Occupation Eradicator
Powers and
All Kryptonian powers and abilities under a yellow sun
Status Alive (31st century)

Eradictor Beh-Osk is a Kryptonian citizen of the 31st century's New Krypton. He works for the Judgment Council.

Powers & Abilities

As a Kryptonian, Beh-Osk has many powers and abilities under a yellow sun.

Season Eleven


Kryptonian homecoming!

The Legionnaires Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl disguised among the crowd try to locate Niedrigh's agents and stop them. Rokk succeeds to catch the agents and Imra disables the bomb but suddenly a group of Kryptonians, which protects New Krypton's citizents, leaded by Eradicator Beh-Osk appear and take into custody the two Legionnaires who are charged with terrorism. Rokk tries to explain that they mistake their actions and they were on New Krypton only to ensure peace but the Kryptonians do not believe them. Suddenly Superman and Supergirl appear on the scene defending Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl. When Beh-Osk hears the Legionnaires call Superman as Kal-El, he realises that Superman is the last son of ancient Krypton and gets astonished by that revelation. He then calls all the Kryptonians to kneel before "Argo's salvation".

Superman and Saturn Girl find Doomsday, the hulking brute having almost killed off the Eradicators and caused mass panic in the city.