• ImperiexSeed

    Your favorite

    September 6, 2016 by ImperiexSeed

    Who's your favorite character, and why-

    What's your favorite season, and why-

    What's your favorite episode, and why-

    Who's your favorite meteor-freak, supporting villain, and main villain, and why-

    What's your favorite superpower, and why-

    What are some of your favorite effects used on the show-

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  • Ghost snake 2

    hello to the characters lack enhance the description, physical appearance , such as body type, the shape of the face , and the various versions of comic and animated film, as kara, superman batman apocalypse, too of (cheetah) Justice League , poison ivy and comic books as gotham city sirens etc   ,please

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  • Eltonk56

    Smallville wikia app

    December 10, 2015 by Eltonk56

    Would anyone on this wikia be able to find out how to turn this wikia into an app? Several other wikia's such as the walking dead are getting apps and it would be awesome if we could get this wikia into an app

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  • Nessie0799

    Davis Bloome

    July 23, 2015 by Nessie0799
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  • Nessie0799


    July 23, 2015 by Nessie0799

    Doomsday was sent to Smallville to kill Clark.​ His real name was Davis Bloome.

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  • Demolition18

    Fan Fiction

    July 22, 2015 by Demolition18

    There could be fan entries on the shows. I have 4 entries on the show to follow it. The first is taking place half a decade after Clark Kent became Superman. Those entries of mine are ideas for television movies. 

    Fourth Reich 

    Legion of Doom 

    Ultimate Villain Showdown 

    Final Crisis 

    I have ideas for pre leigion of doom. Maybe following the ending of the episode Finale Superman w…

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  • Harry lewis

    Lewis kent

    June 15, 2015 by Harry lewis

    Aka new superman Biological family Jor el father deceased Lara el Kryptonian side Lew el Adoptive family Jonathan kent father deceased Marttha kent mother Clark kent twin brother Marital family Lana lang Wife Henry small father in law Laura lang mother in law All kryptonian Powers and abilities House of el Kents

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  • Harry lewis

    man of steel

    June 15, 2015 by Harry lewis

    Lewis Kent aka New superman Biological family Jor el father deceased Lara el mother deceased Kryptonian Side Lew el Adoptive family Jonathen Kent father deceased Martha Kent mother Clark Kent twin brother Marital family Lana Lang wife henry small father in Law Laura Lang mother in law

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  • Forrestib

    So most of you probably know about Gotham at this point. It's basically Smallville, except for Batman. Episode 1 is Bruce's parents dying when he's only twelve years old. We're only a season in and he's already started some basic training with Alfred.

    Right now the show is as much about Jim Gordon and The Penguin as it is about Bruce. But I think that will change as Bruce gets closer to his eventual heroic destiny. The question is, with so many similarities between them, what can Gotham learn from Smallville's mistakes?

    I think the first and most important thing they can do, is to not get too attached to the way things are. Because by the very nature of the series, they have to change in order to get to the Gotham that first-year Batman is r…

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  • Earth-742

     DC Heroes remains one of my favorite RPGs. Long out of print and more RPGs {Superhero & others) have come and gone than i can hope to count, yet i love it as much as i did when i first got it and started running Adventures with it. If not More!

     Sadly, being out of print has its up and downs. I got the 3rd Edition from a local game store and later found a pdf copy of it online. More recently i was able to download a usable pdf of module 233, The Superman Sourcebook (1987). But trying to find more I have hit a ton of dead ends, malware and adware traps. I'm hoping some DC fans in the various wikia communities can help me find more of these Lost Treasures.

     The moudules i'm looking for (pdf prefereably) the most are: Green Lantern Corps…

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