a name, but this episode gives evidence that his younger brother might be the Jimmy Olsen that becomes "Superman's Pal."
    • The Jimmy vs. Davis fight is reminiscent to the Superman vs. Doomsday fight of the comics. Like in the comics, both combatants kill each other. Also, Jimmy and Superman both died in the arms of their lover, in Jimmy's case, Chloe.
    • Clark tells Chloe "I don't have a home", which he said many times as a teenager and an adult.
    • Kal-El tells Chloe, "Clark Kent is dead", a reference to the comic and movie, where Doomsday really does kill Clark.
    • When Clark admits his secret to Jimmy, Jimmy says, 'You're some sort of Super... guy!", a nod towards his future Superman name.

Season 9Edit

  • Metallo
    • Thanks to Lex Luthor's Luthorcorp technology John Corben is transformed into Metallo. In the comics It's LexCorp Tech that Emmett Vale uses to create Metallo.
    • John Corben origin is similar to the silver age Metallo
    • Lois draws an \S/ showing her fixation, she's developed for The Blur. In the very beginning in the comics before Lois and Clark were a romantic couple and she knew about Clark's duel Identity. Lois was totally fixated on Superman and would draw the \S/ from time to time.
    • Clark as The Blur is standing on the rooftop of the Daily Planet looking over the city of Metropolis. Superman does this in the comics.
    • When Clark returns Lois hugs him and says that she was beginning to think that his family (who she thinks he has been visiting) lives on some distant planet. Which technically they do (Krypton).
  • Rabid
    • Oliver makes various allusions in a conversation to Clark, saying famous lines such as "leaping tall buildings and running faster than a speeding bullet" and asking "What does the 'S' stand for? Superstar?"
    • Romantic sparks begins to fly between Lois and Clark.
    • Clark said the House of El Crest gives people hope. Even since Superman's Birthright, the \S/ is the Kryptonian symbol of hope and people fighting for a better tomorrow.
      Superman # 75
    • In Lois's vision of the future there is a scene that shows The House of El symbol draped on a stick. The scene is a reenactment of the famous comic book cover art of Superman # 75 - The Death of Superman.
  • Echo
    • Toyman created a robotic duplicate of himself with a bomb inside of it. This is a common trick that Toyman would sometimes use to trick The Man Of Steel or avoid capture by the police in the comics.
    • Stryker's aka Stryker's Island Penitentiary is mentioned for the first time in the series. Stryker's is the name of Metropolis' largest prison facility that will be the home of many Superman's rogue gallery of villains .
  • Roulette
    • Roulette future super villainous of the Justice Society and the Justice League
    • The last scene between Clark and Oliver watching over Metropolis is very similar to countless Superman and Batman moments with the two of them watching over Metropolis .
    • The Anti-Life Equation is mentioned in this episode. This is a reference to Superman's enemy Darkseid.
  • Crossfire
    • Two DC comics introduced in this episode: Mia Dearden and Catherine Grant.
    • Clark deflecting bullets off his body was reminiscent of the scene in Superman Returns.
    • Catherine Grant at first wasn't similar to the comics at first being an Intelligence woman who was in the Peace corps, she had two PhD and rarely had time to date. But she ended up being a TV host like in the comics.
    • Clark and Lois trying to get jobs at a TV station is similar to what happened in the Bronze Age comics where the Daily Planet was bought out by WGBS and Morgan Edge.
    • The RAO Corporation company which Zod is the leader of is a nod to RAO the sun god of Krypton.
    • Lois and Clark have their first passionate kiss in the bullpen of the Daily Planet. This is a very common location spot for the iconic couple in the comics and all forms of media.
    • The concept of Kryptonians integrated themselves into society awaiting further orders from Zod is the current sub-plot in the Superman: New Krypton story arc in the comics.
  • Kandor
    • The relationship between Jor-El and Zod parallels Clark and Lex's relationship, both started out as best friends but inevitably became nemesis.
    • Chloe makes a reference to the comic version of Lois and Clark's relationship which began in the 1930s.
    • Jor-El's meeting before the high Council on Krypton with Zod mirrors event of Superman: The Movie.
    • We see Major Zod and his army fighting the Great war against the forces of Black Zero.
    • The death of Jor-El dying in Clark's arms is reminiscent of the death of Jonathan Kent.
    • Clark uses his heat vision on the tombstone of Jor-El to inscribe House of El family crest as a tribute. Is reminiscent of the scene in the comics where Superman does this same act on the tombstone of Kal-El.
  • Idol
    • The opening of the episode shows Lois and Clark in a romantic embrace looking out at a red sun. This scene is reminiscent of the scene in the Superman comics story arc Superman: For Tomorrow.
    • This episode introduces the classic teen duo from the Super Friends era The Wonder Twins which is their first live action appearance ever.
    • Lois begins to put the pieces together about Clark's secret and believes that Clark and The Blur are one and the same. However Chloe tricks her when she talks to the blur and Clark is standing right in front of her. This was a common trick Clark would use to fool Lois from discovering his Identity in the comics before he'd reveal his secret willingly to Lois.
    • Zan and Janya both carried cell phones that had an image of Gleek, their comic book companion, on the back and their ringtones had the sound of Gleek laughing.
    • To activate their powers, Zan and Jayna touch and say, "Powers, activate!" In the comics, the Wonder Twins says "Wonder Twin powers, activate!".
    • There's a references made to a famous superman fansite called Superman Homepage as "The Blur Homepage".
    • The traditional Superman logo merchandise \S/ is introduce in this episode on (Cups, t-shirt, key chains, etc...)
    • Clark dons on the iconic back-rimmed glasses as a secret identity. He also wore glasses in Whisper, Noir and Apocalypse.
    • This episode features heavy references to The Dark Knight film (The District Attorney, demands that the Blur reveal his secret Identity to the public), (The D.A. turns out to be a crooked District Attorney).
    • When Lois tells Clark they should get to know each other better, Clark mentions that Lois tells Clark what color her underwear is every day. This is a reference to Superman: The Movie, when Lois asks Superman, "What color underwear am I wearing?"
    • Lois hangs off the side of the building, just like she did in the 1978 picture.
    • The Blur's ring-tone on Lois' phone, "Holding Out For A Hero" includes the line "It's gonna take a superman to sweep me off my feet".
    • There's a reference made to the Hall Of Justice, the headquarters of the Super Friends.
    • The concept of Lois feeling romantic feelings for The Blur but choosing Clark Kent is similar to their comics relationship she had an attraction to Superman but believed it to be a crush and started a relationship with Clark Kent.
  • Pandora
    • Clark admits to Lois that with her he feels stronger. This is a very common opinion Superman has of Lois in practically every incarnation.
