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Family Clark Kent ("genetic template")
Powers and
All Kryptonian powers (Demonstrated: Super strength, super speed, flight, heat vision, super hearing, invulnerability, healing factor, kryptonite energy absorption, genetic memory)
Played By Tom Welling
Status Deceased (Persona)
"I'm you, only a little more bizarre." – Bizarro, to Clark Kent, Phantom

Bizarro, or Bizarro Clark, was the last and possibly most dangerous Phantom wraith that escaped from the Phantom Zone. He was accidentally created in a laboratory on Krypton and was later discarded and sent to the Kryptonian prison by Jor-El and Martian Manhunter.

He escaped when Clark Kent opened a portal to Earth so he could escape from the Zone using the House of El gateway. Bizarro followed him and spent the next several weeks seeking a host that could sustain him, though humans could only serve as a host for up to 24 hours before he would need a new vessel.

Bizarro eventually confronted Clark and absorbed his DNA, allowing him to create an imperfect clone of the Kryptonian which would act as a permanent host body for Bizarro to inhabit, which also gave him Clark's powers. (Phantom)

Physical Appearance



It is unclear what Bizarro originally looked like before being stripped of his corporeal form and banished to the Phantom Zone. Upon his banishment there, he became a phantom wraith. As a wraith, he had no actual form other than gray ripped pieces of clothing and a gray decayed looking body with an inhuman facial structure.

After escaping the zone, Bizarro took a piece of Clark Kent's DNA which gave him a permanent form that was identical to Clark's. In that form, his clothing choices were an inverse of Clark's. When he first appeared, he wore a navy blue jacket over a maroon shirt. He also wore the dark blue jacket and bright red shirt combination that Clark was seen wearing in the show's early seasons. His voice was also noticeably deeper than Clark's.

When exposed to strong levels of sunlight, Bizarro's skin became a gray stone-like substance and broke away when exposed to more direct levels of sunlight, revealing chunks of what appeared to be bright green flesh.


"This creature was discarded at birth as a poor imitation. He was shown no compassion, no conscience. Therefore, he has none. He knows only one thing: Survival." – Martian Manhunter, to Clark, Bizarro

Bizarro enjoys killing an innocent.

As a wraith, Bizarro appeared to have no moral qualms. He was obsessed with finding a Kryptonian to create a natural body for himself and be made whole and has probably killed dozens, if not hundreds of Humans, often in a brutal fashion: both as a wraith and while posing as Clark. Bizarro seriously wounded the Martian Manhunter and killed at least two Humans by disemboweling them with his bare hands.


Bizarro flirts with Lois.

While posing as Clark, Bizarro seemed strangely affected by the genetic memories he shared with Clark as he began to kill people in a less indiscriminate fashion, decided against revealing Clark's powers to the town's populace and steadily increased his attempts to integrate himself into society.


Bizarro is heartbroken after being betrayed by Lana.

He also found himself developing strong human emotions from his genetic template, such as his feelings for both Lois Lane and Lana Lang. Brainiac even taunted him for falling in love with a human like Kal-El did. He opened up to Lana in ways that apparently Clark never did. He did develop true feelings of love for Lana, even after she betrayed and killed him with blue Kryptonite. He did however have some heroism in him, such as when he saved Chloe and Jimmy from the bomb in the Daily Planet elevator in which he only did that so he wont brought suspicions among him and blow his cover of him posing has the real Clark Kent (due to at the entire time Clark was punished and frozen at the Fortress of Solitude for disobeying his father.)

An amoral sociopath, Bizarro did things Clark would never do. He hit on Lois by grabbing her buttocks (but accepted when she rejected him) and was willing to kill in order to survive. Bizarro was also very confident, regarding himself as every bit Clark's superior.

Powers & Abilities

"You're no match for my strength." – Bizarro, to Clark, Bizarro

Bizarro, as an incorporeal entity, a wraith, had the ability to levitate and or fly. Because of his lack of a body, he needed to possess or use human bodies to maintain and materialize himself but only for up to 24 hours before their biological functions shut down as a result of his presence and ultimately die. He could also increase the physical strength and speed of his vessel to superhuman levels, regardless of the physical condition of the host, as seen while inside the body of an elderly man, Bizarro tore a hole in the Martian Manhunter's stomach before punching him skyward, as well as he appeared in front of his host's daughter before she could react and while in possession of a small boy's body, he dragged a grown man across a room.

Bizarro could somehow visually distinguish between humans and aliens, as he instantly recognized Clark as a Kryptonian and also saw through the human disguise used by Martian Manhunter, who sent Bizarro into the Phantom Zone before Krypton exploded. He was also immune to the Crystal of El's anti-phantom powers.

