Andrea Rojas
Family Unnamed mother (deceased)
Occupation Former Intern (Daily Planet)
Powers and
Super strength, Super dexterity, Increased speed, Invulnerability, Super leaping and skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
Played By Denise Quiñones
Status Unknown
Last Seen Vengeance Chronicles (2006)
"Are you kidding? I'm blind as a bat. Besides the mask doesn't look so good with glasses over it." – Andrea Rojas, Vengeance

Andrea Rojas is a bumbling, mild-mannered intern who worked with Chloe Sullivan at the Daily Planet.

She also happened to be a metahuman vigilante known as the Angel of Vengeance, a mysterious warrior woman who defends the citizens of Metropolis.

Physical Appearance


Andrea in her Angel of Vengeance garb.

Andrea Rojas is tall and athletic, with long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

When in civilian mode, she wears her hair in a ponytail and wears glasses.


Andrea in her mild-mannered look.

When operating as the "Angel of Vengeance", she wears a long dark leather double tailed trench coat with red insides, black leather pants, high laced boots with spikes on the sides. She also wears a crimson t-shirt, two black leather climbing gloves and a silver spiked bracelet. She wears a black belt, with a metal skull shaped buckle with two swords in an X-shape under it.

She also wears a mask that reaches from her forehead to nose and covers the top of her hair and surround her eyelids in black makeup. Andrea has stated that while in disguise, she swaps her glasses out for contact lenses.

Powers and Abilities

Acrata landing

Andrea lands behind Clark.

  • Super strength: Andrea is quite strong. She was strong enough to throw Clark Kent across a room.
  • Super leaping: Andrea easily jumped rooftop-to-rooftop and could jump from the ground to Lionel Luthor's office.
  • Super stamina: Andrea was able to leap between buildings without showing any sign of fatigue. (Vengeance)
  • Invulnerability: Andrea jumped off of the top floor of LuthorCorp Plaza and landed unharmed.
  • Enhanced speed: Andrea can move at higher speeds than normal humans could achieve, so that she could hide from her enemies and strike from behind.
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Andrea is an adequate hand to hand combatant and easily subdued criminals who were attacking Martha.

Early life

Andrea was the daughter of an activist who worked for an organization called Acrata and spoke out against gangs. Her mother was targeted and assassinated by gang members: during the attack, Andrea was stabbed in the heart. She was given a heart transplant and survived. However, the donor was a metahuman and the new organ gave her the superhuman strength and agility she needed to combat evil.

Andrea wore a kryptonite locket to remind her why she was given the powers. She also wore a head mask to hide her identity and used contacts instead of glasses while working as the Angel. Andrea used her craving for vengeance to find her mother's murderer and save those that were in dire need of help.

Season Five


Angel of Vengeance saves Martha.

As the Angel, Andrea saved Martha Kent from some gang members. With the help of Chloe, Clark drew her out. Still mourning the recent death of his father Jonathan Kent, he wanted to find out who attacked his mother so that he could seek revenge.


Andrea and Clark on a rooftop.

Teaming together, Clark and Andrea found the gangsters and learned that they were the same group that killed Andrea's mother. Andrea forced one of the members to tell her who had her mother killed. After receiving the information that she needed, she killed the gangster against Clark's protests. When Clark tried to stop Andrea, she had him subdued using her kryptonite locket.


Andrea about to kill Lionel

Andrea's final task as the Angel of Vengeance was to kill Lionel Luthor, the man who presumably ordered her mother's murder. However, Clark was able to stop her. Andrea's extreme act of grief and vengeance helped Clark realize that his father would not have wanted him to become a murderer and he tried to convey this message to Andrea, but shortly afterwards, she left Metropolis.

The Vengeance Chronicles


The Angel of Vengeance.

After escaping from LuthorCorp Plaza, Andrea returned to her Metropolis apartment hoping to be able to give up her role as The Angel of Vengeance. She was later ambushed at her house by two mercenaries for Lex Luthor, but was saved by Nick Yang, who later warned her that Lex Luthor is hunting down metahumans for Level 33.1.

Nick took Andrea to the abandoned Subway tunnel where he lived with his girlfriend, Molly Griggs, both of who had escaped Level 33.1 and hoped to get back at Lex Luthor by exposing what he was doing. They recruited her to help them break into Luthor Mansion, inorder to recover files which would reveal the truth. As they arrived, Molly revealed their true intentions, which were to have Lex kill himself with a subliminal message from his computer. Andrea stopped Molly from uploading the file and convinced Nick to destroy the computer.


