"I am the girl of your dreams, masquerading as your best friend." - Chloe Sullivan, Fever

Chloe considers deleting all of her photos of her and Clark at the dance together

Knowing that Clark left her at the Spring Formal to rescue Lana, Chloe offered to go back to being just friends and Clark agreed. She later was ready to delete the picture she had of the dance, but decided to keep it saved. Then, Chloe spent her summer as an intern at the Daily Planet in Metropolis. ("Vortex")

Chloe would briefly get over Clark as she met a guy named Ron Black at the Daily Planet during her internship. With a little help from Pete and Lex, she aided Ron on an article he was working on. To her disappointment, Ron was married as he introduced her to his wife, Renya. {"What I Did On My Summer Vacation")

Smallville202 018

Chloe returns to Smallville after the summer.

After returning from their summer vacation, Chloe was still hurt by what Clark had done to her. She tried to put Clark´s jealousy, talking about an affair she had during the summer and making him into believing that she had moved on their relationship, but in really, Chloe was jealous of the growing relationship that had arisen between Lana and Clark during her absence. ("Heat")

Chloe discovered that the class rings they all received that year contained red meteor rock instead of rubies, but she did not connect the ring to Clark's uncharacteristic behavior. Chloe resumed her friendship with Clark after all and continued helping him investigate the strange events occurring around Smallville. ("Red")


Chloe is reprimanded by Clark

When Rachel Dunleavy came to town claiming to be Clark's biological mother, Clark learned that Chloe did not stop investigating his adoption. They had an intense argument over this breach of privacy that ended with tears on Chloe's part and almost ended their friendship. However, Lana acted as peace-maker between the two friends and they apologized to each other eventually. ("Lineage")

Smallville209 422

Chloe and Lana talks about their feelings for Clark.

When Clark suspected that Ian Randall was dating both Chloe and Lana simultaneously and tried to warn them, Chloe believed Clark was only jealous and dismissed him. The event caused Lana, Clark and Chloe to come to an agreement to attempt to resolve the awkwardness between the three. ("Dichotic")

Around this time, Lana's aunt moved to Metropolis. Chloe convinced her father to let Lana live with them so that she could remain in Smallville. They cultivated a sister-like friendship, despite their issues with Clark.

Smallville214 669

Chloe infected by a parasite

While exploring the Kawatche Caves, Pete and Chloe got infected with a parasite that caused them to do impulsive things. Pete slipped red kryptonite to Clark so he would join in and Clark revealed his powers to Chloe. On Chloe's suggestion, an affected Chloe and Clark made out at The Talon, prompting Lana to become disgusted with both of them. However, when Clark snapped out of it, Chloe got upset and declared that she was tired of being second fiddle to Lana and she and Pete left without Clark to go find more thrills. Clark had to save the two from driving their car off a cliff. When they were cured of the parasite, they did not remember anything that happened. However, the damage was already done to Lana's and Clark's budding relationship. ("Rush")


Chloe is devastated after Clark says "Lana" in his sleep

When Clark became infected with kryptonite spores, Chloe (in her new red Volkswagen Beetle convertible) went to visit him at home. While he was unconscious, she read him an emotional, heartfelt letter detailing her feelings for him. However, Clark muttered Lana's name in his sleep and Chloe left heartbroken. Lana later discovered the letter, but she did not bring up the subject. ("Fever")

Lana and Chloe got in a fight when she caught Lana viewing her personal files on her computer- photographs of her and Clark's Spring Formal night. Lana profusely apologized, but Chloe accused Lana of snooping and feeling sorry for her. However, she accepted Lana's apology and when asked to make a family tree for school, Chloe chose to include Lana as her "sister," stating that her family tree should contain people who love her, not people who aren't there.

Smallville217 219

Chloe takes a picture of a symbol at the Kent Farm

Chloe was directly responsible for connecting Virgil Swann with Clark by publishing a photograph of the Kryptonian symbol that Clark inadvertently burned into the side of the Kent barn. Dr. Swann contacted Clark by spamming Chloe's email box with repeated messages for Clark. At first, Clark was upset with Chloe for inviting investigation into his life again, but he softened when he learned that Dr. Swann might possess information about his origins. ("Rosetta")

Towards the end of sophomore year, an estrangement developed between Clark and Chloe. Clark forgot to write an article for the Torch because he was doing a favor for Lana. Chloe accused him of never being there when she needed him and he accused her of acting as if he was cheating on her whenever he was around Lana. She denied this and the bitter argument that ensued caused both of them to take a break from their friendship.


Lionel makes a tempting offer to Chloe

Later on, the Torch office was severely vandalized, leaving Chloe devastated. She was approached by Lionel Luthor, who was becoming increasingly obsessed with the mysterious circumstances surrounding Clark Kent. Lionel offered to restore the Torch office and also offered Chloe a job at the Daily Planet - her own column, entitled "Sullivan's Travels." Although he kept his promise and repaired the office damage, Chloe turned him down when she realized he also wanted her to investigate Clark. ("Witness")

Smallville222 763

Chloe cries after discovering Lana and Clark together

Although Chloe and Clark were mending their broken friendship, at the same time Clark and Lana began a romantic relationship at her backs. Both were hesitant to reveal their new status to Chloe and when Chloe found eventually out on her own, she was furious and heartbroken. ("Calling")


Chloe accepts Lionel's deal

Very hurt by the treachery of her friends, Chloe kept secret what she knew to see how far they could reach with their lie and finally broke down and confronted Clark about dating Lana. Clark was too distracted with Jor-El's warning to put any effort into the confrontation, so Chloe ended their friendship again and angrily storms away. Also, rather than warn Clark against Lionel as she initially planned, Chloe accepted Lionel's deal, agreeing to investigate Clark in exchange for the job at the Daily Planet. ("Exodus")

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