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Bridgette Crosby
Occupation Emissary Assistant of Dr. Swann
Played By Margot Kidder
Status Deceased (Spirit)
"But I do know what it's like to love somebody whose calling's greater than your own." - Bridgette Crosby, Crusade

Dr. Bridgette Crosby was the emissary assistant of Dr. Virgil Swann and a member of Veritas.

Early lifeEdit

Bridgette Crosby met Dr. Swann during her youth and was working with him at the Swann Foundation on finding the Stones of Power for him, as she also knew information about Clark being Kal-El of Krypton.

It is implied that at one time, Virgil and Bridgette had a relationship.

Season FourEdit

"Martha, the only challenge to a father's will... is a mother's love." - Bridgette Crosby, (Crusade)
Bridgette talking with Martha.
RoR-ElAdded by RoR-El

Three months after Clark was captured by Jor-El and became the mindless drone Kal-El, Dr. Crosby confronted Martha Kent and convinced her to let her help, but couldn't do much. She advised Martha to face Kal-El and provided a chunk of black kryptonite to free him of Kal-El and return to being Clark.

Bridgette receives the crystal of Water from Edgar.
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A few months later, when Edgar Cole was released from prison, he met with Bridgette and he handed her the Water Stone after retrieving it from Clark and Lionel's body switch.

After Virgil Swann died, Clark tried to find her to get the stone she had, but Crosby had disappeared entirely.

Bridgette's body buried at the Luthor Mansion
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Some time during her disappearance, she sent e-mails to Lex Luthor about the artifact that she had and would meet with him. She was found by Jason Teague, who hacked into Lex's e-mails and killed Dr. Crosby to get the Water Stone. Jason planted her body, half buried, in the ground. It was found in the woods and Lex was taken to see it. Lex had managed to "clean up" and her body was moved as a gazebo was placed where it once was, like Jason and Genevieve had planned.

In The ComicsEdit

Bridgette Crosby as she appears in the comics
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Along with Dr. Kitty Faulkner, John Henry Irons, Ray Palmer, as well as Dr. Sarah Charles, Dr. Bridgette Crosby was a part of Team Superman, a group of scientists trying to cure Superman of kryptonite poisoning in the "Critical Condition" storyline. At S.T.A.R. Labs, they shrunk Team Superman down to microscopic size in order to go inside Superman, find the tumor and cut it out before it was too late.

Bridgette shrunk down Steel, Supergirl and Superboy to go inside him and destroy the cancer tumor. (Out of which General Zod created the creature called Kancer).


  • Crosby's ID card reveals that her date of birth is October 17, 1948 and that her address is West 56th Street.
  • The death of Bridgette Crosby is one of the elements that has left more plot hole stories in the series.[citation needed]


Margot Kidder as Lois Lane.
TG90Added by TG90
  • Margot Kidder (Bridgette Crosby) also played Lois Lane in the Superman movies of the 1970s and 1980s, alongside the late Christopher Reeve (Dr. Virgil Swann).
  • Margot Kidder's character came on the show as a replacement for Virgil Swann after Christopher Reeve's death. Kidder was brought in after Al Gough spoke to Reeve in the summer about appearing again on the series, but Reeve was directing a film and unavailable for the season premiere.
  • Kidder's character was introduced before Reeve's death. Originally, the executive producers thought she was a good person to help fill in around Dr. Swann, give him some other people [to work with] and their plan was to bring Chris back later in the season and have him in a scene with Margot and Tom.[1]
  • With Reeve's death, the story arc the producers planned won't would have the hugely dramatic effect, but the introduction of Crosby still gave them a link to Reeve. Gough said that "there is some key information he was going to provide, but that now she'll provide it". They planned a scene where Bridgette announces Dr. Swann's death, but the actress disapproved the idea and quit her job on the series. Then the producers killed the character off-screen. Kidder described the show's initial concept as "exploitative" and "tasteless".[2][3]
  • The way Bridgette's body was buried was a reference to "Superman: The movie" where Lois Lane was buried under the Earth because of an earthquake.


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