"Don't worry, Clark, it was the end of the world. It's not like I'm expecting us to hook up." - Chloe, Zod

Chloe is ready to shoot

Lionel rescued Chloe and they made their way to the LuthorCorp Plaza building. Chloe hoped to find a way to stop the virus and Lionel gave her a gun for protection. Once the power was returned and the virus was neutralized, Clark returned to her and offered to talk about the kiss they shared. Chloe claimed it did not change their friendship, leaving Clark seeming somewhat disappointed. She reunited with Jimmy Olsen, with whom she interned at the Daily Planet in high school. They decided to rekindle their romance, but take it a little slower this time.

When Clark caught a cold in the Phantom Zone, Chloe helped him find a kidnapped Lex and diverted Lois from investigating his super-sneezes. She also convinced Clark to hone his sneezes into a useful new ability.


Chloe saves Clark

Later, Chloe asked Clark to help investigate when she and Jimmy found a dead woman in a tree. Jimmy and then Clark also fell victim to the alien vegetation- Jimmy was buried and Clark was strung up and impaled. Chloe realized that electricity killed the alien vegetation, freed Clark, and shocked Jimmy's heart to cure him.

Chloe also helped Clark and Lois try to learn the identity of the Green Arrow, who she really admires because his ideals. She realized that Clark knew who he was and stopped investigating when he asked her to.


Chloe helps Clark investigate the Green Arrow.

She began to study strange craters all over the world, identical to the ones Clark made when he escaped the Phantom Zone. Using Oliver Queen's satellite images, she and Clark tracked the movement of various escaped prisoners. She also finally met Oliver Queen, who she thought a really attractive man.


Chloe hugs Lana after she learned that Lana was pregnant.

When Jimmy decided to investigate Lex Luthor, he uncovered Kryptonian symbols and showed them to Chloe: she reluctantly had to lie about what they were. Jimmy was fired for his efforts, but was rehired at entry level, in the basement with Chloe.

On Thanksgiving Day, Lana confessed to Chloe that she was pregnant. Chloe attended the Kent Thanksgiving dinner, but did not disclose Lana's confession to Clark.


Chloe and Jimmy investigate 33.1

Shortly after, Lana enlisted Chloe and Jimmy to help her release Lex from an alternate frequency. Chloe hacked into Lex's computer and obtained schematics and floor plans for Level Three. However, once they rescued Lex, Chloe found all of her files deleted, with Lionel Luthor warning her to stop snooping. Lana did not believe Chloe when she told her about the Luthors' suspicious behavior.

Chloe missed a date with Jimmy to help Clark watch over Javier Ramirez while they figured out the mystery behind the deaths at McNally Farm. She was momentarily distracted and felt extremely guilty for letting Javier run away, but she and Jimmy successfully located Javier's mother. Chloe wrote an article about McNally and earned another byline in the Daily Planet.


Chloe tells Clark that keeping everybody's secrets is not easy

Lana told Chloe that Lex proposed to her and admitted that she still has feelings for Clark. Clark found out Lana was pregnant and was angry at Chloe for not telling him, but Chloe got upset with him, stating that she has to keep other people's confidence as well as his, and they quickly made up. When Lana's admission was printed in the newspaper, Chloe confronted Linda Lake and learned she had the ability to turn into water. Lana later asked Chloe to tell her the truth about Clark, but Chloe refused.


Watchtower helps Oliver's team

Chloe tried to interview Dr. Caselli about Project 33.1, but he attempted to shoot her. Luckily, Bart Allen showed up and saved her. Chloe learned that Bart was back in town because he had joined Oliver's group of heroes to help take down Lex's Projects. While Clark went to rescue Bart, who being held in one of Lex's warehouses, Chloe went to Oliver's penthouse to help in the rescue. There she let Oliver know that she'd figured out his Green Arrow secret on her own. Oliver saw her potential as part of his team and after adopting the codename Watchtower, Chloe assisted Oliver and his team in rescuing Bart and Clark.


