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Chloe Sullivan-Queen
Family Oliver Queen (husband), unnamed son, Gabe Sullivan (father), Moira Sullivan (mother), Lois Lane (cousin), Lucy Lane (cousin), Sam Lane (uncle), Ella Lane (aunt, deceased)
Occupation Reporter (Star City Register); Member of the Justice League, Former leader of the Suicide Squad; Former manager of the Isis Foundation; Former writer/reporter for the Daily Planet
Powers and
Former empathic healer (nullified), Super intelligence (removed), Skilled hand-to-hand combatant
Played By Allison Mack
Status Alive
Last Seen Guardian, 2012
"Miss Sullivan, your creative passion will always be for the bizarre and the inexplicable." - Lionel Luthor, Solitude

Chloe Anne Sullivan-Queen[1] is Oliver Queen's wife and Clark Kent's closest friend. She served the role of Watchtower, where she provided operational support to Clark and Oliver and their team of heroes. Previously, Chloe worked for a few years as a struggling basement reporter for the Daily Planet, and then managed the Isis Foundation.

Chloe's parents are Gabe and Moira Sullivan. Chloe has no siblings but has two cousins: Lucy and Lois Lane. Chloe is very close to her older cousin and the two have often looked after each other.

After four years at Smallville High School, Chloe moved back to Metropolis after graduating in 2005. She had been attending Metropolis University as a journalism major, and was also an intern at the Daily Planet. [citation needed] She began writing obituaries and classifieds and answering the 24-hour news hotline, followed by small general-interest and current event articles.[2] She, along with many other staff members, was fired from the Daily Planet by the paper's new owner, Lex Luthor. After Chloe was fired from the Daily Planet, she became manager of the Isis Foundation.

Due to her computer skills, Oliver Queen chose Chloe as a part-time member of his team of superheroes, working as "Watchtower" in a mission coordinator capacity and other digital espionage, until she finally decided to becomes a full-time member. Since then, her career has turned from journalism to more of an oversight position in the superhero community.

After dealing with an infection from Brainiac's programming, a wedding nightmare, and a serious trust problem, Chloe and Jimmy were unable to sustain their relationship and they divorced.[3] Chloe also tried to keep Davis Bloome from killing Clark, and finally witnessed in horror as Davis and Jimmy killed each other. She was devastated after this and pled with Clark to go back in time and prevent Jimmy's death, since it was both of their faults that he died. Clark flatly refused, driving a wedge between them and severely straining their friendship.

Since she had been emotionally destroyed, the only safe place that she found was the computers of her Watchtower and began to spend more time there than in the real world, keeping her eyes over Metropolis through the monitors and helping the heroes' community. This led her to become a harder person, manipulating people like chess pieces in the name of the greater good.[4]

Because of the time spent together with Oliver, the two started to develop an attraction towards each other and started a relationship "without strings" that ultimately developed real feelings in both of them.[5] Chloe eventually decided that she wanted to be plugged again into the real world and realized that her time as Watchtower was only a facet to escape her loneliness, but Clark persuaded her to continue helping the community saying that she was a real hero like him and Oliver, and that what she created will be a legacy for future generations of heroes. (Hostage)

Chloe was desperate to find Oliver after he was abducted, so she turned to the Helmet of Nabu for help. Not only did she see Oliver's location, she also saw much of the future. She later traded herself for Oliver and set up an elaborate fake death so she could disappear and keep her friends safe. Later, she returned to help and successfully save members the Justice League, was asked to be the Maid of Honor for the upcoming marriage of Clark and Lois and got married to Oliver. She moved to Star City to begin a dual life which means, by day, working for the Star City Register, whereas looking for potential heroes at night.

Physical Appearance


Chloe in High school

Chloe is a young, Caucasian female. She is fair, with blonde hair and blue-green eyes.

Initially, like her personality, Chloe's appearance was a complement to Lana Lang's in practically every way. While Lana favored a softer, wholesome girl-next-door look, Chloe's style was always spunkier - from her cropped, layered hair to the brightly-colored prints that she wore, and her daringly low and revealing necklines.


Promotional picture for Season Six

During the course of the series, Chloe's style has evolved both with the changing fashion trends and the character's maturation. However, several attributes of Chloe's appearance have remained consistent - most notably her range of short hairstyles (versus the long ones worn by Lana, Lois Lane and most of the other recurring females on the show). Chloe has also tended to favor more of a business-casual fashion sense since the start of the show. She was often seen wearing blazers even in the early days of the series, though she generally paired these looks with youthful patterns and jewelry in her high school days. As a professional woman, Chloe's clothing has seen a shift to ornate blouses, pencil skirts and a variety of dressy jackets.

Chloe Sullivan Smallville

Chloe at Watchtower

At times (especially during the show's second season), dark streaks were sometimes seen in Chloe's hair. Notably, these occasions were reflecting a darker mood or version of the character (Rush, Exodus). Additionally, Chloe has also appeared in edgier fashions, like dark colors or leather. While she's seldom engaged in field work as a member of the Justice League, these times often feature this change in her attire.


Chloe in 2011

Chloe is generally regarded as very attractive, and while less emphasis has been placed on her physical beauty then Lana's, Chloe is often a worthy adversary of Lana's for male attention (notably in the instance of Ian Randall). Most of the recurring male characters on the show have expressed a romantic or sexual interest in Chloe at one time or another (Clark Kent has often found himself confused by his intermittent attraction to her, Pete Ross admittedly pined for her, and Oliver Queen, Jimmy Olsen and Davis Bloome have all cited their love for Chloe). As well, Chloe was crowned queen at her high school senior prom, an award often associated with exceptional beauty.


"Loose lips sink ships and God knows I've sunk my share of flotillas." - Chloe Sullivan, Arrival

Chloe possesses a quick wit and a feisty, cheeky personality. Her childhood dream was to be a world-renowned journalist and her personality reflects her ambitions. She is independent, resourceful, and highly intelligent. Chloe has a small immediate family; as a result, she greatly values her friendships with Lana Lang, Clark Kent, and Pete Ross. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and eager to help them solve their problems, observe objectively, or offer straightforward, honest advice. She is caring and forgiving and never stays mad at anyone for long. [6]

Chloe has an insatiable curiosity and once believed "the public has a right to know." As a result, she often oversteps legal and ethical privacy boundaries, hacking into personal files or records without remorse. In high school, Chloe was often conflicted between her need to expose the truth and the ethical consequences of doing so. She enjoyed reporting on the town's strange goings-on and individuals with powers, but often realized too late that her disclosure could potentially have deadly consequences.[7] Because of her "journalistic tendencies" to reveal the truth, a younger Chloe might have been considered untrustworthy. This is probably the main reason Clark Kent never actually told her about his true origins until he realized she had already discovered them. Early in their friendship, Lana Lang admitted that she didn't trust her. She has had arguments with most of her closest friends about breaches of privacy, lack of discretion, and excessive snooping.[8] This has abated somewhat as she has gotten older. Chloe has become a confidante for all of her friends, Clark most of all. Although Chloe disapproved of Lana's intense relationship with Lex Luthor, she tried to be supportive and was the Maid of Honor at their wedding. Despite her long-standing crush on Clark, she is willing to help him solve his ongoing relationship problems with Lana[9]and then Lois.

Chloe sometimes wears her emotions close to the surface and has in the past lashed out with tears and accusations, but later apologizes profusely. (Rogue, Rosetta, Witness) Chloe's unwavering devotion to her friends, Clark in particular, is another trait which others have used against her to manipulate her.[10] In her own words, Chloe tries to protect herself from emotional harm by distancing herself.[11] Usually quite perceptive, she was completely oblivious to the fact that Pete had fallen in love with her. Chloe exhibited narcissistic tendencies, as noted by Desaad who observed that he fatal flaw was her pride and need for control in all of her friendships. These traits are shared by Lionel Luthor who recognised them in Chloe, leading him to employ her. Despite her tendency to disclose others' secrets, she herself is private about her own personal matters. She rarely mentions the anxiety she feels over her ailing mother.[12] Chloe believes Moira has an unspecified, hereditary psychiatric illness and has expressed fear that she will inherit it.

Chloe is also willing to sacrifice her own life for the greater good or the lives of her loved ones.[13]

For a while, Clark was the only person aware of her meteor rock infection and mysterious resurrection; even then she refused to talk about it with him. Later, Chloe confessed to Jimmy Olsen that it was the reason she pulled away from their relationship. She admitted to Jimmy that she is still coming to terms with this aspect of herself and asked him to keep it a secret. Besides journalism, Chloe enjoys writing, studying paranormal events, and is addicted to coffee. [citation needed] She is a skilled computer hacker and does not particularly like outdoor activities.[14]When the Kandorians were active on Earth, Chloe took extreme measures to 'protect' Earth from them by collecting an arsenal of Kryptonite weapons despite Clark's assurances that he was attempting to help them integrate without their powers, later abandoning her friends and seemingly allying with Checkmate as part of a long-term plan to 'protect' Clark and other heroes, even though she was fully aware that Clark and others would object to her actions.

Vessel of Brainiac

Brainiac-vessel k88

Brainiac's vessel

When infected by Brainiac, her personality became a bit more aggressive, even colder towards others. She was more focused on getting the results she wanted than pleasing others.Even before Brainiac fully took over her body, Chloe could read and process incoming data and information at alarming superhuman speeds, and could apparently, tap into the machine's Kryptonian powers and abilities, exhibiting a degree of super strength and heightened movement.

Powers and Abilities

Empathic healing

X22phantomhdmkv 001870454

Chloe power activates for the first time

Sometime before actually moving to Smallville, Chloe and Moira were exposed to meteor rock radiation and Chloe suffered a mutation that remained latent until it manifested as mysterious healing tears when Chloe was twenty years old. So far, this was shown at least four times - two of which she underwent herself. Chloe used her powers for the first time in May 2007 at Reeves Dam, when she healed her cousin Lois. Lois was bleeding severely from a deep stab wound and after Chloe started crying, a tear fell on Lois and she was healed. However, Chloe herself was rendered unconscious, to such a degree that the staff at Smallville Medical Center pronounced her dead. Her powers further manifested by reviving her three hours later in full health.

Dr. Curtis Knox later performed testing on her meteor rock infection and informed her that she has a high concentration of the mineral in her heart.

Chloe heals Lex

Chloe uses her healing powers.

The next time she used her powers, she had apparently gained some control over them. She used her healing powers, this time without tears, to heal a cut in Jimmy Olsen's finger as a demonstration of her newly-professed status as a meteor freak. As she healed him, she explained that the side effects were harsh while visibly wincing and clutching her own finger. Presumably, she took on the pain of Jimmy's cut, suggesting that Chloe's power has an empathic component.

Chloe's abilities are capable of activating without her explicit will, as seen when her body eventually resurrected itself back to life. Her healing factor has yet to exhibit being able to accelerate Chloe's self-recuperation outside of resurrection, suggesting that her powers are still developing.

X09geminibluraymkv 001958834

Chloe healing Jimmy in "Gemini"

When she healed Lex Luthor after he was shot, Clark observed that she had no heartbeat for 18 hours, much longer than her previous recovery period. This suggests that the empathic component to her powers may weaken over time, or that perhaps Lex's injury was just that much more severe than Lois'.

Also, Chloe's healing factor had a remarkable impact on Brainiac. Brainiac's attack on Chloe caused her to lose her healing powers. When Brainiac attacked her, he absorbed the trace kryptonite minerals from her body. [citation needed] This harmed Brainiac because he ingested kryptonite (a Kryptonian weakness). [citation needed] It also removed all the kryptonite from her body curing her kryptonite infection. Since the kryptonite infection is the basis of her powers this caused her to lose her empathic healing ability.

The machine's power reserves were severely depleted after he attacked her at the Talon, as her ability to heal countered Brainiac's attempts to infect and render her comatose like he had done to Lana. After she recovered, Chloe has not successfully used her healing powers.[15] This was evident at the beginning of Season 8 when she tried to heal Clark from Oliver's arrow wound. She also didn't attempt to use it to save Jimmy in Doomsday, implying it is definitely gone.

Hand-to-hand combatant

Chloe has proved to be very skilled at hand-to-hand combat. She was able to beat down a mind-controlled Lana Lang in combat, although the fight was tough and Chloe barely survived. (Delete) Chloe was able to hold her own against thugs while trying to escape to the LuthorCorp building in Metropolis with Lionel Luthor (Zod).


Chloe vs. Lana

When under the control of her mother, Moira Sullivan at a LuthorCorp facility, when her mother ordered Chloe to get out of the facility for safety, Chloe defeated the LuthorCorp guard that attacked her with the use of hand-to-hand combat and ran off. In the process, she came close to killing Lex Luthor, but was stopped by Clark Kent (Progeny). Chloe is very much able to hold her own in a fight, even being able to take down armed FBI agents and a security guard twice her size. (Masquerade, Fortune)

Information broker

Collateral Chloe

Chloe hacking VRA computers.

Over the years, Chloe has developed the research and computer skills to get just about any piece of information she needs. Chloe's computer skills qualify her as a member of the Justice League, as their information broker, Watchtower. From her high school years onwards, Chloe could search fingerprints databases, run license plates, download satellite images, hack cellular phone records (although she admitted doing this illegally) and access old newspaper archives. She carries a wide assortment of spy gear in the trunk of her car, and is well-versed in their operation. She is highly skilled in using the Internet, and other online databases of information. She has contacts in various strategic places, including the Smallville morgue [citation needed], emergency services [citation needed] and police stations [citation needed].


Chloe helps Clark research in the Torch office.

Chloe can not only search online databases; she can also create and forge information records. When Kara Kent came to Smallville, Chloe generated a detailed back story for her based on growing up in Minnesota for 19 years until Kara tracked down her blood relative, Clark Kent. To support the back story, Chloe was able to produce records in order to make Kara's background more credible. She was also able to create an undercover background for Clark as a police officer from Coast City. Chloe also assisted Clark in giving the Kandorians human names, passports, and id badges to blend into the Human Race she also erase records of her existing on the internet with ease showing great skill in that too.

