A list of Smallville inconsistencies that have occurred during its run.

Brainiac's power level

  • Brainiac's power level fluctuated inconsistently; in "Splinter," Brainiac was able to restrain Clark, but in "Solitude," the episode right after, Clark was able to overpower him, and then in "Oracle," Brainiac was able to restrain Clark and said he could snap his neck like a twig.

Davis Bloome's invulnerability

  • In "Bloodline," Davis became invulnerable to metallic weapons, yet in "Eternal," he cut himself with a knife cutting onions.

Doomsday's speed

  • In "Prey," Clark noted that Doomsday is as fast as lightning, however, in "Doomsday," he was frozen while Clark was running at super speed.


  • Clark told Raya that Jonathan always wanted to know what it felt like to have Kryptonians powers, like his son, but that he never did, which is not true, as he was given Jor-El's powers for a short period.

The after-state of Kryptonian vessels

  • When Jonathan took on the powers of Jor-El for a brief period, it hurt his heart after the powers left him, however, this hasn't happened with anyone else who has taken on Kryptonian powers temporarily, such as Eric, Jeremiah, Lionel, Lana, Rudy Jones, or Lois.


  • When Lex was transformed into another frequency, he couldn't physically touch the phone, but he could touch the floor with his feet.

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