The Artificial Entity Brainiac

An artificial intelligence is an advanced machine-like engineered organism.

Known Artificial Intelligences

  • Skeets is an ear-piece/pad-like(later a flying orb) device that helps Booster Gold with his missions, giving him advice and tips in almost all situations.
  • Tess Mercer was originally a human female. After her apparent death, her consciousness was uploaded into the Watchtower computer system. She later uploaded herself into the body of a red-skinned android.

Powers and Abilities

Most artificial intelligences are known to be quite powerful entities in Smallville, all with varying powers and abilities. Jor-El is extremely powerful, wielding immense power and knowledge, serving as Clark's guide on Earth, being able to achieve virtually anything feat that his son needs. Brainiac is very powerful and dangerous, having a large intellect, and is equipped with most Kryptonian abilities, plus some others.