Super intelligence

X08bloodlinebluraymkv 001535657

Chloe using her super intelligence to hack into the Crystal of Knowledge

Shortly after the encounter with Brainiac, Chloe manifested a form of super-intelligence in which she could retain and process data. She was able to memorize and compute complex algorithms and crack codes faster than LuthorCorp's most powerful super computer, and also read at super-speed. She also had access to Brainiac's greatly advanced knowledge of the universe.[16] Chloe demonstrated a sub-power of her super intelligence that allowed her to kill a memory-absorbing man by touching him. This feat was possible by overloading the man's brain with knowledge. She also demonstrated some form of temporary super strength while attempting to open a portal to free Clark from the Phantom Zone. [17] After she was freed from her Brainiac infection, Chloe's super-intelligence disappeared. [18]

Early Life

"My mother sacrificed everything to protect the world from scum like you. And if taking you down means spending some quality time behind bars, sign me up." - Chloe Sullivan to Lex Luthor, Progeny

Chloe at age eight.

Chloe was born in Metropolis in either late 1986 or early 1987.[19]Chloe's parents divorced when Chloe was young.[20] Her mother first left the family when she was five,[21] but Chloe had at least some contact with her mother until age eight in 1995. One day Chloe came home with her hands covered in ink. When Moira instructed her to wash them, Chloe disobeyed. Moira again told her to wash them until the ink was gone, but found Chloe scrubbing her hands until they bled. Moira realized that she could control her daughter with her meteor power, and possibly hurt her, so she had herself committed to a mental institution.[22]


Eighth grader's Clark and Chloe.

Chloe was unaware of this fact until her senior year of high school, (Scare) believing before then that her mother was simply not interested in having a relationship with her. [23] The Sullivans moved to Smallville in 2000. [24] Chloe quickly befriended Clark Kent after he showed her around the town and his family farm. She also became good friends with Pete Ross in eighth grade. In Jinx she told Mikhail Mxyzptlk she had 'fun' with Johnny Brosen back in the 6th grade.

Season One

"This is Smallville, land of the weird, home of the strange." Chloe Sullivan, Pilot
Chloe's Wall of Weird

Chloe shows Clark her Wall of Weird

Chloe was the reporter and editor for her pride and joy- the Smallville Torch, the newspaper at Smallville High School, which she attended with Clark and Pete. At the Torch office, she maintained a "Wall of Weird," a large mural where she posted articles concerning the often bizarre and eerie events that take place in Smallville, many of which are related to the mutagenic effects of the kryptonite from the 1989 meteor shower. Chloe seemingly had 24-hour access to the Torch office and a computer set aside for her personal use.

Smallville102 555

Chloe helping Clark at the Torch.

With contacts at the police station, public records, and even local hospitals and morgues, Chloe became Clark's source of information when it came to stopping metahumans determined to achieve their goals at the expense of hurting people. Many of these metahumans were students at Smallville; as a result, the victims were often fellow classmates. Chloe was no exception, and had several dangerous encounters her freshman year. ("Pilot")

Smallville103 479

Chloe in danger,

When Chloe helped Clark investigate Coach Walt Arnold, he retaliated by attempting to burn down the Torch office. Sean Kelvin, a popular football player, managed to get through Chloe's cool exterior and get her phone number. When he was transformed into a metahuman who could suck a person's body heat from them, Chloe became his target, but Clark saved her just in time. ("Hothead")

Smallville109 106

Chloe gets fired from the Torch.

Chloe was briefly fired from her post as Editor of the Torch by Principal Kwan because he did not think she was adequately covering school events, and instead focusing too hard on the strange but unsubstantiated goings-on of Smallville. Chloe was devastated, and even lashed out at Lana's honest attempts to help her get the paper back. She later apologized to Lana for the outburst and vowed to improve her skills as a school reporter. ("Rogue")


Chloe does something she's always wanted to do.

Later, Chloe and Clark met Kyle Tippet, a reclusive former salesman who could force his will on others with a handshake. Chloe insisted on a demonstration, and when Kyle told Chloe to do something she's always wanted to do, she gave a surprised Clark a passionate kiss, but did not remember doing it seconds later. Not wanting to embarrass her, Clark did not tell Chloe what happened, though Chloe quickly figured it out. ("Hug")


Chloe gets thrown out the window.

While interviewing Lex Luthor at his mansion, Clark and Chloe encountered thieves who used kryptonite tattoos to enable them to walk through walls. They threw Chloe out of the window, but Clark was unable to save her. She suffered a broken arm, concussion, bruises, and an extended hospital stay. ("Kinetic")

Beginning with an assignment to write a biography about a classmate, Chloe attempted to uncover information about Clark's adoption. She shared with Clark what she learned- that Clark's was in fact the only adoption handled by a company called Metropolis United Charities. He was horrified by her investigations and she promised to stop. However, she broke her promise and continued her investigation in secret. ("Zero")


Chloe is happy about the picture that Justin made for her.

When Chloe met Ryan James, he read her mind and told Clark that Chloe wanted him to ask her to the Spring Formal. Clark ran for Class President his freshman year; he was disappointed when Chloe and the Torch backed his opponent for the job, but understood that Chloe's journalistic integrity would sometimes take precedence over their friendship. ("Stray")

Chloe began a relationship with Justin Gaines, and believing Clark to be jealous, was not willing to explore the possibility that Justin was a murderer until it was almost too late. ("Crush")

Smallville120 544

Chloe´s happy after Clark finally asked her to be his date at the Spring Formal.

At the end of her freshman year, Chloe traveled to Metropolis to interview for an internship at the Daily Planet. However, before she left, she was kidnapped and buried alive in a glass coffin by a serial killer, a local police officer. Fortunately, Lana had just developed the ability to see through Chloe's would-be killer's eyes- the two had been close to each other when an explosion took place that scattered kryptonite around the area, resulting in them acquiring an amplified form of a believed psychological condition where people who endured similar experiences during the London Blitz developed a similar 'link' to each other- and thus, she and Clark were able to save Chloe in time. Chloe missed her interview, but won the internship after all with a composition about her experience. ("Obscura")

Smallville121 628

Chloe's fear becomes real.

Clark did indeed ask Chloe to the Spring Formal, and she was really excited about it. Chloe gave her best to ensure that everything goes well in her date with Clark, but when his father told her the possibility of moving back to Metropolis due to the LuthorCorp Plant closure, she said to Clark her fear about that Clark would forget all about her for Lana once she was no longer in town. However, Clark assures her that this would not happen and at the dance, Chloe's perfect evening was interrupted by a series of tornadoes and much to Chloe's dismay, Clark disappeared from the dance to go save Lana, fulfilling in this way Chloe´s fear of being abandoned by Clark. ("Tempest")

Season Two

"I am the girl of your dreams, masquerading as your best friend." - Chloe Sullivan, Fever

Chloe considers deleting all of her photos of her and Clark at the dance together

Knowing that Clark left her at the Spring Formal to rescue Lana, Chloe offered to go back to being just friends and Clark agreed. She later was ready to delete the picture she had of the dance, but decided to keep it saved. Then, Chloe spent her summer as an intern at the Daily Planet in Metropolis. ("Vortex")

Chloe would briefly get over Clark as she met a guy named Ron Black at the Daily Planet during her internship. With a little help from Pete and Lex, she aided Ron on an article he was working on. To her disappointment, Ron is married as he introduces her to his wife, Renya. {"What I Did On My Summer Vacation")

Smallville202 018

Chloe returns to Smallville after the summer.

After returning from their summer vacation, Chloe was still hurt by what Clark had done to her. She tried to put Clark´s jealousy, talking about an affair she had during the summer and making him into believing that she had moved on their relationship, but in really, Chloe was jealous of the growing relationship that had arisen between Lana and Clark during her absence. ("Heat")

Chloe discovered that the class rings they all received that year contained red meteor rock instead of rubies, but she did not connect the ring to Clark's uncharacteristic behavior. Chloe resumed her friendship with Clark after all and continued helping him investigate the strange events occurring around Smallville. ("Red")


Chloe is reprimanded by Clark

When Rachel Dunleavy came to town claiming to be Clark's biological mother, Clark learned that Chloe did not stop investigating his adoption. They had an intense argument over this breach of privacy that ended with tears on Chloe's part and almost ended their friendship. However, Lana acted as peace-maker between the two friends and they apologized to each other eventually. ("Lineage")

Smallville209 422

Chloe and Lana talks about their feelings for Clark.

When Clark suspected that Ian Randall was dating both Chloe and Lana simultaneously and tried to warn them, Chloe believed Clark was only jealous, and dismissed him. The event caused Clark, Lana, and Chloe to come to an agreement to attempt to resolve the awkwardness between the three. ("Dichotic")

Around this time, Lana's aunt moved to Metropolis. Chloe convinced her father to let Lana live with them so that she could remain in Smallville. They cultivated a sister-like friendship, despite their issues with Clark.

Smallville214 669

Chloe infected by a parasite

While exploring the Kawatche Caves, Pete and Chloe got infected with a parasite that caused them to do impulsive things. Pete slipped red kryptonite to Clark so he would join in, and Clark revealed his powers to Chloe. On Chloe's suggestion, an affected Chloe and Clark made out at The Talon, prompting Lana to become disgusted with both of them. However, when Clark snapped out of it, Chloe got upset and declared that she was tired of being second fiddle to Lana, and she and Pete left without Clark to go find more thrills. Clark had to save the two from driving their car off a cliff. When they were cured of the parasite, they did not remember anything that happened. However, the damage was already done to Lana's and Clark's budding relationship. ("Rush")


Chloe is devastated after Clark says "Lana" in his sleep

When Clark became infected with kryptonite spores, Chloe (in her new red Volkswagen Beetle convertible) went to visit him at home. While he was unconscious, she read him an emotional, heartfelt letter detailing her feelings for him. However, Clark muttered Lana's name in his sleep, and Chloe left heartbroken. Lana later discovered the letter, but she did not bring up the subject. ("Fever")

Lana and Chloe got in a fight when she caught Lana viewing her personal files on her computer- photographs of her and Clark's Spring Formal night. Lana profusely apologized, but Chloe accused Lana of snooping and feeling sorry for her. However, she accepted Lana's apology, and when asked to make a family tree for school, Chloe chose to include Lana as her "sister," stating that her family tree should contain people who love her, not people who aren't there.

Smallville217 219

Chloe takes a picture of a symbol at the Kent Farm

Chloe was directly responsible for connecting Virgil Swann with Clark by publishing a photograph of the Kryptonian symbol that Clark inadvertently burned into the side of the Kent barn. Dr. Swann contacted Clark by spamming Chloe's email box with repeated messages for Clark. At first, Clark was upset with Chloe for inviting investigation into his life again, but he softened when he learned that Dr. Swann might possess information about his origins. ("Rosetta")

Towards the end of sophomore year, an estrangement developed between Clark and Chloe. Clark forgot to write an article for the Torch because he was doing a favor for Lana. Chloe accused him of never being there when she needed him, and he accused her of acting as if he was cheating on her whenever he was around Lana. She denied this and the bitter argument that ensued caused both of them to take a break from their friendship.


Lionel makes a tempting offer to Chloe

Later on, the Torch office was severely vandalized, leaving Chloe devastated. She was approached by Lionel Luthor, who was becoming increasingly obsessed with the mysterious circumstances surrounding Clark Kent. Lionel offered to restore the Torch office and also offered Chloe a job at the Daily Planet - her own column, entitled "Sullivan's Travels." Although he kept his promise and repaired the office damage, Chloe turned him down when she realized he also wanted her to investigate Clark. ("Witness")

Smallville222 763

Chloe cries after discovering Lana and Clark together

Although Chloe and Clark were mending their broken friendship, at the same time Clark and Lana began a romantic relationship at her backs. Both were hesitant to reveal their new status to Chloe and when Chloe found eventually out on her own, she was furious and heartbroken. ("Calling")


Chloe accepts Lionel's deal

Very hurt by the treachery of her friends, Chloe kept secret what she knew to see how far they could reach with their lie and finally broke down and confronted Clark about dating Lana. Clark was too distracted with Jor-El's warning to put any effort into the confrontation, so Chloe ended their friendship again and angrily storms away. Also, rather than warn Clark against Lionel as she initially planned, Chloe accepted Lionel's deal, agreeing to investigate Clark in exchange for the job at the Daily Planet. ("Exodus")


"Just answer me this: Do you love him? 'Cause I know you can have any guy you want, and if this is just some fling--" Chloe to Lana, Sojourn

Chloe comes by the Kent Farm to give Martha some flowers, during which she runs into Lana. She criticizes Lana for keeping the relationship between her and Clark a secret, and then asks whether she truly loves him or if the relationship is a fling. Lana replies that she loves him, to which Chloe takes in stride.[25]

Season Three

"There have been so many times when my curiosity has gotten the best of me. Maybe this is just who I am." - Chloe Truth

Chloe pleads for Kal to come back to Smallville.

The summer before their junior year, Clark ran away to Metropolis and took on the name "Kal." Working in Metropolis at the Daily Planet, Chloe accidentally ran into him at a dance club but promised not to reveal where he was, mostly because he threatened her. She approached him again and pleaded with him to come home, but Kal reacted violently and dangerously. She told Lana where Clark was, and Lana got upset with her for keeping it a secret. ("Exile")

Smallville303 161

Chloe visits Lionel at LuthorCorp

Chloe continued helping Lionel and researching on Clark. However, when her computer hard disk with metahuman information fell into the hands of a psychopath student who hunted meteor-infected people, including Clark and Lex, Chloe began to realize that maybe his research was really dangerous and attempted to delete the database from her computer, but was unable. Lionel told her that the computers and their contents are property of the LuthorCorp Foundation and revealed to her his interest in metahumans in general. He threatened her to never investigate a member of his family again. ("Extinction")

Smallville s03e05 ws dvdrip xvid-river187

Chloe meets Perry White

During this time, Perry White came to Smallville and asked Clark to take him to meet the editor of the Torch who had "a reputation among the bug-eyed monster circles." Chloe was eager to talk about her Wall of Weird until she learned that Perry was working for X-Styles. Her interest was renewed when she realized that he was Perry White: multiple Pulitzer-nominated journalist extraordinaire. ("Perry")

Smallville306 153

Chloe asks Lex about the death of his grandparents.

