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Clark Kent has been in many fights with humans, metahumans, and aliens.

This is a list of all of Clark Kent's fights. It includes details on which superpowers he used, Clark's fighting style (e.g. did he throw his enemy into a wall? use superspeed to sneak behind his enemy and surprise him?), and the fate of his opponent.

Season One

  • Clark battled Harry Volk in an alley. Harry stabbed him with a knife, which shattered due to Clark's invulnerability; Clark then used his super strength to throw him onto a car, where Harry was knocked unconscious. (Hourglass)
  • Clark fought Justin Gaines in the barn at the Kent Farm. He used his super speed and invulnerability to save Chloe from a telekinetically-controlled chainsaw. Justin then threw him telekinetically onto the second floor of the barn; Clark then used his superspeed to sneak behind him, and his super strength to throw him into the barn wall. Justin was knocked unconscious. (Crush)

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

  • When Clark returns to Smallville after the second meteor shower he fights the Disiples of Zod. When Clark refuses to join their cause they attempt to exile him to the Phantom Zone but Clark uses super strength to save himself from being exiled and pushes the two disiples in instead (Arrival)
  • When Clark takes Professor Fine later revealed to be Brainiac to the Fortress, Fine turns on Clark and uses kryptonite to weaken him. Fine then opens the portal to the Phantom Zone to release General Zod. Chloe throws away the Kryptonite and removes the black crystal from the consol to seal the portal to the Zone. Clark then uses super strength to send Fine flying, in the end the crystals from the Fortress destroy Brainiac for the first time, the others times being in Oracle, Vessel, Arctic and finally in Legion. (Solitude)

Season Six

  • Clark returned from exile in the Phantom Zone and confronted Zod at the Luthor Mansion and the two ended up fighting from there to the woods where Zod easily defeated Clark but Clark trapped him in the Crystal of El. (Zod)
  • Clark encountered Phantom Zone prisoner Aldar in Seattle. Amazingly, Clark met with defeat in hand-to-hand combat, but was ultimately saved by the Martian Manhunter. (Static)
  • Clark fought Titan (an escaped Phantom Zone prisoner) at a fight club. After several punches between the two, Titan was killed after he was impaled on his own spike. (Combat)
  • Clark fought a Project Ares prototype after it kidnapped Lois, using his heat vision at full power to disabled it. (Prototype)
  • When Bizarro cloned Clark, the two did battle in Reeves Dam mostly destroying it with the battle evenly matched until Lionel unknowingly powered up Bizarro using kryptonite. (Phantom)

Season Seven

  • Clark battled his double Bizarro on numerous occasions in the woods next to Reeves Dam before finally battling him in the dam and defeating him before Martian Manhunter flew him to Mars. (Bizarro)
  • Clark battled Kara Kent when he and Lois discovered Kara's ship and again she tried to fly away from him at the side of a highway. (Kara)
  • Clark battled the 3 Weather Girls but was weakened when one of them using their ability to move the ground, uncovered kryptonite but Kara appeared and defeated them. (Fierce)
  • When Clark went to stop Chloe from undergoing an operation, he was weakened by the kryptonite around and battled Curtis Knox while weakened before overpowering him when Chloe pushed away the kryptonite. (Cure)
  • Clark fought Lana when she was given Clark's powers due to lightning after she attempted to kill Lex after what he did to her in Season 6. They were both weakened by Kryptonite and Clark reversed her powers. (Wrath)
  • Clark fought Zor-El first by knocking him flying out of Lionel's office window and then again outside the Queen Tower but he was powerless due to Blue kryptonite. (Blue)
  • When Clark returned from his exile at the Fortress of Solitude, he battled Bizarro again at the Queen Tower where he was posing as Clark and fell in love with Lana. Clark was stripped of his powers by the Blue kryptonite around until Lana placed it on Bizarro's hand and destroyed him. (Persona)
  • When Clark confronted Black Canary after she attacked Chloe, Black Canary attempted to kick Clark back but she simply bounced off him before she disabled him by using her sonic scream to make his ears bleed. (Siren)
  • Clark found Finley in Detroit threatening to kill Kara and Lois. Clark used his super-speed to rush to the scene and his super-strength to push a stack of cars on top of Finley before throwing him and knocking him out. He super-sped away before Lois and Kara could see him. (Fracture)
  • Clark used his super speed to knock Lex and his henchman unconscious after they were torturing Pete Ross for knowledge concerning the whereabouts of Kara's bracelet. (Hero)
  • When Clark saw Brainiac attempting to entice Kara, he threw him away into the water tower. (Veritas)
  • In an alternate reality, Clark battled Kara going by the name Linda Danvers after he told her he was from Krypton moving at super speed to prove to her avoiding her punch. Back in the real world, he travelled to Krypton 1986 to stop Brainiac killing his younger self but was overpowered due to the Red sun. (Apocalypse)
  • When Brainiac attacked Chloe putting her in the same coma state as Lana, Clark hunted Brainiac down to a power station and punched him into the live wire. He then overloaded the weakened machine with electricity, destroying him. (Arctic)

Season Eight

  • After being powerless, Clark still entered a LuthorCorp facility and knocked out a man holding Chloe without his powers. (Odyssey)
  • When he and Lois were captured by a man trying to see if couples love each other, Clark was held with Kryptonite and when it was out of range broke free and knocked the captor out with his Super strength. (Committed)
  • Clark went stop the serial killer he thought was Davis Bloome but found it to be Randy Klein and used his Super dexterity coupled with super strength to throw a car tire at him knocking him out. (Prey)
  • Clark got a phone call from Lois calling for help and super speeded back to Smallville and used his Super strength to knock out Sebastian Kane who in turn got Clark's memories. (Identity)
  • When sent to the Phantom Zone, Clark battled zoners using a makeshift knife given to him by Kara while Kara helped Lois escape. One zoner escaped and thought Clark who didn't have time to fight back. (Bloodline)
  • During Chloe and Jimmy's wedding, Doomsday took control over Davis and crashed the wedding and Clark attmepted to punch Doomsday but he caught it and threw Clark backwards. (Bride)
  • When Brainiac possesed Chloe again, Clark grabbed him and threatened to kill him but was unable to hurt Chloe's body using super strength. (Legion)
  • When Davis was holding Oliver and Jimmy, Clark grabbed him and took him to the Fortress to put him in the Phantom Zone and the 2 thought with Clark using Super strength to punch Davis away and also grab him towards the Phantom Zone portal. (Beast)
  • After Chloe uses black kryptonite to split Doomsday from Davis, Clark finds Doomsday in the city. Clark uses super speed to save a young girl then uses a super leap (a combination of his super strength and dexterity) to force Doomsday down the geothermal mine. Although it is not actually seen Clark uses super speed to escape the mine before Dinah detonates the explosives to trap Doomsday in the mine (Doomsday)

Season Nine

  • When John Corben and Clark Kent fought, Clark threw a piece of heated lead at John Corben. John pulled it off and his heart goes with it and he deactivated. (Metallo)
  • When Clark used the Book of Rao to send all Kryptonians to the "New Krypton" Zod pulled a blue kryptonite knife which made him immune to accending. Clark then uses super speed to get within the blue kryptonites range so he could stop Zod. The two fight as humans until Clark intentionally gets stabbed by the blue kryptonite and falls of the top of the building. After leaving the blue kryptonite range Zod accends to the "New Krypton" as well. Clark falls presumably to his death (Salvation).