Perry 066
Claire Foster
Occupation Psychiatrist (Belle Reve)
Played By Lorena Gale
Status Deceased (Asylum)

Claire Foster was the renowned psychiatrist with whom Lex Luthor scheduled his insurance-mandated sessions.

Season Three

Dr. Foster was mentioned by name as the psychiatrist with whom Lex will meet. After their five sessions, Dr. Foster refused to sign off on Lex's mental health. Lex had been uncooperative, but she knew enough to know that he needed more help to work through the mental and emotional trauma of his three months stranded on a island. After an outburst towards Perry, Lex agrees to more sessions.[1]

Lex tells Claire of his encounter with Louis. She assures him that their session is confidential, but calls to inform Lionel of her discovery (telling him that the childhood incident wasn't as isolated as he thought).[2]

Lionel Luthor paid her to drug Lex until he seemed to be having a psychotic break. She tried to convince Lex that he is having a psychotic break and has him committed to Belle Reve Sanitarium where she continued a drug regime designed to erase his short term memory, specifically, his memories regarding his discoveries into his father's conspiracy to murder his grandparents. Lex found a way to avoid taking his medication.[3]

After a month, Lex still hadn't forgotten, so Lionel insisted that Dr. Foster administer radical shock therapy. She was reluctant. She had other patients who were badly injured during the treatment. Ultimately, she agreed, but Clark talked her out of it. She was killed in a car accident before she could cancel the order. Pete suspected that Lionel had her killed.[4]


In The Comics


Claire Foster as she appears in the comics.

Dr. Claire Foster is a psychiatrist in the DC universe. Some of her patients have been Superman, Martian Manhunter and Starfire. She was a New York City resident and moved to Metropolis later.


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