Void 208
Family Unknown
Occupation Student (Metropolis University)
Played By Michaela Mann
Status Deceased

Ally was a medical student at Metropolis University who created the Limbo drug along with her lab partner Lance.

Season Five

Lana, Lance & Ally

Lana, Lance, and Ally experiment with the limbo drug.

The Limbo drug, when injected, took the subject to a near-dead state of consciousness in which they could speak to their departed love ones. Lana Lang became addicted to the drug and paid Lance and Ally to supply her with it. Ally didn't just create the limbo drug; she was also a heavy user of the drug herself. In the end, she took the limbo drug too many times, and died as a result.


  • Michaela Mann also played a different character previously, named Lisa, in the Season Four episode Forever.