Carrie Castle
Family Unknown
Occupation Managing editor (Metropolis Journal)
Played By Marguerite Moreau
Status Alive

Carrie Castle was a reporter for the Metropolis Journal.

Early life

Carrie was a graduate of East Tennessee Community College, and also a Sevier county high school graduate as well... Carrie wasn't the most popular student in school, she dated many guys and was named Sevier counties biggest slut. There was only one guy who truly had her heart and that was a young man named Lj Mickens. He was a bad boy from Ohio who loved to live wildly and dangerously. In and out of jail and getting Carrie hooked on many types of drugs. Carries parents quickly put an end to the relationship and sent her to boarding school in metropolis, later moving back to East Tennessee to attend college at E.T.S.U. to major in investigating journalism and later moves back to metropolis to find work.

Season One

Carrie was sent to Smallville by Lionel Luthor to write an expose about Lex Luthor that would discredit him. However, Lex arranged a position. It was an offer she couldn't refuse. A sex slave. Lex tied her up and started kissing he neck and working his was to other things. Clothes finally off Carrie was finally ready to be taken. In this episode Carrie is not ashamed to show off her body in may ways.


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