City is the eighth and final volume in a series of novels about Smallville.

The novel was written by Devin Grayson and printed on March, 2004.


(Provided on page 41 of Smallville #9)

When Clark and Lex visit Metropolis, the experience almost becomes too much for Clark, whose secret is nearly exposed when they must cope with kidnappers, yakuza hit men and a psychopathic alien-hunter.


It is said to take place fourteen years after the meteor shower. Since the meteor shower occurred in 1989, that would place the novel in 2003 (so late season 2 or early season 3). Along with many early season 1 villains an "alien parasite" is referenced which seem to be referring to the creature from Rush although the episode says they were sent to Cadmus Labs at the end while the book says S.T.A.R. Labs. Although it may have transferred from one to the other at some point. Some of the characters reference meeting Lionel without remotely mentioning his blindness so this probably places it after Prodigal where his lack of blindness was revealed. Lastly, Pete is specifically mentioned to be the only person (besides Clark's parents) to know his secret and it is stated to be just before Fall break. So that must mean that it is early in season 3 to make the time of year line up.

The only flaw with this theory is that it says Chloe has lived in Smallville for "less than two years". She arrived in Smallville in 2000 which would actually make the year 2002 (which contradicts all of the other data). This can't be right as the novel specifically takes place after Prodigal (which took place in 2003). Lex is stated to be 23 which also lines up with the the year being 2003 (Lex was born in 1980). Also, Clark says "freshman year" to Lex rather than "last year" which would be the much more common terminology if it was his sophomore year. The twisters from Tempest are confusing mentioned as happening just a few months earlier, although if the novel was in Fall 2003 then the twisters would have been over a year earlier. No references seem to be made to events from late season 2 which just confounds the issue. My best placement is to say that it is late season 2 during Spring Break (instead of "Fall Break") which makes it 2003, gets most of the ages right, gets the powers right, places Lex/Clark and Clark/Lana relationships in the right place, makes Chloe's amount of time in Smallville pretty close to two years, and also makes the twisters in Tempest not too much earlier.

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