The emblem of the royal family of Almerac.

Almerac is the home planet of Maxima.

Relationship With Krypton

Almerac and its people are well-aware of the planet Krypton and Kryptonian males were revered and desired as mates by many Almeracian women. When Almerac picked up a signal that came from deep space, Maxima knew it was Kryptonian and went to follow the signal to find her kryptonian soul-mate, Kal-El.

Almeracians were also aware that Krypton had been destroyed, and Maxima was shocked and overjoyed that a Kryptonian male suitable for mating survived.

Notable Citizens

  • Maxima – The queen of the planet and ruler of its citizens who is searching for her soul-mate, whom she believes to be Clark Kent.


Almerac has considerably advanced technology compared to Earth and is almost on a par with, though slightly behind, Krypton. Maxima was able to teleport herself from her home planet to Earth via a transport bubble.

In the Comics

681155-almerac super

Almerac in the comics.

Almerac was a technologically advanced society that was enthralled with the cycle of constant military activity. The Almeracians were under imperial rule by the House of the Blood Royale, a product of generations of selective breeding; scions of this bloodline displayed vast psionic powers.

This war-like race first came into contact with Earth when their Empress, Maxima, was impressed with Superman after observing him in gladiatorial combat. Faced with the dilemma of her own generation's disappointing crop of prospective mates, Maxima sent out a near-perfect duplicate of herself to investigate the Kryptonian on his adopted home planet. Her servant, Sazu, did not approve of Superman and destroyed Maxima's simulacrum. Sazu's actions, however, only seemed to strengthen Lady Maxima's resolve.

When the Empress herself eventually made Earth her home, hoping to shape the Man of Steel into her consort, Almerac would come upon dark times. The first devastating event happened when Brainiac seized control of Warworld and nearly destroyed the planet. After a brief respite, Starbreaker began ripping Almerac apart, shifting it out of its orbit and feeding off the planet's death throes. The once-proud civilization of the Almeracians barely had time to recover from the tragedy before the arrival of Imperiex sealed the planet's doom.


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