Chloe's Fiancé
Played By Carlo Marks
Last Seen Apocalypse

Chloe's Fiancé is a man who is going to marry Chloe Sullivan in an alternate reality. His name is not indicated. He was portrayed by the actor Carlo Marks.

Season Seven

In 2008, when Clark was transported by Jor-El into an alternate reality in which he never had come to Earth, he saw Chloe and her fiancé leaving a shop. He went back to the shop, while Chloe waited on the street. Clark talked to her to make sure she was happy. When they talked about her friend, he reappeared and stated that they would marry next weekend. They then drove away together.


Carlo Marks, the actor portraying Chloe's Fiancé, also portrayed Stephen Swift, Alec Abrams's older self, in Season Nine's Warrior.