Powers and
Super Strength, Super Speed, Invulnerability, Radiation Absorption/Emission, Technopathy
Played By Bow Wow (Shad Moss)
Status Disembodied (in Phantom Zone)

Baern was a phantom wraith who escaped from the Phantom Zone, wielding the power to absorb and project radioactive energy that could vaporize a person in an instant.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Baern as a phantom

Baern was at some point stripped of his physical corporeal form, rendering him bodiless and he took the form of a phantom wraith. Unknown as to what he looked like before he was a wraith, he took on the appearance of his host vessel named Lamar. Like the wraith of General Zod, his real face was humanoid-like. It should be noted that Baern's real face resembles that of a light-skinned, black eyed human male.


As a wraith, Baern, himself, is extremely keen on getting what he wants by doing anything to achieve his ends. He highly resented the House of El, particularly Jor-El, for banishing him to the Phantom Zone, and later professed this hatred towards his son Kal-El.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a phantom wraith, Baern is able to fly at moderate speeds as well as possess vessels for a period of time before the body expires from the strain of his presence. Once possessed, the vessel begins to exhibit the alien abilities which Baern possessed while in his original body.

  • Super Strength - While not on the same level as an adult Kryptonian, Baern possessed strength sufficient to overpower and slaughter several armed men with relative ease. It's noteworthy that Baern was weakened when he killed Lex's security team, implying that he may be much stronger at his prime.
  • Super Speed - Upon possessing Lamar, Baern's speed was accelerated considerably to levels matching that of a Kryptonian adult. Like Clark, his movements in super-speed appeared only as a blur of motion. Upon absorbing the Box's energies, his speed left behind an aura of pink-purple radiations.
  • 606Smallville0842

    Baern attacking Raya.

    Energy Projection/Absorption - Baern is an energy-based being, and can shoot blasts and waves of energy that can vaporize and eviscerate beings like humans instantly, as proven in the instance where he vaporized Yance and gave Lex a second degree burn by merely touching him. He can hurt low-level Kryptonians like Raya, however Clark Kent can endure his blasts easily. However he must absorb massive amounts of energy in order to sustain himself and his powers as he was severely drained after using them for a short time despite having drained the radiation from several nuclear facilities. Additionally the power sources on earth proved insufficient to fuel him for very long suggesting that he must regularly intake large amounts of energy.
  • Technopathy - He can mentally interface with human and alien technology.
  • Invulnerability - While occupying a human host, Baern is impervious to most forms of harm as was shown when Raya kicked him through a barn wall and he sustained no visible damage. 


  • Crystal of El - As a wraith he was vulnerable to the Crystal of El, which was used to extract him from his host.
  • With the limited technology on Earth, Baern had to continuously absorb large amounts of radioactive energy without which he would weaken significantly.
  • Continuously using his Energy projection abilities also seemed to deplete his power reserves, although absorbing the energy of the Black box negated these limitations.

Early lifeEdit

Baern killed hundreds on his home planet before he came to Krypton, but Jor-El managed to exile Baern to the Phantom Zone.

Season SixEdit


Baern emerges in his human host, Lamar.

In 2006, after escaping from the Phantom Zone along with Jor-El's son Kal-El, otherwise known as Clark Kent, and a few other Zoners, Baern possessed a human teenager named Lamar and began looking for Clark, eager for revenge. He traveled in Clark's direction for six weeks, leaving a trail of nuclear power plants drained of radiation energy as he headed toward Smallville. Baern made his way to the Daily Planet, where he asked Chloe Sullivan to show him where the archives were. He looked through the articles and found one on Clark and his location.


Raya attacks Baern.

Baern confronted Clark and Raya at the Kent Farm, where he used his powers against Clark, but Raya was able to fend him off. He then managed to find the Brain InterActive Construct's hard drive at the Luthor Mansion; he absorbed the data within the box and gained enough power to take on Clark and Raya without getting drained.


Baern absorbs the Black disc.

Baern returned to the Kent Farm and was about to kill Martha Kent until he heard a Kryptonian beacon, which led him to the Fortress of Solitude, where he used his powers to kill Raya. Clark wielded the Crystal of El against Baern and sent him back to the Phantom Zone.