Perhaps most impressively, Bizarro could also extract DNA from a Kryptonian, using it to create a body for himself and - in turn - obtain his target's superpowers and memories. After duplicating Clark's body, Bizarro used his newfound knowledge to successfully fool Clark's friends and displayed a level of Kryptonian ability superior to that of Clark. The Martian Manhunter highlighted this when he stated the Bizarro was "more powerful" than Clark himself. This declaration could be due to the fact that Bizarro had fewer weaknesses although it could be argued that it was because he displayed more acute control over all his powers, evidenced by his ability to fly:


Bizarro absorbing green kryptonite.

  • Kryptonite Absorption - The imperfect duplication of Clark's powers gave Bizarro the ability to absorb and metabolize the radiation of Green kryptonite in the same manner that normal Kryptonians absorb yellow sunlight. The metabolization of kryptonite is probably a continuous process rather than an abrupt one, given the fact that Bizarro's flesh appeared green after absorbing large amounts of green kryptonite. Bizarro showed himself capable of absorbing massive amounts of this radiation which, one can assume, fuelled his powers in a similar way to how Solar energy fuelled Clark's. Nevertheless, the energy absorption was depicted as somewhat overwhelming for Bizarro in contrast to Clark's harmless absorption of yellow sunlight implying that Bizarro is able to derive more energy from it. Furthermore, the absorption process seems to require a certain proximity to kryptonite but no direct contact. In Persona, he stated that the absorption process is at least largely involuntary.

Bizarro about to punch Clark using a combination of his strength and speed.

  • Super Strength - Upon duplicating Clark's body, Bizarro could physically overpower and kill grown humans with ease. Regardless of the physical condition of his host, whether a young child or a withered old man, he was strong enough to drag a grown man's corpse across a room and punch a hole in the Martian Manhunter's otherwise-invulnerable stomach. Even while in his wraith form he was powerful enough to send Clark through a thick concrete wall and across the floor with a single super-speed impact. He generally proved a physical match for Clark upon obtaining a Kryptonian body, weakening only when exposed to direct yellow sunlight.

    Bizarro flies out of the dam

  • Super Speed - Bizarro could run extraordinarilly fast, faster than a speeding bullet, allowing him to catch projectiles in mid air.
  • Flight - Due to the fact that Bizarro is a phantom wraith and unlike Clark, he has complete control over this ability. (Phantom)

Bizarro's heat vision.

  • Heat Vision - As with all of the other powers he gained from extracting Clark's DNA, Bizarro's heat vision spurts out more erratically than Clark's does and it appears to heat the air to the point of ionization, with lightning-like bolts suggesting that it is hotter. However Bizarro's heat vision seems to exert less physical force than Clark's and appears as orange fire than the red waves of heat emitted by normal Kryptonians.
  • Healing Factor - Much like Clark, Bizarro also heals much faster than normal humans. Unlike Clark, Bizarro is only slightly pained by contact with green kryptonite, which can actually be used to assist in the self-healing process and greatly increase his physical strength. However in the absence of Green kryptonite it appears that his healing factor is significantly slower than Clark's.
  • S8Credits-00019-0

    Bizarro uses his Super Hearing

    Invulnerability - Upon duplicating Clark's body, Bizarro's already-impressive physical threshold was further enhanced to the point that he can only be harmed by other aliens and superpowered beings.
  • Super Hearing - Bizarro's hearing was enhanced upon replicating some of Clark's DNA and it proved accurate enough to allow him to hear a bomb ticking at the top of the Daily Planet.


"How do I stop someone who has all my powers and none of my weaknesses?" – Clark, to Martian Manhunter, Bizarro
Bizarro exposed to sun

Bizarro's body distorts after being exposed to sunlight


Being a failed lab-experiment, Bizarro could only survive and restore a stable and natural structure with Kryptonian DNA. His vessels were unable to retain him and constantly needed feeding on human organs to survive. While Bizarro was designed to have no real weaknesses, when he was made whole from the DNA sample he siphoned from Clark changed that and he found that elements that strengthened Clark would weaken him and vice versa.

Blue K kills Bizarro

Bizarro is overloaded with power and his body begins to explode.