Chloe saw a possible way out of her situation when Clark asked her help to investigate the truth about a mystery involving Lex´s grandfather and Lana´s great aunt and discovered that Lionel probably killed his parents to claim the insurance. Despite questioning Lex on this matter, Chloe could not get better results so she went on her own in the investigation. ("Relic")

Smallville307 460

Lex show Chloe how end the ones who works with Lionel.

Later, Chloe's deal with Lionel was discovered by Lex after he found out that she had been researching into the murder of Lionel´s parents. He warned Chloe about his father and after Chloe found the office of the Torch ransacked, Lex enlisted her help to try and bring down his father. ("Magnetic")

When Lionel discovered Lex and Chloe's attempt at bringing him down, he accused Lex of insanity and submitted him to a radical electroshock therapy that made him forget his deal with Chloe and what they found out about Lionel's conspiracy to kill his parents. ("Asylum")

Smallville310 263

Clark confronts Chloe about her betrayal

Lionel demanded another report on Clark Kent, and reminded Chloe that Lex couldn't help her anymore. She became very scared and after Clark, using his newly-acquired super-hearing, accidentally overheard the telephone conversation between her and Lionel, she assured him that she didn't tell Lionel anything he didn't already know and pleaded for forgiveness, but Clark did not accept her apology and their friendship was tenuous for a time.

Chloe kept her promise and stopped investigating him. When she didn't comply, Lionel canceled her Daily Planet column and made Lex fire her father from his job. ("Whisper")

Smallville311 228

Chloe is attacked by Lana

When Molly Griggs, working at the Summerholt Institute, attempted to prevent Chloe from writing a planned exposé about Lawrence Garner, she sent out hypnotic emails to Chloe's friends. Clark and Lana each attempted to kill Chloe, and she took refuge in Lex's mansion. Later, Chloe confessed to Clark that maybe she deserved it, and Clark decided that if Chloe forgave him for trying to kill her, he could forgive her for investigating his past. He gave her a second chance because she gave him one when he once made a bad choice at a moment of weakness. He told her that he knows things won't make sense or add up about him; she told Clark that she realizes he'll tell her his secret when he's ready. ("Delete")

Smallville312 256

Chloe discovers Adam's secret

When Chloe saw Adam Knight injecting something into his arm, she went to his apartment to snoop around and found a vial of clear liquid. She then found the opportunity to work with Lex again as the two tried to protect Lana and discover the truth about Adam, although Lex warned Lana to stay away. ("Hereafter")

Chloe continued her friendship with Clark, helping him to investigate Pete 's troubles with some street racers, trying to discover the truth about Clark's new obssesive girlfriend, and even unknowingly tracking clues about a mysterious project that returned people to life. ("Velocity")("Obsession")("Resurrection")

Smallville316 342

Chloe is confronted by Adam

When Chloe investigated the serum that she found in Adam's apartment, she found that it contained platelets unlike anything human or animal. As she reported this to Lex, she asked him to interview Lia Teng, a professor of molecular biology at Metropolis University who was visiting Adam before he came to Smallville.

After Clark received a phone call from the future in which Adam kills Lana, Chloe helped to protect her and was confronted by Adam when he wanted to know where she was. He used Chloe to blackmail Lana and later knocked Chloe out. ("Crisis")


Chloe is exposed to the truth gas

When Chloe was exposed to a kryptonite-based truth agent at LuthorCorp, she momentarily obtained the ability to make anyone tell her the truth, except for Clark, but she threatened to discover his secret. Chloe tore through Smallville making Lex, Martha, Lana, and others tell her their private thoughts and, in the process, set off an avalanche of unfortunate events. Chloe found the perfect oportunity to take down Lionel, and tried to record Lionel confessing to killing his parents in order to blackmail him into hiring her father back; Lionel, however, later hacked her voice-mail and deleted his confession. ("Truth")

Smallville321 683

Chloe allied with Lex to take down Lionel.

After discovering that Pete was in love with her for years, Chloe was the first to learn that Pete's parents were separated and gave him her support. She also tried to help Lana when her financial aid from the Paris School of Arts was turned down, offering with her father to buy the Talon for the money, but Lana declined the offer. When Lana mysteriously disappeared days before her trip to Paris, Chloe helped Clark to find her. ("Forsaken")


Chloe enters the safehouse

Chloe told Lex what happened with Lionel during all that time, and in a second partnership with Lex, the data of Lionel's confession was retrieved and a transcript was made.

Before going to testify against Lionel, Chloe helped Jonathan Kent investigate a girl who stalked Clark. Chloe and her father were taken to a witness-protection safe house. However, moments after stepping in the door, the house was blown up by an explosion, and Chloe was presumed dead. ("Covenant")

Season Four

"You were always the one good thing in my life, and if I didn't tell you enough, I care about you more than you'll ever know. Please find out who did this, Clark. You're the only one who can." - Chloe Sullivan, Crusade
Smallville402 510

Chloe is found alive

Chloe's cousin Lois Lane arrived in Smallville to find out the truth about her death. She and Clark began investigating Chloe's apparent murder, but discovered that she was actually alive. Lex told Clark how he saved her and her father from the blast, and faked their deaths to prevent Lionel from finding them. Lionel's assassin, Trent MacGowen, found her but failed to kill her due to the combined efforts of Clark and Lois. Her testimony and voice-mail confession helped convict Lionel of the murder of his parents, landing him in prison. ("Crusade")("Gone")


Chloe returns to the Smallville High accompanied by her cousin.

When she drank a sports drink laced with a kryptonite-enhanced love potion, Chloe was transformed into an overactive devotee to Clark Kent. She joined the cheerleading squad and professed her love for him, showing up in his loft wearing only his football jersey. When her sensibilities were restored, Clark reluctantly told her that he did not have romantic feelings for her, but the two remained friends. ("Devoted")


Chloe upset with Clark for playing with her feelings

Chloe continued her research about the strange events surrounding Smallville but also had to contend with the latent threat of Lionel Luthor. When Lionel switches bodies with Clark, he humiliated her. Lionel (in Clark's body) leaned in to kiss Chloe, but pulled back at the last second and whispered instead, "Don't you wish,", before sauntering off. Chloe nearly burst into tears, and this caused another rift in her friendship with Clark. ("Transference")

Her anger with Clark did not last long, and when she was drawn into an underground gambling ring at school run by foreign exchange student Mikhail Mxyzptlk, she went to Clark for help. ("Jinx")

Smallville408 533

Chloe is possessed by a witch

On her eighteenth birthday, Chloe was possessed by a 17th Century witch, Madelyn Hibbins. With Lana and Lois (also possessed by witches), she joined a wild party and stripped Clark of his powers. When he recovered his powers, all three girls were restored to normal. ("Spell")


Chloe tells Clark that she finally knows what it's like to have a secret.

Around this time, Chloe began to seriously suspect that something was different about Clark. However, instead of meddling or investigating as a younger Chloe might have done, she simply stepped back and hoped Clark would come clean.

Chloe confided in Clark, revealing to him that she had found her mother in a mental hospital three months ago, being treated for a hereditary mental illness, which Chloe feared she could one day inherit. She emphasized that she felt much better having shared her secret with someone. ("Scare")

Smallville412 426

Chloe discovers Clark's secret in episode pariah

Shortly after, Chloe truly learned of Clark's powers from a "demonstration" arranged by Alicia Baker, in which she saw Clark catch a car, then super-speed away unknowingly revealing his super-strength and super-speed. She believed Clark to be a meteor freak from the meteor shower, like Alicia. Upon the advice of Lois, Chloe didn't tell Clark she knew his secret, and continued to be the same good friend she always had been. However, she frequently dropped subtle hints urging Clark to tell her. ("Unsafe")


Chloe tells Clark that she thinks he is destinated to do more things that only play football.

Once Chloe had discovered the secret of her best friend, she became his best ally, although he was often unaware of this. She became fiercely loyal to him and began making excuses to cover up his mysterious disappearances. Gradually, Chloe was discovering in secret the rest of Clark's powers while continued to support him in his research about the Stones of Power. ("Recruit")


Chloe gets crowned Smallville's Prom Queen (while being possessed by Dawn Stiles)

Chloe was reluctantly nominated as a candidate for Prom Queen their senior year and her main competition was Dawn Stiles, the most popular girl in school. The night of the Prom, Dawn was seriously injured in a car accident, and her spirit remained behind, jumping from body to body. When Chloe won, Dawn possessed Chloe and attempted to burn down the school. When Clark tried to stop her, Dawn jumped into him and as Jonathan had to use green K to subdue her spirit and free Clark, Chloe discovered that Clark was vulnerable to the meteor rock. ("Spirit")


Chloe tells Clark about his powers.

After Clark was struck with total amnesia, Chloe found herself teaching Clark about his own powers, and learning about the ones of which she was not yet aware. She told him that she believed he was a metahuman, and that she had known about his secret without him telling her, instead trusting that he would confide in her on his own time. When Clark regained his memory, he asked what he had done during the time and Chloe simply told him he did one thing differently- he trusted her. She again left it open for Clark to tell her himself. ("Blank")


Chloe says goodbye to the Torch

Shortly before finishing the school year, Chloe was kidnapped by a meteor-infected colleague, Brendan Nash, who was obsessed with school. Nash kidnapped students from the yearbook's "most likely" list, imprisoning them in a warehouse simulated to look like Smallville High. This included Lana, and other Smallville High students. Their mysterious disappearances brought Clark and Lois to search for Chloe and Lana, finally freeing them along with the other hostages still alive. That was when Chloe finally said goodbye to her years at The Torch and sadly closed the office door. ("Ageless")


Chloe sees Clark disappear

Chloe's graduation ceremony was interrupted when the military announced a second meteor shower on its way to Smallville. She later discovered a kryptonite-weakened Clark in Lex Luthor's walk-in safe and pulled him to safety. When Lex found her in his office, he dragged her forcibly to the Kawatche Caves and demanded she give him answers. There, Chloe knocked him down, and watched as Clark entered a chamber that mysteriously opened in the far wall. ("Commencement")

Season Five

"Well, because… because I'm afraid. I mean what if I look in Mom's eyes and I see myself?" — Chloe, Tomb

Chloe almost freezes to death in the Fortress

Chloe and Clark were transported to the Fortress of Solitude in the Arctic and unable to withstand the sub-zero temperatures, she called out to Clark, who begged to interrupt his training to save her life. Clark took Chloe to a hospital in the Yukon and Chloe finally told Clark that she knew his secret, and Clark told her that he is an alien. She became his confidante, promising to never be the "iceberg to his Titanic." Later, Lex located her and took her back to Smallville.

After Jor-El stripped Clark of his powers and Clark became mortal and when Clark's family was held hostage by deranged metahumans, the now mortal Clark turned to Chloe's resourcefulness and cleverness. Together, they retrieved a kryptonite serum from Level Three at LuthorCorp plant without his abilities.


Chloe talks with Clark about having his powers back.

After Gabriel Duncan, attempted to blow up Smallville with a nuclear missile and begged her to leave town so that she could survive, she and Clark confronted Gabriel, who shot and killed Clark and took Chloe to his bunker for safety. However, Jor-El brought Clark back to life and restored his powers and he stopped the missile from landing. Clark's death and resurrection was not without a price. Clark returned to his former life of keeping secrets. Chloe urged him to tell Lana the truth, but he did not take her advice.


Chloe gets a job at the Daily Planet

Chloe moved into the Metropolis University dorms and scared her first roommate away with a mini version of the Wall of Weird. Lana became her new roommate after applying for late acceptance. Chloe became one step closer to her dream job of editor of the Daily Planet when she wrote a paper detailing her experiences with a vampire sorority.

Shortly after, Lionel Luthor approached her again, and fed her inside information on the true identity of Milton Fine, and Lex's campaign for the Kansas State Senate.

Chloe went undercover along with Lois to the Windgate Club to investigate the murder of stripper Melissa Paige and then she wrote a story and obtained her first byline, which Lois and Clark applauded her for.

Splinterhr 284

Chloe uses kryptonite to protect Martha and Jonathan from Clark

Chloe revealed to Martha and Jonathan Kent that she knew of Clark's abilities as she helped them to deal with Clark when he began to act differently because of being infected with Silver-K and finally reassures Clark that she would be unable to betray him and reveal his secret.

Solitude 305

Chloe discovers Milton Fine's true identity

Lois then enlisted Chloe's help in digging up information on Lex to defeat him in the election. She broke into Warehouse 15 and witnessed Professor Fine form himself from the ship. She realized that Fine was duping Clark and followed them to the Fortress of Solitude. Fine overpowered Clark with green K and opened the portal to welcome General Zod back to Earth. Chloe removed the Green K and Clark was able to defeat Fine and prevent Zod's return.


Chloe attends Jonathan Kent's funeral

After Jonathan passed away, Martha told Chloe that she was glad she was not the only person carrying such a burden, saying that Clark was lucky to have Chloe as a friend. Chloe helped Clark work through his grief over the death of his father by helping him search for the Angel of Vengeance in Metropolis.


Chloe gets upset after seeing a ghost

Chloe was seemingly driven to suicide and was treated by a psychiatrist, Dr. Sydell. She insisted that she did not try to kill herself, but no one believed her except Clark. When she began to hallucinate a vision of murdered girl, Gretchen Winters, Lana asked Lex to transfer her to Belle Reve for better care. However, Clark rescued her and took her to Lois' apartment, where the murdered girl possessed her to extract revenge on her murderer. Back to normal, Chloe had to face her anxiety over her mother's mental illness and with Clark's encouragement, went to visit her for the first time.


Chloe stopping Clark before he could kill Lex.

Chloe and Lois discovered that Clark's new girlfriend Simone had the ability to hypnotize people with an exotic amulet. At Simone's request, Clark almost killed Lex, but Chloe was able to stop him. After they broke up, Clark frequently asked Chloe about Lana's well-being until Chloe told him that she would rather not be in the middle.

However, Chloe was forced to tell Clark that Lana had become addicted to a mysterious drug. She helped him track Lana down and he was able to save her. She also gave Clark Fine's recent whereabouts, information given to her by Lionel Luthor.


Chloe discovers Lex and Lana together.

Chloe was the first to discover what was happening between Lex and Lana and was shocked. Chloe and Lana had a fight when she questioned Lana's growing relationship with Lex. Both Lana and Lex responded to her questions with indignation, telling her to mind her own business.