Andrea asks Chloe for help

Later, Andrea returned to the Daily Planet to tell her story to Chloe, who promised to keep it off of the record. She revealed her plans to continue fighting crime as the Angel of Vengeance and made a deal, that Chloe would be the one to report on her endeavours.

Season Eleven

While attacking Jay Garrick's team, Rose Wilson implied that she killed the Angel of Vengeance, stating that Andrea was a fun one to take down.

In the Comics

2809490-acrata h

Acrata as she appears in the comics.

The version of Andrea Rojas in the comics is different from the one depicted on Smallville. In the comics, she is a Mexican national and the daughter of a professor of history at the University of Mexico. her codename as a vigilante is Acrata and not the Angel of Vengeance.

Acrata specializes in striking against authority. Every time she catches a perpetrator or helps avert a tragedy, she cites a literary quotation or paints graffiti insulting or challenging the local authorities. She often works with fellow Mexican superheroes Iman and El Muerto. Together with Superman, the three saved Mexico and the world from total destruction at the hands of a bio-terrorist group led by a Mexican sorcerer named Duran who was trying to channel the powers inherent in the Earth.

In the comics, rather than the powers she displayed in Smallville, she only had the ability to teleport by becoming a shadow.

Similarities to Batman

  • When Andrea first appears, theme music very similar to Danny Elfman's version of the Batman theme can be heard.
  • Andrea's choice of mostly black clothing and a mask that covers her face.
  • She was driven to fight crime by vengeance.
  • Her mother was killed by a mugger.
  • She claims she is "blind as a bat."
  • Her views of justice are different than that of Clark's.
  • She is a master of escaping the scene of a crime.
  • She fights crime by night.
  • She has great knowledge of the criminal underworld.
  • She is a keeper of kryptonite (Batman carries kryptonite on any mission that may involve a dangerous Superman, at Superman's request).
  • In the Vengeance Chronicles, Chloe says she should get a "big flood light or something," a possible reference to the Bat-Signal.
  • When she grabs Chloe from behind she glides toward her back, like Batman is known to do.

Additionally, Andrea did share some traits to the Huntress, an ally of Batman.


Andrea Beaumont

However, the character mostly resembles and shares a name with, The Phantasm from the DCAU film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.

  • Both have the same first name.
  • Andrea's mother was killed by a hit man hired by Lionel Luthor, while Phantasm's father was killed by the man who would eventually be the Joker hired by gangsters.
  • Both became heroes in effort to track down their parent's killer.
  • Both are heavily influenced by the want for revenge, only to be stopped by the protagonist.
  • Same thing with Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent, they almost crossover the dark side and tried to save Andrea. It was too late, she fell in the pit a long time ago and couldn't get out.

In the film, Andrea Beaumount's father was killed by a gunman who will eventually become The Joker, hired by gangsters and she then becomes The Phantasm (calling herself "The Angel of Death") to track down and kill every member of the gang involved with her father's death. She was also once a love interest to Bruce Wayne.


  • Andrea's birthday is July 7, 1981.[1]
  • Andrea speaks fluent Spanish.
  • It is said that after she dissapears from Metropolis at the end of the Vengeance Chronicles, Clark Kent took over from her as the saviour of Metropolis using the guise of The Red-Blue Blur (later to just The Blur and finally then as Superman).
  • Andrea has made more live action appearances than most of the Justice League members, making her the fourth most prominantely featured DC guest hero after Oliver Queen, Kara Kent and John Jones. When you count her appearance in Vengeance and the spin off episodes of Vengeance Chronicles she appeared for 6 episodes.
  • Andrea is also similar to the future Clark Kent/Superman. For instance, when she is a civilian, she wears glasses like Clark and has some of Superman's powers such as super strength and agility. Also, when Andrea was changing from her costume back to her normal clothes, she changed in a phone booth, Superman's trademark. She claimed, "The janitor was in the bathroom," suggesting that she usually changes in the bathroom.
  • In the comics, Andrea Rojas is known as Acrata. On Smallville, Acrata was the organization her mother worked for.
  • Andrea was first presented as Maya.
  • She is the first costumed hero to appear on the show and the first to live a double life.
  • She and Jaime Reyes are the only Hispanic superheroes to appear on the show.
  • She is possibly Metropolis' first known superhero preceding Oliver Queen/Green Arrow and Clark Kent/the Blur.
  • Her costume is very similar to the one Clark wore in Season Nine. A black trench coat, black pants (leather rather than denim) and boots, but a red shirt instead of black. It is also similar to the winter suit Black Canary wore in Odyssey and Collateral and her use of knives also make them similar.


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