  • Yellow Sunlight - For example, exposure to the rays of a yellow sun stripped him of much of his invulnerability, decreased his strength, as well as transform his skin into jagged stone. Although sunlight does not appear to have the same instant fatal effects on Bizarro as Kryptonite on Clark, large quantities of sunlight cause him pain and break away chunks of his skin, as was shown when Clark punched him into the sky.
  • Blue Kryptonite - Furthermore, he was highly vulnerable to blue kryptonite as direct contact with it imbued him with so much strength that his body - unable to cope with the stress of such sudden power - would self-destruct within a few seconds of making contact with it. Technically, this can be interpreted as an extreme example of his ability to absorb kryptonite radiation that simultaneously weakens Clark.

Early life

Bizarro was created in a laboratory on the planet Krypton. Shunned by their society as a poor imitation of life, he was shown no compassion or acceptance and began to loathe life and bore a particular hatred towards Kryptonians, eventually becoming uncontrollable. It was then that Jor-El and the Science Council decided to strip Bizarro of his corporeal form and place his essence inside the Phantom Zone and Jor-El called upon the Martian Manhunter to assist him in this task.

Season Six

"Thanks for sharing. I feel a lot better now." – Bizarro, to Clark, Phantom
Sv601 0762

Bizarro in Argentina, as a wraith.

In 2006, when Clark Kent escaped from the Phantom Zone, several of the other prisoners, including Bizarro, followed him back to Earth. Bizarro burst out of Iguazu Falls, Argentina and began a desperate search to find a Kryptonian body, inhabiting human hosts to survive. He killed a couple making a tourist video: Lex Luthor obtained this video, which was stolen by his wife Lana Lang, who gave it to her father-in-law Lionel Luthor. Lex and Lionel then simultaneously began tracking the wraith.


Bizarro in a human host.

Bizarro inhabited an old man in Quebec, Canada, when the Martian Manhunter found him and was subsequently injured by the phantom. Lex's men arrived shortly after, but Bizarro left the old man's body and proceeded to possess and kill a mail carrier in a neighboring village.

622Smallville0903 (1)

Bizarro in Philip's body.

Eventually, Bizarro took control of a young boy named Philipe Lamont. Lex abducted the child and brought him to Reeves Dam to extract the boy's mutated DNA and empower his army of super-soldiers. The possessed boy broke free and killed Bartlett, Lex's project assistant, as well as Dr. Donovan Jamison. Clark arrived as Lex escaped the wraith. Bizarro left Philipe's body through his mouth and passed through Clark's body to create a permanent body using Clark's Kryptonian DNA

True Form

Bizarro flies out of the dam.

Clark was momentarily stunned, but soon awakened to find an exact duplicate of himself with Bizarro dwelling inside of it and the two began a super-powered battle that tore the dam apart. Lionel arrived with a chunk of green kryptonite and tried to weaken Bizarro with it, unaware that it would strengthen him. Bizarro was then able to overpower Clark, sending him flailing through the air uncontrollably.

Season Seven

"Hey, Clark! You ever wonder what would happen to all of these humans if you weren't here to play savior? I know you do; you'd just never admit it." – Bizarro, to Clark, Bizarro

Bizarro faces off with Clark

Bizarro flew after Clark and continued their battle upon finding him in a forest. Clark managed to gain the upper hand when Bizarro stepped into the sunlight and Bizarro was punched away and impaled on a power line pole. After killing a man with a burst of heat vision, Bizarro then went to Clark's loft at the Kent Farm and healed himself using Clark's chunk of green kryptonite.


Bizarro uses Lex.

Wanting to strike a deal with Lex, Bizarro made his way to the Luthor Mansion where he met Lois Lane and came onto her. Under the impression she was interacting with Clark, Lois responded by letting Bizarro down gently at first, then slapping him when he grabbed her backside.


Bizarro is launched into the sky by Clark.

Bizarro located Lex and was taken to an area of Reeves Dam that housed more kryptonite, only for Lex to double-cross him. After knocking Lex unconscious, Bizarro fought with Clark again and was punched upward toward the sun. The Martian Manhunter then caught Bizarro and flew off into space, trapping Clark's doppelgänger on Mars.


"Clark" is actually Bizarro.

Bizarro re-appeared months later after escaping Mars and the Martian Manhunter. He escaped indirectly by Zor-El after he eclipsed the sun in the solar system allowing Bizarro a brief window to escape and fly back to Earth. After returning to Smallville he found Clark gone, as well as devised a plan take over Clark's life and managed to avoid suspicion from most of Clark's friends.

When Bizarro told Lana Lang that he wanted to help take Lex down, Lana revealed to him her lab at the Isis Foundation where she was attempting to care for Casey Brock, who had been poisoned by Brainiac. Bizarro recognized that Brock was speaking Kryptonian and sought out Chloe Sullivan's help to translate it, coincidentally saving her and Jimmy Olsen from an explosive device. Together, they learned that Brainiac was attempting to reboot itself.