Clark confronts Chloe for not telling him that Lana was dating Lex.

When Clark discovered the relationship, he became angry at her too, saying she betrayed him. Chloe stood up for herself, telling Clark that Lana can date whomever she chooses and suggesting he finally get over Lana. He later apologized when he realized that she was just being a good friend for keeping Lana's confidence.


Chloe at Clark's Birthday

Chloe, Lois, and Martha gave Clark a surprise birthday party the same night he saw the spirit of his dead father, who instructed him to kill Lionel Luthor. Chloe found evidence that Jonathan and Lionel met on the night of his death. After the warning turned out to be a trick caused by Brainiac, Lionel revealed that he had been posing as Jor-El's oracle and had been producing pages and pages of scribbled Kryptonian characters.

Chloe used her computer skills to decipher the characters into a readable sentence. Clark was then able to read it and translated it as "Zod is coming."


Chloe kisses Clark goodbye, in case they never see each other again.

Lana told Chloe about Lex being taken in by the vessel, and Chloe told Clark. When Fine downloaded a powerful virus into the electrical systems of the world, Clark went to help Chloe, but she told him that he had to leave her behind, because he couldn't save everyone.

Before he left, Chloe gave him a passionate kiss, in case they "may never see each other again." Chloe watched riots breaking out in the streets of Metropolis but escaped into Lionel Luthor's limousine. Unfortunately, the limo was attacked by an angry mob as she and Lionel were grabbed out of it.

Season Six

"Don't worry, Clark, it was the end of the world. It's not like I'm expecting us to hook up." - Chloe, Zod

Chloe is ready to shoot

Lionel rescued Chloe and they made their way to the LuthorCorp Plaza building. Chloe hoped to find a way to stop the virus and Lionel gave her a gun for protection. Once the power was returned and the virus was neutralized, Clark returned to her and offered to talk about the kiss they shared. Chloe claimed it did not change their friendship, leaving Clark seeming somewhat disappointed. She reunited with Jimmy Olsen, with whom she interned at the Daily Planet in high school. They decided to rekindle their romance, but take it a little slower this time.

When Clark caught a cold in the Phantom Zone, Chloe helped him find a kidnapped Lex and diverted Lois from investigating his super-sneezes. She also convinced Clark to hone his sneezes into a useful new ability.


Chloe saves Clark

Later, Chloe asked Clark to help investigate when she and Jimmy found a dead woman in a tree. Jimmy and then Clark also fell victim to the alien vegetation- Jimmy was buried and Clark was strung up and impaled. Chloe realized that electricity killed the alien vegetation, freed Clark, and shocked Jimmy's heart to cure him.

Chloe also helped Clark and Lois try to learn the identity of the Green Arrow, who she really admires because his ideals. She realized that Clark knew who he was and stopped investigating when he asked her to.


Chloe helps Clark investigate the Green Arrow.

She began to study strange craters all over the world, identical to the ones Clark made when he escaped the Phantom Zone. Using Oliver Queen's satellite images, she and Clark tracked the movement of various escaped prisoners. She also finally met Oliver Queen, who she thought a really attractive man.


Chloe hugs Lana after she learned that Lana was pregnant.

When Jimmy decided to investigate Lex Luthor, he uncovered Kryptonian symbols and showed them to Chloe; she reluctantly had to lie about what they were. Jimmy was fired for his efforts, but was rehired at entry level, in the basement with Chloe.

On Thanksgiving Day, Lana confessed to Chloe that she was pregnant. Chloe attended the Kent Thanksgiving dinner, but did not disclose Lana's confession to Clark.


Chloe and Jimmy investigate 33.1

Shortly after, Lana enlisted Chloe and Jimmy to help her release Lex from an alternate frequency. Chloe hacked into Lex's computer and obtained schematics and floor plans for Level Three. However, once they rescued Lex, Chloe found all of her files deleted, with Lionel Luthor warning her to stop snooping. Lana did not believe Chloe when she told her about the Luthors' suspicious behavior.

Chloe missed a date with Jimmy to help Clark watch over Javier Ramirez while they figured out the mystery behind the deaths at McNally Farm. She was momentarily distracted and felt extremely guilty for letting Javier run away, but she and Jimmy successfully located Javier's mother. Chloe wrote an article about McNally and earned another byline in the Daily Planet.


Chloe tells Clark that keeping everybody's secrets is not easy

Lana told Chloe that Lex proposed to her and admitted that she still has feelings for Clark. Clark found out Lana was pregnant and was angry at Chloe for not telling him, but Chloe got upset with him, stating that she has to keep other people's confidence as well as his, and they quickly made up. When Lana's admission was printed in the newspaper, Chloe confronted Linda Lake and learned she had the ability to turn into water. Lana later asked Chloe to tell her the truth about Clark, but Chloe refused.


Watchtower helps Oliver's team

Chloe tried to interview Dr. Caselli about Project 33.1, but he attempted to shoot her. Luckily, Bart Allen showed up and saved her. Chloe learned that Bart was back in town because he had joined Oliver's group of heroes that intend to take down Lex's Projects. She went to Oliver's penthouse, talking that she discovered by her self his secret,. Getting Oliver's trust that saw her potential, Chloe helped the team rescue Bart (and Clark) adopting the codename Watchtower.


Chloe after Jimmy broken up with her because of Clark.

Lana asked Chloe to be her Maid of Honor, but a red kryptonite-infected Clark crashed the engagement party and said rude things to Chloe. Jimmy later confronted Chloe about how she always defends Clark and would rather be with him. Chloe assured him that there was more than he knows, but Jimmy broke up with her anyway.

Lana stayed with Chloe when she was being stalked and showed her a photograph of the chisel that bent when Lex tried to stab Clark and Chloe warned Clark that Lana was very close to finding out his secret. Also, Clark assured Jimmy that he and Chloe weren't in love and advised him to get take her back.


Chloe is shocked to learn that she is a meteor freak.

At Lana's bachelorette party, Chloe witnessed a meteor freak get abducted. She and Clark investigated Daniel's capture after the boy showed up fine with no recollection of the abduction and then run into Tobias Rice, another meteorfreack with the ability of identifying the meteor rock infected. After, Chloe herself disappeared for a day, in which she was subjected to invasive experimentation, she realized that she was targeted because someone identified her as a meteor freak and told Clark that she was afraid that she might have powers that will manifest, making her a danger to herself or others. Clark promised he will be there to help her control her powers, if she ever developed any.


Chloe with Lana on her wedding day.

On her wedding day, Lana locked Chloe in the wine cellar of the Luthor Mansion, knowing she'd call Clark for help. She watched as Chloe told Clark that he needed to tell Lana the truth and save her from a loveless marriage. Nevertheless, she still supported Lana and performed all of her Maid of Honor duties.

Chloe helped Clark locate the underground krypto-mutant fight club that used inmates from Belle Reve. She also discovered that the Zoner that was dominating the club was not an inmate, allowing Clark to infiltrate the facility.


Chloe reunites with her mother

When Lex obtained a drug that brought Chloe's mother, Moira Sullivan out of her catatonic state and used her to control other metahumans, Moira controlled Chloe first to notify her of her location, then to try and get her to escape harm from Lex, but Chloe was captured and sent to the 33.1 facility. She and her mother were saved by Clark. However, the drug wore off and Moira slipped back into catatonia. With the help of Oliver Queen, Clark and Chloe transferred her to a safer facility. Chloe started writing an article about LuthorCorp's projects until Lex came by and threatened her if she published the story.

Chloe's resentment towards Lex continued to grow and she refused to help when he was trapped under the rubble of a series of tunnels. However, after Clark also gets caught in the same place, she began looking for a way out and finally succeeded with the help of Lana. Also because of this, Chloe began to notice that Lana had begun to feel a great hatred towards Lex and star to worry by her friend.


Jimmy says goodbye to Chloe.

Chloe and Jimmy investigated the shooting of Lana Luthor at the Daily Planet, and while recovering, Lana admitted to Chloe that she married Lex to protect Clark. Clark got angry when Chloe refused to tell him what Lana had disclosed. Jimmy was sent on an assignment in Milwaukee by the Planet, which meant leaving Chloe. However, they didn't break up, but parted on optimistic terms.


Chloe becomes concerned about Lois

After Lois witnessed as her childhood friend murdered a senator, she went to Chloe for help to investigate and they discovered Lex's Project Ares. Chloe began to worry about her cousin after she became a target of Lex and asked Lois not to dig into the death of Wes Keenan and Project Ares.


Chloe cries over Lois' body

Clark admitted to Chloe that he told Lana his secret and she seemed happy for him and asked her help to track the last phantom.

Despite her cousin warnings, Lois investigated Lex projects and was stabbed in the stomach at Reeves Dam. She called Chloe, who arrived to find Lois was bleeding to death. As Chloe cried over her body, activating her dormant power in the process, Lois was instantly healed but Chloe fell unconscious.

Season Seven

"I'm a meteor freak, and I want to be cured." - Chloe, Cure

Chloe is horrified when she wakes up in a morgue

Chloe, still unconscious, was dragged out of the water by Lois. She was admitted to the hospital but she was unable to be revived and declared dead. However, she inexplicably awakened in the morgue, where Clark came to her rescue and she saw both her and Lana's certificate of death. While grieving for Lana, she tried to help Clark fight Bizarro. Later, she burned her death certificate.

Smallville702 498

Chloe does not like the new editor of the Daily Planet

After Lois and Clark found a spaceship and encounter a mysterious woman, Chloe offered to divert Lois and take her to get checked out while Clark searched for the girl. Chloe's first meeting with the new editor, Grant Gabriel, proved disastrous when he proclaimed her a washout. When Lois showed Grant her story about the ship, he gave her a job with a desk right next to her shocked cousin. Clark later brought the girl to the Daily Planet to meet Chloe and explained that she was his Kryptonian cousin Kara.


Chloe is surprised by Jimmy´s new hobby: hunt meteor freaks.

After some weeks, Jimmy returned to town and was eager to spend time with Chloe, but she was preoccupied with anxiety over her meteor-rock infection and pressure from Grant Gabriel. Jimmy offered to start hunting stories about meteorfreaks to relaunch her career, but Chloe refused the idea and asked him to please stop calling the infected people "freaks". Due to the constantly changing mood of Chloe, Jimmy also began to feel a connection with Kara and Chloe did not take long to notice it.

Normal cure530

Chloe about to have her heart taken by Knox

When Chloe found out that a doctor performed a procedure to cure meteor-rock infection, she was willing to risk six years of memory loss to have it done. She canceled a date with Jimmy and argued with Clark before meeting Dr. Knox. However, she realized that Dr. Knox actually murders his patients, but was unable to escape. Clark saved her and she reunited with Jimmy, with whom she previously had had an argument because of Kara. Wanting to start over, Jimmy asked if their relationship could only be "normal", but when Chloe couldn't promise him this or tell him her concerns, he broke up with her.

Then Chloe began to have more free time and began to think with a cool head about her new condition. She was also able to create a false identity for Kara at Clark´s request and made ​​her appear as a distant relative of the Kents.

Smallville706 161

Chloe while looking for help for her meteor infection is surprised to find Lana

After accepting her condition, Chloe began to seek for emotional support and then run into the Isis Foundation website. She went to the Foundation to find out more things and then was quite surprised to discover that the owner of the place was none other than Lana. Lana explained her the conditions under which she had decided to found the institute and asked Chloe to keep it secret from Clark and despite already sensed something was wrong in Lana´s behavior, she agreed.


Chloe warns Lana about hurting Clark.

When Lana absorbed Clark's powers, her behavior disturbed Clark enough for him to ask Chloe about the Isis Foundation. Chloe took him to the headquarters and they were shocked that Lana had been watching Lex. She confronted Lana on her actions and calmly informed her that even if Lana believed she was protecting Clark with her misdeeds, Chloe was not going to let Lana hurt him.


Chloe and Clark watch the eclipse.

Chloe accidentally walked in on Grant and Lois making out and angrily informed Lois that their relationship could destroy Lois' job. Lois claimed to take her advice but continued the affair. At the same time, Clark had an encounter with his Kryptonian uncle Zor-El, who tricked him into putting on a ring containing blue kryptonite and stripping him of his powers. Clark asked Chloe to give him a ride so he could confront Zor-El. The two were stunned when Zor-El caused an eclipse in an attempt to wipe out humanity.


Chloe opens her Christmas present

Weeks later, Adrian Cross used Chloe as leverage to make Lois expose Lex's illegal cloning project. He planted a bomb on Chloe and trapped her in an elevator with Jimmy. Convinced she was going to die, she confessed her meteor infection to him. However, Bizarro, posing as Clark, saved the two because he needed her to decipher a Kryptonian message. Chloe later displayed her power to Jimmy, showing that she had gained control over them.


Chloe reunites with the real Clark.

When "Clark" started to forget things and act strangely, Chloe asked Lana if she'd noticed. Lana thought Clark had just changed his priorities and they announced they were leaving Smallville forever. Chloe was extremely upset, but was able to steal the Kryptonian shield from the farm. When Clark returned, Chloe made him prove he was himself before she gave it to him.

After all the troubles caused by Bizarro, Clark avoided his issues with Lana by visiting Chloe at work. He realized that Chloe had been helping Oliver Queen with missions and had been attacked. Chloe says that work with Oliver is really exciting. He was extremely angry at Oliver for putting her in danger. Together, Clark and Chloe identified and named her attacker, vigilante heroine Black Canary.

Chloe heals Lex 2

Chloe heals Lex.

When Lex located Kara but was shot and went into a coma, Chloe offered to heal him, but Clark wouldn't let her. Instead, he used a risky interrogation process to enter Lex's subconscious and find their location. However, Lex began to flatline with Clark still linked to him. Chloe used her healing power to cure Lex and allow Clark to regain consciousness, but killed herself for eighteen hours. Clark watched over her until she awoke and asked her not to use her powers again, but Chloe was confident in her decision, but wondered why she had been given such an amazing gift out of all the meteor abilities so far seen. But they both wondered if she'd ever "die" permanently.


Lex tells Chloe that she can quit her job if she doesn't like the way he runs the paper.