    • Lois and Clark decide to be come a couple
    • There were quite a bit of references to The Death Of Superman in this episode, such as the image of The Blur's shirt hanging from a pole (which is a reference to the cover of Superman #75, were he died) or Metropolis being very damaged/trashed or Clark dying in Lois's arms (Just like in the Death of Superman)
    • We see how a future without Lois Lane has effected Clark dramatically. This has happened a few times in the comics and in animation, in particular Superman: The Animated Series episode "Brave New Metropolis".
    • Zod stabs Clark with a kryptonite blade much like Lex Luthor did in the film Superman Returns
    • "Kneel before Kal-El" was on the cover of a 2009 comic book cover in the World of New Krypton.
    • In the future General Zod address Clark as "The Son Of Jor-El" before he super kicks him. In Superman II, General Zod refers to Superman as "The Son Of Jor-El".

  • Disciple
    • Lois and Clark go on their first official date as a couple.
    • "You know Lois, we could go back to the farm and take a walk. I could give you Clark Kent's tour of the galaxy." As Superman, that is just what he does with his wife Lois Lane .
    • "Earth is not another Krypton … and trying to make it one is a dangerous plan". - Clark to Zod. This is a common agenda of Zod that he's been trying to achieve countless times in the comics. To remake planet earth into the New Krypton.
    • "You can't hurt me but you will hurt those I care about". - Clark to Zod . This is a common form of attack that every Villain uses against Heroes.
    • The Dark Archer has some similarities to a similar Green Arrow villain in the comics known as Merlyn
  • Absolute Justice
    • The Justice Society of America make their debut and bring Clark one step closer toward fully embracing his role as Superman.
    • The character of Amanda Waller is introduced .
    • Chloe says "This is a job for Clark Kent" which is a reference to the line "This is a job for Superman"
    • Chloe's call the JSA as the "Golden age of robbery and embezzlement" Superman's debut started off the Golden Age of Comics an era where the JSA was introduced.
    • Oliver says "Have you contacted anyone of the Superfriends yet?" Superfriends was the name of the 1970s and 80's Justice League cartoon Superman was a part of.
    • Doctor Fate reveals the destiny of Lois, Clark, as well as the return of Lex Luthor.
    • When Doctor Fate reads Clark's destiny, a brief shot of the classic Superman cape is seen.
    • Hawkman inspires Clark to pursue his ultimate destiny further. He alludes to Clark's future and that he will fly higher than anyone else, which is a reference to his future ability of flight.
    • Icicle is introduced in this film along with his father, the original Icicle. In the comics, they both hold the same roles they do in Smallville.
    • John Jones returns in this episode wearing a purple jacket with a green button up shirt and red gun holsters that make a red X on his chest alluding to the comic book versions costume. His true Martian form is briefly seen when Dr. Fate sends him to Mars and back to Earth in a second.
    • Checkmate is introduced in this film. In the comics, Checkmate is also a government covert organization.
    • The Suicide Squad is mentioned at the end of the film by Amanda Waller. The Suicide Squad is a team of villains from the comics.
    • Amanda Waller mentions "Apokolips". Writer Geoff Johns announced on his Twitter account that the mentioning was a direct hint of Darkseid coming to the show.
    • On a Hourglass in Carter Hall's JSA Museum, text is written saying "The Golden Age". This is a reference to DC Comics Golden Age of Comics.
    • Later on Doctor Fate tells Clark that "He will lead the Silver Age of Heroes." This is a reference to DC Comics Silver Age of Comics. The Silver age came after the Golden.
    • When Clark mentions to Lois that they could be like Woodward and Bernstein as partners "Clark and Lois" she corrects him "Lois and Clark". This is a reference to their team title as reporters in the mythology, comics and the show Lois and Clark: The New adventures of Superman.
    • Carter informs Clark that he has contacted the rest of his surviving friends and invited them and their own protégées to continue the JSA to help with this generation's band of rising heroes who can learn from each other.
    • Sylvester Pemberton's appearance borrowed heavily from the Jack Knight Starman including the use of the Cosmic Rod, there seems to be no inclusion of Starman in the Justice Society portrait.
    • This is the first episode in which Martian Manhunter displayed Martian intangibility.
    • In the comics, Waller's alias in the Checkmate organization is White Queen.[1] In this episode, Amanda leaves a White Queen piece as her calling card on Tess Mercer's desk to summon her.
    • Dr. Fate prophesied to Clark about his destiny: "Although Lex Luthor is your ultimate opponent, you will triumph over him." This suggests that Lex Luthor, presumed dead since he appeared to be killed in Season Eight's Requiem on February 5, 2009, is either alive or will rise from the dead.
    • It's never established, who the dying woman, that Wesley Dodds is holding in his arms, in the video-clip is. However, it is possible that she is his long-term girlfriend, Dian Belmont.
    • When Oliver finds out that Chloe has hacked his e-mails, he reveals that there are several between himself and Black Canary, which he claims nervously are 'purely platonic', hinting at the romantic relationships that he and Dinah share in the comics.
    • This episode introduces the term "metahuman" to the Smallville Universe.
    • Chloe is shown leaving Radu's internet café, a café in the ground floor of a tall building. Radu's was a coffee shop that often appeared in Green Lantern comics: Kyle Rayner frequented the coffee shop and designed the logo for Radu's business.[2]
    • The reporter Lois mistaken for Clark has the physical appearance of Clark's future disguise as The Mild Mannered Reporter, The Glasses and slick back hair .
    • While talking to Clark about her encounter with Doctor Fate, Lois mentions about his coustume and points out that it 'looked pretty good', which is a reference to her relationship to Superman in the future.
    • While talking to Hawkman, Clark claims that they are not a team and will never be where the JSA was, which is ironic on how great the JLA will go in the future.
    • Waller makes comment to Tess about joining the Suicide Squad. A group of villans, led by Captain Boomerang, working on Waller's aganda.
  • Warrior
    • The idea of a young boy who becomes an adult superhero through magical means is similar to the DC Comics hero Captain Marvel a ally of Superman.
    • Lois wears a costume similar to that used by Wonder Woman in the DC Comics Universe. It also can be said that it's similar to Xena: The Warrior Princess.
    • Lois has been known to dress up as Wonder Woman for halloween in the comics.
    • Chloe draws a distinction between those infected by "meteor rock" and humans born with superpowers which she refers to as metahumans.
    • Chloe's text message mentioned a "maniac with a boomerang". This could be a reference to "Captain Boomerang" from the comics, ordinarily a Flash villain.
    • While talking to Alec Abrams/Stephen Swift, Chloe refers to the superhero community as The World's Finest. World's finest was the title name of a comic that featured DC Comics two leading superheroes, Superman and Batman. It eventually became the title team nickname of Batman and Superman.