Bizarro allied with Brainiac.

Bizarro tracked down Brainiac to ask him for a way to live under the sun and take Clark's place permanently. Brainiac was too weak to help him, but divulged that a Kryptonian scientist named Dax-Ur, who could be located with a shield, could help. Bizarro went to the Fortress of Solitude to look for the shield and alerted Jor-El to his presence, which led to Clark being freed from his icy imprisonment to put a stop to his lookalike's plan. Bizarro again asked Chloe for help, but his behavior made her question if he was really Clark: she was proven correct when Clark returned. Lana was also informed of Bizarro's charade and was shocked to realize that she had been living with an impostor for over a month.


Lana discovers that in fact it was Bizarro and not Clark.

However, Brainiac was using both Bizarro and Clark to locate Dax-Ur for himself. While posing as Lionel, Brainiac told Clark that he could acquire a supply of blue kryptonite from Dax-Ur and use it to destroy Bizarro. Meanwhile, Bizarro followed Lana to Oliver Queen's apartment and Lana called Clark for help when she saw Bizarro's true appearance in the sunlight.


Bizarro is destroyed.

Clark arrived, but was powerless once he opened the lead box containing the blue kryptonite: as such, he was left unable to get close enough to Bizarro to defeat him. Finally, Lana declared her love for Bizarro, which lowered his guard long enough for her to place the blue kryptonite in his hand. Shortly before exploding, Bizarro then reciprocated Lana's feelings. His last words were "I love you".


In the Comics


Bizarro as he appears in the comics

Bizarro, based on the different eras of the comics, has seen an abundance of different origin stories and histories.

General Dru-Zod had originally created bizarro duplicates of himself to dominate the planet Krypton. The bizarros had no power because they were not under a yellow sun, but they were soldiers ready to kill and die without hesitation. This was the reason why Zod was banished to the Phantom Zone for 25 Krypton sun-cycles (Phantom Zone #1). The original Bizarro was created in a laboratory accident. A scientist was demonstrating his newly invented "duplicating ray" to Superboy, testing it on a radium pellet and a jewel. However, the duplicated radium was non-radioactive and the jewel melted. The scientist then stumbled and knocked the machine, inadvertently creating an imperfect Superboy. Although the scientist insisted the duplicate was not alive, it nonetheless escaped from the lab. Although Bizarro wanted to be accepted, his appearance and erratic behavior scared people, especially since he had no idea of his own super-strength. He was befriended by a blind girl, shortly before Superboy realized the remains of the machine would act as kryptonite to him. Bizarro headed straight towards Superboy, having somehow realized that the shockwave from his destruction would cure his friend's blindness.

There have been at least two different Bizarros in current continuity. The first Bizarro created appeared in Man of Steel #5 (1986) and made several attempts to "be" Superman, including wearing a jacket and glasses over his costume, although leaving it visible. He was apparently not capable of speech. As his non-living matter was continually flaking off, he was destroyed when he and Superman smashed into each other. In a modern parallel, this Bizarro also somehow realized that his destruction would cure someone else's blindness (in this case, Lucy Lane, Lois Lane's sister).

Lex Luthor later re-created Bizarro to see if it would offer insight into how to stop the "Clone Plague." This Bizarro escaped and kidnapped Lois, taking her to "Bizarro World," a warehouse set up like a surreal version of Metropolis. He subjected her to danger, so that he would be able to rescue her from it. Lois managed to escape and Bizarro was re-captured by LexCorp, where it subsequently died.

778543-758607 cover final super

Bizarro mourns Jonathan Kent: all in his own way.

The current incarnation of Bizarro was created by Batman villain The Joker after stealing the powers of Mr. Mxyzptlk as part of Emperor Joker's own twisted universe later saved by Mxyzptlk. This Bizarro later joined the Secret Society of Super Villains after a race with Zoom, the outcome being irrelevant as Bizarro's complicated speech patterns made the initial deal unsure. Lex Luthor would later make Bizarro a much more violent creature by keeping him captive in a room with a television for over a year.


Bizarro as he appears in modern publications.

In most comics, Bizarro's speech patterns use opposite words in place of the proper versions. For instance, if he says, "Goodbye, me no am Bizarro," that statement would mean, "Hello, I am Bizarro." Some incarnations portray him as being gentle (if destructively careless) and confused rather than actually malevolent. In addition, some incarnations of the character depict him having reversed versions of some of Superman's superpowers, such as having the ability to breathe fire and freeze things with his eyes instead of cold-tinged super breath and heat vision, respectively.

