Series  Smallville Comic #2
Number  4
Writer  Mark Verheiden & Clint Carpenter
Pencils  Renato Guedes
Inks  Oclair Albert
Colors  Jeromy Cox
Lettering  Comicraft
Publication Date 
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The Mrs. Smallville Beauty Pageant is being held, with contestant Holly Gehrig be threatened into quitting. Two suspects are mother and daughter, Brenda and Rachel. Shortly after, Pete goes missing.


(Credit for the recap information goes to Neal Bailey from Superman Homepage.)

At the Mrs. Smallville beauty pageant, Lana and Chloe discuss how at one point in time, Lana was a contender in beauty contests, though this was a long time ago.

Clark and Pete mill about helping. Pete points out to Clark that he is ogling Lana, but Clark points out to Pete that he is ogling Holly Gehrig.

Chloe starts to interview a girl named Rachel about the pageant, when her mother, Brenda, shows and takes her away in a snooty huff. Lana tells Chloe that the pair are fiercely competitive.

All hear a scream, and report to the dressing room from whence it came to find Holly Gehrig, her dress burned, with the words "QUIT NOW" etched into her mirror.

Lana, while helping Holly up, tells Chloe that Holly is the third of three generations to attempt to win the Mrs. Smallville pageant, and the last two generations won.

Pete tells Clark he suspects Brenda and Rachel, but Clark doesn't think a beauty pageant would be enough to drive someone to threats. Pete stays to rig the lights and Clark leaves.

Later, Clark meets Lana in the rain.

While this is going on, Pete helps finish rigging the lights, and he notices Brenda going down under the stage. He follows her, and someone shuts the door on them. They find themselves in a sewer. Brenda isn't behind anything. A note tricked her into coming down, telling her that she would be able to find the person behind the pageant sabotage if she met someone down there.

Later, Ma and Pa Kent tell Clark that Pete has gone missing. Clark is perplexed.

At the Talon, he talks with Lex. Lex suggests that Pete's parents pressuring him towards being an attorney might have made him depart, but if he suspects foul play, why not investigate.

Chloe tells Lana that she's found out that Rachel is a chemist. Lana still believes the best in Rachel, and refuses to consider that she is behind things.

She goes to Rachel's dressing room, finding Holly putting her hand through the mirror...she has an acid touch.

Holly moves to rearrange Lana's face.

Chloe and Clark arrive, and Holly uses her touch to escape through the wall.

Lana tells Clark about the tunnels beneath the stage, and Clark finds Pete and Brenda there, just as the water is filling the tunnel. Clark rips off the door, saves them, and the stage bursts apart and falls down.

Behind the stage, Clark and Holly face off. Holly burns Clark's shoulder, and Clark throws her to the ground. The rest of the stage starts creaking and falls in. Clark shields Holly, but he is the only one that rises from the rubble.

A week later, Rachel wins Mrs. Smallville. Lana and Clark agree never to drift apart like she and Holly did.


  • Beauty is the quality(ies) in a person/thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind/spirit. It also means beautiful people/thing.
  • In this story, there is Beauty Pageant being held in Smallville.


Lana: Striking out Chloe?
Chloe: It's the last days of rehearsal and still no one's willing to talk to me about the dark underbelly of America's most degrading pastime.
Lana: If you're so opposed to beauty pageants, why is The Torch covering this one?
Chloe: First, it's still more fun than writing about the rain and flooded soybean fields... And second, beauty pageants are ripe for scandal. And scandal is a reporter's bread and butter.

Pete: (Notices that Clark is focusing his eyes on Lana) Hello? Earth to Clark...
Clark: What?
Pete: Fourteen potential Miss Smallvilles, and you still can't take your eyes off Lana.
Clark: Look who's talking, Pete. We're only here 'cause you're gaga for Holly Gehrig.

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