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Although Clark Kent (and Clark Luthor) keeps his (their) powers secret, there are many people around the globe who know about him (them). Some (Ryan James, Dr. Virgil Swann, Alicia Baker, Jonathan Kent, Lionel Luthor, etc.) are deceased, taking Clark's secret to their graves. Others (Pete Ross, Lana Lang, future Justice League members, etc.) have left Smallville, but will never tell anyone of Clark's abilities. And there are of course all the meteor freaks and villains who he's had to use his powers in front of to defend himself or save someone (not counting those who have outright threatened to reveal his secret to the world). Note: With Clark Luthor there are of course all the meteor freaks and non-powered beings who he's used to his powers in front of to either murder them for being in his way or protect his secret identity.

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