Animal Rage is the fourth volume in a series of Young Adult novels about Smallville.
Animal Rage

The novel was written by David Cody Weiss & Bobbi JG Weiss and was printed in February 2003.


(Provided on page 38 of Smallville #10)

When Smallville farmers and dealers in fur and leather goods come under a series of attacks. Clark comes to believe that animal rights activist Heather Fox has the ability to transform into animal form, and that she is using this power to right what she sees as injustices.


The book states that Clark is fifteen years old. Since Clark didn't know his actual birth date this is presumably referring to the one on his birth certificate (May 13, 1987) which places the events of this novel as sometime between May 13, 2002-May 12, 2003. Confusingly the novel says that the 1989 meteor shower happened "12 years ago" which would make the current date 2001 (or late season 1) and Clark, Pete, and Chloe are called freshman which also lines up with season 1. This is essentially season 2. His X-Ray vision (gained in X-Ray from season 1) is used and he calls it his "latest gift" which he got only "recently". This implies that it can't be long after X-Ray and that he hadn't gained his heat vision yet (which happens early in season 2). Principal Kwan is also mentioned as the school principal. He dies in Crush so this novel must take place between X-Ray and Crush. Whitney is also Lana's boyfriend and they don't seem to be having any relationship issues which cements the early season 1 timeline. The exact placement is hard to say but Clark saving Lex in the Pilot is said to be "months earlier" so some arbitrary place early in season 1. In other words all of this lines up with the exception of Clark's age which must be taken as a continuity error and ignored.

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