    • When Clark first gets to the Con, he bumps into a guy dressed like him (red jacket, blue shirt, jeans). That same guy was walking with a group who were dressed like Smallville's version of the Justice League (Bart Allen, Victor Stone)and Kara Kent.
    • When Clark and Alec are in the barn at the end of the Episode, Alec shows Clark a drawing that he did before he knew what the "Blur" looked like. The drawing is an allusion to the future Superman costume Clark will adopt (except for the RBB on his chest). Alec comment that he likes the "S" symbol better, to which Clark says he does too.
    • Clark does the iconic shirt rip revealing the House of El symbol under his work clothes for the first time. This is a signature act that Clark Kent does in the mythology to transform into Superman .
    • During the comic convention there is a patron dressed the way Green Arrow currently dresses in DC Continuity. There is another patron dressed in the same outfit Oliver Queen dressed in Wither when attending Lex's Charity.
    • The characteristic Lois displayed in this episode about waiting until Clark confessed to what occurred between himself and Zatanna. Is an illustration of how Lois Lane in the comics waited until Clark Kent revealed his secret Identity as Superman to her willingly.
180px-Normal benes superman 2
Superman # 218
    • Martha's Wedding Dress that Lois borrows looks remarkable similar to the Wedding Dress she wears in the comics when she married Superman in Superman: The Wedding Album.
    • The display of Clark's Heat vision used on the Solar tower is very similar to comic book artist Ed Benes depiction of that power as seen on the cover art for Superman # 218 (2005).
  • Conspiracy
    • When Zod regains his powers at the end he raises his arms, lets the sun bath him with solar energy and flies away. This is similar to a scene in Superman Returns, when Superman flies up to the sun raises his arms in the same way, re-energizes with solar energy, then flies away.
    • Zod being shot, allowing Clark to be his savior, as well as pretending to be a friend of Clark's, is similar to the current comics of World of New Krypton, where Zod was shot, allowed Clark to be New Krypton's General, as well as possibly pretending to be Clark's friend.
  • Escape
    • Future Superman Villainous Vamp Silver Banshee is introduced in this episode .
    • When Tess shoots at Major Zod to prove he has Super Powers it is almost like the Donnor Cut version of Superman II when Lois fires a blank at Clark to prove he is Superman
  • Checkmate
    • The final action sequence, where Clark saves Chloe from being shot, resembles moving comic book panels. Superman is and always will be first and foremost a comic book superhero.
  • Upgrade
    • On the wall, close to Lois, in the beginning of the episode, you can see the name Lobo. Lobo is a character from the Superman comics and animated series. He is an intergalactic bounty hunter.
    • Zod's description of Jor-EL's Book of Rao sounds like the sunstone crystal in the comics
    • Lois gives Corben a new Kryptonite matrix heart which is powered by Red Kryptonite much like in the comics Metallo has a storage pack filled with many forms of Kryptonite
    • Lois mentions the name Dr. Vale. This could be a reference to Dr. Emmett Vale, the scientist who turned John Corben into Metallo in the comics.
  • Charade
    • Lois is protecting the Blur from Clark (who is the blur), similar to how Lois (before she learns his secret) protects Superman from Clark in the comics.
    • Clark and Lois, working separately on the same story, is similar to the Post-Crisis John Bryne Superman Stories where they both are competing to get the same story.
    • This episode covers the classic Superman mythology love triangle between Superman, Lois and Clark.
    • Lois and Clark's quick make out session in the elevator, has occurred quite frequently in the comics and the 90's TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.
  • Sacrifice
    • The Kandorians siding with Zod over Clark is similar to the recent comic of War of the Supermen. In that issue, the people of Kandor sided with General Zod over Superman.
    • Stuart Campbell, the Checkmate Agent, has a little similarity to the character of Deathstroke the Terminator from the comics. Both wear an Eye-patch over one eye and work as assassin-types (though Deathstroke is a hired assassin and Stuart is a government agent).
    • Zod and Faora's unborn child, may be a loose reference to Lor-Zod, General Zod and Ursa's son in the comics. Lor-Zod was born to save General Zod and the other Phantom Zone prisoners from the Zone and the unborn child in this episode was to be the first child of a New Krypton.
  • Hostage
    • When Martha with Clark thinking about Jonathan, the music that plays is the same tune from Superman The Movie that played during the Kent farm and Jonathan Kent's funeral sequence.
    • Perry White says "Great Ceaser's Ghost" which is his catchphrase from the comics.
    • Lois calls Perry "Chief" which is what she calls him in the comics.
    • Lois Lane and Perry White team up on a story much like they done on many occasions in the comics.
Superman saves the plane in Clark's dream.
    • In Clark's dream, Clark is seen very briefly as Superman wearing the costume and all, his glasses are seen at his desk with his chair spinning. This is just like the comics were Superman does the same thing.
    • In the same dream sequence, Lois is seen wearing a pair of Glasses . This is very common trait to the character who usually wears a spare pair of Clark's glasses as sign of her affection and admiration for Clark As well to use them as a part of her disguise while undercover in the comics, movies and TV series.
    • In the same dream sequence, a newspaper headline says that Lex Luthor is running for Presidency, just as in the comics.
    • In the same dream sequence, Lois is wearing a wedding ring, which alludes to the fact that Clark Kent and Lois Lane are married in the comics.
    • In the same dream sequence, Lois mentions "Olsen" which is a possible reference to Henry James Olsen's younger brother seen in Doomsday.
    • Also in the same scene, it says on a door "Perry White, Editor and Chief" which is what Perry White is in the comics.
    • Again in the same scene, someone says "Look up in the Sky!" which is a famous quote from the comics.
    • Right after Clark wakes up from the dream, the first few notes of the Superman Theme play softly.
    • Martha Kent sends Clark a box with the Superman outfit in it, which is aligning with the comics where Martha made the suit for Clark.
    • Lois has discovered the true identity of The Blur is Clark, almost exactly the same way Teri Hatcher's Lois finds out Superman is Clark in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. In Lois & Clark:TNAOS: Clark holds Lois' right cheek and this is exactly what Superman does later on in the very same episode and at that moment Lois realizes he's Clark. In Smallville, the unique touch is on Lois' left shoulder. How Lois actually discovers the truth is through a very passionate kiss with The Blur that at the end she whispers Clark name in realization and amazement.
    • Zod and his battalion declaring war on Earth in this episode is very similar to the current comic storyline limited series Superman: War of the Supermen

Season 10Edit

Lazarus 1248
The Superman suit
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Unearth sm 05 1209
Jonathan travels to the afterlife to save Clark
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Lois's global quest
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  • Lazarus
    • Lois finding and laying her head over Clark's lifeless body is a direct homage to the final panel from "The Death of Superman" comic book storyline.