In the comic, blue kryptonite is Bizarro's traditional weakness. However, in Smallville, it overloads him with powers to the point of self-destruction: in the comics, blue kryptonite weakens and could theoretically kill Bizarro the way that green kryptonite does to Kryptonians.


  • According to the Martian Manhunter in a deleted scene from Labyrinth, Bizarro makes Zod look like child's play.
  • The doppelgänger was never actually referred to as Bizarro, but mostly as "the phantom" or "the wraith." Even Jor-El and John Jones who possessed detailed knowledge about Bizarro's existence only labeled him as "the last phantom". Chloe once referred to him as "Bizarro-Clark." He has also been described as "bizarre" by several characters, including himself. In addition, one of the episodes he was featured in was called Bizarro.
  • Bizarro absorbed the kryptonite radiation in a similar way to how Clark's spaceship did. This is perhaps only similar neutralization of the kryptonite, however: when Clark inserted the kryptonite key into his ship in Exodus, the kryptonite did not charge the ship, but in fact caused it to self-destruct. This reinforces the idea that, while both occasions caused the green kryptonite to turn clear, it was a neutralizing effect from the ship and an energy-leeching by Bizarro.
  • This version of Bizarro is similar to Ultraman from the original comics, as both gain strength from green kryptonite and are both weakened by Earth's yellow sun.
  • Bizarro's wraith appearance, resembles Dragon Ball Z's character, Piccolo, who James Marsters (Brainiac) played in a live-action film, Dragonball Evolution.
  • Clark's fight with Bizarro marked the second time he fought a double of himself: the shape-shifting Tina Greer was in the form of a copy of him when the two of them faced off in Visage, although Tina lacked Bizarro's level of power.
  • Bizarro was rumored in Bizarro to have been trapped by the Martian Manhunter on the sunny side of Mars. Because of Bizarro's vulnerability to sunlight, this would have reduced his powers and potentially made it difficult for him to fly back to Earth. This may perhaps also be considered a nod to elements of the DC Comics continuity, where the corrupt Superboy-Prime was left stranded without a yellow sun for power, perhaps fittingly the opposite of what happens to Clark's opposite Bizarro.
  • According to producers, his return in Gemini was made possible by the solar eclipse that Zor-El caused in Blue.[1] Normal solar eclipses occur when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partially obscuring Earth's view of the Sun. Zor-El's solar eclipse may have been broader in scope, blocking out the Sun throughout the solar system.
  • Al Gough left Bizarro's return in the future open, saying "There is ALWAYS a chance that this guy could show up."[2]
  • Bizarro, being the most powerful Phantom Zone prisoner Clark has encountered, is one of two main antagonists of Season Six. The other is Lex. He is also a supporting antagonist in season seven.
  • Bizarro was the fourth main antagonist to die.
  • Although Bizarro is shown to have heat vision and presumably super breath like Clark's, he possesses more "bizarre" versions of these powers in the comics, namely heat breath and ice vision.
  • This Bizarro is based on the first Bizarro, a Frankenstien like being, who was rejected by society due to his monster-like appearance, rather than the Bizarro of modern publications, with whom he shared more differences than similarities. Both this and the silver age Bizarro had a crystalline skin, wanted the life Clark had and did not speak in the backward language modern Bizarro speaks in. It also contains some similarities to the Bizarro clones Zod made in order to take over Krypton.
  • Bizarro never interacted with Jimmy or Kara, but he did save Jimmy and Chloe from the explosive bomb in Gemini.
  • Bizarro was seen in one of Clark's trials in Finale, Part 2.

Other faces of Bizarro


Bizarro: Thanks for sharing. I feel a lot better now.
Clark: What just happened?
Bizarro: I took a little piece of your DNA. (chokes Clark) And now, I'm gonna take your life!
Season Six, Phantom

Bizarro: Hey, Clark! You ever wonder what would happen to all of these humans if you weren't here to play savior? I know you do; you'd just never admit it.
Clark: You don't know anything about me.
Bizarro: No, Clark, I know everything about you. I didn't just borrow your DNA; I have all your memories. All your thoughts. Every last twisted one of them. When I'm living your life, I won't make those same mistakes.
Season Seven, Bizarro

Bizarro: (provoking Clark) You had the existence I could only dream of. Every pleasure at your disposal and you wasted it. You don't deserve this life, Clark, but I do.
Season Seven, Bizarro

Bizarro: (referring to Clark) I know what's in his mind, Lana. He doesn't love you like I do.
Clark: That's a lie!
Bizarro: You're lying, Clark, to yourself! You're so worried about doing the right thing that you don't even see it.
Season Seven, Persona

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