This bent chisel was damaged when Lex stabbed an invulnerable Kal in the Kent barn.

Physical Appearance

The chisel has a brown wood handle with attached metal. The tip of the chisel is bent and curled up in four major spots.

Early History

The chisel originally belonged to Jonathan Kent. He stored it in his barn.

Season Six

While Clark was infected with red kryptonite and became Kal, Lex stabbed him with the chisel. Because of Clark's invulnerability, the chisel bent and fell to the ground.

Lana somehow gained possession of the chisel and kept it safe, storing it in her bedroom drawers. (Trespass). She wrapped it in a red cloth, similar to the one she had for the Air Crystal. She was examining it when a stalker took a picture of her.

The bent chisel tool made Lana suspicious of Clark. Later, she found that the bent chisel had been stolen.

Lex later told Clark that he knew about the bent chisel.



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Chloe: I don't think Lex would have minded a picture of you in your lingerie.
Lana: It's the chisel. I think Lex stabbed Clark with it after the engagement dinner.
Chloe: So, all of this secrecy is about that which we do not speak of?
Lana: Chloe, I'm just... I just want your help catching this guy. I'll find out the explanation about Clark on my own.
Season Six, Trespass

Chloe: She's a lot closer than you think, Clark. This is a picture that creep sent Lana on her cellphone. Anything look familiar?
Clark: (looks at photo) That's my dad's chisel. Did she see Lex stab me?
Chloe: She doesn't know what she saw. But, Clark, she's been orbiting your secret for years, and I think she may finally be coming in for a landing.
Season Six, Trespass

Lex: I saw what happened when I stabbed you with that chisel, Clark. That thing accordioned like it hit solid rock. I don't know why I needed so badly to believe that you're more than human.
Clark: 'Cause nothing's ever good enough for you, Lex.
Lex: The truth would have been. You may be flesh and blood, but you've been hiding secrets from me since we met. You never trusted me.
Season Six, Nemesis