    • Much of the events of this episode follow the similar pattern from the comic storyline that followed after "The Death of Superman", entitled "World Without Superman" in The Man of Steel #21, Jonathan Kent has a heart attack over the loss of Clark. In Superman #77, Jonathan flat-lines and dies, He is reunited with his son in the afterlife and is determined to bring him back to life. In Adventures of Superman #500, While in the afterlife Jonathan hallucinate he's fighting a war to bring back a captured solider (Clark) from enemy lines battling the ghost of the past . Jonathan manages to save himself and Clark and they both return to life in "The Return Of Superman" storyline.
    • The trademark Superman suit is introduced.
    • Lois discovering Clark's secret and helping him protect it is a common trait of her character
    • Lex's plan to clone himself a new body to cure his own weakened body is a direct homage to the 90's story arc in which Lex fakes his death to cure the cancer he'd gotten from exposure to Kryptonite ring he had worn on his hand. In an effort to cheat death Lex's creates a series of failed cloned version of himself until finally he success and for a while uses his new clone body posing as the long lost son known as Alexander "Lex" Luthor II.
    • Clark catching the Daily Planet globe is reminiscent of both the scene from the movie Superman Returns and the comic book panel from the storyline conclusion of "The Destruction of Metropolis."
    • One of the lines that Lex's Clone says to Clark is "Even you can't be in two places at once." This is the same line Lex said to Superman in Superman: The Movie.
    • The appearance of Darkseid's essence bears a striking resemblance to his comic book counterpart.
    • The concept of Darkseid using Clark Kent is similar to the final episodes of Superman: The Animated Series where Darkseid took control of Superman and used him as a soldier to invade Earth.
    • At the end of this episode Lois leaves Clark temporarily because she sees herself as a burden to him much like she did in the comics (before the wedding) after Lois accepted Clark's marriage proposal and he revealed his Identity as Superman to her at first their relationship was stronger than ever before. However eventually Lois began to feel that her upcoming marriage to Clark would be more of a hindrance to Clark because his life as Superman would always take main priority over his marriage to her (Clark however believed he could still be Superman and totally committed to his marriage to Lois). Lois decides to call off her engagement to Clark and leaves Metropolis behind as she continues her reporting career abroad in "Superman #118 - The Quest of Lois Lane."
    • At the end of Superman/Batman #72, A fanatical cult worshiping group devoted to Superman is tricked by Lex Luthor to kidnap Lois Lane and sacrifice her by burning her at the stakes (For choosing to marry Clark Kent instead of Superman) This is similar to this episode in which Lex's clone kidnaps Lois and string her up as a Scarecrow surrounded by a field in flames. At the beginning of Superman/Batman #73, Clark is off planet so Batman ends up saving Lois. Much like the Blur saved Lois in this episode.
Superboy's first costume.
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  • Shield
    • Lois says the line "Superman" in this episode, but not in accordance to Clark Kent. In Superman: The Animated Series, three-part pilot episode "Last Son Of Krypton", Lois came up with name of Superman from referring to Nietzsche: "Nice S, He's strong, he fast, he flies, he's the Nietzschean fantasy idea all wrapped up in a red cape: Superman. "
    • Clark wears a new suit of red and blue with a big elevated "S" on the jacket zipper similar to Conner Kent/Superboy's first superboy costume he wore with the \S/ on the back of the jacket.
    • Tess mentions that Clark is faster that Deadshot's bullets. This is a reference to the line "faster than a speeding bullet".
    • Oliver said he had no interest in running for office. Ironically in the comics, Ollie who didn't like the government and became Mayor of Star City for a short time.
    • Oliver and Clark debate if they should step out of the shadows which is an allusion to Clark stepping into the light and becoming Superman. In the comics Oliver has been outed as Green Arrow to the Earth.
    • Clark sent Hawkman to keep a watchful eye on Lois in Egypt. Usually in the comics when Superman would be off planet, He'd ask a member of the Justice League to keep Lois out of danger (most of the time it's Batman who keeps her safe).
  • Supergirl
    • Kara's new attire is somewhat strikingly similar to the well-known Supergirl costume.
    • Throughout most of this episode, Kara is seen wearing the combination's of red, yellow, as well as blue, Superman's colors.
    • Clark is briefly shown flying upward from the windmill and music similar to the Superman theme can be heard.
    • Kara's secret identity name of Linda Danvers, is a nod to another Supergirl from the comics. Her appearance in this disguise has the glasses that Clark will one day have a similar par on. Also Kara dons a dark wig and glasses to blend in Superman: The Animated Series episode "Little Lost Girl Part 1", under the alias Karen (Kara) Kent.
    • When trying to come up a name for Kara's super identity, Lois mentions Power Girl, which is the name of a Supergirl from an alternate Earth in the comics.
    • When Clark flies for a moment then crash lands into the Kent barn (The scene is very reminiscent to young Clark's first discovery of his ability to fly in the film Superman Returns. The only difference is young Clark in the film manages to find control and is floating in the air while Clark on Smallville falls to the ground).
    • The Daily Planet refers to Kara as the "Maiden of Might". This is similar to "Maid of Might" which one of her nicknames in the comics.
    • Lois also calls Kara Übergirl, twice, which directly translated means 'Supergirl'. She also refers to Godfrey's dark-side a nod to Darkseid name.
    • Gordon Godfrey's anti-hero smearing campaign in this episode has many similarities to the DC storyline Legends in which he telepathically brainwashes the public against costumed heroes at Darkseid's bidding.
    • Gordon Godfrey's anti-hero smearing campaign in this episode has many similarities to the DC storyline Legends in which he telepathically brainwashes the public against costumed heroes at Darkseid's bidding.
    • Gordon Godfrey going to a Church is a nod to Reverend G. Godfrey Good who is passionate televangelist plays a central role in the evil gods' occupation of Earth in the storyline Final Crisis.
    • Also in Final Crisis, before possessing the Body of Dan Turpin as his own new vessel for his consciousness and powers, Darkseid is reborn in form of a human simply known as "Boss Dark Side".
    • The Club known as Desaad is the name of one of Darkseid's minions as well as a nod to the Club Darkseid during the Boss Darkseid storyarc in the comics.
  • Homecoming
    • In Action Comics #791, Lois encourages Clark to attend Smallville's Homecoming as the Master of Ceremonies much to his dismay at first because Clark didn't want to face the ghost of his past, He ultimately ends up going with Lois and he faces his past strengthen more because of Lois's support much like this episode.
    • The Superman Main Theme from the Christopher Reeve's Superman films is played subtlety quite a bit in this episode, especially in the future scenes.
    • The future Clark is seen wearing the glasses that Clark Kent is known for wearing in all forms of Superman media. In addition he is wearing a long trench coat and slicked back hair that Clark Kent occasionally wears in the comics and other media.
