Series  Smalllville Comic #8
Number  17
Writer  Clint Carpenter
Pencils  Renato Guedes
Inks  Renato Guedes
Colors  Renato Guedes
Lettering  Nick J. Napolitano
Publication Date 
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Now a resident of Belle Reve, Lex copes with being unable to prove his sanity. He also reflects on his discovery of Clark's powers.


It's been only a few days since Lex Luthor was admitted to Belle Reve Sanatorium. He dreams of his mother accusing him of hurting his baby brother. He awakens to learn that his doctor has granted him privileges to join the other patients in the ward. He is pleased to learn that his drugs will be administered in the open now. He believes he will need all his faculties to make sense of what he's learned about Clark Kent. He joins a group therapy session but says he won't be staying long and day dreams about Clark Kent coming to his rescue and using his powers and abilities to break him out. He imagines they will be great allies. He tells the group that he is in Belle Reve because his father murdered his parents and his psychiatrist conspired with him to make it look like he is crazy. The other patients admire his paranoia.

One month later, he asks a guard if he was able to get his message to Clark, but he hasn't. He's worried about Lionel. Lex is worried that Clark doesn't know where he is or that his parents are keeping him from visiting. He imagines using Clark and his abilities to get even with his father. When a fight breaks out among the patients over the last pudding cup, he realizes that he envies Clark and only wanted to use him, rather than help him. He vows to himself to be a true friend to Clark.

After four weeks, Lex is listening to someone in a group therapy session who thinks he can fly, and he starts to wonder if he really did see what he thinks he saw. He starts to wonder if he really is crazy and if he really ought to be taking his medication. Then an orderly arrives to tell him that a visitor named Kent will be arriving tomorrow. Lex is relieved and excited that his friend has finally come.


  • Captive means to be held under control of another but having the appearance of independence; being such involuntarily because of a situation that makes free choice or departure difficult.
  • In this story; Lex is held captive in Belle Reve and is unable to escape.



Belle Reve Doctor: Lex? Why don't you tell the group why you're here? We help each other by sharing our problems.
Lex: It's simple... I'm here because my father murdered his parents. My problem is that my own psychiatrist conspired with him to make me look crazy so the truth wouldn't get out.
Inmate: (Talking quietly) And they say we're nuts...

Lex: Did you deliver my message?
Guard: I thought about it, but...
Lex: Don't you get it?! What if he doesn't even know where I am?!
Guard: Look, you're not the only Luthor around here. Difference is, one's on the outside... And one's stuck in here. Get it?
Lex: Whatever my father's promised you--
Guard: Funny he ain't locked up too, seein' as how he blew up his parents and all.

Lex: (Thinking to himself.) Envy makes us covet... Makes us hate. And Clark has something we all want. I didn't really want to help him. I wanted to use him. He was right to hide his secret... To stay away from here. But from this moment forward, I'll respect his secret as long as I live. Clark can trust me now...

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