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Captain Nichols
Captain Nichols
Occupation Former Pilot (LuthorCorp/Queen Industries)
Played By Colin Lawrence
Status Alive

Captain Nichols was a pilot for merged companies LuthorCorp and Queen Industries.

Season Eight

He was the pilot of the jet that was carrying CEO Tess Mercer and reporter Clark Kent to Los Angeles to announce the start of the Mercer Media Group. Tess began to question Clark hinting that she knows his secret and then asked Captain Nichols what the weather was like over Los Angeles as code for him to escape the plane which had a pre-planted bomb on it so that Clark would reveal his powers.

Captain Nichols then escaped the plane via parachute while Clark jumped out of the plane with an unconscious Tess. Captain Nichols then met with Tess to collect his fee for the staged plane crash and retiring from piloting.

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