The atomic axe in use

The Atomic Axe is a weapon used by the Persuader. It has the capability of splitting atoms, making it extremely powerful.

Physical Appearance

The Atomic Axe is a large two handed axe with a design around the blade's edge. When being used the axe's blade glows red as if it is being superheated. It has fasteners to attach the blade to the handle.

Powers and Abilities

The Atomic Axe has the ability to split atoms, and thereby it can surpass the invulnerability of Kryptonians, like Clark Kent, and alien devices, like the Martian Manhunter's crystal.

Season Eight

The Persuader travelled back in time to destroy the Martian Crystal with the Atomic Axe. After destroying the crystal it was used to cut Clark Kent in the abdomen.

It was later metioned that the Atomic Axe was able to split atoms by the Legion of Super-Heroes.



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