The Center for Environmental Protection (CEP) is a federal agency seemingly modeled after the real life Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It was featured in three separate Season One episodes:

  • In Hug, Bob Rickman met with Paul Hendrix, an agent from the CEP. Paul was concerned about Bob's intentions to build another plant in Smallville because his last plant contaminated the groundwater. Paul had a restraining order against Bob from building any more plants until all the cases against him have been resolved. As Bob went to leave, he shook hands with Paul. Bob used his kryptonite-inspired powers of persuasion to convince Paul that he was in pain and the only way to end his pain was to end his own life. By the time Bob got to the lobby, Paul had jumped out his window.
  • In Zero, the CEP is sent out to investigate after some LuthorCorp pesticides spill and kill the entire herd at the Kent Farm. Jude Royce's impersonator pretended to be a CEP employee, and tasered Lex Luthor into a waiting van.
  • In Drone, the CEP investigates the attack by a swarm of bees on Student Body President candidate Paul Chan. The CEP determined that the bees that attacked Paul came from several different hives from all over the area.

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