    • Superman is seen for the first time in person (not including visions of the future) but only as a blur (with a familiar red cape on his back with the classic yellow \S/ emblem) and we see his mild-manner reporter disguise as Clark Kent.
    • Brainiac 5 wears Purple and Green, the trademark colors he wears in the comics.
    • Lois stepping on Clark's feet and them looking at each other's eyes is similar to a scene in Superman Returns, where Superman and Lois do the same thing.
    • Clark saving future Lois from a helicopter about to fall off a building is remarkable similar to Superman's public introduction in Superman: The Movie, the 2003 comic Superman: Birthright #4 and Superman: Secret Origin #3.
    • When Clark and Lois are sharing a slow dance while he is floating in the air, it is reminiscent to several various Lois & Superman moments of flight/floating sequences from Superman: The Movie, Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Superman Returns, and Superman #654, the 12th Anniversary of their first flight together.
    • In this episode Clark get's to meet and interact with his Future self has happened various times in the comics when Superman would meet himself as a teen or boy (via time travel meet his younger self either Superboy or Clark Kent depending on the story).
    • In the future of 2017, Lois Lane is fully aware of Clark's identity as Superman is a direct homage to the current comic continuity.
    • Clark leaving a memento at the tombstone of Jonathan Kent is very reminiscent to the comic All-Star Superman #6.
    • Clark going back for his high school reunion is similar to the plot line of Superman III.
    • Clark saving Lois in a Helicopter in 2017 is right out of Superman: The Movie.
    • While on the phone with Perry White, Lois mentions "Troupe." This is a reference to Ron Troupe, typically the Daily Planet political editorials and husband of Lucy Lane.
Action Comics 662
Lois learns Clark's secret
Kal-ELAdded by Kal-EL
  • Isis
    • In the beginning of the episode a woman by the name of Adrianna is introduced it is heavily implied her real name is Adrianna Tomaz.
    • When Lois is possessed she gained superhuman abilities. This happened when Adrianna Tomaz speaks the phrase "I am Isis" when the amulet of Isis is around her neck.
    • The outfit that Lois wears in the episode is very similar to what Adrianna Tomaz wear when she transforms into Isis.
    • Clark reveals his Identity as the Blur to Lois, paying homage to the comics (40th Anniversary issue of Action Comics) & (Action Comics #662), TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Season 2 finale ("And the Answer Is...").
    • Lois is seen practicing how she's going to tell Clark she knows his secret is similar to the season 2 finale of Lois & Clark ("And the Answer Is...") where Clark is seen practicing how he's going to tell Lois he's Superman. And Superman: The Movie when Clark almost attempt to tell Lois the truth after she had a romantic flight with Superman previously. This also occurred in the comics, Clark rehearse on how he'll reveal to Lois he's Superman after she accepts his marriage proposal.
    • Cat Grant has a rivalry with Lois Lane for the affection of Clark Kent, yet like in the comics and TV series Lois & Clark:The New Adventures of Superman, Cat is no match for Lois who's heart belongs to Clark and Clark's to hers.
    • In the 2007 animated film based on the comicbook storyline "Death and Return Of Superman" entitled Superman: Doomsday, Lois leaps unto Superman and kissed him after he revealed to her he was Clark Kent, which she had already known but was waiting for him to reveal his identity to her willingly much like this episode.
Super rescue
Superman saves Lois
Kal-ELAdded by Kal-EL
Project: Lionel Luthor
  • Harvest
    • Lois learning of Clark's Kryptonian heritage during a driving sequence is very similar to All-Star Superman in which while Lois is inside her car Superman in underneath the car flying her to the Fortress, all the while they are discussing the issue of him being Clark Kent after he'd had just previously revealed to Lois he was Superman.
    • Clark express his concern about Lois getting herself in danger and his desire to protect her, with Lois reassuring him that she more than capable of taking care of herself . This is something Clark worries about constantly in every incarnation of Superman and is always reminded that Lois is a force to be reckoned with no matter the situation reassuring him that no matter what Lois will always come out on top with is help and sometimes all on her own.
    • Lois says the famous tag-line "This looks like a job for...."
    • Lois mentioned to Clark that as an army brat she always found many ways to escape captivity by lock-picking. This is a true character trait of Lois's.
    • While trying to escape the village undetected, Lois and Clark disguise themselves as if they were a part of the local pilgrimage community. Clark is seen wearing a cowboy hat much like in the comics. As a reporter Clark would sometimes wear a fedora hat with his reporter attire.
    • Lois mentioned to Clark that the world needs a light to guide them to inspire them to be better than themselves. This is what Superman's mission is and he does it with the aid of Lois Lane who helps humanity see him for the beacon of hope he really is.
    • When Clark shields himself over Lois to protect her from being burned by the Blue Kryptonite fire it's very reminiscent to the action sequence rescue from the Max Fleischer Superman short cartoon episode "The Mechanical Monsters", in which Superman spreads his body and cape around Lois Lane to protect her from the incoming vat pouring hot lava.
    • Clark makes love to Lois with his powers intact, much like in the comics and TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman.
    • Alexander shaving his hair to become like Lex is very similar to when Lex activated (Project: Lionel) in Conner Kent brainwashing him into becoming the sleeper agent that he could use to destroy Superman. Under Luthor's manipulation Conner shaved his hair becoming bald in Teen Titans #24.
  • Ambush
    • The morning after sequence is very similar to Superman: Man of Tomorrow #7.
    • Sam and Clark's relationship concerning Lois in this episode is pretty accurate to the comics.
    • Sam's opinion of vigilantes is similar to how he perceived Superman and the Kryptonians during the New Krypton storyline.
    • Clark's rescue of Lois is similar to Superman #222.
    • Sam's interrogation of Clark in the barn is similar to Superman: Secret Origins #5, when Superman is interrogated by Sam regarding his relationship with Lois.
    • In Superman #168, the Lane & Kent families have a rousing dinner together that is prepared by Lois.
    • Lois is once more wearing Clark's football jersey alluding to Lois draped in Superman's cape.
    • Lois's poor cooking skills are a common trait related to the character and has been shown both in the comics and TV series. However, Lois does improve, thanks to the help of Martha Kent.
    • Rick Flag tricking Lucy into helping him by saying her country is calling her and it would make her father proud is very similar to the modern continuity story of Superman in which Lucy feels overshadowed by her big sister Lois and all of her major accomplishments. Lucy tries to prove herself worthy of her father's admiration and affection by joined the army. Becoming a great soldier quickly rising up in the ranks, Lucy eventually gets her heart's desire when her father is able to convince her to put on the Superwoman suit that give her all the Kryptonian powers.
  • Abandoned
    • Lois's mother Ella Lane is introduced, though she died in Smallville's continuity. In the comics Ella lives to see Lois become a great reporter for the Daily Planet alongside her partner and husband Clark Kent. However in Superman: Secret Origin #5, it is revealed she died when Lois was young.
