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Cameron Chase
Occupation Special Agent of D.E.O.
Status Alive
Last Seen Lantern

Cameron Chase is an agent of D.E.O.

Physical Appearances

Cameron is a young, tall and physically fit African American woman with short black hair and amber eyes. She wears black trousers, a yellow short sleeve button up shirt with black shoulder holster on it and red earrings.


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Season Eleven


Chase tours Clark Kent inside the D.E.O.'s facility.


Chase explains that the "monks" are there to prevent evil forces from entering or leaving the facility.

Clark Kent is welcomed by special agent Cameron Chase to the D.E.O. headquarters. She presumes that he is here to continue the tour he began with Commander Trevor. Chase says that Trevor is on administrative leave at the moment. She also says that Director Bones strives for a greater level of transparency with the American public than their predecessor had. Clark asks why did they arrest an innocent super. Chase responds that this is a classified information and asks him how does he know about that. Clark answers that his fiance's father was at the scene. While they are talking, Clark scans with his X-ray vision all the floors of the facility. Then they meet a group of men, looking like monks, whom Chase simply calls employees, chanting a song which, according to her, keeps evil forces out of the facility. Clark adds that it must also help keep them inside, too. Cameron compliments Clark, saying he is a "clever one". She then gives him directions to the restroom.


Chase informs Bones about the attack inside the facility.

Cameron informs Bones that they are under attack by a hostile force, who aim the monks, who are supposed to protect the facility. Bones realizes that Felix Faust leads the attack and that he actually played him. Chase tries to protect the monks but many of them get hurt. A wounded monk then tells her that they cannot maintain the magicks, that course through the facility much longer and she responds that she is aware of that.

Wonder Woman SV S11 010 1382120183679

Chase is saved by Diana.

At the D.E.O.'s headquarters, which is under siege, Cameron Chase tries to load her gun while a man is heading towards her. Diana takes out the man, with her lasso and defeats some more of Faust's other men. Chase then asks her who she is and Diana responds by saying they are going to find out.


Chase reassures Hippolyta that no one will follow them to her home island.

At Andrews A.F.B., General Lane accompanies Queen Hippolyta to the plane, that will transport her back to Paradise Island. Hippolyta asks agent Chase, who will be the pilot of the plane, to assure her that no one will follow them and Cameron tells her that they will not be followed or tracked because the plane is actually invisible so they will barely even seen. Then General Lane assures her that she is in good hands because Chase is a very good pilot.

At her Daily Planet office, Lois Lane and Oliver Queen hold a video-conference with Steve Trevor and Diana Prince about the theft on D.E.O.'s premises. Steve says that they dispatched Cameron and a field team their way.

Smallville - Lantern 006-011

Chase teams up with Green Arrow.

Oliver joins D.E.O.'s team, led by agent Chase in their search for the man who stole from its facilities. Chase asks what could Green Arrow bring to the table and Oliver says that he was the one who disabled all the traps they already walked through. When they find Prometheus, the mercenary attacks them with all kinds of weapons making them temporarily lose their hearing and sight. As he goes through the D.E.O.'s soldiers, he leaves Oliver for the end and after he takes him out, he says "Game on" and passes through a boom tube.

After the confrontation with Prometheus, Agent Chase is left in critical condition and another member of D.E.O.'s team is dead.


In the Comics


Cameron Chase as she appears in the comics.

Cameron was the eldest daughter of Walter Chase. Walter led a secret second life as little known hero the Acro-Bat who led of a team of altruistic but inexperienced heroes known as the Justice Experience. Walter was murdered by a deranged ex-scientist named Doctor Trap, who used his cybernetic jaws to tear the hero's throat out. Cameron blamed his death on the clandestine nocturnal antics that had made him a target. Dr. Trap later tried to kill Chase, but the Martian Manhunter intervened.

Former private detective Cameron Chase became one of the top agents in the Department of Extra-normal Operations, a branch of U.S. intelligence that keeps tabs on the Earth's meta-humans and supernatural beings. Working under Director Bones, Chase has discovered the alternate lives employed by the shape-changing Martian Manhunter. She has run a mission with the Suicide Squad against the Russian Mafia-controlled Rocket Reds and played bodyguard for the Teen Titans, during a toy store opening, and the Cult of the Broken Circle. While watching the Titans, she works with Booster Gold and Firehawk to stop an attack from the Clock King and his Clockwatchers. She also tried to deduce the true identity of the Batman, whom she mistakenly concluded that he was Alan Scott.

Cameron lived for sometime in Park Slope, Brooklyn with her boyfriend Peter Rice and her sister Terry. She is also a friend and former college roommate of Kate Spencer, a.k.a. Manhunter. She was briefly in a relationship with Kate's blackmailed assistant, Dylan Battles.

Later it is revealed that Dr. Trap is still alive and has kidnapped Terry. Eventually, Cameron finds Terry tied up in a wax museum with a piece of duct tape covering her mouth, furiously attempting to scream something to her beneath her gag. When Cameron removes the tape from Terry's mouth, she learns that the whole kidnapping was a setup, and is brutally attacked by Trap. At the last moment, both Cameron and Terry are saved by the timely intervention of Dylan Battles, wearing a version of the villain Firefly's napalm-suit.

In the New 52 Director Bones sends Chase to Gotham City in order to capture Batwoman, who is being investigated by the D.E.O. for possible connections to a terrorist cell. Chase attempts to arrest Batwoman during a confrontation at the Gotham waterfront, but Batwoman escapes after breaking's one of Cameron's arms.


  • Cameron Chase is traditionally depicted, in the comics, as a Caucasian, blonde woman but in Smallville, she appears to have darker skin color and short black hair.
  • Cameron was first mentioned by Bones in a previous issue, before her official appearance in Smallville Season 11 #64.
  • In the last issue of Olympus, Cameron Chase is mistakenly referred to as "Candy". Although it is considered a typographical error, interestingly enough in the comics, there is a character named Etta Candy, who is a supporting character in the Wonder Woman comics. Like Cameron Chase in Smallville, in the New 52 Etta's physical appearance has also been changed from being a Caucasian blonde woman to being an African American woman.

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