In town for a visit, Pete Ross shocked Chloe by proudly displaying his new abilities. Chloe was livid when she discovered that Lex was monitoring her computer she confronted him but he tells her that she can quit if she doesn't like the way he runs the paper. Pete tried to hack Lex's computer for her, but Lex blackmailed him into working for him by threatening to reveal Chloe as a meteor freak. Before leaving, Pete visited Chloe again and promised to keep in touch. Jimmy admitted that he felt like he and Kara were over and asked Chloe for a cup of coffee, to which she agreed.


Chloe takes Kara to the Fortress

When Clark was kidnapped, Lana and Chloe suspected Lionel after discovering a kryptonite taser dart, but he tried to convince them that Lex was responsible. Chloe saw through Lionel's lies and found Clark's location. She took Kara to the Fortress and pleaded with Jor-El to restore Kara's memories and Clark was rescued.

After Braiciac resurfaced, Chloe helped Clark track him by tracking energy surges. While searching, Lionel approached Chloe and asked her to plead with Clark to listen to him and accept his Veritas key. However, Chloe dismissed him after all he has done. After several attempts, Chloe locate Brainiac at the Isis Foundation but she was devastated to learn that they were too late to save Lana from Brainiac's attack.

Normal descent512

Chloe gets fired from the Daily Planet

While Chloe attempted to help Clark locate Brainiac by hacking into high-security satellite grids, they learned that Lionel had seemingly committed suicide by jumping out of his office window. Chloe returned to her Daily Planet desk to find that Lionel had left the key. Lex discovered it and fired Chloe for lying to him. Chloe received a message from Jimmy indicating that he had evidence that Lionel was murdered. She went to meet him at the Isis Foundation, but the photo evidence was destroyed.


Chloe being brutally interrogated

As Chloe and Jimmy rekindled their relationship, Jimmy continued to display the same insecurities and was upset that Chloe seemingly blew him off under the excuse of managing the Isis Foundation on Lana´s absence. When Chloe devised a plan to hack into the Metropolis Satellite Center, Jimmy was approached by Vanessa Webber, an agent of the Department of Domestic Security who convinced him that Chloe was part of a terrorist sleeper cell. Vanessa forced him to spy on Chloe, but he double-crossed her and saved her. Chloe was able to obtain a satellite image of Kara and Brainiac in outer space, and suggested to Clark that they had gone back in time to Krypton.

Unbeknownst to Chloe, it was actually Lex that prevented her from being arrested, and Lex continued to blackmail Jimmy with Chloe's freedom.


Chloe is shocked when Clark disappears into thin air

After Clark became so depressed that he wondered if the world would be better off if he'd never came to earth, Chloe try to cheer him up and watched horrified as Clark was transported to such an alternate reality. When Clark returned, Chloe tried to assure him that the world needed him, and he was able to go back to Krypton, stop Brainiac, and bring Kara home.

Normal quest0749

Chloe saves Clark

When Jimmy start to research the Kawatche Caves after Lex was carved into his chest with a Kryptonian symbol, Chloe's attempts to throw him off the story and at the same time realize that Lex was dangerously close to Clark's secret. She told Clark and helped him track down the last living member of Veritas, Edward Teague. Clark followed him to Montreal where he overpowered Clark in order to sacrifice the Traveler, but Chloe arrived just in time to save him. After all this happens, Chloe warned Clark that the best would be kill Lex.

Chloe brainiac

Chloe's healing power saves her from Brainiac.

Clark and Chloe were shocked to realize that Kara was responsible for Edward Teague's death. They hatched a plan to confront Kara, but Chloe insisted on meeting her alone. She realized that "Kara" was actually Brainiac, just before he attacked her. However, Chloe's meteor power protected her from being completely controlled and significantly weakened Brainiac. Chloe was rushed to the hospital and kept in intensive care until Clark was able to defeat Brainaic for good.

Chloe recovered fully and Jimmy took her home. Jimmy asked Chloe to marry him, because he realized that he never wanted to lose her, but before Chloe could answer, she was suddenly arrested for terrorism by agents claiming to be from the DDS.

Season Eight

"Yeah, I've spent almost my entire life praying to the gods of journalism. It might be kind of nice to try something new, you know? See how it feels." - Chloe Sullivan, Plastique

Chloe is forced to use her new skills to track terrorists.

Four weeks later, Chloe was in the custody of who she thought was the Department of Domestic Security and was forced to use her new ability of process information at superhuman speed to decipher encoded telephone numbers of suspected terrorists, but when she realized that she was working for LuthorCorp, tried to escape but was quickly retained. She was rescued by the Justice League but in the process Clark was seriously injured and when Chloe tried to heal him found her healing power were inactive. Chloe accepted the marriage proposal from Jimmy and both were committed.

X02plastiquebluraymkv 000349849

Chloe meets Davis Bloome.

While she helped a victim of an explosion that occurred outside the Daily Planet, she struck up a friendship with a paramedic on the scene, Davis Bloome. Chloe reopened the Isis Foundation and admitted to her friends that she was engaged.


Chloe using her new power on the computers of the Isis Foundation.

When Oliver was poisoned, Chloe called her new friend to treat him and used her new ability to research a cure, leaving Clark worried about the effects of her new power.

Jimmy moved in with Chloe and discovered a love letter that she had written for Clark and question her love for him. They discussed the letter and she told him that she no longer has strong feelings for Clark. She asked Clark to give her away at the altar.


Chloe being tortured.

When she and Jimmy held an engagement party, they were kidnapped by a jeweler, who tortured the couple by forcing them to reveal their true feelings and Chloe revealed that she was not in love with anyone else other than Jimmy.

Her friendship with Davis continued to grow and when Chloe moderated group sessions at the Isis Foundation for young people, one member was murdered and while investigating the death, Davis confessed to her that he could be the murderer. She refused to believe this and felt drawn to prove Davis' innocence. He questioned her motives for helping him and insinuated that she might want more than friendship but then Chloe told him she felt the need to keep her distance from him for the time being.

The famme Chloeikita

Chloe murders Sebastian Kane

Chloe helped Clark trick Jimmy when he figured out that Clark was the mysterious hero that he took in a photograph and later when Chloe realizes that a metahuman sent by Tess knew about Clark's secret, visited him at the hospital and overloaded his brain with information.

X08bloodlinebluraymkv 001535657

Chloe hacking into the Crystal of Knowledge.

When Clark and Lois were transported to the Phantom Zone, Chloe deduced that it had something to do with Clark's Crystal of Knowledge, and recruited Oliver´s help to stole a Crystal's generator from Tess so she could use it to rescue her friends. She demonstrates advanced control over her new powers but risking her own health to do so.

Chloe Abyss

Brainiac erases Chloe's memories.

Chloe began to have significant bouts of memory loss and deduced that Brainiac was slowly taking over. When she could only remember Davis, Clark rebuilt the Fortress of Solitude and took Chloe there, where Jor-El agreed to restore Chloe by removing the Brainiac infection but also Clark asked him to erase all the memories Chloe had about his secret. Without the burden of Clark's secret, Chloe was thrilled to be marrying Jimmy, but then Davis approached her again and told her that he did not want to watch her marry the wrong man and kissed her.


Chloe and Jimmy on their wedding day

The day of the wedding, she kept receiving desperate calls from Davis Bloome, but chose to ignore them and at the reception, a creature attacked and injured many people, Jimmy most seriously. The creature addressed Chloe by name and kidnapped her and later took her to the Fortress of Solitude, which had been taken over by Brainiac, where the computer possessed Chloe and used her as his vessel.


Brainiac at the Fortress in Chloe's body.

Brainiac took full control of Chloe's body and revealed his plan to destroy the earth while draining all humans of their knowledge. With the help of the Legion of Super-Heroes from the future, Clark extracted Brainiac from Chloe. She was fully-recovered with most of her prior memories, including knowledge of Clark's secret, intact. However, Chloe had indicated that she does not clearly remember the time period leading up to the wedding. She advised Clark that the next time, Clark would do the right thing for the world, and not for her.

Chloe went periodically to Star City to care for her husband and at same time helped Clark go undercover to find out who shot John Jones and questioned Clark's actions regarding Lana's return and Lois' burgeoning feelings for him.


Chloe is confronted by Clark.

After Lana goes missing, Clark was angry that Chloe didn't tell him that Lana had returned to town months earlier, but Chloe told him that she was respecting the confidence of her friend and help him to find her.


Chloe discovers that Oliver killed Lex.

After Oliver was nearly killed by an explosion in LuthorCorp, he asked Chloe to secretly track down Winslow Schott. Although Chloe helped Oliver, she did not agree with his murderous vendetta, especially after learn that he killed Lex Luthor, but he revealed that he knew that she was responsible for the death of Sebastian Kane. Chloe denied responsibility, saying it was Brainiac's actions, but Oliver wondered if she could have been driven by her instinct of protect Clark.

Jimmy was scheduled to be transferred to Metropolis but after Clark revealed his secret to the world to avoid being blackmailed by Linda Lake, Chloe could not get a place in the hospital for him because she was the best friend of the alien. However Clark turned back the time and Chloe was able to transfer her husband.


Chloe is humiliated in public after Jimmy leaves her

However, Jimmy suffered from extreme pain and nightmares due to the incident of the wedding and Chloe suggested talk to a psychologist. After apparently began to suffer hallucinations and paranoia after witnessing Davis killing a man, Chloe tasered Jimmy unconscious to stop him from assaulting Davis and this caused a tear in their relationship. Upon being released from the hospital, Jimmy refused to go home with her saying that marrying her was the biggest mistake of his life and Chloe was left humiliated and heartbroken.


Chloe becomes the full time "Watchtower"

With her life being a mess, Chloe goes through a identity crisis and confessed to Oliver at her birthday party that she was jealous of Clark and Lois' journalism partnership. After being turned into Lois by a magician at the party and live as Lois for a day, Chloe discovers what she really wants to do with her life and officially joined Oliver's hero team as Watchtower.


Chloe says goodbye to Davis as he dies

Chloe started to spend more time with Davis since she found in him a sympathetic ear, but Clark thought she was trusting in him too much. He proved being right when they discovered that Davis was the serial killer that had been killing people in the city. Davis confronted Chloe, confessing that he was the one who destroyed her wedding and that he was sent to kill Clark, and asked her to help him to die. Tearfully, Chloe bathed Davis in liquid kryptonite, much against Clark´s desires. However, Davis reemerged later stronger than ever and hid in the basement of the Talon. Chloe found Davis and then he told her that she was the only one who stopped him from mutate into the beast and asked her to stay with him.


Chloe's world starts to crash down

Chloe began harboring Davis without anyone's knowledge but soon the situation started to become more unbearable as Davis started to kill to protect her. She almost confessed to Lois her situation, but didn't and when Clark asked her why she had been distant, Chloe claimed that she was just under a lot of stress.


Chloe leaves town with Davis to protect Clark

After Chloe had a conflicting dream about Davis and Clark discovered that Davis was not dead, Chloe seek assistance of Dr. Emil to try to find a cure for Davis, but he reported her that there was nothing he could do. As Davis became increasingly needy from her, saying that he could not be physically apart from her anymore, Jimmy and Oliver were captured by him while they are in the Talon and Chloe tried to reach out to help. Clark taked Davis to the Fortress as he wanted to send him to the Phantom Zone, but Chloe stopped him, believing that it was not the best solution. As a last resort, she left town with Davis and later phoned Clark to tell him to not look for her. Clark insisted that she was doing the wrong thing but Chloe believed she was sacrificing herself to keep Clark safe.


Chloe attends Jimmy's funeral.

Some weeks later, Chloe and Davis were finally captured by Oliver's team and after a brief argument with Oliver about how to deal with Davis, Chloe separated Doomsday from Davis using Black kryptonite. She and Davis waited with Jimmy in safety in a loft apartment that Jimmy had purchased for them and as Jimmy explained that he had learned Clark's secret, Chloe told him she was only with Davis to protect Clark. Hearing this, Davis flew into a rage and attacked them, mortally wounding Jimmy and willing to kill Chloe. Jimmy was able to kill Davis before dying in Chloe's arms. Chloe attended Jimmy´s funeral and later reunited with Clark at the Watchtower, where he, consumed by the mistakes he had made, declared that his human persona was hindering his destiny as a hero, and stated that "Clark Kent was dead" before departing, leaving Chloe alone and completely heartbroken.

Season Nine

"Clark, no one wants to see you reach your true potential no more than I do. I mean, I've been with you through every bump along this insane ride." - Chloe, Salvation
Smallville S09E01 mkv 002176840

Chloe pleads with Clark to save Jimmy.

Without signals of Clark, Lois, or Oliver, Chloe took refuge in the Watchtower and spend her time trying to find her friends. When Lois suddenly reappeared, Chloe visited her in hospital and learned that she has been in the future and that had not come back alone. After Dr. Hamilton filled the loft with computers so she can work better in her projects, Chloe finally contacted Clark and warned him to watch out for the assassin behind of Lois. Chloe pleaded with Clark to use the Legion ring to go back in time and save Jimmy, but Clark flatly refused. Chloe became very angry, reminding him how much she had sacrificed for him and distraught, Chloe left Clark ending their friendship.


Chloe is surprised to learn that the Blur still calls Lois.

After Chloe discovered that Lois had been receiving calls from the Blur and that he relied more on Lois than her, she was upset but at the same time confronted Clark and warned him to stop contacting her cousin. After some incidents, Clark finally apologized to Chloe for leaving her and Chloe encouraged him to return to his life as Clark Kent, as she discovered that Tess was trying to discover where Lois has been for three weeks.

Smallvilles09e03720phdtvx264ctumkv 001741113

Chloe is confronted by Emil for spying on Oliver and the team.

Using the resourses of her new Watchtower, Chloe and Emil used Clark's Kryptonian blood to create an antidote when a mutant-zombie virus struck Metropolis. During this time, Emil revealed that he knew that Chloe had been spying Oliver and the rest of the team on the last weeks and confronted her for using the resources of the Watchtower for it but she assured him that was the only way to keep them safe.

Smallvilles09e03720phdtvx264dimensionmkv 001039830

Chloe discovers that Clark is using his powers to seduce Lois.

