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Throughout the series, Clark Kent has shown a specific attire that he sticks to. Almost all of his clothing are in shades of red, yellow, blue, or white, and he is frequently shown wearing some mixture of the four, most commonly a red jacket over a blue T-shirt, or the other way around.


Clark Kent's common attire mainly consists of a jacket with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and boots or a single t-shirt with jeans and boots. This is mainly due to his farming duties. His main color scheme was that of red and blue, where he used to almost always wear a red jacket over a blue t-shirt, or a blue jacket over a red t-shirt. He would also wear a red, blue, or white flannel shirt.

As Kal, Clark's persona under the influence of Red kryptonite, Kal usually wears a darker clothing style to match his darker persona. Instead of his usual primary farmboy colors, he wear a black bikers jacket either a green, red, black or white shirt with black pants.

As Kal-El, he doesn't wear any farmboy colors. He briefly wore a black buttoned, pocketed T-shirt, black jeans, black boots and a black belt.

When Clark joined the Daily Planet in 2008 as a reporter, Lois Lane unknowingly helped him create and developed a new proper business attire that was appropriate for the workplace but also useful in completely separate himself apart from his alter-ego hero identity as the "Red-Blue Blur". At the workplace Clark is seen in a nicely professional business attire which consisted of a high collar long-sleeve button down dress shirt with a tie and dress paints with the occasionally double breasted pocketed blazer jacket and black dress shoes.

Originally as the Red-Blue Blur, Clark wore his traditional dark red low collar long sleeved, zip-front pocketed jacket and bright blue low collar short sleeved t-shirt with a light blue denim pocketed pair of jeans, and brown work boots. However when he resumed his Kryptonian training, Clark simply known now as the The Blur wore a black low collar long sleeved double breasted twin tailed long coat with a high collar short sleeved black shirt that has the House of El family crest engraved in the center and black pocketed denim pants, with black high heeled riding boots.

Recently Clark has returned to his "Red-Blue Blur" look, Clark now wears a dark red leather, low collar, long sleeved, pocketed, zip-up jacket with the House Of El emblem engraved on his chest with a bright blue low collar short sleeved t-shirt underneath and black denim pocketed pants, and black work boots.

Traditional Attire

  • Yellow Jacket, Red or Blue Flannel Shirts, Brown Shoes & Blue Jeans.
  • Red, Blue, or White Flannel Shirts, Brown Shoes & Blue Jeans
  • Red Jacket, Blue T-Shirt, Brown Shoes & Blue Jeans.
  • Blue Jacket, Red T-Shirt, Brown Shoes & Blue Jeans.
  • Red T-Shirt, Blue Jeans and Brown Shoes
  • Blue T-shirt, Blue Jeans and Brown shoes


  • White T-shirt, Blue Jeans and Brown Shoes. Most notable in Mortal and Hidden when he had lost his powers.
  • Mid Season Eight- After being discovered by Jimmy in Identity, Clark abandons the red and blue in his every day attire. He instead incorporates more blue, grey and white. After season eight, Clark stops wearing the redback brown work boots all together. He instead wears Ecco Berlin GTX dress boots.

Professional Attire

Main article: Clark Kent's glasses

Typical business suit, black rimmed frame glasses & a non-descript tie.

Super Hero attire

1. A traditional red jacket, blue shirt, blue jeans, and brown farm boots.

2. A Black t-shirt, jeans, boots and trench coat. A White House of El emblem is painted on the chest:

3. Black denim pocketed pants, bright blue low collered t-shirt and a maroon red leather jacket and House of El emblem engraved on the chest and black boots. This attire is surprisingly reminiscent of Clark's old red jacket/blue t-shirt outfit, except the jacket is leather:


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