"Clark, no one wants to see you reach your true potential no more than I do. I mean, I've been with you through every bump along this insane ride." - Chloe, Salvation
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Chloe pleads with Clark to save Jimmy.

Without signals of Clark, Lois, or Oliver, Chloe took refuge in the Watchtower and spend her time trying to find her friends. When Lois suddenly reappeared, Chloe visited her in hospital and learned that she has been in the future and that had not come back alone. After Dr. Hamilton filled the loft with computers so she can work better in her projects, Chloe finally contacted Clark and warned him to watch out for the assassin behind of Lois. Chloe pleaded with Clark to use the Legion ring to go back in time and save Jimmy, but Clark flatly refused. Chloe became very angry, reminding him how much she had sacrificed for him and distraught, Chloe left Clark ending their friendship.


Chloe is surprised to learn that the Blur still calls Lois.

After Chloe discovered that Lois had been receiving calls from the Blur and that he relied more on Lois than her, she was upset but at the same time confronted Clark and warned him to stop contacting her cousin. After some incidents, Clark finally apologized to Chloe for leaving her and Chloe encouraged him to return to his life as Clark Kent, as she discovered that Tess was trying to discover where Lois has been for three weeks.

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Chloe is confronted by Emil for spying on Oliver and the team.

Using the resourses of her new Watchtower, Chloe and Emil used Clark's Kryptonian blood to create an antidote when a mutant-zombie virus struck Metropolis. During this time, Emil revealed that he knew that Chloe had been spying Oliver and the rest of the team on the last weeks and confronted her for using the resources of the Watchtower for it but she assured him that was the only way to keep them safe.

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Chloe discovers that Clark is using his powers to seduce Lois.

When Chloe discovered that Clark had gained a new telepathic ability, she felt insulted that Clark was using it to control Lois' affections for him and confronted Clark for this. Chloe confirmed that Clark was in love with Lois but remained discreet about it. Nevertheless, Chloe helped Clark when they discovered that Toyman had returned and was threatening to blow up the Ace of Clubs. Chloe later discovered that Alia, the Kryptonian assassin had been in the audience.


Chloe admits to Oliver that she orchestrated the whole plan with Roulette.

When Oliver got into trouble with a woman at a casino and called on Chloe for help researching the woman, he worked out that Chloe had hired the woman in order to force him over the edge and face his demons. He thanked her saying that she saved him and she admitted it was the only way she found. Following Alia's reappearance, Chloe ran a worldwide search to find any Kandorians and told Clark that she had found several Kryptonian symbols scattered across the world.


Chloe is blocked while trying to access the computer of Tess.

In order to find the Kandorians, Chloe use her computers to hack into the computer networks of Tess to look into her projects. When she found out that Tess' tech boy wonder Stuart Campbell was quite skilled in his work, she decided to enlist his extreme computer abilities to join her cause, which he accepted.

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Chloe tells Clark that she is aware of his feelings for Lois.

Chloe finally discovered Tess projects in the Turkish desert and informed Clark about it. However, he was distracted due to the change that was taking his relationship with Lois and confessed to Chloe what was happening. Chloe revealed that she was aware about the feelings of both of them and told Clark that both were destined to be together, giving him her support. After Chloe found Jor-El at the Kent Farm and he was kidnapped by armed mens, Chloe revealed to Clark and Oliver her surveillance system and reveal that Tess had kidnapped Jor-El. Going through the video-feeds again later she noticed that Jor-El opened a hole in a wall and was holding an object.

Chloe met Zan and Jayna and advised them of how to become superheroes. Their botched rescues threatened Clark's reputation as the Blur and he nearly revealed his identity to defend himself, but Chloe stopped him from doing this. Also Clark had a brief argument with her about spying on him and the others, but Chloe stressed that her system served to keep them and the city safe because it was the only way to keep track of the things.


Chloe stops Emil from disconnecting Clark from Lois' mind until they can get answers.

Finally Clark accused Chloe of taking Lois out of the hospital after she fell into a coma since Chloe was able to do anything on behalf of the greater good. Chloe denied this and using her contact with Tess' tech boy proved Tess was responsible. Chloe and Emil followed Clark to where Tess was holding Lois and found an injured Stuart. They took him to hospital and allowed Clark to witness Lois' memories via Tess' machines. Once Clark awoke, he planned to befriend Zod in order to avoid the devastating future he witnessed but Chloe was against this idea.


Chloe argues with Clark about limits.

When Lois was attacked by a mysterious assassin, Chloe investigated but soon found herself the victim of the attacker. She managed to escape with only a wound on her arm. She believed that Oliver was the one who attacked her and Lois and she told Clark about what she had done to bring back Oliver from the dark side. Clark then became worried that she seemed to be in the Watchtower and overseeing people through her screens too much and recommended that she go out more but she claimed that she was fine.


Chloe is contacted by the Justice Society

As Chloe was trying to reach Clark, she was found by Sylvester Pemberton, who knew her Watchtower identity and those of her fellow superheroes. Before he could ask for her help, Sylvester was killed by Icicle. She and Clark later investigated the murders of other victims that Sylvester was connected to, learning about the Justice Society of America. Chloe, Clark, Oliver, and John Jones joined forces with Hawkman, Stargirl, and Doctor Fate to stop Icicle from killing them.

During her time with Stargirl, Chloe was told that the she as Watchtower needs to be out there in the real world and that needs to make the place feel like home. John also warned her that she should get out more because she could lose herself by watching people so much through the cameras.


