"Yeah, I've spent almost my entire life praying to the gods of journalism. It might be kind of nice to try something new, you know? See how it feels." - Chloe Sullivan, Plastique

Chloe is forced to use her new skills to track terrorists.

Four weeks later, Chloe was in the custody of who she thought was the Department of Domestic Security and was forced to use her new ability of process information at superhuman speed to decipher encoded telephone numbers of suspected terrorists, but when she realized that she was working for LuthorCorp, tried to escape but was quickly retained. She was rescued by the Justice League but in the process Clark was seriously injured and when Chloe tried to heal him found her healing power were inactive. Chloe accepted the marriage proposal from Jimmy and both were committed.

X02plastiquebluraymkv 000349849

Chloe meets Davis Bloome.

While she helped a victim of an explosion that occurred outside the Daily Planet, she struck up a friendship with a paramedic on the scene, Davis Bloome. Chloe reopened the Isis Foundation and admitted to her friends that she was engaged.


Chloe using her new power on the computers of the Isis Foundation.

When Oliver was poisoned, Chloe called her new friend to treat him and used her new ability to research a cure, leaving Clark worried about the effects of her new power.

Jimmy moved in with Chloe and discovered a love letter that she had written for Clark and question her love for him. They discussed the letter and she told him that she no longer has strong feelings for Clark. She asked Clark to give her away at the altar.


Chloe being tortured.

When she and Jimmy held an engagement party, they were kidnapped by a jeweler, who tortured the couple by forcing them to reveal their true feelings and Chloe revealed that she was not in love with anyone else other than Jimmy.

Her friendship with Davis continued to grow and when Chloe moderated group sessions at the Isis Foundation for young people, one member was murdered and while investigating the death, Davis confessed to her that he could be the murderer. She refused to believe this and felt drawn to prove Davis' innocence. He questioned her motives for helping him and insinuated that she might want more than friendship but then Chloe told him she felt the need to keep her distance from him for the time being.

The famme Chloeikita

Chloe murders Sebastian Kane

Chloe helped Clark trick Jimmy when he figured out that Clark was the mysterious hero that he took in a photograph and later when Chloe realizes that a metahuman sent by Tess knew about Clark's secret, visited him at the hospital and overloaded his brain with information.

X08bloodlinebluraymkv 001535657

Chloe hacking into the Crystal of Knowledge.

When Clark and Lois were transported to the Phantom Zone, Chloe deduced that it had something to do with Clark's Crystal of Knowledge, and recruited Oliver´s help to stole a Crystal's generator from Tess so she could use it to rescue her friends. She demonstrates advanced control over her new powers but risking her own health to do so.

Chloe Abyss

Brainiac erases Chloe's memories.

Chloe began to have significant bouts of memory loss and deduced that Brainiac was slowly taking over. When she could only remember Davis, Clark rebuilt the Fortress of Solitude and took Chloe there, where Jor-El agreed to restore Chloe by removing the Brainiac infection but also Clark asked him to erase all the memories Chloe had about his secret. Without the burden of Clark's secret, Chloe was thrilled to be marrying Jimmy, but then Davis approached her again and told her that he did not want to watch her marry the wrong man and kissed her.


Chloe and Jimmy on their wedding day

The day of the wedding, she kept receiving desperate calls from Davis Bloome, but chose to ignore them and at the reception, a creature attacked and injured many people, Jimmy most seriously. The creature addressed Chloe by name and kidnapped her and later took her to the Fortress of Solitude, which had been taken over by Brainiac, where the computer possessed Chloe and used her as his vessel.


Brainiac at the Fortress in Chloe's body.

Brainiac took full control of Chloe's body and revealed his plan to destroy the earth while draining all humans of their knowledge. With the help of the Legion of Super-Heroes from the future, Clark extracted Brainiac from Chloe. She was fully-recovered with most of her prior memories, including knowledge of Clark's secret, intact. However, Chloe had indicated that she does not clearly remember the time period leading up to the wedding. She advised Clark that the next time, Clark would do the right thing for the world, and not for her.

Chloe went periodically to Star City to care for her husband and at same time helped Clark go undercover to find out who shot John Jones and questioned Clark's actions regarding Lana's return and Lois' burgeoning feelings for him.


Chloe is confronted by Clark.

After Lana goes missing, Clark was angry that Chloe didn't tell him that Lana had returned to town months earlier, but Chloe told him that she was respecting the confidence of her friend and help him to find her.


