"There have been so many times when my curiosity has gotten the best of me. Maybe this is just who I am." - Chloe Truth

Chloe pleads for Kal to come back to Smallville.

The summer before their junior year, Clark ran away to Metropolis and took on the name "Kal." Working in Metropolis at the Daily Planet, Chloe accidentally ran into him at a dance club but promised not to reveal where he was, mostly because he threatened her. She approached him again and pleaded with him to come home, but Kal reacted violently and dangerously. She told Lana where Clark was and Lana got upset with her for keeping it a secret. ("Exile")

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Chloe visits Lionel at LuthorCorp

Chloe continued helping Lionel and researching on Clark. However, when her computer hard disk with metahuman information fell into the hands of a sociopath student who hunted meteor-infected people, including Clark and Lex, Chloe began to realize that maybe his research was really dangerous and attempted to delete the database from her computer, but was unable to. Lionel told her that the computers and their contents are property of the LuthorCorp Foundation and revealed to her his interest in metahumans in general. He threatened her to never investigate a member of his family again. ("Extinction")

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Chloe meets Perry White

During this time, Perry White came to Smallville and asked Clark to take him to meet the editor of the Torch who had "a reputation among the bug-eyed monster circles." Chloe was eager to talk about her Wall of Weird until she learned that Perry was working for X-Styles. Her interest was renewed when she realized that he was Perry White: multiple Pulitzer-nominated journalist extraordinaire. ("Perry")

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Chloe asks Lex about the death of his grandparents.

Chloe saw a possible way out of her situation when Clark asked her help to investigate the truth about a mystery involving Lex´s grandfather and Lana´s great aunt and discovered that Lionel probably killed his parents to claim the insurance. Despite questioning Lex on this matter, Chloe could not get better results so she went on her own in the investigation. ("Relic")

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Lex show Chloe how end the ones who works with Lionel.

Later, Chloe's deal with Lionel was discovered by Lex after he found out that she had been researching into the murder of Lionel´s parents. He warned Chloe about his father and after Chloe found the office of the Torch ransacked, Lex enlisted her help to try and bring down his father. ("Magnetic")

When Lionel discovered Lex and Chloe's attempt at bringing him down, he accused Lex of insanity and submitted him to a radical electroshock therapy that made him forget his deal with Chloe and what they found out about Lionel's conspiracy to kill his parents. ("Asylum")

Smallville310 263

Clark confronts Chloe about her betrayal

Lionel demanded another report on Clark Kent and reminded Chloe that Lex couldn't help her anymore. She became very scared and after Clark, using his newly acquired super-hearing, accidentally overheard the telephone conversation between her and Lionel, she assured him that she didn't tell Lionel anything he didn't already know and pleaded for forgiveness, but Clark did not accept her apology and their friendship was tenuous for a time.

Chloe kept her promise and stopped investigating him. When she didn't comply, Lionel canceled her Daily Planet column and made Lex fire her father from his job. ("Whisper")

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Chloe is attacked by Lana

When Molly Griggs, working at the Summerholt Institute, attempted to prevent Chloe from writing a planned exposé about Lawrence Garner, she sent out hypnotic emails to Chloe's friends. Clark and Lana each attempted to kill Chloe and she took refuge in Lex's mansion. Later, Chloe confessed to Clark that maybe she deserved it and Clark decided that if Chloe forgave him for trying to kill her, he could forgive her for investigating his past. He gave her a second chance because she gave him one when he once made a bad choice at a moment of weakness. He told her that he knows things won't make sense or add up about him: she told Clark that she realizes he'll tell her his secret when he's ready. ("Delete")

Smallville312 256

Chloe discovers Adam's secret

When Chloe saw Adam Knight injecting something into his arm, she went to his apartment to snoop around and found a vial of clear liquid. She then found the opportunity to work with Lex again as the two tried to protect Lana and discover the truth about Adam, although Lex warned Lana to stay away. ("Hereafter")

Chloe continued her friendship with Clark, helping him to investigate Pete 's troubles with some street racers, trying to discover the truth about Clark's new obsessive girlfriend and even unknowingly tracking clues about a mysterious project that returned people to life. ("Velocity")("Obsession")("Resurrection")

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Chloe is confronted by Adam

When Chloe investigated the serum that she found in Adam's apartment, she found that it contained platelets unlike anything human or animal. As she reported this to Lex, she asked him to interview Lia Teng, a professor of molecular biology at Metropolis University who was visiting Adam before he came to Smallville.

After Clark received a phone call from the future in which Adam kills Lana, Chloe helped to protect her and was confronted by Adam when he wanted to know where she was. He used Chloe to blackmail Lana and later knocked Chloe out. ("Crisis")


Chloe is exposed to the truth gas

When Chloe was exposed to a kryptonite-based truth agent at LuthorCorp, she momentarily obtained the ability to make anyone tell her the truth, except for Clark, but she threatened to discover his secret. Chloe tore through Smallville making Lex, Martha, Lana, as well as others tell her their private thoughts and in the process, set off an avalanche of unfortunate events. Chloe found the perfect opportunity to take down Lionel and tried to record Lionel confessing to killing his parents in order to blackmail him into hiring her father back: Lionel, however, later hacked her voice-mail and deleted his confession. ("Truth")

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Chloe allied with Lex to take down Lionel.

After discovering that Pete was in love with her for years, Chloe was the first to learn that Pete's parents were separated and gave him her support. She also tried to help Lana when her financial aid from the Paris School of Arts was turned down, offering with her father to buy the Talon for the money, but Lana declined the offer. When Lana mysteriously disappeared days before her trip to Paris, Chloe helped Clark to find her. ("Forsaken")


Chloe enters the safehouse

Chloe told Lex what happened with Lionel during all that time and in a second partnership with Lex, the data of Lionel's confession was retrieved and a transcript was made.

Before going to testify against Lionel, Chloe helped Jonathan Kent investigate a girl who stalked Clark. Chloe and her father were taken to a witness-protection safe house. However, moments after stepping in the door, the house was blown up by an explosion and Chloe was presumed dead. ("Covenant")

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