"This is Smallville, land of the weird, home of the strange." Chloe Sullivan, Pilot
Chloe's Wall of Weird

Chloe shows Clark her Wall of Weird

Chloe was the reporter and editor for her pride and joy- the Smallville Torch, the newspaper at Smallville High School, which she attended with Clark and Pete. At the Torch office, she maintained a "Wall of Weird," a large mural where she posted articles concerning the often bizarre and eerie events that take place in Smallville, many of which are related to the mutagenic effects of the kryptonite from the 1989 meteor shower. Chloe seemingly had 24-hour access to the Torch office and a computer set aside for her personal use.

Smallville102 555

Chloe helping Clark at the Torch.

With contacts at the police station, public records, as well as even local hospitals and morgues, Chloe became Clark's source of information when it came to stopping metahumans determined to achieve their goals at the expense of hurting people. Many of these metahumans were students at Smallville: as a result, the victims were often classmates. Chloe was no exception and had several dangerous encounters in her freshman year. ("Pilot")

Smallville103 479

Chloe in danger.

When Chloe helped Clark investigate Coach Walt Arnold, he retaliated by attempting to burn down the Torch office. Sean Kelvin, a popular football player, managed to get through Chloe's cool exterior and get her phone number. When he was transformed into a metahuman who could suck a person's body heat from them, Chloe became his target, but Clark saved her just in time. ("Hothead")

Smallville109 106

Chloe gets fired from the Torch.

Chloe was briefly fired from her post as Editor of the Torch by Principal Kwan because he did not think she was adequately covering school events and instead focusing too hard on the strange but unsubstantiated goings-on of Smallville. Chloe was devastated and even lashed out at Lana's honest attempts to help her get the paper back. She later apologized to Lana for the outburst and vowed to improve her skills as a school reporter. ("Rogue")


Chloe does something she's always wanted to do.

Later, Chloe and Clark met Kyle Tippet, a reclusive former salesman who could force his will on others with a handshake. Chloe insisted on a demonstration and when Kyle told Chloe to do something she's always wanted to do, she gave a surprised Clark a passionate kiss, but did not remember doing it seconds later. Not wanting to embarrass her, Clark did not tell Chloe what happened, though Chloe quickly figured it out. ("Hug")


Chloe gets thrown out the window.

While interviewing Lex Luthor at his mansion, Clark and Chloe encountered thieves who used kryptonite tattoos to enable them to walk through walls. They threw Chloe out of the window, but Clark was unable to save her. She suffered a broken arm, concussion and bruises, requiring an extended hospital stay. ("Kinetic")

Beginning with an assignment to write a biography about a classmate, Chloe attempted to uncover information about Clark's adoption. She shared with Clark what she learned- that Clark's was in fact the only adoption handled by a company called Metropolis United Charities. He was horrified by her investigations and she promised to stop. However, she broke her promise and continued her investigation in secret. ("Zero")


Chloe is happy about the picture that Justin made for her.

When Chloe met Ryan James, he read her mind and told Clark that Chloe wanted him to ask her to the Spring Formal. Clark ran for Class President his freshman year: he was disappointed when Chloe and the Torch backed his opponent for the job, but understood that Chloe's journalistic integrity would sometimes take precedence over their friendship. ("Stray")

Chloe began a relationship with Justin Gaines and believing Clark to be jealous, was not willing to explore the possibility that Justin was a murderer until it was almost too late. ("Crush")

Smallville120 544

Chloe´s happy after Clark finally asked her to be his date at the Spring Formal.

At the end of her freshman year, Chloe traveled to Metropolis to interview for an internship at the Daily Planet. However, before she left, she was kidnapped and buried alive in a glass coffin by a serial killer, a local police officer. Fortunately, Lana had just developed the ability to see through Chloe's would-be killer's eyes- the two had been close to each other when an explosion took place that scattered kryptonite around the area, resulting in them acquiring an amplified form of a believed psychological condition where people who endured similar experiences during the London Blitz developed a similar 'link' to each other- and thus, she and Clark were able to save Chloe in time. Chloe missed her interview, but won the internship after all with a composition about her experience. ("Obscura")

Smallville121 628

Chloe's fear becomes real.

Clark did indeed ask Chloe to the Spring Formal and she was really excited about it. Chloe gave her best to ensure that everything goes well in her date with Clark, but when his father told her the possibility of moving back to Metropolis due to the LuthorCorp Plant closure, she said to Clark her fear about that Clark would forget all about her for Lana once she was no longer in town. However, Clark assures her that this would not happen and at the dance, Chloe's perfect evening was interrupted by a series of tornadoes and much to Chloe's dismay, Clark disappeared from the dance to go save Lana, fulfilling in this way Chloe´s fear of being abandoned by Clark. ("Tempest")

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