Characters who are shown at different times of their live may be portrayed by different actors.


Characters portrayed by at least two different actors are (in the order of their first chronological appearance):

Character Situation Actor Episode(s) Actor Image
Lex Luthor as a child Matthew Munn 1x01 Pilot
2x07 Lineage
as a child Wayne Dalglish 3x19 Memoria Sv319Young Lex
as a child Connor Stanhope 7x12 Fracture
7x15 Veritas
7x16 Descent
8x18 Eternal
Fracture Alexander
as a teenager Lucas Grabeel 6x05 Reunion Sv605hr 0037
in the main timeline Michael Rosenbaum Season One to
Season Seven
10x22 Finale, Part 2
in the main timeline Kevin Miller Season Eight Requiem-smallville-4109227-1280-720
in the main timeline as a reflexion in Oliver's mind Ayron Howey 9x04 Echo Normal echo854
in the main timeline as Lex's clone LX-13 Mackenzie Gray 10x01 Lazarus Normal 01607
Lana Lang as a child Jade Unterman 1x01 Pilot
2x21 Accelerate
in the main timeline Kristin Kreuk Season One to
Season Eight
Smallville115 254
Clark Kent as a baby uncredited 3x19 Memoria
7x18 Apocalypse
Sv319Baby Kal El
as a child Malkolm Alburquenque 1x01 Pilot
2x07 Lineage
Young Clark
as a teenager in Chloe's memory Jackson Warris 8x09 Abyss Normal 809Smallville0705
in the main timeline Tom Welling Season One to
Season Ten
Clark's counterpart in an alternate timeline in which Kal-El never arrived on Earth Brett Dier 7x18 Apocalypse 718Smallville0136
Chloe Sullivan as a child Roan Curtis 6x18 Progeny 618Smallville0009
as a teenager in her memory Victoria Duffield 8x09 Abyss 809Smallville0718
in the main timeline Allison Mack Season One to
Season Ten
Smallville310 625
Jason Teague as a child Owen Best 7x15 Veritas Veritas132
in the main timeline Jensen Ackles Season Four Jensen Ackles Smallville Stills 4x04-03
Moira Sullivan in Chloe's nightmare Lindsay Bourne 4x10 Scare 410Smallville0259
in Chloe's nightmare Allison Mack 4x10 Scare 410Smallville0282
in the main timeline Lynda Carter 6x18 Progeny Prog2
Oliver Queen as a child Luke Gair 7x15 Veritas Normal veritas0265
as a teenager Ryan Overton 6x05 Reunion Sv605hr 0025 re2
in the main timeline Justin Hartley Season Six to
Season Ten
Alden as a teenager Devin Douglas Drewitz 6x05 Reunion Young-Alden-6x05-01
in the main timeline Sebastian Gacki 6x05 Reunion Alden-6x05-01
Geoffrey as a teenager Reece Thompson 6x05 Reunion Young-Geoffrey-6x05-01.bmp
in the main timeline Clifton Murray 6x05 Reunion Geoffrey-6x05-01.bmp
Duncan Allenmeyer as a teenager Bryce Hodgson 6x05 Reunion Duncan
in the main timeline Damon Schwabach-Morris 6x05 Reunion Duncan-6x05-03
Patricia Swann as a child Conner Dwelly 7x15 Veritas Patricia-young
in the main timeline Gina Holden 7x14 Traveler Traveler46
Tess Mercer as a child Leigh Bourke 10x8 Abandoned S10ep8abandoned
in the main timeline Cassidy Freeman Season Eight to
Season Ten
Davis Bloome as a child Alex Ferris 8x18 Eternal DavisBoy-6x18-03
in his human shape Sam Witwer Season Eight Plastique-13
as Doomsday Dario Delacio Season Eight S08e22 (5)
James Bartholomew Olsen as a school boy at Jimmy's funeral Ryan Harder 8x22 Doomsday JimmyOlsenDoomsday
as a photographer at the Daily Planet Aaron Ashmore 10x22 Finale, Part 2 JimmyFinale
Alec Abrams as a young boy Owen Best 9x12 Warrior Warrior 0053
as Stephen Swift Carlo Marks 9x12 Warrior StephenSwift
Conner Kent in the main timeline as a child (called Alexander Luthor) Jakob Davies 10x01 Lazarus
10x05 Isis
as a child (called Alexander Luthor) Connor Stanhope 10x06 Harvest 1006Smallville0510
in the main timeline as a teenager Lucas Grabeel 10x13 Beacon
10x16 Scion


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