    • Lois visits the Fortress of Solitude, much like she did in Superman II and the comics.
    • Clark sees the final message Jor-El and Lara left for him before the destruction of Krypton in holographic form much like they are always seen in every incarnation of Superman story.
    • Granny Goodness is introduced and is recruiting abandoned girls training them to become her Female Furies.
    • Harriet is seen in the episode as a member of the Female Furies.
    • Tess is revealed to be Lutessa Lena Luthor, the older sister of Lex Luthor. In the comics In Silver Age continuity, Lena Luthor is Lex's younger sister . In Post Crisis, continuity, Lena was the name of Lex's daughter(named after Lex's foster sister who had been killed by their foster father, Casey Griggs) he had with Contessa Erica Del Portenza who then became the servant of Brainiac 13. Recently in The Adventure Comics/Superboy starring Conner Kent, Lena is re-established as Lex Luthor's younger sister who lives in Smallville.
    • Granny attempt to brainwash Clark into becoming a pawn for Darkseid, Much like she done in the comics and in the first part of two part series finale of Superman: The Animated Series entitled "Legacy."
    • Darkseid's minions Granny Goodness, Desaad and Godfrey are preparing the way for Darkseid's arrival much like they did in "Final Crisis". In this continuity Desaad binds their bodies, Godfrey breaks their spirit and Granny clears their mind to "prepare the way for lord Darkseid."
    • Clark has an engagement ring to give to Lois which appears to be the one that belong to his mother Martha Kent, In the comics and TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman, Martha gives Clark her ring to give to Lois.
  • Patriot
    • Slade makes reference to fighting for "truth, justice and the American way". This is Superman's running slogan.
    • Through the entire episode Clark fights to uphold the foundational principles the Kents installing in him through his upbringing. Even when the government has abandoned them by issuing the VRA law. In the mythology often many times Superman struggles when he sees an injustice done by the government to the people, still he maintains the moral values from his upbringing by the Kents and lives by them while also inspiring other to do so as well just like he did in this episode.
    • Slade mentions that Lois has the bass characteristic that Sam Lane is known for. This true since Lois was raised as an army brat by her father.
    • Lois wonders after seeing how Arthur and Mera work together so perfectly if She and Clark will ever be able to work like that someday. Truth be told Lois and Clark's lifelong partnership is a key aspect that is the driving force in the Superman mythology.
    • This marks the first live-action appearance of Mera and Slade Wilson in any live action media.
    • Aquaman is referred to as being from Atlantis, officially, for the first time. He was previously recognized as Atlantean in Sylvester Pemberton's journal on all League heroes.
    • Although it occurred off screen, it is revealed that by this episode Arthur and Mera have been married much like they are in the comics as the King & Queen of Atlantis.
    • Darkseid is associated with the Omega symbol which is known in the comics by name as the Anti-Life Equation which was heavily featured in Final Crisis. Clark refers to it as a brand of corruption.
    • Slade asked Clark if he's Made of steel, or just a man? Clark responds by saying he is a man and steel. This is clearly a direct reference to Superman's most famous nickname The Man of Steel.
    • Mera refers to Lois as Clark's equal which is how Lois is actually perceived by the heroes and Clark himself in the comics.
    • Lois becomes a member of the League in this episode. In the comics, despite everything she has accomplished with Clark over the years, this has never occurred although she has been to the Watchtower on several occasions and whenever a social event be it (bachelor-ette party, marriage, funeral etc.) Lois has been allowed to attend . Also The League recognize her as Superman wife and when Clark is busy or off planet there is always a league member keeping an eye on her safety.
    • Slade becomes Deathstroke the Terminator at the end of the episode this is made evidently clear by the trademark eye-patch the character is known for.
Super Lois actioncomics1
Lois's first encounter with Superman
Kal-ELAdded by Kal-EL
  • Luthor
    • Ultraman, the evil incarnate version of Superman from a parallel universe, is introduced.
    • Ultraman's trademark insignia is featured.
    • Earth-2 is introduced in this episode.
    • Gold Kryptonite is first mentioned in this episode.
    • Much like in the comics when a similar event happened in which Ultraman comes to our universe Lois instantly saw the difference between him and Clark.
    • Lionel refers to Clark Luthor as "The Man of Tomorrow" which is one of the nicknames Lois address Superman by in headline articles in the newspaper of the Daily Planet.
    • In Smallville's Earth-2, only Clark Luthor behaves in an opposite manner of Earth-1's Clark Kent. However in the comics, in the alternate Earth, all heroes are villains and all villains are heroes.
    • Clark Kent convinces Earth 2's Lois Lane that he isn't the evil doppelganger from her universe by telling her all the character traits of her personality that he is attracted to and is in love with his Lois. These are the same attributes Superman loves Lois for in the comics.
    • Clark's scene with Earth-2 Lois on the rooftop of LuthorCorp Media is very reminiscent of Superman's first encounter with Lois in Action Comics #1 (June 1938).
Lois accepts Clark's marriage proposal
Kal-ELAdded by Kal-EL
  • Icarus
    • The episode features Lois's engagement to Clark . In the comics, Lois accepted Clark's marriage proposal in Superman #50 (December 1990). In Lois & Clark, Clark proposed to Lois in the Season Two finale And The Answer is... but Lois didn't accept until Season 3 episode 7 Ultrawoman.
    • Hawkman's funeral is somewhat similar to Superman's funeral from "The Death of Superman" comic book storyline. In both, the fallen hero is carried by his fellow costumed heroes to his final resting place.
    • The Daily Star is mentioned and shown. The Daily Star was the newspaper where Earth 2/Golden Age Clark Kent and Lois Lane worked for before it was renamed the Daily Planet in Action Comics #23 (April 1940) in as well as in later versions an competitor of the Daily Planet and Clark works at the Daily Star Crime Desk before become a Daily Planet reporter in the New 52 universe.
    • Slade Wilson states that "he's beyond death's stroke. Deathstroke is his name in the comics.
    • Clark mentions Slade's family. In the comics, Slade has a son and daughter: Grant Wilson and Rose Wilson, both of whom have taken up the identity of Ravager. While Grant remained a villain/an apprentice of Slade, who died in battle against the Teen Titans, Rose decided to forsake her father and joined the Teen Titans as a hero.
    • Slade uses a katana sword and Desert Eagle in his battle with Hawkman. Those weapons are the most common weapons Deathstroke uses in the comics.
    • Hawkman using his wrist gauntlets to deflect bullets is very similar to what Wonder Woman does in the comics to deflect bullets.
  • Collateral
    • In the virtual world, Clark flies around the Daily Planet with Lois in his arms. This is just like every other form of media with Superman and Lois.
