Family Unknown
Occupation Security Guard
Played By Ashley
Status Alive

"You're a very nosy girl, kitty cat." - Athena to Lois

Athena first appeared in the Live or Die Fight Club, getting dressed for her match. 46 hours earlier, Lois Lane met Athena while doing an investigation into the fight club. Athena saw Lois, who claimed to be a stripper needing help with her car. When she returns and finds Lois taking pictures, Athena threatens Lois at gunpoint. After a brief scuffle, Lois was pinned down and held at the club to participate in a fight later that night. Athena was last seen watching Titan going berserk and fighting with Clark Kent before fleeing with all of the other fighters and club employees.


  • Athena was played by former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro who rose to prominence for winning the 2005 Raw Diva Search.
  • Athena was implied to be attracted to Lois. If this was the case she would be one of the few LGBT characters shown on Smallville.

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