When Chloe discovered that Clark had gained a new telepathic ability, she felt insulted that Clark was using it to control Lois' affections for him and confronted Clark for this. Chloe confirmed that Clark was in love with Lois but remained discreet about it. Nevertheless, Chloe helped Clark when they discovered that Toyman had returned and was threatening to blow up the Ace of Clubs. Chloe later discovered that Alia, the Kryptonian assassin had been in the audience.


Chloe admits to Oliver that she orchestrated the whole plan with Roulette.

When Oliver got into trouble with a woman at a casino and called on Chloe for help researching the woman, he worked out that Chloe had hired the woman in order to force him over the edge and face his demons. He thanked her saying that she saved him and and she admitted it was the only way she found. Following Alia's reappearance, Chloe ran a worldwide search to find any Kandorians and told Clark that she had found several Kryptonian symbols scattered across the world.


Chloe is blocked while trying to access the computer of Tess.

In order to find the Kandorians, Chloe use her computers to hack into the computer networks of Tess to look into her projects. When she found out that Tess' tech boy wonder Stuart Campbell was quite skilled in his work, she decided to enlist his extreme computer abilities to join her cause, which he accepted.

X07kandorhdmkv 000360234

Chloe tells Clark that she is aware of his feelings for Lois.

Chloe finally discovered Tess projects in the Turkish desert and informed Clark about it. However, he was distracted due to the change that was taking his relationship with Lois and confessed to Chloe what was happening. Chloe revealed that she was aware about the feelings of both of them and told Clark that both were destined to be together, giving him her support. After Chloe found Jor-El at the Kent Farm and he was kidnapped by armed mens, Chloe revealed to Clark and Oliver her surveillance system and reveal that Tess had kidnapped Jor-El. Going through the video-feeds again later she noticed that Jor-El opened a hole in a wall and was holding an object.

Chloe met Zan and Jayna and advised them of how to become superheroes. Their botched rescues threatened Clark's reputation as the Blur and he nearly revealed his identity to defend himself, but Chloe stopped him from doing this. Also Clark had a brief argument with her about spying on him and the others, but Chloe stressed that her system served to keep them and the city safe because it was the only way to keep track of the things.


Chloe stops Emil from disconnecting Clark from Lois' mind until they can get answers.

Finally Clark accused Chloe of taking Lois out of the hospital after she fell into a coma since Chloe was able to do anything on behalf of the greater good. Chloe denied this and using her contact with Tess' tech boy proved Tess was responsible. Chloe and Emil followed Clark to where Tess was holding Lois and found an injured Stuart. They took him to hospital and allowed Clark to witness Lois' memories via Tess' machines. Once Clark awoke, he planned to befriend Zod in order to avoid the devastating future he witnessed but Chloe was against this idea.


Chloe argues with Clark about limits.

When Lois was attacked by a mysterious assassin, Chloe investigated but soon found herself the victim of the attacker. She managed to escape with only a wound on her arm. She believed that Oliver was the one who attacked her and Lois and she told Clark about what she had done to bring back Oliver from the dark side. Clark then became worried that she seemed to be in the Watchtower and overseeing people through her screens too much and recommended that she go out more but she claimed that she was fine.


Chloe is contacted by the Justice Society

As Chloe was trying to reach Clark, she was found by Sylvester Pemberton, who knew her Watchtower identity and those of her fellow superheroes. Before he could ask for her help, Sylvester was killed by Icicle. She and Clark later investigated the murders of other victims that Sylvester was connected to, learning about the Justice Society of America. Chloe, Clark, Oliver, and John Jones joined forces with Hawkman, Stargirl, and Doctor Fate to stop Icicle from killing them.

During her time with Stargirl, Chloe was told that the she as Watchtower needs to be out there in the real world and that needs to make the place feel like home. John also warned her that she should get out more because she could lose herself by watching people so much through the cameras.


Chloe becomes closer to Oliver

Chloe took this advice and went to a comic book convention where she met Steven Swift, after he rescued her. She quickly became close to him but then discovered that he was in fact a young boy that had been transformed by an enchanted comic book. As the enchantment continued, Steven began to transform into a villain, putting Chloe in danger until Clark rescued her. Back at the Watchtower, Chloe and Oliver bond over how neither of them seem to have fun, and later share an intimate moment as Oliver taught her how to shoot an arrow.

Smallvilles09e13720pblurayx264sinnersmkv 001652232

Chloe discovers that Tess was hacking her cameras.

Under Clark's spell of persuasion Chloe was unintentionally ordered to worry more about him. Taking this literally, Chloe criticized Lois' relationship with Clark and then tried to damage Zod's solar tower with a computer virus. Thanks to this, Chloe discovered that Tess had hacking into her surveillance system and has been using it for his own benefit. When Tess confronted Chloe about this, they began to fight and Chloe was almost killed by Tess but Clark intervened to get his revenge on Tess for killing Jor-El. Chloe found Clark and Tess just in time to stop Clark from killing Tess by burning out Clark's infection with kryptonite, releasing her from the spell.

Conspiracy 0390

Oliver confronts Chloe for stealing money from him.

As Chloe and Oliver became an item, Oliver confronted Chloe about taking his money from the company. Chloe explained what she had done by showing Oliver her arsenal of Kryptonite weapons. Chloe felt that she could no longer sit back and just trust Clark.


Chloe confesses her feelings to Oliver

Chloe and Oliver decided to have a secret weekend getaway in a B&B, and end up bumping into Clark and Lois. After the awkard moment between the couples, Lois talked to Chloe about her relationship with Oliver. Chloe claims that they are not a couple, just having fun together without gifts or strings, although Lois is glad to see them together. Oliver bought a gift for Chloe, but she turns it down, saying that she wouldn't want their relationship to become complicated. Later, Chloe begins to open Oliver's gift but hesitates. She and Oliver then talk about their relationship, showing that they have put their past relationships behind and are moving on together.

Zv.9.16 1624

Chloe is abducted by Checkmate

Chloe worries when Oliver is missing during one of patrols, but he soon returns, to her relief. As Chloe investigates Checkmate for Clark and Oliver, she ends up getting captured and had a gun pointed in her face. Clark manages to save her, but realizes that he seemed to have been reckless at not protecting her the way he used to before committing to his Kryptonian training and helping the Kandorians. Oliver expresses concern for Chloe stating that she scared the life out of him to which she replies, "You better be careful, Ollie. I'm going to start to think you're falling for me." They exchange smiles as she grasps his hand, the intimacy of their conversation showing that their relationship was becoming more serious.

E18upgrade720pmkv 000602685

Chloe confesses that she had the kryptonite arsenal.

When Clark became infected with red kryptonite again, Clark turned on Chloe after she confessed to him about her kryptonite arsenal. Chloe then had to rely on Tess to stop Clark from joining Zod and revealing all of his secrets. Once Clark was cured, Clark and Chloe reconciled. She understood what Clark was going through, and Clark felt jealous of what Chloe and Lois shared as a family.

X19charadebrmkv 000497663

Chloe warns Clark that Lois is beginning to wonder about his secret.

After Chloe warned Clark about Lois being close to discovering his secret, Chloe helped him find Lois using Watchtower when he discovered she was still having secret calls with the Blur. The two worked together to find out who was impersonating Clark, and later discovered it was Zod. Also, after discovered that Tess and Checkamete had hacked the Watchtower system, Chloe enhances the security of the place using Oliver money.


Chloe starts to think about her relationship with Oliver.

When Tess break into Watchtower, the building triggered its security system, trapping Chloe and Tess inside. They began to work out their differences and realized Checkmate was their common enemy. Tess says that Chloe hides herself behind the computers and Chloe admits that she's had problems believing in people again. Once Chloe realized Tess was being monitored by Checkmate, they devised a way to escape, although this resulted in the destruction of Watchtower. Once they escaped, Chloe helped disarm Tess' GPS tracker but the only way to do this was to kill her. Chloe considered not reviving Tess, but, with her conscious kicking in, she does so, saying she promised Tess she would and that now Tess owed her. Later Chloe visits Oliver in the hospital.

Hostage Chloe 2017

Chloe reopens the Watchtower

Chloe continued to help Clark find the Book of Rao in the remains of her Watchtower, but kept coming across blocks by the mysterious Red Queen. When Clark came to her, asking her to restore Watchtower, She apologized for everything she had done, saying that it was all to protect him. She told him she wasn't ready to be Watchtower again, and that she wasn't a hero like him. With Oliver in her life, she just wanted to live in the real world again, but after a uplifting pep-talk from Clark, she agreed to become Watchtower once again.


Chloe talks with Oliver about Zod

Informing Oliver what was going on, Chloe started calling her heroes to find the Kandorians. She believed that Clark would be able to lead his people in another world. She managed to contact Black Canary, Cyborg, Stargirl, John Jones, and Hawkman in a team conference, to decide what actions to take. When Clark made the choice to leave with the Kandorians, she was saddened. Oliver tells Chloe that a satellite launched specifica

lly for Watchtower, and also as sort of a gift to her, but that the

Salvation 1852

Chloe is horrified by Oliver's disappearance

satellite needed to be brought online manually, in another location. They start the mission. After Oliver gets the link up,she hears over walkie-talkie that Oliver is being attacked. Before the line goes dead, Oliver confesses

his love for her, and she tells him she loves him too. At the end they discover that his attackers were not Kandorians.

Season Ten

"You know, in every epic tale, there's always one person who believes in the hero first. Someone who helps inspire them to greatness. And maybe it wasn't just a fluke with you. I've been thinking that's my true calling; finding heroes and helping them realize their true potential beyond the reach of Watchtower." - Chloe Sullivan to Clark Kent, Fortune.
Smallvilles10e01720phdtvx264ctumkv 000831080

Chloe takes a dangerous decision to try to find Oliver.

After witnessing Oliver's abduction through a video feed, Chloe exhausted her resources to try to find him, eventually resorting to using the Helmet of Nabu, which rendered her unconscious. Once she recovered, she relayed part of what she had seen to Clark and sent him to Cadmus Labs to extinguish a fire and stop Lex's clone. Chloe said goodbye to Clark and later traded herself for Oliver in order to save him.

X02shieldhdmkv 000911577

Chloe left a picture to Oliver after dissapear.

When Chloe left, all the records of her existence disappeared, making it appear that she had never been born. Tess revealed to Oliver that Chloe had asked for her help resetting the Watchtower computers so no one could find her. Later, Oliver learned that rather than suffer further torture, Chloe killed herself with a cyanide pill to protect Oliver from Rick Flag. However, Clark and Oliver came to the conclusion that she had faked her own death after finding a cyanide antidote in her apartment. Clark determined that after seeing the future, Chloe had planned her departure for unknown reasons.


Chloe on a flashback about her first lesson of archery.

Although Chloe was lost, Oliver continued to remind her and revealed that they shared their first kiss on the Watchtower after her first lesson in archery.

Despite falling off the grid, she still contacted the new editors of the Smallville Torch newspaper the night after the high school reunion, pleased that they had been continuing her work with the Wall of Weird, which they formatted digitally. Her message thanked them for "carrying" her Torch. Also, it was revealed that she had become a legend in the Smallville High due to her stories about the bizarre and rare things that she investigated.

Sv 10x11icarushdmkv 000389597

Chloe talks with Lois before she departed for Egypt

Later, when Clark proposed to Lois and she accepted, Chloe sent Lois a letter with a gift for her wedding day, congratulating her on her engagement to Clark. A flashback revealed that before her disappearance, Chloe talked with Lois about why Clark and Lana's relationship never worked out. When Lois questioned Chloe about her relationship with Oliver, Chloe instantly understood that Lois had discovered Clark's secret and then encouraged her cousin by saying that Lana was never destined to be with Clark. Apparently, Chloe had seen Lois' future, as she was the first to congratulate Lois on her engagement almost immediately after it happened.

X12collateralmkv 001288120

Chloe helps the League escape the virtual reality

After months of being missing, Chloe reappeared and used the resources of the Suicide Squad to save her friends after they were abducted by the VRA. Although Clark failed to trust her after she disappeared without apparent explanation, he eventually came to trust her again thanks to Lois' influence and finally Chloe talked with Clark and later Oliver about her reasons for leaving, revealing that after putting on the Helmet of Nabu, she saw that her friends would be kidnapped and decided to leave in order to save them at the right moment. Then Lois and Clark asked her to be Lois' Maid of Honor and later confirmed to Oliver that she had decided to stay in Metropolis again.

Smallvilles10e13720phdtvx264immersemkv 000281489

Chloe and Oliver reignite their relationship.

Chloe and Oliver resumed their relationship and waking up together one morning, saw on television an assassination attempt on Martha Kent. Chloe went to check Martha at the hospital and there, Martha asked Chloe why she leaves Clark's side. They both agreed that leaving Clark had been for the best, but that they should now stay with him for support due the VRA. After helping Lois in her campaign to overthrow the VRA, Chloe went to the Kent Farm to watch the VRA announcement and shared in the celebration when the act was repealed.

X14masqueradehdmkv 001870827

Chloe being tempted by the darkness.

With the VRA rejected, Chloe and Oliver decided to go out on an anniversary date at the Ace of Clubs but had troubles because of their identities. While using another couple's surname to get an already reserved table, Chloe and Oliver became embroiled in a mystery involving the darkness that ended in Chloe being kidnapped by Desaad. She was confronted with hallucinations of the Deadly Sins and unfulfilled dreams, but bravely resisted. After being rescued by Clark, Chloe revealed to Oliver that she regretted erasing her identity and felt lost, especially when she looked back on the person she was in high school.


Chloe hugs Clark goodbye.

After getting magically drunk at the engagement party of Clark and Lois, Chloe found the part of a marriage certificate with her name on it and mistakenly thought that she had married Clark. After solve the mystery, she met Clark in the barn and informed him that she was once again leaving Smallville because she had discovered what she wanted done with her life: return to journalism and find more heroes and inspire them to reach their full potential.

X15fortunehdmkv 002468423

Chloe happily discovers that she actually married Oliver.

She said she was moving to Star City and after one last reunion with the group in the Watchtower, Chloe snuck away to leave but was stopped by Oliver, who revealed that it was in fact him that she married the night before. Chloe then left to start her new life, with her husband, Oliver, by her side.

