"I'm a meteor freak, and I want to be cured." - Chloe, Cure

Chloe is horrified when she wakes up in a morgue

Chloe, still unconscious, was dragged out of the water by Lois. She was admitted to the hospital but she was unable to be revived and declared dead. However, she inexplicably awakened in the morgue, where Clark came to her rescue and she saw both her and Lana's certificate of death. While grieving for Lana, she tried to help Clark fight Bizarro. Later, she burned her death certificate.

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Chloe does not like the new editor of the Daily Planet

After Lois and Clark found a spaceship and encounter a mysterious woman, Chloe offered to divert Lois and take her to get checked out while Clark searched for the girl. Chloe's first meeting with the new editor, Grant Gabriel, proved disastrous when he proclaimed her a washout. When Lois showed Grant her story about the ship, he gave her a job with a desk right next to her shocked cousin. Clark later brought the girl to the Daily Planet to meet Chloe and explained that she was his Kryptonian cousin Kara.


Chloe is surprised by Jimmy´s new hobby: hunt meteor freaks.

After some weeks, Jimmy returned to town and was eager to spend time with Chloe, but she was preoccupied with anxiety over her meteor-rock infection and pressure from Grant Gabriel. Jimmy offered to start hunting stories about meteorfreaks to relaunch her career, but Chloe refused the idea and asked him to please stop calling the infected people "freaks". Due to the constantly changing mood of Chloe, Jimmy also began to feel a connection with Kara and Chloe did not take long to notice it.

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Chloe about to have her heart taken by Knox

When Chloe found out that a doctor performed a procedure to cure meteor-rock infection, she was willing to risk six years of memory loss to have it done. She canceled a date with Jimmy and argued with Clark before meeting Dr. Knox. However, she realized that Dr. Knox actually murders his patients, but was unable to escape. Clark saved her and she reunited with Jimmy, with whom she previously had had an argument because of Kara. Wanting to start over, Jimmy asked if their relationship could only be "normal", but when Chloe couldn't promise him this or tell him her concerns, he broke up with her.

Then Chloe began to have more free time and began to think with a cool head about her new condition. She was also able to create a false identity for Kara at Clark´s request and made ​​her appear as a distant relative of the Kents.

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Chloe while looking for help for her meteor infection is surprised to find Lana

After accepting her condition, Chloe began to seek for emotional support and then run into the Isis Foundation website. She went to the Foundation to find out more things and then was quite surprised to discover that the owner of the place was none other than Lana. Lana explained her the conditions under which she had decided to found the institute and asked Chloe to keep it secret from Clark and despite already sensed something was wrong in Lana´s behavior, she agreed.


Chloe warns Lana about hurting Clark.

When Lana absorbed Clark's powers, her behavior disturbed Clark enough for him to ask Chloe about the Isis Foundation. Chloe took him to the headquarters and they were shocked that Lana had been watching Lex. She confronted Lana on her actions and calmly informed her that even if Lana believed she was protecting Clark with her misdeeds, Chloe was not going to let Lana hurt him.


Chloe and Clark watch the eclipse.

Chloe accidentally walked in on Grant and Lois making out and angrily informed Lois that their relationship could destroy Lois' job. Lois claimed to take her advice but continued the affair. At the same time, Clark had an encounter with his Kryptonian uncle Zor-El, who tricked him into putting on a ring containing blue kryptonite and stripping him of his powers. Clark asked Chloe to give him a ride so he could confront Zor-El. The two were stunned when Zor-El caused an eclipse in an attempt to wipe out humanity.


Chloe opens her Christmas present

Weeks later, Adrian Cross used Chloe as leverage to make Lois expose Lex's illegal cloning project. He planted a bomb on Chloe and trapped her in an elevator with Jimmy. Convinced she was going to die, she confessed her meteor infection to him. However, Bizarro, posing as Clark, saved the two because he needed her to decipher a Kryptonian message. Chloe later displayed her power to Jimmy, showing that she had gained control over them.


Chloe reunites with the real Clark.

When "Clark" started to forget things and act strangely, Chloe asked Lana if she'd noticed. Lana thought Clark had just changed his priorities and they announced they were leaving Smallville forever. Chloe was extremely upset, but was able to steal the Kryptonian shield from the farm. When Clark returned, Chloe made him prove he was himself before she gave it to him.

After all the troubles caused by Bizarro, Clark avoided his issues with Lana by visiting Chloe at work. He realized that Chloe had been helping Oliver Queen with missions and had been attacked. Chloe says that work with Oliver is really exciting. He was extremely angry at Oliver for putting her in danger. Together, Clark and Chloe identified and named her attacker, vigilante heroine Black Canary.

Chloe heals Lex 2

Chloe heals Lex.