    • Lois's faith in Clark strengthens him, is very common in every incarnation of Superman.
    • This episode is similar in theme to Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 3 Episode Virtually Destroyed where Lois and Clark are trapped in a virtual reality world created by the illegitimate son of Lex Luthor.
  • Beacon
    • Earth-2 Lionel Luthor reacquires Luthorcorp from Oliver Queen.
    • Clark is referred to several times as a "beacon of hope" and "symbol of light."
    • During her speech, Martha calls these vigilantes a "beacon of truth and justice." "Truth, justice and the American way" is a Superman comics slogan.
    • The Luthor mansion is destroyed in this episode. In limited series Superman: Birthright and Superman: Secret Origins, Lex erases any trace of his past life in Smallville.
    • Lois's hero campaign for the Blur is very similar to the comics in which Lois writes a front page headline to encourage Superman.
Mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent
Kal-ELAdded by Kal-EL
Cover of Superman: Earth One
Kal-ELAdded by Kal-EL
  • Masquerade
    • The opening scene - Lois (on the phone with Clark) says, "I wanna plan this wedding as much as I wanna jump off of a building." To which Clark replies "You'd know I'd catch you" Which is a right out of Superman The movie and plenty of comic book pages.
    • Clark starting off the episode in London may be a tribute to the next actor (Henry Cavill) to play Superman. Cavill is British.
    • Clark Kent adopts his trademark glasses. He also begins to show a little bit of his bumbling side.
    • The scene where Clark and Lois are thinking of disguises for his Blur face resembles a scene from the first episode of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman where Clark is trying on various outfits his mother makes for him.
    • Tom Welling executes the traditional mannerism associated with Clark Kent glasses that every actor who has portrayed the character has done in live action medium: using the index finger to adjust the glasses.
    • Lois shows she can find a balance for her work life and her personal life and still turn in a story just like her comic book counterpart.
    • The Blur becomes a worldwide hero, much like Superman is seen in the mythology.
    • In this episode Clark uses his microscopic vision.
    • When Clark is seen wearing a hood with his Blur jacket it resembles the cover art from Superman: Earth One.
    • When Clark puts on his glasses he refers to Lois as "Miss Lane," and later in the scene she responds with "Mr. Kent": a reference to the mythology.
  • Fortune
    • Lois's fear of marriage commitment to Clark is addressed in this episode, much like it was in the comics and TV series Lois and Clark:The New Adventures of Superman.
    • Clark declares to Lois that she is the "love of his life" much like he has countless times in every incarnations of Superman.
    • Justice League villain Amos Fortune is introduced.
    • Emil plays an Elvis tribute artist, when Clark and Chloe find him the next day. In Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Perry White was an Elvis fan and told Elvis stories to encourage the Daily Planet bullpen. Plus, Elvis and Priscilla Presley were in the background drawing, of the cover of DC Comics Lois & Clark wedding album.
    • Chloe makes mention of having previously met "a wonderous woman who will throw you [Clark] for a loop" and "a billionaire with high-tech toys." They allude to Wonder Woman and Batman, who in the comics are Superman's closest friends in the hero community and together the three of them form the DCU Trinity, who all other heroes look up to.
LGrabeel Smallville FirstLook 600
Conner Kent's trademark look
Kal-ELAdded by Kal-EL
Superboy vs. Superman
Kal-ELAdded by Kal-EL
  • Scion
    • Conner Kent is introduced into the series.
    • Conner wears the trademark t-shirt he currently wears in the comics.
    • Clark admits to Lois that she makes him feel human, This is an accurate statement Superman express to Lois in the comics and every incarnation of Superman.
    • Lois tells Clark that she confident Clark will make a great father to their children in the future (ironically even thought Lois and Superman have been married in the comics for many years, they aren't sure they can have kids because of Clark's Alien biology. However Conner's existence is living proof that is possible for them to have children. In Adventures of Superman #638, Mr. Mxyzptlk showed Superman and Lois the vision of their possible future daughter Lara Lane Kent. In Superman and the legion of superheroes arc, Brainiac 5 reveals to that his descendants from him and Lois will persevere his legacy.In elseworlds tales, Lois and Superman do have kids of their own (Samuel Lane Kent & Lola Lane Kent) in another else world tale entitled "Son Of Superman" Lois and Clark have a son name Jon Kent (named after Jonathan Kent) who becomes Superman. In the TV series Lois & Clark season 4 series finale episode at the end of the episode Lois and Clark are given a baby that belongs to them that was sent to them from the future. In the movie Superman Returns, Lois reveals to Superman that Jason Lane is their son.
    • Conner vs. Clark's super fight is very similar to the one that happened in The Adventures of Superman #506.
  • Kent
    • Clark brings Lois Chinese take out food, In the pilot of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman, Clark flies from Metropolis to China and back to bring Lois Chinese take out food. In the comics Clark is known to always bring back food and souvenirs to Lois.
    • In this episode Clark deals with letting go of his previous life living on The Kent Farm. In the mythology Clark came to this same decision around his eighteenth birthday to leave behind Smallville and explore the rest of the world while secretly using his powers to help those in need.
    • Martha gives Lois and Clark ownership of the Kent farm to them as an early wedding present. In the comic and TV series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Jonathan and Martha gave the couple Kent family heirlooms.
    • Lois finds an apartment in Metropolis for herself and Clark to live in to begin their new married life together. In the comics, Lois and Clark live at 1938 Sullivan Lane apartment in Metropolis which was given to them as a wedding present from Bruce Wayne. In Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman season 4 "Brutal Youth", The newlywed couple find their apartment.
    • Clark Kent being banished to Earth-2 by Clark Luthor who destroys the mirror box and Lois asks Emil to repair it to bring him back is similar to Superman : The animated Series episode "Blast from the past" When Jax-Ur and Mala banish Superman to the Phantom Zone and destroy the projector. Lois turns to Dr. Hamilton who manages to repair the phantom Zone projector and return Superman back.
Superman Confidential Cover by andyparkart
Superman emerges from the phone booth.
Kal-ELAdded by Kal-EL
    • Booster Gold, Skeets and Jaime Reyes are introduced.
    • Dan Garrett is mentioned in this episode.
    • Clark uses a phone booth to transform into the Blur, a common trademark of Superman.
    • Originally when Jaime changes he is seen in intense pain. This happens when he first debuts as a hero because of his lack of experience with the scarab.
    • Clark and Lois try to recreate Clark Kent's image to a mild-mannered reporter into a somewhat bumbling yet forgettable person to show the difference between Clark and his superhero alter-ego.
    • Lois get's promoted out of the basement in this episode. In Homecoming, Clark and Lois are seen to have a personal office on the 8th floor.
    • Ron Troupe has a cameo in this episode.
    • Steve Lombard is mentioned as is the Daily Star.
