Buffy Sanders
Occupation President of Tri-Psi sorority at Metropolis University
Powers and
Super Strength, Healing Factor, Super Smell, Super Speed
Played By Brooke Nevin
Status Deceased
"Welcome to the most prestigious and exclusive sorority ever at Metropolis University. We are the richest. We are the prettiest. We are the best. Over the next few days, many of you will be disappointed, but if you are insanely cool and very, very lucky, you might just be chosen to be a Tri Psi and if that happens, it'll change your life forever." - Buffy Sanders, to Tri-Psi pledges, Thirst

Buffy Sanders was the vampire president of the Tri-Psi sorority at Metropolis University.

Powers and Abilities

The kryptonite vampire virus granted Buffy many superhuman abilities. She didn't display all her abilities, however her vampire "progeny" (including Lana) have displayed the known full extent of her powers. These abilities could be passed to others by the sharing of blood.

  • Super Strength - Buffy was stronger than humans, but not nearly as strong as Kryptonians or most other superhumans. To the point of slapping a grown man across a room. This power even enabled her to super leap.
  • Healing Factor - Buffy could still get hurt, but could heal from a wound instantly, such as broken bones, trauma, etc.
  • Super Speed - She could move around incredibly quickly, disappearing from a scene in an instant.
  • Longevity - Buffy claimed that she, Lana, as well as the other vampires would live forever.
  • Super Smell - Buffy could smell blood from afar.
  • Power Leech - By drinking the blood of metahumans, she could acquire their powers. Whether this acquisition was permanent or temporary was never confirmed as Lana was cured after acquiring Clark's heat vision and Buffy was killed by Lana with said power.
  • Infectious Bite - Her saliva could infect her victim with a fatal rabies-like virus which attacked the red blood cells, preventing them from regenerating, while her blood infected others with vampirism.

Early life

She defined the sorority as the best on campus, with the richest and prettiest girls. Buffy was a victim of vampire bats that were exposed to green kryptonite and became an immortal vampire.

Season Five


Buffy prepares to turn Lana

Lana was forced to pledge Tri-Psi in order to find housing, since she had been accepted to Metropolis University so late. However, after she was accepted, Buffy revealed to her that the sorority sisters were actually vampires and turned Lana into a vampire by cutting her own tongue and making Lana drink her blood with a kiss. While doing some digging for her story for Pauline Kahn, Chloe discovered that none of the girls who joined Tri-Psi left after joining and also that a Smallville girl, Buffy Sanders, had been trapped in a cave full of bats and was rescued by LuthorCorp. When Clark later talked to Lex about this, he revealed that kryptonite had been in the cave walls, mutating all animal and plant life in the cave. In the case of the bats, they were vampire bats affected by the kryptonite and bitten Buffy, who was infected with a strange strain of rabies that turned her into a vampire.


Buffy's final moments

Later, Chloe and Clark attended a Tri-Psi Halloween party to find Lana, who was caught by Chloe dancing a little too close with another guy. She confronted Lana about this and Lana bit her, but Clark came to her rescue. Buffy saw that Clark had seen Lana bite into Chloe and threatened to have the sorority feed on Lana unless she brought Clark back to them as a meal. Lana succeeded in doing this by biting into Clark while he was visiting Lex and in the process gained his strength and heat vision. Later, when the sorority sisters were about to feed on Clark, Lana stopped them, saying that he was not a normal guy and suggested that they turn him instead. This angered Buffy, who faced off with Lana, but Lana promptly incinerated her with a blast of heat vision.


  • A vampiric girl named "Buffy Sanders" is a fairly obvious parody or homage of Buffy Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • "Buffy Sanders" is not her real name: in Chloe's article describing the Tri-Psi sorority, she mentions that she has "changed the names to protect the vapid".
  • Also relating to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, James Marsters plays a part in the episode as Clark's professor. While Chloe is in the hospital he stops by stating that "vampires are not real" making it ironic, as he himself played Spike (a vampire) on Buffy and its spin-off show Angel.

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