Chloe becomes closer to Oliver

Chloe took this advice and went to a comic book convention where she met Steven Swift, after he rescued her. She quickly became close to him but then discovered that he was in fact a young boy that had been transformed by an enchanted comic book. As the enchantment continued, Steven began to transform into a villain, putting Chloe in danger until Clark rescued her. Back at the Watchtower, Chloe and Oliver bond over how neither of them seem to have fun, and later share an intimate moment as Oliver taught her how to shoot an arrow.

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Chloe discovers that Tess was hacking her cameras.

Under Clark's spell of persuasion Chloe was unintentionally ordered to worry more about him. Taking this literally, Chloe criticized Lois' relationship with Clark and then tried to damage Zod's solar tower with a computer virus. Thanks to this, Chloe discovered that Tess had hacking into her surveillance system and has been using it for his own benefit. When Tess confronted Chloe about this, they began to fight and Chloe was almost killed by Tess but Clark intervened to get his revenge on Tess for killing Jor-El. Chloe found Clark and Tess just in time to stop Clark from killing Tess by burning out Clark's infection with kryptonite, releasing her from the spell.

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Oliver confronts Chloe for stealing money from him.

As Chloe and Oliver became an item, Oliver confronted Chloe about taking his money from the company. Chloe explained what she had done by showing Oliver her arsenal of Kryptonite weapons. Chloe felt that she could no longer sit back and just trust Clark.


Chloe confesses her feelings to Oliver

Chloe and Oliver decided to have a secret weekend getaway in a B&B, and end up bumping into Clark and Lois. After the awkward moment between the couples, Lois talked to Chloe about her relationship with Oliver. Chloe claims that they are not a couple, just having fun together without gifts or strings, although Lois is glad to see them together. Oliver bought a gift for Chloe, but she turns it down, saying that she wouldn't want their relationship to become complicated. Later, Chloe begins to open Oliver's gift but hesitates. She and Oliver then talk about their relationship, showing that they have put their past relationships behind and are moving on together.

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Chloe is abducted by Checkmate

Chloe worries when Oliver is missing during one of patrols, but he soon returns, to her relief. As Chloe investigates Checkmate for Clark and Oliver, she ends up getting captured and had a gun pointed in her face. Clark manages to save her, but realizes that he seemed to have been reckless at not protecting her the way he used to before committing to his Kryptonian training and helping the Kandorians. Oliver expresses concern for Chloe stating that she scared the life out of him to which she replies, "You better be careful, Ollie. I'm going to start to think you're falling for me." They exchange smiles as she grasps his hand, the intimacy of their conversation showing that their relationship was becoming more serious.

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Chloe confesses that she had the kryptonite arsenal.

When Clark became infected with red kryptonite again, Clark turned on Chloe after she confessed to him about her kryptonite arsenal. Chloe then had to rely on Tess to stop Clark from joining Zod and revealing all of his secrets. Once Clark was cured, Clark and Chloe reconciled. She understood what Clark was going through, and Clark felt jealous of what Chloe and Lois shared as a family.

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Chloe warns Clark that Lois is beginning to wonder about his secret.

After Chloe warned Clark about Lois being close to discovering his secret, Chloe helped him find Lois using Watchtower when he discovered she was still having secret calls with the Blur. The two worked together to find out who was impersonating Clark, and later discovered it was Zod. Also, after discovered that Tess and Checkamete had hacked the Watchtower system, Chloe enhances the security of the place using Oliver money.


Chloe starts to think about her relationship with Oliver.

When Tess break into Watchtower, the building triggered its security system, trapping Chloe and Tess inside. They began to work out their differences and realized Checkmate was their common enemy. Tess says that Chloe hides herself behind the computers and Chloe admits that she's had problems believing in people again. Once Chloe realized Tess was being monitored by Checkmate, they devised a way to escape, although this resulted in the destruction of Watchtower. Once they escaped, Chloe helped disarm Tess' GPS tracker but the only way to do this was to kill her. Chloe considered not reviving Tess, but, with her conscious kicking in, she does so, saying she promised Tess she would and that now Tess owed her. Later Chloe visits Oliver in the hospital.

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Chloe reopens the Watchtower

Chloe continued to help Clark find the Book of Rao in the remains of her Watchtower, but kept coming across blocks by the mysterious Red Queen. When Clark came to her, asking her to restore Watchtower, She apologized for everything she had done, saying that it was all to protect him. She told him she wasn't ready to be Watchtower again, and that she wasn't a hero like him. With Oliver in her life, she just wanted to live in the real world again, but after an uplifting pep-talk from Clark, she agreed to become Watchtower once again.


Chloe talks with Oliver about Zod

Informing Oliver what was going on, Chloe started calling her heroes to find the Kandorians. She believed that Clark would be able to lead his people in another world. She managed to contact Black Canary, Cyborg, Stargirl, John Jones, and Hawkman in a team conference, to decide what actions to take. When Clark made the choice to leave with the Kandorians, she was saddened.
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Chloe is horrified by Oliver's disappearance

Oliver tells Chloe that a satellite launched specifically for Watchtower, and also as sort of a gift to her, but that the satellite needed to be brought online manually, in another location. They start the mission. After Oliver gets the link up,she hears over walkie-talkie that Oliver is being attacked. Before the line goes dead, Oliver confesses his love for her, and she tells him she loves him too. At the end they discover that his attackers were not Kandorians.