    • Cat Grant is seen disguised as a showgirl. In the comics Cat is known for her sense of fashion.
    • Lois campaigns for the Blur by given him a new nickname The Man Of Steel.
    • Clark does a shirt rip which he will do more often when he becomes Superman.
    • Lois wears Clark's glasses at the end of the episode.
  • Dominion
    • Clark volunteering to use his super speed to fix up their apartment in a matter of seconds, But Lois wanting to unpack as a couple . Is a common theme that has occurred in both in the comics and TV series Lois and Clark after the couple are married and move into an apartment together.
    • Clark's gladiator battle in the Phantom Zone is quite similar to Superman comic story arc that pit the Man of Steel against Mongul and his minions on War World.
    • Zod's banishment with his two minions who could quite possibly be Non and Ursa in the Phantom Zone prism scene pays homage to Superman: the movie.
    • Clark wears a red cape in the Phantom Zone.
  • Prophecy
    • When Lois lifts a piece of the Fortress above her head and says "I'm more than okay, I'm super" is an allusion to Clark's very soon to be alias as Superman.
    • Lois gaining Clark's powers for a day is similar to All-Star Superman when Superman gives Lois his powers. The difference is that she begins as a hero but turns evil when she becomes controlled by one of Toyman's devices.
    • Solomon Grundy, Black Manta and Captain Cold are introduced.
    • The device that controlled Stargirl and Lois clearly resembles a Starro creature. In the comics, Starro can control peoples minds as long as it can have a miniature Starro placed on the victims head. The Starro and the device have exactly the same abilities.
    • The Marionette Ventures is an allusion to the Legion of Doom in the comics, as they both sit around a circular table.
    • Toyman assigning each Marionette shareholder a target to kill is same in the comics as their targets would eventually become the heroes archenemy with the exception of Solomon Grundy,John Corben|Metallo]] is assigned Kara Kent|Supergirl/Maiden of Might]] although he is mainly a rouge of Superman(although he has fought the Superman family including Superboy and Supergirl many times). Roulette and Captain Cold. Solomon was assigned Black Canary even though he is a rogue of Green Arrow, Batman, Superman and Alan Scott. Victoria was assigned Watchtower even though she is a rogue of Ted Grant and Captain Cold was assigned Bart Allen though he is a rogue of the Barry Allen Flash(although he has fought Wally West and Bart Allen many times).
    • Kara time-traveling to the future is similar to when she was stranded in the future in the comics and met the Legion of Super-Heroes and developed a relationship with Brainiac 5.
    • Orion is mentioned in this episode as Darkseid's son. In the show and in the comics he was raised by Highfather and swore to serve the light.
    • When Lois has powers, she asks Clark how to know who to help first. When he explains it, Lois responds tat it's like being an ER doctor. This is similar to the end of Superman 2, when Lois said that being with Superman is like being a doctor's wife.
  • Lois gaining Superpowers could have been taken from All Star Superman where Clark allows Lois to have Superpowers for 24 hrs or the season 3 episode of Lois and Clark where Superman powers due to red Kryptonite were transphered to Lois.
  • Finale, Part 1
    • The introduction of Chloe Sullivan's son is semi-based on the comic book character, Conner Hawke.
    • As Tess tries to gain visual of outer space, Watchtower's computer says "Manhunter has put the new space station online per your request", which could possibly be referring to the future Watchtower that is seen orbiting space just like in the comics. John has also officially gained the Martian Manhunter nickname.
    • Apokolips looks just like it does in the comics. It even can move, just like it could at certain times in the comics.
    • Apokolips passes by Saturn, which in the comics is home to the Martian clones, the Saturians.
    • The comic book Chloe is reading to her son has the DC Comics logo on it.
Superman smallville11
Superman as he appears in the smallville universe ("Smallville: Season 11)
Kal-ELAdded by Kal-EL
    • When Superman pushes Apokolips away from Earth, it is mimicking the scene in Superman Returns, where Superman pushes the mountain of kryptonite away from Earth.
    • Clark saving Air Force One is taken directly from Superman: The Movie: he even grabs the same engine as in the movie. Lois being thrown around in the plane is taken from Superman Returns.
    • Lex Luthor is resurrected from the dead and wears a black glove on his hand. In the comics, Lex has come back from the dead and has worn a black glove on his hand due to kryptonite poisoning.
    • Tess Mercer removes Lex's memories before she died. He has no knowledge of Clark or his secret. This aligns it with the comics where Lex doesn't know his secret.
    • When Lex walks to the window of the Luthorcorp building. The "UTHOR" is blown of the sign leaving an LXCorp. LexCorp is Lex's company in the comics.
    • Clark Kent and Lex Luthor's comic book relationship is cemented in this episode.
    • When Lionel and Tess talk after her waking up, Lionel interrupts Tess by saying "WRONG!" which pays homage to Superman Returns, where Lex shouts that when Lois was talking about Superman.
    • After the president's report on the radio about the "meteor" when Lois and Clark were at the Daily Planet, Lois says mentions the "Anti-Life Equation" which refers to what Darkseid is often searching for in the DC comics.
    • When Lois runs past the Secret Service Agent to speak with the cabinet, she runs in the same way that Lois ran past the Eiffel Tower security guard to get to the elevator in Superman II.
    • When Clark Kent Flies in this episode to defeat Darkseid, he flies in the classic Superman Pose, with both arms in front of him.
    • Clark for the first time flies in the barn. The same situation is shown in Superman Returns.
    • In the future scene of 2018, someone warns about a bomb in an elevator. This is reminiscent of the opening sequence of Superman II, Superman saves Lois from an elevator bomb in the Eifel Tower.
    • In the future of 2018, music from Superman: The Movie plays. It includes the songs Can You Read My Mind and the famous Superman Theme.
    • In the future of 2018, Lex Luthor is president, just like in the comics.
    • In the future of 2018, the REAL Jimmy Olsen is seen, bow tie and all.
    • In the future of 2018, Perry White says his famous quote from the comics: "Great Caesar's ghost!"
    • In the future of 2018, Clark and Lois are engaged but not yet married. They have therefore had seven years of the classic Clark Kent and Lois Lane relationship dynamic.
    • In the future of 2018, Chloe's son (who may be Connor Hawke) looks at a red and yellow archer set. This is a reference to Speedy and Arsenal.
    • In the future of 2018, Lois and Clark bump each other on the stairs knocking downing Clark's papers. It is similar to scenes in Superman: The Movie and Superman Returns.
    • The Ending Credits are remarkly similar to the end credits of Superman: The Movie and the opening credits of Superman II.
    • The Superman costume combines elements from different movies. Most of the suit is from Superman Returns, except the cape and belt, which are from Superman: The Movie.
    • The episode and series end with Superman running toward the camera, doing the famous shirt rip.

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