Chloe after Jimmy broke up with her because of Clark.

Lana asked Chloe to be her Maid of Honor, but a red kryptonite-infected Clark crashed the engagement party and said rude things to Chloe. Jimmy later confronted Chloe about the incident and wanted to know why she always defended Clark's actions and if she'd rather be with Clark than him. Chloe assured Jimmy that she was only interested in a relationship with him and that she defended Clark because there was more to Clark than Jimmy knew. Despite Chloe's assurances Jimmy broke up with her anyway.

Lana stayed with Chloe when she was being stalked and showed her a photograph of the chisel that bent when Lex tried to stab Clark and Chloe warned Clark that Lana was very close to finding out his secret. Also, Clark assured Jimmy that he and Chloe weren't in love and advised him to get take her back.


Chloe is shocked to learn that she is a meteor freak.

At Lana's bachelorette party, Chloe witnessed a meteor freak get abducted. She and Clark investigated Daniel's capture after the boy showed up fine with no recollection of the abduction and then run into Tobias Rice, another meteorfreack with the ability of identifying the meteor rock infected. After, Chloe herself disappeared for a day, in which she was subjected to invasive experimentation, she realized that she was targeted because someone identified her as a meteor freak and told Clark that she was afraid that she might have powers that will manifest, making her a danger to herself or others. Clark promised he will be there to help her control her powers, if she ever developed any.


Chloe with Lana on her wedding day.

On her wedding day, Lana locked Chloe in the wine cellar of the Luthor Mansion, knowing she'd call Clark for help. She watched as Chloe told Clark that he needed to tell Lana the truth and save her from a loveless marriage. Nevertheless, she still supported Lana and performed all of her Maid of Honor duties.

Chloe helped Clark locate the underground krypto-mutant fight club that used inmates from Belle Reve. She also discovered that the Zoner that was dominating the club was not an inmate, allowing Clark to infiltrate the facility.


Chloe reunites with her mother

When Lex obtained a drug that brought Chloe's mother, Moira Sullivan out of her catatonic state and used her to control other metahumans, Moira controlled Chloe first to notify her of her location, then to try and get her to escape harm from Lex, but Chloe was captured and sent to the 33.1 facility. She and her mother were saved by Clark. However, the drug wore off and Moira slipped back into catatonia. With the help of Oliver Queen, Clark and Chloe transferred her to a safer facility. Chloe started writing an article about LuthorCorp's projects until Lex came by and threatened her if she published the story.

Chloe's resentment towards Lex continued to grow and she refused to help when he was trapped under the rubble of a series of tunnels. However, after Clark also gets caught in the same place, she began looking for a way out and finally succeeded with the help of Lana. Also because of this, Chloe began to notice that Lana had begun to feel a great hatred towards Lex and started to worry about her friend.


Jimmy says goodbye to Chloe.

Chloe and Jimmy investigated the shooting of Lana Luthor at the Daily Planet, and while recovering, Lana admitted to Chloe that she married Lex to protect Clark. Clark got angry when Chloe refused to tell him what Lana had disclosed. Jimmy was sent on an assignment in Milwaukee by the Planet, which meant leaving Chloe. However, they didn't break up, but parted on optimistic terms.


Chloe becomes concerned about Lois

After Lois witnessed as her childhood friend murdered a senator, she went to Chloe for help to investigate and they discovered Lex's Project Ares. Chloe began to worry about her cousin after she became a target of Lex and asked Lois not to dig into the death of Wes Keenan and Project Ares.


Chloe cries over Lois' body

Clark admitted to Chloe that he told Lana his secret and she seemed happy for him and asked her help to track the last phantom.

Despite her cousin warnings, Lois investigated Lex projects and was stabbed in the stomach at Reeves Dam. She called Chloe, who arrived to find Lois bleeding to death. As Chloe wept over Lois' body, her dormant meteor power manifested itself and Lois was instantly healed leaving Chloe unconscious.