This article is about Bruce Wayne of Earth-13. For his Earth doppelganger, see Bruce Wayne.
Bruce Wayne
Family Thomas Wayne (father, deceased) Martha Wayne (mother, deceased)
Powers and
Genius intellect, master detective, peak human strength and agility, skilled hand-to-hand combatant
Status Alive
Last Seen Alien

Bruce Wayne is a criminal and the doppelganger of Batman from a parallel Earth known as Earth-13.

Physical Appearance

While being under the guise of his alter ego, Bruce wears a torn mockery of the Batsuit with his face painted with makeup similar to Joker's.

Powers and Abilities


Early History

Not much is known about Bruce's past except from the fact that he murdered his parents when he was still a child.

At some point after he became an adult he adopted a secret identity and became a sadistic criminal, tormenting the citizens of Gotham City. He also murdered a young woman named Barbara Gordon, who was presumably his partner, while she was paralyzed and in a wheelchair.

A young man named Clark Kent, who was a hero wannabe, found out his true identity and revealed it to the police. Because of that Clark became his next target, but when the criminal went after him, his homeworld was already being destroyed by the Monitors, so he followed Clark inside a portal, which transported both to a parallel Earth.

Season Eleven

JK-Smallville - Alien 011-003

Batman attacks Bruce Wayne.

After being transported to an alternate Gotham City he found Clark and beat him to death, leaving his lifeless body on the street. 


Bruce Wayne stabs Nightwing.

Later, Lois Lane and Nightwing discover an underground tunnel with the footsteps of the murderer coming out of it. In the morgue, Batman and Commissioner Gordon examine the body of the deceased Clark. Batman scans the body with a device, finding DNA samples from the murderer, which reveal something he says he'd rather not share.

Bruce confronts Batman and Nightwing at an abandoned park called Amusement Mile, the one that the Joker often used as his refuge. He throws Batman and Nightwing explosive balls, incapacitating Batman momentarily, and stepping out of the smoke revealing himself.

Bruce confesses his crime to Batman.

 Batman fights with his doppelganger, and the fight seemingly ends in a draw but surprisingly Bruce overpowers Batman.

Nightwing intervenes but she gets stabbed in the belly by the villain, who tells her that she is funnier than his Barbara, who didn't put much of a fight when he murdered her, and this causes the wrath of Batman, which he needed to beat his opponent.

Sm alien 4-07

Knox and alternate Bruce Wayne in their cell.

Bruce then confesses that he did murder the Clark of his world and asks Batman if there is an Arkham Asylum on this world, saying to him to better kill him now and not take him there. Batman responds by saying he doesn't kill because of what happened to his parents and Bruce reveals he murdered his.

It is revealed that Bruce was imprisoned by Martian Manhunter in a holding facility on Mars, with other prisoners like Curtis Knox, somewhere he would have difficulty escaping from.

In the Comics

This character is an amalgamation of the famous DC characters, The Joker and Batman. Through the years there have been many similar characters in the comics, created through the combination of the legacies of these two characters, mostly appearing in Elseworlds stories.

In Batman: Two Faces, Bruce Wayne creates a potion, which would cure Two Face from his dual personality. Finalizing the potion, Bruce tests it on himself. Thanks to the potion he gains super-human strength so he decides to put together a costume and battle crime. It is later revealed that the potion created a second personality inside Bruce's head, the massmurderer known as the Joker. Eventually, Batman tries took take control of his body and kill "The Joker" personality by killing himself.

In the alternate future of Batman: I, Joker, Joker's last descendant, Joe Collins, challenges a despotic tyrant known as The Bruce, who is ruling Gotham City as a man-god by maintaining control of the mob. After defeating The Bruce, he becomes a new grinning Batman and takes back the city.

Other characters from the Batman lore have also taken up the mantle of The Joker, like Martha Wayne, Bruce's mother, in Flashpoint and Tim Drake, former Robin, in the Batman Beyond universe.

In The Dark Knight Strikes Again, which takes place in the alternate world of Earth-31, Dick Grayson, who was fired by Batman in disgrace for gross incompetence, went through an experimental procedure that made him nigh immortal through cellular regeneration, and he was actually driven insane. He became the second Joker after the death of the original, and murdered several retired superheroes. After attempting to murder Catgirl (Carrie Kelley), Batman finally killed him by throwing him into lava and extinguishing all of his cells simultaneously.

A Jokerized Batman was also featured in the New 52's crossover event between Batman related titles, called Death of the Family, where Joker after abducting Damian Wayne (Robin) presents to him a brainwashed by the Joker toxin, Batman, telling Damian that he has to kill his father or else Batman will kill him. Unwilling to kill him, Damian chooses death, but the Joker kills Batman, who in the end is revealed to be a fake.


  • The black and yellow bat symbol on Bruce's costume is a nod to one of Batman's early batsuits in the comics.
  • Bruce's torn costume also resembles Catwoman's costume from the 1992 film Batman Returns.
  • He may also be a representation of Owlman, Batman's alternate reality villainous counterpart from the Crime Syndicate and Crime Society supervillain teams, even though he is not from the same Earth as Ultraman (Clark Luthor).
    • The first Owlman of the Post Infinite Crisis Earth-3, who was a member of the Crime Society, displayed personality traits similar to the typical portrayal of the Joker as a murderous maniac.

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