In Star City, Chloe moved with Oliver and the two began living together, mixing in their apartment her geek chic and Oliver's hero green predilection.[26].


Chloe gave Clark´s votes to Lois for her to read.

Chloe returned to Smallville to be present at the wedding of Clark and Lois and was concerned about the recent actions of Lois, who showed no interest in marrying. Following the advice of Oliver, Chloe went to the Daily Planet to talk to her cousin to encourage her to continue with the wedding, and after an emotional conversation in which Lois was firm in her position. Chloe, really upset by her cousin behavior, gave Clark's vows to Lois for her to read. After Lois read the vows, Chloe was joyous that words and actions worked as she Lois' positions over the matter changed.


Chloe feels that something is wrong with the ring.

The wedding took place, and Chloe was with joy as her cousin and her best friend walked together down the aisle. During the ceremony, the ring that Oliver had shown her earlier drew Chloe's attention because something about it had changed or was different. She began to sense that something was not right. Chloe noticed that the ring grew brighter as it approached Clark's finger, which she then realized it was made of gold kryptonite. In a panic, Chloe intercepted the ring before Lois could place it upon Clark and saw in horror as Oliver revealed he was possessed by the darkness. With the help of Lois, Chloe drove everyone outside the chapel as a battle between Clark and a possessed Oliver began.


Chloe says goodbye.

After Clark managed to save Oliver, Chloe met with him at the Kent Farm to began investigating the coming Apokolips. With the Watchtower systems out of service, Chloe told her friends she needed to return to Star City to use the equipment and database at her house to investigate more and call the other team members. She gave Clark a hug and left him with a puzzling line.

Finale 1185

Chloe heroically leaves to Star City

Oliver offered to take her to the city, she refused the idea saying he needed to stay in Metropolis, stating she could handle it on her own because she was a hero too. Chloe then left heroically towards Star City to further investigate what was happening.

Season Eleven

Six months later, Chloe currently resides within the walls of Watchtower, back in Metropolis with husband Oliver Queen. The two share a coffee together as they wait for any signs of Superman before resuming their previous plans.
Oliver and chloe

Mr and Mrs Queen in Season 11.

At Watchtower, a frazzled Chloe complains about the lack of speed of the computer as she attempts to access the databanks of the Korolyov. Lois comes by with coffee and asks what has Chloe so stressed. She explains that she's trying to find out just what was the energy ribbon - or "rift," as she refers to it - that Clark saw in space. When Lois refers to her "forever-fiancé", Chloe apologizes for her and Oliver being married while Clark and Lois have yet to be. Lois assures her that they will get married when the time is right, when the world is in less danger, Clark isn't trying to save it, and Lois isn't busy reporting on the danger and Clark's saving the day. Chloe commiserates, acknowledging how tough it is when Oliver is rebuilding Queen Industries while going out and being a hero, as she's busy taking care of Watchtower and setting up a similar hub in Star City while working her day job as a reporter for the Star City Gazette.


Chloe and Lois notice a ship in the debris.

As Chloe thanks Lois for the coffee, the computer completes accessing the systems on the Korolyov. With the camera feeds now online, Chloe rewinds to the incident the rift and the debris that smashed into the station. Lois and Chloe are both shocked to see something floating amongst the debris: a spaceship.

While Superman is in space, he uses a handheld scanner to search for evidence of the storm while communicating with Chloe at the Swann Technology and Research facility back on Earth using a holographic interface emanating from his belt. He's not able to find a cause nor any sign of debris or the spaceship Chloe and Lois saw emerge from the rift on the video from the Korolyov. He notes that he's already scanned the spectrum with his super-vision and found nothing. Chloe asks how long he's had this ability and Dr. Emil Hamilton jumps in to say it has been months.

On Earth, Emil explains to Chloe that Dr. Virgil Swann's will dictated that the facility, also known as S.T.A.R. Labs, was created to help "the Traveler" learn more about himself and the world around him. Emil explains that, during testing of Superman's abilities, their research into his X-Ray vision revealed these multi-spectrum capabilities. Superman messages to check if the readings from the scanner are coming through. Emil confirms and laments that they had to send Superman into orbit instead of one of their new Hazardous Environment Drones, which haven't yet been fully tested. Superman zips in and says he's happy to help. The communication device on his belt beeps and he opens it to read a text message from Lois chastising him for being late to the LexCorp press conference.


Emil finds a trail.

In S.T.A.R. Labs, 10 minutes before flight, Emil tells Chloe that the scanner Clark used has picked up a trail, and that the rocket that came to Earth has landed somewhere in Kansas. At the launch site, the shuttle explodes, suprising the masses. Clark runs off and changes into his Superman suit, with Chloe guiding him from Watchtower. Superman catches up to the shuttle and sets out the fire caused by the explosion, and removes the last fuel tank before it explodes. Using his gamma vision, he's able to see that there is a radiation leak.


Chloe assisting Superman from Watchtower.

Superman has Chloe contact Commander Henshaw through LexCorp mission control, where he informs them that he can save them, but needs to pry open the shuttle as it will depressurize, but Henshaw insist that Superman save his crew members first, inorder to pilot the shuttle into orbit as the shuttle is leaking radiation. But before Superman leaves to save the crew, Henshaw reveals a secret. Superman saves the crew and returns to the shuttle as the oxygen levels reach zero and Henshaw passes out.

Henshaw wakes up on a stretcher, with burns from the radiation exposure. As the paramedics begin to transport him, Superman instructs them to send him to Emil at S.T.A.R. Labs and Chloe to get the road cleared for them to get there.

Smallville-Zone 026

Oliver express his concerns.

In Smallville, Chloe and Oliver are searching through the crashsite for the missing ship, where Oliver lights a flare arrow to help them see. Oliver admits he wished they had brought back-up, considering their past experiences with aliens, specifically Kryptonian survivors but Chloe dismisses his concerns. They then stumble upon the ship, which has a Queen Industries logo branded on the side, and then a trail of footprints.


"There will always be more adventures for another day." - Chloe, Finale, Part 2

Chloe happily reads a Smallville comic to her son.

Seven years later, Chloe is in her house with her young son, reading to him the history of a young boy who grew up in Smallville and the challenges that boy had to face. She concludes the story with the day that the boy turned into "Superman".

Lovingly, she lets him sleep promising that another day she would tell him more stories. As she leaves, she notes her son looking longingly at a toy bow and arrow set against his wall, and she smiles softly before closing the door. As she leaves the room, she receives a call from Lois and informs her that she has sent something blue for her coming wedding, wishing her the best.

Alternate Realities

Season Six

In a dream reality created by Doctor Hudson, Chloe was another inmate in the asylum where Clark Kent was institutionalized, and the only one who appeared to believe his claims to be an alien. She was killed during Clark's escape attempt.

Season Seven

When Clark visited a world where he never arrived on Earth, Chloe was engaged to an unidentified man and had never been friends with Lana Lang.

Alternate Timelines

Lex's Dream

Coming Soon!

Season Eight

Coming Soon!

Season Nine

X09pandorabluraymkv 001175130

Chloe the renegade.

In the future, Chloe gathered Oliver and others to fight the Kandorians as a resistance. She had them raid the Luthor Mansion to save Clark and Lois from being executed by Zod. During the raid she fired an arrow at Tess, killing her.

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Chloe dies in Lois' arms.

Chloe had become bitter towards Clark by this point in time and said she no longer trusted him. The resistance united to obtain the Legion ring (which Zod had taken from Lois) in the hopes of sending Lois back in time to change the past. Chloe initiated a computer virus from the Watchtower to shut down Zod's solar towers, and was stabbed and killed by Alia while trying to escape.



Chloe Sullivan's promotional poster for season 10

  • According to the high school yearbook, Chloe was most likely to "Win the Pulitzer Prize." [27]
  • Chloe is 5'4", roughly the same height as Martha Kent and Lana Lang.
  • Chloe's favorite flower is the tulip. (Kinetic, Run)
  • Tales of the Weird & Unexplained was one of Chloe's favorite books growing up. (Abyss, Hex)
  • Chloe's daily coffee order is almond mocha with extra whip (Prodigal)
  • Chloe first drove an orange-red Volkswagen New Beetle with a black convertible top until Dark Thursday, then a Toyota Yaris which oddly alternated its auto-body color from light-blue (Wither) to slate-gray (Noir) and back (Traveler). In Abyss, she was riding a scooter. In Infamous and Stiletto, she is driving a yellow Pontiac Sunfire.
  • In the first grade, Chloe's role model was Betsy Ross until she learned that she didn't actually design the U.S. flag. Her journalism idol is Nellie Bly, a turn-of-the-century journalist and writer. [28] She also once highly admired Perry White. [29]
  • Chloe knows the steps to a modern tango. (Sleeper)
  • Chloe was voted "Most likely to succeed", Prom Queen, and

    Chloe drives Clark in her Beetle.

    Valedictorian by her 2005 senior class.[30] (Spirit)
  • Her email address was [31]
  • Another email address was [32]
  • In addition to journalism, Chloe has taken botany and biochemistry at Met U. (Wither, Arrow)
  • Chloe has a birthmark on her left "cheek" as described by Clark when he was exposed to red meteor rock. (Red)
  • Chloe contributed another editorial to her alma mater, Smallville High School's Smallville Torch newspaper her sophomore year of college, which can be read here.
  • Chloe is licensed to carry a stun gun. (Tomb)
  • Along with Tess Mercer, Chloe is the only female main character who has never worked at the Talon coffee shop or lived at the Kent Farm.
  • She has a large amount of meteor rock surrounding her heart. (Cure)
  • Chloe can translate spoken Latin. (Hex)
  • Clark has stated that she is his best friend. (Legion)
  • Chloe is a "Kelly Clarkson" fan. (Gemini)
  • According to Rokk Krinn there is no record of Chloe in his time. This is because Chloe erased all information about herself before she disappeared. (Legion, Shield)
  • Dr. Fate said that he and Chloe share the same fate, however, this fact remains rather ambiguous since he stated that he does not know his own fate. (Absolute Justice)
  • Chloe is the character who serves as a bridge to connect Clark's life with other icons of the DC comics and also the character who introduces them into the mythology of the series, commonly giving glimpses about them. She made the first mention of Lois Lane in the series, referring to her as her cousin. Later was the first to mention "Jimmy" (who later would be revealed his last name to "Olsen"), and was the first to introduce Batman and Wonder Woman with a clear reference about them. Also, Chloe was the first character to ever met the real "James Bartholomew Olsen" when he was a little kid. (Delete, Unsafe, Fortune, Doomsday)
  • Chloe is the only character during the entire series who used the term "Superman" speaking of Clark when she's reading a Smallville comic book to her son during the finale. This is the something the producers meant when they said, "Chloe gets something that no one else got." The only other characters who ever used this term wereLana in the Pilot, and Lois in Shield but they were both in reference to Friedrich Nietzsche.


  • Chloe is the only character besides Clark to have been featured as a main character in every season, although Chloe did not appear in Insurgence, Legacy, Memoria, or Sacred and she is only seen in Crusade in a video message. Although Allison Mack appears in Injustice, she does not play Chloe but rather Eva Greer (a shapeshifter) disguised as Chloe. This makes it the first episode since season 4 to not feature Chloe. Chloe will only appear in seven episodes of Season 10, including the premiere Lazarus, she however appeared in flashbacks during Supergirl, Homecoming and Icarus, technically boosting the number of episodes Allison Mack is seen onscreen in to ten this season. If one only counts new footage, then it is down to nine episodes in season 10, including less than a minute of new footage in Supergirl, revealing Chlollie's first kiss in the episode Warrior.
  • Chloe has appeared in 201 episodes (only missed 18 throughout the series).
  • Chloe is the only original main character of the show who survived all along the series as Whitney, Jason, Davis, Jimmy and Tess all died.
  • Chloe is the only character besides Clark who appears in all 10 seasons.
  • Besides Clark, Chloe appears in more episodes and has the most screentime of any other character.
  • Chloe interned at the Daily Planet twice in the summers of 2002 and 2003. In 2003, she had her own column called "Sullivan's Travels", given to her by Lionel Luthor in exchange for investigating Clark. However, Lionel had the column canceled by the end of the year when Chloe refused to comply with his increasing demands.
  • Her surname likely comes from the address of Lois and Clark's apartment in the comics, 1938 Sullivan
  • Chloe's gravestone in Crusade lists her birth year as 1987. However, she turns 18 in Spell, indicating that either the gravestone is a production error, or Spell actually takes place several months after its November 2004 airdate, in early 2005. Chloe mentioned in the Season Eight episode Instinct that she was 15 years old in early 2003, when she wrote the letter to Clark in Fever, suggesting a birth year of 1987.
  • Chloe earned her first by-line in the Smallville Ledger with her "Superboy" story about Eric Summers in ninth grade. As a freshman in college, she earned her first Daily Planet byline (on page 73) with her story on Mr. Lyon, and her first front page byline with her Graham Garrett story. She also published stories in the Daily Planet about the Weather Girls and Jed McNally's farm.
  • Chloe has only slept with two men in her life: Jimmy Olsen (as she confessed to Lana Lang in Season Four and they had a relationship later) and Oliver Queen (her current relationship on the show, Season 9 and 10). She also married both men.
  • Chloe has not been shown at Met U since Season Five. Despite this, it's been confirmed that she was attending night classes at Met U as recently as Season Seven's Kara.
  • Chloe is a main character who has not appeared in the comics and is completely original. (Others were Jason Teague, Whitney Fordman. Tess Mercer is also an original character but based on Mercy Graves and Miss Tessmacher) Lionel Luthor is very minorly mentioned within the comics.
  • Chloe had temporary kryptonite powers in Truth which caused people to tell her the truth, and seemingly lowered her morality, as she made people tell her their private thoughts and details about their past with no regard for the consequences to those who were speaking, such as when she exposed a well-liked teacher's past role in a man's accidental death.
  • Chloe has been possessed by Dawn Stiles, Gretchen Winters, Madelyn Hibbins, Brainiac and Silver Banshee.
  • Chloe has killed Tess two times, once in Pandora and once in Sacrifice.
  • Chloe has died on screen more times than any other character.
    • She was presumed dead after the explosion of a witness-protection safe house (Covenant/Crusade).
    • In Clark's dream-world created by Dr. Hudson, Chloe was shot in the chest and died in Clark's arms (Labyrinth).
    • After Chloe healed Lois from her stab wound with her new meteor-power, the ER team tried to revive her, but they couldn't and pronounced her dead (Bizarro).
    • When Chloe used her healing power to cure Lex and allow Clark to regain consciousness, she was dead for eighteen hours (Fracture).
    • In an alternate timeline, after Davis told her he was Doomsday, she tried to run from him, but he transformed and killed her (Infamous).
    • In Jimmy´s hallucination, she was killed again by Doomsday (Turbulence).
    • After escaping from Doomsday, Chloe was seen working with Tess' group, and after she decided to tell Clark the truth about working for Tess' team, Tess detonated a chip that she had implanted in Chloe´s head, and she died in Clark´s arms, revealing that it was not really Chloe, but Tess' assistant Eva Greer who was a morphing freak (Injustice).
    • In a possible future, Chloe dies in Lois' arms after Alia crosses her with a sword. (Pandora).
  • Chloe was an "honorary" member of the Justice League[33] until she finally decided to become a full member (Hex) and adopted the codename Watchtower. She worked in an "Oracle" capacity for the team in season nine before returning to reporting. In many ways, her role closely resembles at the original Oracle of the comics.
    • Both Barbara Gordon and Chloe Sullivan decided what to do with their lives after going through an identity crisis and depression.[34]
    • Both possess a genius-level intellect; deep knowledge of computers and electronics; and expert skills as a hackers.
    • Chloe works from in a tower-base in the center of Metropolis surrounded by powerful computers as Barbara Gordon lived in a tower in the center of Gotham City.
    • Both have the same ideals of protect the other heroes and serve as an information broker to the members of the superhero community.
    • The story arc of Chloe being taken by Brainiac during the Season Eight [35] was similar to Barbara Gordon's role during the events comprising Gail Simone's Birds of Prey: Between Dark and Dawn (2005) and Birds of Prey: The Battle Within (2005), where she was possessed by Brainiac in order to become a biological being. Both Chloe and Barbara develop cyberpathic powers that allow them to psychically interact with computer information systems.[36]
    • Both characters have had unrequited feelings towards their city's primary hero. Chloe has always had feeling for Clark, while Barbara had a crush on Batman prior to becoming Batgirl.
Warrior 0786