When Lex located Kara but was shot and went into a coma, Chloe offered to heal him, but Clark wouldn't let her. Instead, he used a risky interrogation process to enter Lex's subconscious and find their location. However, Lex began to flatline with Clark still linked to him. Chloe used her healing power to cure Lex and allow Clark to regain consciousness, but killed herself for eighteen hours. Clark watched over her until she awoke and asked her not to use her powers again, but Chloe was confident in her decision, but wondered why she had been given such an amazing gift out of all the meteor abilities so far seen. But they both wondered if she'd ever "die" permanently.


Lex tells Chloe that she can quit her job if she doesn't like the way he runs the paper.

In town for a visit, Pete Ross shocked Chloe by proudly displaying his new abilities. Chloe was livid when she discovered that Lex was monitoring her computer she confronted him but he tells her that she can quit if she doesn't like the way he runs the paper. Pete tried to hack Lex's computer for her, but Lex blackmailed him into working for him by threatening to reveal Chloe as a meteor freak. Before leaving, Pete visited Chloe again and promised to keep in touch. Jimmy admitted that he felt like he and Kara were over and asked Chloe for a cup of coffee, to which she agreed.


Chloe takes Kara to the Fortress

When Clark was kidnapped, Lana and Chloe suspected Lionel after discovering a kryptonite taser dart, but he tried to convince them that Lex was responsible. Chloe saw through Lionel's lies and found Clark's location. She took Kara to the Fortress and pleaded with Jor-El to restore Kara's memories and Clark was rescued.

After Braiciac resurfaced, Chloe helped Clark track him by tracking energy surges. While searching, Lionel approached Chloe and asked her to plead with Clark to listen to him and accept his Veritas key. However, Chloe dismissed him after all he has done. After several attempts, Chloe locate Brainiac at the Isis Foundation but she was devastated to learn that they were too late to save Lana from Brainiac's attack.

Normal descent512

Chloe gets fired from the Daily Planet

While Chloe attempted to help Clark locate Brainiac by hacking into high-security satellite grids, they learned that Lionel had seemingly committed suicide by jumping out of his office window. Chloe returned to her Daily Planet desk to find that Lionel had left the key. Lex discovered it and fired Chloe for lying to him. Chloe received a message from Jimmy indicating that he had evidence that Lionel was murdered. She went to meet him at the Isis Foundation, but the photo evidence was destroyed.


Chloe being brutally interrogated

As Chloe and Jimmy rekindled their relationship, Jimmy continued to display the same insecurities and was upset that Chloe seemingly blew him off under the excuse of managing the Isis Foundation on Lana´s absence. When Chloe devised a plan to hack into the Metropolis Satellite Center, Jimmy was approached by Vanessa Webber, an agent of the Department of Domestic Security who convinced him that Chloe was part of a terrorist sleeper cell. Vanessa forced him to spy on Chloe, but he double-crossed her and saved her. Chloe was able to obtain a satellite image of Kara and Brainiac in outer space, and suggested to Clark that they had gone back in time to Krypton.

Unbeknownst to Chloe, it was actually Lex that prevented her from being arrested, and Lex continued to blackmail Jimmy with Chloe's freedom.


Chloe is shocked when Clark disappears into thin air

After Clark became so depressed that he wondered if the world would be better off if he'd never came to earth, Chloe try to cheer him up and watched horrified as Clark was transported to such an alternate reality. When Clark returned, Chloe tried to assure him that the world needed him, and he was able to go back to Krypton, stop Brainiac, and bring Kara home.

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Chloe saves Clark

When Jimmy start to research the Kawatche Caves after Lex was carved into his chest with a Kryptonian symbol, Chloe's attempts to throw him off the story and at the same time realize that Lex was dangerously close to Clark's secret. She told Clark and helped him track down the last living member of Veritas, Edward Teague. Clark followed him to Montreal where he overpowered Clark in order to sacrifice the Traveler, but Chloe arrived just in time to save him. After all this happens, Chloe warned Clark that the best would be kill Lex.

Chloe brainiac

Chloe's healing power saves her from Brainiac.

Clark and Chloe were shocked to realize that Kara was responsible for Edward Teague's death. They hatched a plan to confront Kara, but Chloe insisted on meeting her alone. She realized that "Kara" was actually Brainiac, just before he attacked her. However, Chloe's meteor power protected her from being completely controlled and significantly weakened Brainiac. Chloe was rushed to the hospital and kept in intensive care until Clark was able to defeat Brainaic for good.

Chloe recovered fully and Jimmy took her home. Jimmy asked Chloe to marry him, because he realized that he never wanted to lose her, but before Chloe could answer, she was suddenly arrested for terrorism by agents claiming to be from the DDS.