Chloe discovers that Oliver killed Lex.

After Oliver was nearly killed by an explosion in LuthorCorp, he asked Chloe to secretly track down Winslow Schott. Although Chloe helped Oliver, she did not agree with his murderous vendetta, especially after learn that he killed Lex Luthor, but he revealed that he knew that she was responsible for the death of Sebastian Kane. Chloe denied responsibility, saying it was Brainiac's actions, but Oliver wondered if she could have been driven by her instinct of protect Clark.

Jimmy was scheduled to be transferred to Metropolis but after Clark revealed his secret to the world to avoid being blackmailed by Linda Lake, Chloe could not get a place in the hospital for him because she was the best friend of the alien. However Clark turned back the time and Chloe was able to transfer her husband.


Chloe is humiliated in public after Jimmy leaves her

However, Jimmy suffered from extreme pain and nightmares due to the incident of the wedding and Chloe suggested talk to a psychologist. After apparently began to suffer hallucinations and paranoia after witnessing Davis killing a man, Chloe tasered Jimmy unconscious to stop him from assaulting Davis and this caused a tear in their relationship. Upon being released from the hospital, Jimmy refused to go home with her saying that marrying her was the biggest mistake of his life and Chloe was left humiliated and heartbroken.


Chloe becomes the full-time "Watchtower"

With her life a mess, Chloe went through an identity crisis and confessed to Oliver at her birthday party that she was jealous of Clark and Lois' journalism partnership. After being turned into Lois by a magician at the party and living as Lois for a day, Chloe realized what she wanted to do with her life and officially joined Oliver's hero team as Watchtower.


Chloe says goodbye to Davis as he dies

Chloe started to spend more time with Davis since she found him a sympathetic ear, but Clark thought she was trusting him too much. He was proved right when they discovered that Davis was the serial killer that had been killing people in the city. Davis confronted Chloe, confessing that he was the one who destroyed her wedding, was the one sent to kill Clark, and asked her to help him to die. Tearfully, Chloe bathed Davis in liquid kryptonite, much against Clark´s desires. However, Davis reemerged later stronger than ever and hid in the basement of the Talon. When Chloe found Davis, he told her that she was the only one who stopped him from mutating into the beast and asked her to stay with him.


Chloe's world starts to crash down

Chloe began harboring Davis without anyone's knowledge but soon the situation started to become more unbearable as Davis started to kill to protect her. She almost confessed her situation to Lois but didn't. Later when Clark asked her why she was being so distant, Chloe claimed that she was just under a lot of stress.


Chloe leaves town with Davis to protect Clark

After Chloe had a conflicting dream about Davis and Clark discovered that Davis was not dead, Chloe sought the assistance of Dr. Emil to try to find a cure for Davis, but he reported to her that there was nothing he could do. Davis became increasingly needy towards her, saying that he could not be physically apart from her anymore. Jimmy and Oliver later were captured, and Jimmy seriously injured, by Davis while they were at the Talon. Oliver confronted Chloe about her actions, pointing out the mistakes in her actions and reasoning regarding Davis and letting her know that Clark had taken Davis to resolve the situation once and for all. Clark took Davis to the Fortress, planning on sending him to the Phantom Zone, but Chloe stopped him, believing that it was not the best solution. As a last resort, she left town with Davis and later phoned Clark to tell him to not look for her. Clark insisted that she was doing the wrong thing but Chloe believed she was sacrificing herself to keep Clark safe.


Chloe attends Jimmy's funeral.

Some weeks later, Chloe and Davis were finally captured by Oliver's team and after a brief argument with Oliver about how to deal with Davis, Chloe separated Doomsday from Davis using Black kryptonite. She and Davis waited with Jimmy in safety in a loft apartment that Jimmy had purchased for them and as Jimmy explained that he had learned Clark's secret, Chloe told him she was only with Davis to protect Clark. Hearing this, Davis flew into a rage and attacked them, mortally wounding Jimmy and willing to kill Chloe. Jimmy was able to kill Davis before dying in Chloe's arms. Chloe attended Jimmy´s funeral and later reunited with Clark at the Watchtower, where he, consumed by the mistakes he had made, declared that his human persona was hindering his destiny as a hero, and stated that "Clark Kent was dead" before departing, leaving Chloe alone and completely heartbroken.

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