Chloe flying with Stephen Swift.

  • In Absolute Justice, Dr. Fate told Chloe that he and she share the same fate. However Dr. Fate stated that he does not know his own fate, only the fates of others. In an interview, Allison Mack stated that " they had played around with lots of different things" about this, and confirmed that they have not decided on what he wanted it mean.[37]. Dr. Fate observation can be understood in several ways:
    • Dr. Fate was being part of an age of heroes, acting as the voice of reason and the man behind the plans, that slowly goes insane. Lately Chloe was imprisoned at the Watchtower, orchestrating every movement of his group of heroes, and losing touch with the real world.[38]. It could mean that she will soon be ridiculed and put in the hospital for being insane, like her mother, sort of a throwback to Chloe's fear of adopting her mother's mental illness.[39]
    • Dr. Fate was very close to that generation of heroes' leader, as is Chloe with both Clark and Oliver, that got killed by one of his enemies. It was hinted in several occasions, mostly in alternate realities, that Chloe could die protecting one of her loved ones. (Labyrinth, Pandora)
    • Chloe could be destined to sacrifice herself to save one of the heroes she was determined to protect, just as Dr. Fate sacrificed himself to save John Jones and restore his powers. (Absolute Justice)
    • This statement could be only his own observation as an ordinary man.
    • Or, Dr. Fate means that he does not know Chloe's fate either.
  • Chloe is the first main female character without any powers (such as super strength) to be seen flying around Metropolis.
  • Chloe and Zod were the only characters that never interacted in season 9.
  • Chloe was never seen interacting with here Uncle Sam.
  • Chloe is the first character to have encountered the DC comics character Jimmy Olsen.
  • According to Al Septien, Chloe and Moira became infected by the meteorite during the shower in '89, when they were driving through Smallville. [40]
  • Chloe has apparently met and knows the identities of Batman and Wonder Woman. (Fortune)
  • Chloe has a history of entering into marriages with dubious consent. In Bride (8.10), she marries Jimmy while possibly under the influence of the Brainiac infection and with a substantial portion of her memories since Pariah (4x12) wiped out. Similarly, there is memory loss involved in her marriage to Oliver Queen, due to them being wed while under the influence of Zatanna's spiked champagne. Moreover, "Chloe Sullivan" is legally dead, the marriage certificate was torn, and the chapel considered it a "drunk prank." The debate on whether Chloe and Oliver are legally married has not been settled. On twitter, writer Al Septien has said that it is a legal marriage. Press for Mack's return as Chloe Sullivan in Finale Part 1 and Finale Part 2 has indicated that she is the "matron of honor." However, there has not yet been textual acknowledgement on the show itself that the marriage was legally valid. It may yet be established in the finale concretely.
  • Chloe has a child in the future, as seen in Finale, Part 1 and Part 2. It is never stated that Oliver is the father, but it can be assumed due partly because he and Chloe were married seven years prior, and also by the fact the child owns a bow and arrow toy which he looks longingly at before bedtime. She most likely became pregnant with this child, a son, within a year or two of Clark initially becoming Superman, considering the age of the child and the seven years after those events that she reads the story to the boy.
  • Chloe is also the only female main character to have her pregnancy reach full term, as Martha miscarried, Lana wasn't actually pregnant, and Faora was choked to death by Zod .
  • Chloe's relationship with Oliver and subsequent marriage results in a drastic change from comic lore, in which Oliver has shared a long-term relationship and short-lived marriage with Black Canary (aka Dinah Lance). In the comics, Chloe has not yet been shown to share any sort of romantic relationship with Oliver.
  • In the comics, Chloe is a reporter for the online newspaper

In the Comics

Initially, Chloe had only appeared in the comic book title based on the TV series, however she was officially introduced into the mainstream DC Universe on September 29, 2010, with her appearance in Action Comics #893.[41]

259644-22764-chloe-sullivan large

Chloe in the Smallville comic

She was initially announced to be introduced for the first time in Superman #674 (March 12th, 2008).[42][43] However, the issue eventually went ahead without Chloe.[44] According to writer Kurt Busiek, the problem of bringing Chloe into the mainstream comic book universe, and keeping her television background, was that she would have filled two roles: "the Girl from Back Home and the Reporter". Unfortunately for the character, those roles were already "pretty solidly filled" by the adult comic book versions of Lana Lang and Lois Lane. The plan was to give the character a different background, so that she could take a role that was distinct from both Lana and Lois. In this case, Busiek hoped to make Chloe the younger sister of someone Clark had gone to school with, who was now interning at the Daily Planet. Busiek believed that this would make her different from Lana and Lois, but still familiar to readers who also watched the show. Another distinguishing feature would be that this version of Chloe would not know Clark's secret, nor would she be meteor infected.[45] Ultimately, "the stars did not align", and DC Comics decided that the character of Chloe Sullivan would not be adapted into the mainstream until further notice.[46]


"Chloe S." signs Pete's cast in red.

In September 2009, the first issue of a new origin story for Superman was published called Superman: Secret Origin written by Geoff Johns. The story begins with Clark Kent accidentally breaking Pete Ross' arm during a game of football, resulting in an arm cast. Pete felt no ill will toward his friend, due to the attention it brought him from his female classmates. A close-up shot of the cast reveals one signature that reads "Chloe S." In Superman: Secret Origin #4 is a post-it on Lois' desk with the words "Call Chloe".

On July 24, 2010, at the DC Universe "Event Horizon" panel at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con International, it was announced that Chloe Sullivan will make her official entry into mainstream DC Universe comics on September 29, 2010, with her appearance in Action Comics #893.[47][48]

Chloe 02

The DC Universe's Chloe Sullivan

Unlike her proposed initial appearance in 2008, this version of Chloe will be more in tune with her television character. A few major changes from her initial proposed appearance in 2008 is that Chloe will be an adult with ties to Jimmy Olsen (similar to their relationship in Smallville). Although the comic version of Chloe is closer to her television counterpart, her backstory established in Smallvile has been tweaked to enable her to fit into the established DC timeline.[49]

The comic version of Chloe has been described as "a very successful and dedicated reporter and a major player in Metropolis". Further, it was revealed that she and Jimmy "have a previous relationship and that causes him to embark on a huge adventure that takes him across space and alternate realities to prove something to himself and her."[50]

1751992-imagen 8 super

Chloe the hacker.

In an interview with writer of Action Comics #893, Nick Spencer, he revealed that since he is also a Smallville fan, he "strived to keep the spirit of the character true. And to respect as much of her history as possible." Thus, Chloe "is from Smallville. She is a reporter. She is still the same fearless, funny character that she is on Smallville."[51]Further, Spencer revealed that Chloe will not be working at the Daily Planet, but is a reporter, and an important part of Jimmy's life. Also, Spencer stated that Chloe's relationship with Jimmy will be "what drives the entire story, their history and the current status of their relationship. It is the impetus for everything that happens."
Jimmy olsen-1-

Chloe Sullivan in the "Jimmy Olsen" one-shot cover

In Action Comics #893, Chloe is introduced as Jimmy's current/ex-girlfriend, who breaks up with Jimmy after having grown infuriated with the fact that he has lost all passion he had for being a reporter and photographer and instead spends all his time playing video games about him and Superman. Soon after, Jimmy runs into Chloe who is on a date of sorts with another man, Sebastien Mallory, who is not only the junior-executive of LexCorp, but is also a personal enemy of Jimmy, who attempts to show-up Jimmy for Chloe's affection. Jimmy however is more concerned about the fact that there is an alien invasion taking place right behind them, outside the club's window. After the arrival of the Dalwythian-Aliens, Chloe and Jimmy worked together to get some informations about the race. At Cadmus Labs, Chloe found out that every planet, which the Dalwythians choose to be their partyhost, don't survive this experience.

Later, Chloe and Sebastien traveled to his apartment in the orbit where she found out, he's trying to control the world with the Superman Videogame. Together, Jimmy and Chloe stopped Sebastien.


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  1. Chloe's middle name is stated in Kara and displayed on her marriage certificate in Fortune.
  2. Besides those seen published, (see the Notes section), Jimmy mentioned her working on an article about parking meters in Freak and she talked about a tree planting article in Progeny. Additionally, Grant Gabriel mentioned her articles "sandwiched between sofa ads" in Kara.
  3. Chloe states she is divorced in Stiletto.
  4. She lies to Emil Hamilton about her activities at the Watchtower until he find the truth in Rabid, later orchestrated a dangerous plan to bring back Oliver from his down spiral in Roulette, enlist Stuart Campbell to help her to spy on Tess Mercer knowing the risk that implayed double cross Tess in Crossfire, and risks Clark and Lois lives to discovers the truth about Lois visions from the future.
  5. Oliver and Chloe confessed their love from each other in Salvation.
  6. She quickly forgives Lana for snooping in Rosetta and even remarks to Clark that whenever she is mad at him, he never "stays in the penalty box" for long in Jinx.
  7. She only learned the consequences of her reporting on others' lives after tragedy in Extinction and Truth. As soon as she discovered that her best friend Clark Kent had powers, she expressed regret at ferreting out meteor freaks on the Wall of Weird, but did not take it down. (Pariah)
  8. Lana admitted she didn't trust Chloe in Truth. She argued with Pete about snooping in Talisman and Clark in Lineage.
  9. Lana often asked her what she should do about Henry Small (Lineage), Pete confided to her that his parents were divorcing in Talisman, and Clark has been seen asking Chloe for advice in Fanatic, Siren and Power.
  10. Lionel Luthor used Chloe's ambition and feelings for Clark to bribe her into spying for him (Whisper). Oliver Queen also used her feelings for Clark to persuade her to keep a secret for him. (Requiem)
  11. She read Clark a letter while he was asleep, calling it "yet another classic maneuver to avoid emotional intimacy." (Fever) Also- "Yeah, and my way [of dealing with things] is to pull the emotional ripcord and pretend like it didn't happen. It's a force of habit when people walk out of my life." -- Chloe, Phoenix
  12. She did not even tell her close cousin Lois about Moira's illness. (Tomb)
  13. Knowing it might kill her, she risked healing Lex in Fracture to save the lives of Clark, Kara Kent, and Lois Lane. She was willing to die trying to heal Clark in Odyssey and told him in Legion that if he ever had to choose between her and the world, she'd understand his actions.
  14. She is shown to be very uncomfortable horseback riding in Hug and loudly complaining about an outdoor field trip in Leech
  15. She was not able to heal Clark in Odyssey, and she did not attempt to cure Oliver when he was poisoned (Toxic)
  16. She provided Clark with information on Maxima and her home planet Almerac in 'Instinct.
  17. With her eyes were glazed with cataracts, Chloe pushed Oliver Queen with one hand across a room in Bloodline.
  18. Upon waking from her possession, (Legion) she stated she felt a "whole lot dumber" and has twice lamented that she somewhat misses her super-intelligence power. (Bulletproof and Power)
  19. Chloe turns 18 in Spell, which aired in late 2004, indicating a 1986 date. However, her gravestone in Crusade lists her birth year as 1987. This is either a production error, or, more likely Spell takes place a few weeks ahead of its airdate, in early 2005. Additionally, Chloe is shown to be eight in 1995 in Progeny and states in Instinct that she was 15 in Fever, which takes place in early 2003, indicating that her birthday is most likely in early 1987.
  20. Chloe states in Talisman that they divorced before she could drive.
  21. Chloe tells Clark this in Lineage and upon their first meeting, seen in Abyss, says that her mom left her when she was really young.
  22. Moira tells this childhood story in Progeny.
  23. I know where [Moira] is, Clark. The difference is, she's not interested in me!" -- Chloe Sullivan, Lineage
  24. Clark states they first met in eighth grade on her first day of school in Obscura. It is unclear but possible that Moira possibly briefly returned to her family and relocated with them to Smallville in 2000. Chloe states in Void that Moira left when she was twelve, and Clark points out that she "hasn't shown her face [in the town] in years," in Lineage.
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