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Angela Chen
Occupation Reporter for GNN
Status Alive

Angela Chen is a news reporter for News Channel GNN.

Season Eleven

At the launch site, Angela Chen begins reporting as the shuttle in which Commander Hank Henshaw was abord explodes, surprising the masses.

She later appears with many other journalists when some thug wearing a LexCorp teleporter vest takes a School Bus with children hostage and Superman comes to the rescue not only saving the kids but also Dan Turpin's team of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit which was dealing with a hostage situation. After the rescue she tried to take an interview from Superman.


Angela reporting about the fire.

A couple of months later, Angela is seen reporting about a big fire in a building, where a father and his daughter have been trapped in. She wonders where is Superman and why hasn't he arrived yet to save these two civillains. A little later there is a big explosion in the building which leads to the fall of the girl but Tess Mercer, using her powers over all systems, manages to save both of them leaving the terrified crowd, including Angela, amazed and talking about an invissible hero.

Later, Angela appears reporting about a meteor crash in Russia in a newscast, that Lex Luthor is watching.

Smallville - Chaos 010 (Digital-Empire)003

Angela covers the Eclipso crisis.

Months later, in Metropolis during the Eclipso crisis, Superman's extended family takes down an Eclipso atop a building while Angela covers the action on a news chopper. She is apparently arguing with her producer over whether or not to comment on the fact that Supergirl's outfit doesn't include a skirt, saying that it's not a big deal she wears pants and that "you don't fly in a skirt". The chopper is caught in the crossfire, and Supergirl rescues both Angela and the pilot. Supergirl also makes a point to thank Angela for her "solidarity" on the outfit issue, in which Angela replies by saying "it's just makes sense".



520171-a angela chen

The animated Angela Chen.

  • Angela Chen didn't appear in the mainstream comicbooks until 2017, where she was introduced as a TV Talk Show Host. She was created for the TV series Superman: The Animated Series which means, that she's a part of the DCAU. There, she was a gossip journalist for the Daily Planet and she also hosted the television show "Metropolis Today". Before her introduction in the episode "The Last Son of Krypton", the producers of the show considered the character of Cat Grant but she was dropped in favor of Angela, who would add more diversity to the Superman cast of characters, as she was Half Black-Half Asian. Though Chen's role mirrored Grant's from the comics. She was voiced by Lauren Tom.
  • Angela did not appeared in any episodes of the TV show Smallville, she only appeared in the comic continuation of it.
  • This is her first appearance outside the DC Animated Universe.

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